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         Contentment Is Not
• Not a Buddhist suppression of all desire.
• Not a Stoic resignation to a helpless fate.
• Not a Self-Centered indifference to the
  state of our neighbors.
• Not an Apathetic perspective on life.
       Christian Contentment
• Contentment is a developed attitude of peace
  with our place in life regarding God’s gifts as
  sufficient and God’s assignments as appropriate.
• Christian contentment has nothing to do with
  insensitivity or inertia. It has everything to do
  with Christian self-acceptance. Especially, an
  acceptance of God’s sovereignty and
  providence as these affect one’s station, task,
  and resources in life.
• Yet, Christian contentment allows room for
  aspiration and a concern for improvement.
       Christian Contentment
• It is a glad, trustful, repose in God and a
  humble participation in His purposes and
• It is a state of mind and heart arising from
  a “grace induced” awareness of God’s
  goodness at the very foundation of our life.
    The Nature of Contentment
• I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who
  Strengthens Me
• Contentment Is Personal: “I, Me”
• Contentment Is Optimistic: “Can”
• Contentment Is Active: “Do”
• Contentment Is Encompassing: “All Things”
• Contentment Is Dependent: “Through Christ”
• Contentment Is Challenging: “Who Strengthens”
     Contentment Is Learned
• “I have learned to be content…”
• The School of Humble Means
  – “going hungry”
  – “suffering need”
• The School of Prosperity
  – “being filled”
  – “having abundance”
Lessons That Promote Contentment
• The Nature of God: He Is On Our Side
   – Hebrews 13:5, Jeremiah 29:11
• The Nature of Life: There Are Always Ups & Downs
   – Genesis 39:20-21
• The Nature of God’s Kingdom: We Are Here To Serve
   – John 13:17
• The Nature of Earthly Possessions: We Have All We
  Really Need
   – 1 Timothy 6:6-8
• The Nature of Our Reward: Incomparable &
   – Romans 8:18, 2 Corinthians 4:16-18
 Putting Contentment Into Practice

• Applying Contentment In The Basic Areas
  of Our Lives
  – Where I Am, What I Do, What I Have, &
    Who I Am With
• The Always Available Tool: Thankfulness
• Build A Mental Filter Against Greed
• Meditate On God’s Word: Give It Time

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