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"If such reports are true, what hope can there be for anything that governments now do?"


Illuminati's Slush Fund
by Paddywack Wed Oct 04, 2006 11:29

According to reports on the Internet, which the lackeys of the media barons "wouldn't touch with a thousand-foot
barge pole" apparently, the Illuminati have an estimated "65 Trillion Dollars" slush fund. It appears to be held in
an account named the "Global Security Fund", and it has already been the subject of complaints made by at least
one MEP it seems (Mr Ashley Mote).

Very interestingly, the Global Security Fund appears to be managed from Brussels.

The following is an extract from one of several articles relating to the Slush Fund in question:

"Equipped with such limitless resources, the directors of the New Underworld Order have now amassed sufficient
finance to bribe every leader, ruler, policymaker, intelligence operative and political figure worldwide, for the rest of
this century, in pursuit of their aims. The New Underworld Order addresses the greatest crisis the world has ever
faced namely, the globalization of criminalism. What this means is that governments, and the revolutionary New
World Order cabal seeking global governance (or control), are increasingly in the hands of criminal gangs and
corrupt power cliques that hide behind formal government positions."

If such reports are true, what hope can there be for Tara, or for anything that governments now do?

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