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									      Norwich Airport Limited Consultative Committee

                   HELD ON MONDAY 18 FEBRUARY 2008, AT 2.00PM

Present:     John Pennells (Chairman)            Taverham Parish Council
             Rachel Crampton                     ABTA
             Chris Green                         Broadland District Council
             Lionel Wilkinson                    Drayton Parish Council
             Peter Balcolmbe                     Hellesdon Parish Council
             Stuart Fidler                       Horsham & Newton St Faiths Parish Council
             Andy MacKay                         KLM uk Engineering Ltd
             Claire Stephenson                   Norwich City Council
             Carl Mayhew                         Norwich City Council
             Keith Driver                        Norwich City Council
             Malcolm Gee                         Norwich Airport Aviation Group
             Richard Jenner                      Norwich International Airport
             Elliott Summers                     Norwich International Airport
             Tony Lovett                         Old Catton Parish Council
             Tabs Taberham                       Skydrift and Sterling Aviation
             Jack Sadler                         Sprowston Parish Council

1.       Introduction and apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Peter Gay of Bristow Helicopters, Shelagh Gurney of
Broadland District Council, Sally-Anne Clarke of Eastern Airways, Pat Gowen of Friends of
the Earth and Fred Newstead of Sprowston Parish Council.

2.       Minutes of the previous meeting and any matters arising

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and the following amendments noted;

Page 2, 3.1 Airport Development Fee, wrongly quoted Stuart Fidler as raising this matter.
Page 2, Noise/Flying Complaints, the last line should read “Air Traffic Control could
restore them back”.
Page 5, Other Matters, should read “Hellesdon Parish Council has withdrawn”.

Mr Jenner said that Mr Gowen had raised two other points about the minutes (the
exchange between Tony Adams and Richard Jenner had not been recorded nor had Tabs
Taberham’s attempt to have Friends of the Earth removed from the Committee). The
minutes are not meant to be a verbatim report but they are about decisions made with
an element of ongoing discussions. The Chairman agreed. The Vice-Chairman could not
recall the dialogue about Friends of the Earth. It should be noted that Shelagh Gurney
had not been part of the exchange with Mr Jenner, as suggested by Mr Gowen.

The Minutes were then approved as being a true and fair record of the meeting and
signed by the Chairman.

3.1      Matters arising

NAL Consultative Committee              Minutes 18/2/08                         Page | 1
In response to a question from Cllr Sadler, Mr Jenner said that as far as he is aware Buck
Courtney Crescent has not been adopted.

Fire Training Ground Project
Cllr Green asked if planning permission had been approved for the project. Mr Summers
said the Planners have advised us that the building falls within the Airport’s permitted
development rights and does not therefore require planning permission, however, some
of the works on the Petans site do. Regarding access to the site from Horsham St Faiths,
activity will be minimised during the build phase with infrequent access required
thereafter with an option to bring vehicles in via the airfield if necessary. Mr Summers
intends to talk to Horsham St Faiths Parish Council about access routes.

Appendix 1, Committee Attendance
Further to the requests from Hainford and Frettenham Parish Councils to join the
Committee, the Secretary had provided a breakdown of attendance. Cllr Sadler recalled
that at the last meeting it was resolved to wait and see what effect the controlled
airspace would have on representation at this Committee and therefore any new
applications would be dealt with then.

Action: The secretary to respond to Hainford and Frettenham’s application

3.       AGM Matters

3.1      Committee Chairmanship

The Chairman gave his report. Mr Gee said he understood the Chairman’s philosophy but
could not see how a consultative committee can be expected to run or even interfere in
the running of a commercial organisation. He understood the Chairman’s embarrassment
at being contacted by the press regarding ADF and thought this was clearly an error of

In response to the Chairman’s report, Mr Jenner said that at the meeting on 15 February
with the Chairman, Cllr Sadler and Phil Kirby of Broadland District Council, it had been
proposed that the Constitution/terms of reference of the Committee be reviewed along
with the Letter of Agreement (LOA) and was therefore very disappointed that at no time
during the meeting did the Chairman consult Mr Jenner on his statement.         Mr Jenner
objected strongly to the Chairman’s report as a lot of positive proposals had come out of
the meeting, the ‘statement of operational procedures’, which is proposed will replace
the LOA, will address the issues members and the local community are concerned about,
more so than the LOA had ever done, and he felt it would be far more beneficial to be
discussing these with members than focussing on the negative aspects of out of date
documents. Mr Jenner intends to write to members in response to the Chairman’s

Cllr Sadler proposed that John Pennells be reappointed as Chairman, this was seconded
by Mr Fidler, all agreed. It was agreed this would be for a period of three years in line
with the current Constitution but subject to change when the review of the Constitution
is carried out. Cllr Pennells proposed Cllr Sadler be reappointed as Vice-Chairman, this
was seconded by Cllr Wilkinson, all agreed.

3.2      Committee Membership and Attendance

The Committee noted the report on attendance for 2007. It was noted that VisitNorwich
had never been to a meeting and that the Chamber of Commerce and KLM Union
representatives had not attended any meetings in 2007. It was decided to leave any
decision on membership until the review of the Constitution.

NAL Consultative Committee            Minutes 18/2/08                           Page | 2
Review of the Constitution

At the meeting on 15 February between the Chairman, Cllr Sadler Mr Jenner and Phil
Kirby, it was felt it was time to review the Committee’s Constitution. The Chairman said
the Committee works within guidelines issued by the DfT, some elements we do well at
and there are others where we can improve. It was proposed that a small group
undertake the review, consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Mr Jenner, Mr
Summers and the Secretary, seeking additional input as required. A draft proposal will
then be submitted to the Committee for consultation. The Committee approved the
review of the Constitution.

4.       Managing Director’s Report

4.2      Master Plan and Environmental Issues

Mr Jenner said at the meeting on 15 February there was some good constructive
discussions about how we should proceed in relation to the LOA. Mr Jenner has a draft of
the proposed new document to replace the LOA which will be far more relevant for the
Consultative Commitee and the local community. The LOA dealt with the operation of
aircraft outside of our normal operating hours, this new document is much more far
reaching and covers a wider range of the airport’s operations that impact on the local
community than purely late flights. In terms of the coverage it will take in the terminal
building, late flying, airfield operations, helicopter flying considerations, all flying noise
abatement procedures, ATC aircraft procedures, engine running procedures, etc. We
will consult fully on the document before it is published. Mr Summers said that once it
has been agreed it will become a controlled document that falls within the remit of our
Safety Management System and therefore will be part of our CAA approval and subject to
annual audit, the results of which will be shared with the Committee and will show
where we are compliant and where we are not. Mr Jenner said that it is fair to say that
this was Phil Kirby’s original idea.

Cllr Sadler said that he would not expect this Committee to interfere in the running of
the airport, but it should have a mechanism whereby it has a right to pull the airport up
if rules or regulations are broken. This Committee is all about the running of the airport
from an environment point of view and it is a constituted committee by law, here to
safeguard the working environment and working practices. The LOA has outlived its
usefulness and, as we know, cannot be enforced and therefore we need a more robust
document that enables the Committee to tackle the airport when it oversteps the mark.

Cllr Wilkinson said that Mr Jenner had indicated in the past that the Airport would not
agree to many of the things that he and others would say are not binding upon the
airport and it is pointless drawing up another agreement if it has no teeth.

Cllr Green asked if the LOA reflects similarities to other airports? Mr Summers said this is
the only airport he knows of that has a LOA. His experience of Airport Consultative
Committees is that they have a totally different angle to this one, they have not been a
complaints forum but a forum whereby everyone tries to take the airport forward having
taken into account everyone’s considerations and from his perspective he feels this
Committee is rather negative.

Action: Mr Jenner to circulate the Statement of Operations procedures before the
next meeting.

4.4      Car Parking

NAL Consultative Committee              Minutes 18/2/08                            Page | 3
Mr Jenner does not accept what the Chairman said in his report. The decision to change
tariffs is a commercial matter and business related issue, not a matter for this
Committee. Whilst he fully understood that members have an interest in it, so does
everybody else who comes from out of this area. Cllr Sadler had summed this up earlier
when he said that it is about the airport’s impact on the local community in terms of the
environment and its operations and not about commercial matters like car parking and
the Airport Development Fee, these are matters for the Board to take decisions on. Car
parking changes are not just about logistical issues (the interim layout at the front of the
Terminal had to be implemented following the Glasgow terrorist incident) but it is also a
commercial issue. The Airport company lost near half a million pounds last year and it is
certain it will loose money again this year. It has to make money somehow and this is
part and parcel of the way it does it.

Cllr Sadler said that it had been said the ADF would be used for the development of
facilities and to fund other projects that were needed for the environment. His Parish
Council had asked why the money was being put to the profits of the airport?
Responding, Mr Jenner said it can only be going towards the profits of the airport if it is
making any! Funds from the ADF are paying for the new landside toilets and new
facilities in the Arrivals concourse (£130k), new information screens (£80k), the new fire
training ground (£1m) and new fire tender (£400k). We shall be spending around £2m on
projects in the next financial year partly funded by ADF revenue, some of which wouldn’t
be happening if we didn’t have that income. Our funding works through loan funding and
we can only borrow against the amount of profit we make and because we are not
making any profit we have to get that money from somewhere, ie ADF. Omniport have
spent nearly £12m in the three years since it bought the airport when the requirement
was to spend £8m in five years.

Cllr Balcombe disputed that car parking/charges don’t have an environmental impact as
people try to avoid paying for it by parking in Hellesdon resulting in double yellow lines
being put on roads that could be used by residents.

Cllr Sadler is very concerned from the disability aspect and is not happy that the Airport
is not giving disabled passengers any consideration. Five minutes is not sufficient to
allow for someone to get a disabled passenger in to the Terminal. Mr Jenner
acknowledged this. New regulations are coming in for Passengers with Reduced
Mobilities (PRM) where we are required to give curb-side to aircraft service and as soon
as a passenger with reduced mobility arrives in the car park they will be transported to
and through the airport to the aircraft. If this requires an adjustment for disabled
people in terms of timing arrangements for drop-off then this is something the Airport is
prepared to look at.

Mr Jenner said that the interim arrangements in front of the Terminal are not acceptable
but until we receive final advice from the counter terrorist authorities and we have
reached some accommodation with the Council regarding the access to the call centre,
we can’t instigate a new project.

Action: Mr Jenner to look at the provision of parking for disabled passenger drop-off.

4.8      Capital Projects

Mr Jenner said there is a proposal to build a new dedicated heliport over on the eastern
side of the airfield with separate access coming through the industrial estate. This is not
about more helicopter flying but about dealing better with the helicopters and
passengers we have now and moving the passengers out of the Terminal over to the
eastern apron which will stop us having to bus people across the airfield. It will be

NAL Consultative Committee             Minutes 18/2/08                           Page | 4
subject to planning consent therefore a full planning application will be submitted to
Norwich City Council in due course.

In response to concerns raised by Cllr Green and Cllr Sadler, Mr Summers said the
removal of the NDB from Rackheath and the proposed new helicopter terminal have
nothing to do with each other. Two years ago the CAA told us we have to take the
beacon out of the field at Rackheath as it is no longer fit for purpose. We can’t just do
that without going through a full noise and environmental impact process with the CAA.
As part of this we have had to redesign all of the approach procedures and we are going
to move the holding pattern three miles further along. We can only consult on what we
know now and not what we might potentially have in the future. This will simplify our
operation. There is no commercial gain from this other than we don’t have to put a new
beacon in at Rackheath as we have one on the airfield. By moving the beacon, if we
have to hold we now hold over the airfield as opposed to holding on a point generated at
Rackheath. It is rare that we have to hold therefore it is difficult to get an accurate
figure. The only holding we do is, for example, when there is thick fog and an aircraft is
unable to start an approach in which case it is held higher, they want to hold high as they
use less fuel and it is easier for them to get to the diversion if they can’t land here.

The only training will be pilot training which is currently on the airfield and most of this
is visual training, practicing taking off and landing, therefore the percentage that would
want to fly from the beacon is small. Most instrument training is radar vectored to the
ILS which does not involve the beacon and Mr Summers believes the figure of fifty
mentioned in the consultation document is realistic.

5.       Passenger Comments Report

Members queried the relevance of this report to the Committee but it was decided to
have this report for information purposes.

6.       Operations Report

6.1      Safety

Mr Summers reported that in 2007 we had 37 safety reports. For 2008 we are setting a
target to reduce this by 10%.

6.2      Operations

Mr Summers reported:

Air Traffic Control – there were manpower issues throughout 2007 resulting in no radar
cover at the beginning and end of the day. However, this should soon be resolved and a
five-year strategic plan is in place to take this forward.

Fire station – there have been occasions when we haven’t been able to provide the
required fire category, again due to manpower issues. Two new firemen have been
recruited and a succession plan is in place to address future manpower requirements.

Fire training ground – subject to planning permission on the Petans site and CAA
approvals, it is hoped to start this on 1 March with a twelve week build phase. £300k
more has been spent than originally planned in order to get the environmentals right.
Once the old ground is decommissioned and the area decontaminated we want to put a
business case together to look at relocating the engine testing to this area. Subject to
CAA and Board approval, and to us being able to fund it (early estimates are around the
£1m mark), Mr Jenner would like to see this project budgeted for in the 2009/10 capital
programme and would like to start the work in April 2009.

NAL Consultative Committee             Minutes 18/2/08                           Page | 5
Western Apron – new apron was commissioned on 24 December following CAA approvals.
Some operators are still not happy with the operations and a meeting is planned to
address these issues.

A major emergency exercise, in conjunction with NORMIT, was carried out on 9 February.

The CAA has just completed an audit of the airside operation, the first one since the
introduction of the fully integrated SMS. We achieved an excellent audit report but we
cannot be complacent as this only looked at one third of our total operation.

Mr Gee commended the airport, if we look at the amount of expenditure Omniport has
put in since it took it over, we are now getting a very efficient airport to a very high
standard and this could not have happened if it had remained in Council ownership, he is
sure the Councils and public at large would not have approved of spending £8-10m of
public money in the same period.

6.3      Noise/flying complaints

The report was noted.

Action: Mr Summers to arrange a joint presentation between Bristow’s and the Airport
for the next meeting.

7.       Any other business

Cllr Wilkinson couldn’t believe the Council was considering developing in an area
adjacent to the end of the runway, just north of the apex of the safety zone. Cllr Green
replied that they are just areas the Councils are considering and seeking comments on.

There was no objection to Horsham St Faith’s request to post these minutes on its
website, they are in the public domain anyway.

Mr Fidler would like to see the justification behind moving the engine testing area to its
current position. His parish council had written to the City Council to get a copy of the
planning permission for the engine testing area and from the reply it would appear the
airport doesn’t have the necessary permission to carry out testing in the current
location. He tabled a letter from Norwich City Planning department in relation to this.
Mr Jenner said this is part of KLM’s business and they must be able to carry out engine
runs. At the same time we have to have regard for the impact it is having on local
people. Moving the engine testing to the area currently occupied by the fire training
ground will provide noise abatement as it is the lowest part of the airfield with a bunded
wall and trees.

Action: Mr Jenner will talk to the City and District Councils about this to ensure we have
the required consents in place.

Mr Fidler asked if any progress had been made on the noise monitors. Mr Jenner could
not report on any progress but the airport does need to replace them as part of its
operating procedures, how we measure noise is also part of environmental strategy.

8.       Date of next meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday 16 June 2008, at 2pm in the Hellesdon
Community Centre.

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