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       October 2011           RRISD COUNCIL OF PTAPage 1 of 14
      2011-12 Issue 2                         http://rrisd.council.my-pta.org
                                                   Advocate, Educate, Get Involved!

                            FROM OUR COUNCIL PRESIDENT, LORI HUTSON
In This Issue:              This fall season has brought the continued drought and strong winds. In our area we are definitely
Council President Message   reminded of the need for conserving our water supply and also those who have lost their homes to
Page 1                      surrounding fires. Being aware of the critical needs of students and families allow us the
                            opportunities for Teaming Up with other communities to advocate for students of Central Texas.
Today’s Speaker             Thank you to those PTAs who hosted campus drives to collect school supplies, shoes or clothing for
2011-2012 Council Goals     those in need. Your generosity and compassion are observed by our children.
Page 2

                            Many of our PTAs celebrated Family Engagement Month in September and submitted a Family
Training News
Treasurer’s Corner          Engagement Plan to Council. Those schools were: Blackland Prairie, Cactus Ranch, Canyon Creek,
Page 3                      Chandler Oaks, Jollyville, Old Town and Walsh. We appreciate all of our PTAs that encourage family
                            engagement this past month and throughout the school year.
Round Table News
Clothes Closet              With the conclusion of the Fall Membership drive, many PTAs will begin to focus on Programs. The
Page 4                      PTA Reflections program is in full swing and local winning entries will come to the council level in
                            November. We encourage you to seek out a variety of student programs including a Healthy
Time to Brag
                            Lifestyle program for your campus. Don’t miss our Roundtable for ideas on Healthy Lifestyles on
Page 5
                            November 3rd. You all should have received the Healthy Lifestyles Starter Kit with information to
Membership News
                            get you thinking! With the absence of Parent Support Specialist in many schools, the Council has
Just Between Friends        also disseminated information on Parent Programs via email. We hope you will take time to host
Page 6                      several student and parent education programs this year. Remember too, if you Team Up with
                            another organization to host a parent or student program make sure that the goals of their
Team Officials Chart        organization align with PTA mission and goals…student education, health & safety, parent education,
Parent Education Info       etc… These should be the content area of your programs.
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                            Additionally, the It’s a Piece of Cake! Council program was launched last month. The purpose of this
News from the Secretary
                            program is to guide local units towards Best Practices in PTA procedures and accomplish a variety of
School Nutrition Summit
Page 8
                            our council’s goals. Many of our PTAs are working towards the mid-year incentive goal which is
                            lunch with Dr. Chavez. How many incentives has your local campus achieved? If you did not receive
Time to Brag                the Program Explanation, Standards List or Verification Form, please email me at
Newsletter Deadlines        la_hutson@yahoo.com so that I can send it to you.
PTA Luncheon Schedules
Pages 9                     Speaking of programs, our guest speaker this month is Karen Slay, First Vice President of Texas PTA.
                            Karen is here today to share with us the New Beginnings program. This program is geared toward
Time to Brag
                            changing the direction of Texas PTA in its leadership model, membership retention and training
Pages 10-11
                            models. We will hear about these proposed changes that will take place at the state level and more
Alternative Campuses Info
                            than likely trickle down to the council or local level. This program will be a focus of the 2012 Texas
Time to Brag                PTA Convention and is in need of approval. You will have an opportunity to give feedback on the
Legislative Website Info    Texas PTA website in November. We appreciate Karen being with us today. She has visited and
Page12                      trained us on many occasions over the years and is a familiar face to many in our Council. She is a
                            hoot and will tell you that she is glad to be in Round Rock not because we are a great Council to visit,
TX PTA President Message    but because she loves to visit our outlet mall!
Area 6 PTA News
Reflections News
                            Please take a few moments to review the wealth of information in this Newsletter. And we thank
Page 13
                            you and your board members for participating this past month in our trainings and roundtables!
“Thank You’s”
                            May your upcoming holiday season be a blest one!
Time to Brag
Page 14                     Lori Hutson
RRISD PTA Council                                                                                  Page 2 of 14
2011-2012 Officers
                                  ABOUT TODAY’S SPEAKER, KAREN SLAY
Lori Hutson
218-8479                          Karen has served on local, council, district, and State PTA boards in
la_hutson@yahoo.com               various chairmanships and elected offices in both Odessa and Lubbock
                                  since 1991. She currently serves as the First Vice President for Texas
Melanie Pav                       PTA.
1st VP
Roundtables                       Karen serves on many community-based boards, and is the volunteer
244-0159                          Executive Director of the Injury Prevention Coalition of the South Plains.
                                  She served on the Lubbock ISD Board of Trustees for eight (8) years.
                                  She is the founder of the US Department of Transportation’s “Kids Aren’t
                                  Cargo” campaign, and was the driving force behind legislation in Texas
Carolyn Lawrence                  that passed in 2001 to keep kids out of the back of pickup trucks. She
2nd VP                            has appeared in many magazines including Woman’s Day and Texas
Training/Vendors                  Monthly, and has appeared on the Oprah Show.
clawrence628@yahoo.com            Karen has been married to her husband Steve for 28 years and they have
                                  four sons.
Lisa Caubles
3rd VP
219-9860                                RRISD Council of PTAs Goals for 2011-2012

Alison Shoepe                     Increase Council Membership
4th VP                            Increase local unit participation in the Council
Membership                        Increase parent education on Healthy Lifestyles programs and resources
255-3482                          Encourage Best Practices through It’s A Piece of Cake Program

Julie Lewin                                                                PTA’s Vision
671-6650                          Every child’s potential is a reality.
                                                                           PTA’s Mission
Kelly Moreno                      To make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and
Treasurer                          communities to advocate for all children.
hkcsm@sbcglobal.net                                                    PTA’s Purpose
Misty May                         To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school, community and place of
Parliamentarian                    worship;
mistydmay@alumni.utexas.net       To raise the standards of home life;

                                  To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth;
Linda Carey
Historian                         To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate
335-9881                           intelligently in the education of children and youth;
                                  To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for all
                                   children and youth the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual education.
RRISD Council of
PTAs Board                                                                                                 Page 3 of 14
Clothes Closet                     News from the Training Desk
Laura McGuigan
Clothes Closet, Chair              Carolyn Lawrence – 2nd VP
Monica von Waaden
Clothes Closet-West                Congratulations and Kudos to all of our RRISD Schools and Administration for an amazing
Endelia Obregon                    turnout for the Leadership Orientation Training. We held 5 Trainings hosting a total of 369
Clothes Closet-East
                                   participants. All your Principals and Administration including Dr. Chavez attended this training
Amy Maindelle
Clothes Closet-East                and it was covered by the District to help your local PTAs. Please thank Dr. Chavez, Beverly
MiMi Stewart-Pipkin                Helfinstein and Rosena Malone for covering this cost.
Clothes Closet-East

Hospitality                        I want to give a special shout out to those of you with a large number of participants and that
Michelle Carson                    let me know you were 100% trained. If your school is fully trained let me know and I will
Hospitality – Decorations Chair    recognize you in the next newsletter.
Mary Flores
Hospitality – Decorations          30 – Chandler Oaks
Pam McFall
Hospitality – Decorations          20+ - Cactus Ranch, Old Town, Great Oaks
Kirsty DelaHunt
Hospitality –Decorations           15+- Sommer, Teravista
Tricia Greene
Hospitality –Decorations           10+ - Caraway, Forest Creek, Fern Bluff
Shanell Winfield
Hospitality –Decorations           Under 10- Berkman, Bluebonnet, Brushy Creek, Blackland Prairie, Caldwell Heights, Callison,
Karen Gault                        Canyon Creek, Canyon Vista, CD Fulkes, Cedar Ridge, Cedar Valley, Chisholm, Deerpark,
Hospitality –Reservations          Deepwoods, Double File, Gattis, Grisholm, Herrington, Hopewell, Hernandez, Jollyville, Laurel
Michelle Willette                  Mountain, Live Oak, McNeil, Pond Springs, Round Rock, Round Rock Opportunity Center,
RROC, Success & Goals
                                   Spicewood, Stoney Point, Union Hill, Voight, Walsh and Wells Branch.
Council Programs
Christine Jovanovic                                                                        th
                                   Leadership training is complete for the fall as of Oct 15 and we will have more offerings this
Healthy Lifestyles
                                   spring as Elections are completing for your new boards. Please take this opportunity to plan on
Jennifer Clitheroe
President/Principal Rep            attending in the spring if you did not have the chance this fall.
                                      Did you know…Texas PTA offers Online Training? Take advantage of the upcoming Fall Webinars by
Open                                                      logging in and searching Webinars today at TXPTA.org.
Parent Programs
Open                                                        Bylaws – Wednesday, October 19, 2011 7:30-9:00pm
Fairy Dust Program
Shaleen Wilding                                             Membership- Monday, October 24, 2011 7:30-9:00pm
Reflections, Chair
Dena Kipperman                                     Parent Education Programs- Wednesday, October 19, 2011 10-11:30am
                                                   Parliamentarian- Tuesday, October 18, 2011 7:30pm-9:00pm (TONIGHT)
Gayle Franzen                                               Secretary – Monday, October 24, 2011 12:00-1:30pm
Debra Craig                                                 Treasurer- Tuesday, October 25, 2011 7:30-9:30pm
Kim Hodges
School Calendar Rep.
Scott Porter
                                   Money Matters
Website Administrator              Kelly Moreno – Treasurer
Dr. Jesús Chávez                   Treasurer’s Tip
                                   Hopefully things are starting to slow down and you are well on your way to a successful
Michelle Jackson
Community Partnership Supervisor   year! Please stay on top of your inputting and filing. This will save you time when you
Open                               have to get your Financial Reports ready for your meetings. A Financial Report should
Foundation/PIE Rep
                                   be presented at every meeting. If you have any questions, please contact me.
Barbara Beto
Legislative Rep/School Board
Tracy Gillies
Jenny Ortiz
Board Members
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Looking Forward…Round Tables News
Melanie Pav – 1st VP
This year Council has hosted a By-laws Round Table and a President Round Table. Both were very well attended and
great information was shared. If you missed either of the Round Tables, summaries from both Round Tables and links to
the handouts that were given out are on the Council website. Please remember, if you are unable to attend any of the
Round Tables, please send another board member in your place.
Thursday, November 3 at 10:30am – Healthy Lifestyles Round Table – Walsh Middle School Lecture Hall
Christine Jovanovic, Council’s Healthy Lifestyles Chair will discuss this fairly new PTA program and how you and your PTA
can be more involved in advocating for our schools to provide support in giving all our children a healthy life!
                       th                 nd
Thursday, February 9 at 10:00am – 2 Presidents Round Table – RRISD Board Room
Jennifer Clitheroe, Council’s Principal/President Rep will host this 2 Presidents Round Table. We will discuss topics such
as forming a nominating committee, elections and what needs to be done to wrap up the end of the year.

Mark your calendars today and don’t miss these opportunities. Please note the Presidents will be the one receiving the e-
vite but please be sure to share all of these with any Officer or Member of your PTA Executive Board that you think would
be interested or benefit from the knowledge being shared. All are welcome as we grow our PTAs in spirit and knowledge.
I look forward to seeing you there!

October News from your Clothes Closet….
It‟s been a steady flow of people in and out of the Clothes Closet with nearly 500 students‟ needs met in the first 6 weeks
of school! Our numbers have increased considerably at the Anderson Mill location, which is wonderful. Monica Von Waaden,
our AME CC manager, has generously offered her time one evening per month to open the AME CC to help benefit those
parents needing to use its services. See the school nurses for dates and times.

With the increase of students using the Clothes Closet that means more donations of socks and underwear are needed
along with school appropriate clothing. All sizes of underwear, socks, and denim are in demand!

Skills USA are sponsoring a Sock and Underwear Drive at Westwood HS challenging McNeil HS to raise 200 articles of
clothing. The Principal of the losing school must wear the opposing team‟s jersey at the Westwood/McNeil football game at
Kelly Reeves Athletic Stadium on October 14th! What a brilliant idea!! Keep those creative juices flowing everyone!

The Clothes Closet has 2 locations:
   1) In a full portable on the campus of Voigt Elementary, 1201 Cushing Drive, RR. Opened Wednesday and Thursdays
        9:30-11:30a Phone: 244-4359
   2) In ½ portable on the campus of Anderson Mill Elementary, 10610 Salt Mill Hollow, Austin. Opened Tuesdays 9:30-
        11:30a Phone: 428-3763

For further information or questions contact:
Laura McGuigan
RRISD Council of PTAs Clothes Closet Chair
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                                                                                          TIME TO BRAG

                                           Forest Creek Elementary
                                                    Forest Creek Elementary PTA hosted the first ever "Bring Your Dad to School Day", and it was a great
                                           success. Approximately 150 dads attended morning classes with their children and then met in the library for donuts
                                           and coffee. Several requests were received to host more of these Dad's Days.

                                           Pond Springs Elementary

                                                    We are starting off the school year wonderfully! The Pond Springs PTA is working very hard to make this a
                                           great year for our students, faculty and families. We celebrated the start of the year with Family Engagement
                                           Month. The school put on a Grandparents lunch; any or all family members were welcome to enjoy a meal with their
                                                    Our first general meeting in September was followed by a Family Fitness Night. Families were encouraged to
                                           get active, play games and have fun for the entire evening. We partnered with our local YMCA, Camp Gladiator and
                                           our awesome PE teachers, to make a night filled with lots of activities. Some of the stations were hula hoops, a soccer
                                           kick, bear crawl races, Body Pump, Zumba and scooter races. The fun, physical night was enjoyed by all.
                                                    On Sept 28, the PTA partnered with the school to celebrate “Take Your Dad to School Day,” followed by a
                                           Watch D.O.G.S. kickoff party. There were about 150 dads that came to school to spend an hour in class with their
                                           children! What a great way to get more families involved with their students. Thank you for the idea, Texas PTA!
                                                    We are now in full swing getting ready for our Fall Festival on November 12. We have new events planned for
                                           this year, with a dunking booth and a magic show. It should be a wonderful family event and a great fundraiser for our
                                           campus. We are thankful for all the families that are supporting Pond Springs Elementary and our PTA!

                                           Blackland Prairie Elementary
                                               We are so proud of all of the great events we have celebrated and kicked off so far this year. Huge KUDOS go
                                           out to our awesome Healthy Lifestyles Committee this month! Here are just a few things this team has coordinated at
                                           BPE so far:
                                               o   Inflated and distributed new playground balls and equipment to each of our classrooms before school started.

                                               o   Celebrated International Walk to School Day on October 5 by handing out school colored “I WALKED TO
                                                   SCHOOL TODAY” wristbands and bananas donated by HEB. We also had our Wildcat Mascot outside greeting
                                                   our walkers and bike riders to campus that morning. We had more than 400 students walking or cycling this
                                                   day! Great job, team!

                                               o   Two team members, Deirdre Elvin and Ken Langston, initiated a project to add several four square and hop
                                                   scotch areas on our playground. They completed the work this month and it looks fabulous! Even more, our
                                                   students now enjoy a brand new playground space during recess time.

                                               There is more to see from this team with the celebration of Red Ribbon Week coming up and a plan for improving
                                           our basketball court. We appreciate all that you are doing to make our students smile and encourage healthy living on
                                           our campus!
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   Membership News
   Alison Shoepe – 4th VP

                                “We’ve RECRUTIED all these TEAM members…
                                           What do we do now?”
   While your focus should still be on recruiting members (it’s a year-round job!) you should also be focusing on Recognizing
   and Retaining your members!

   Recognizing – Are you working to welcome new members? What about recognizing a Volunteer or PTA Member of the
   Month? Everyone likes to be appreciated…especially your volunteers!

   Retaining – Are you educating your members? Do they know what your PTA’s goal is and how you plan to achieve that
   goal? Are you encouraging them to get involved on committees?

   Communicate with your members! Don’t stop by asking them for their dues…involve and educate them. Ensure that they
   know where the money is being spent and how it is benefitting the students and families at your school. A membership that
   understands the true purpose of PTA will be more supportive throughout the school year.

   A few reminders:

           GET IN THE GAME – This Membership Chair’s Challenge encourages you to involve your families! Host a
            family engagement event where TEAM members are recruited! Submit the Get in the Game - Chair Challenge
            Coupon to the state office to qualify. Texas PTA is keeping this prize a secret!

           THE PLAYOFFS! – This Membership Chair’s Challenge encourages you to continue to spread the word about
            PTA and the value of membership! Recruit those TEAM members! A healthy membership leads to a healthy PTA,
            involvement in the school, manpower to deliver programs, development of future leaders, and financial support to
            achieve your PTA’s goals! The Prize? - A recognition certificate for the top five PTAs from each category and
            recognition on the website and in a Texas PTA publication. The PTA with the most members will receive two
            complimentary registrations to the Texas PTA Annual Convention!

   As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns or support that is needed!

                From National PTA

                                                          National PTA encourages the use
                of justbetweenfriends as a membership and communications management
                system. Check out this link for more information
                http://www.pta.org/online_membership_data_reporting.asp & also
                                                                                           Page 7 of 14

                                      RRISD Council of PTAs
                                     2011 - 2012 Team Officials
  If you are in need of assistance, please contact the Vice President listed above your school. Most of our
   VP’s have, or are, serving as a PTA President and are eager to help you succeed. Team Up! with PTA…
   Referees                            Umpires                           Judges               Commissioners

1st VP, Melanie Pav             2nd VP, Carolyn Lawrence            3rd VP, Lisa Cauble      4th VP, Alison Shoepe
     244-0159                        246-8556                           219-9680                   255-3482

Blackland Prairie                    Berkman                        Anderson Mill           Secondary PTA’s/PTSA’s
Brushy Creek                         Cactus Ranch                   Bluebonnet              10 Middle Schools
Caldwell Heights                     Callison                       Canyon Creek            5 High Schools
Caraway                              Chandler Oaks                  Deepwood                RROC
Double File Trail                    Forest Creek                   Fern Bluff
Forest North                         Gattis                         Great Oaks
Herrington                           Laurel Mountain                Jollyville
Live Oak                             Purple Sage                    Pond Springs
Old Town                             Sommer                         Spicewood
Robertson                            Teravista                      Union Hill
                                     Voigt                          Wells Branch

      Dads (and other male role models) Make a Difference
      Dr. Michael Robinson of Savage, Maryland and emerging expert in the area of Parental Engagement,
      suggests six easy ways men can become involved in a child’s education:

      1. Observe your child’s classroom at least twice a year
      2. Participate in at least one Parent-Teacher Conference and/or Individual Learning Plan (ILP) meeting
      3. Attend at least one extracurricular (non-sporting) event this school year
      4. Join and participate in your child’s school or any school’s formal parent organization
      5. Assist a student with their homework assignments
      6. Volunteer at least seven hours this year at your student’s school

      Research indicates when fathers and significant male role models are involved students: (a) make
      better grades; (b) have greater motivation to succeed in school; (c) have higher self-esteem; (d) have
      less health and emotional problems; (e) more confidence; (f) are less likely to use drugs; (g) girls are
      less likely to engage in pre-marital sex; and (h) are less likely to become teenage parents.
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Tips from the Secretary’s Desk

Julie Lewin - Secretary
Hello Secretaries! I hope your year has gotten off to a wonderful start. I want to thank those of you who attended either Summer Leadership Seminar
or our Council training in September. With non-profits coming under more scrutiny, your role as the “keeper of the records” is more important than
ever before. I hope your training is helping you to feel comfortable in your role. Here are a few updates and tips to help keep things organized:

Update your Vocabulary:
      Use “Unfinished Business” instead of “Old Business”
      Use “Membership Meeting” instead of “General Meeting”
      Omit “Respectfully submitted.” After the noting the time of adjournment, simply sign the minutes and print your name and title under your

Use Effective Supplies:
       Use bound books for your minutes (these are sometimes sold as account books). Have one book for board meeting minutes and one for
               membership meeting minutes. It doesn’t matter if your pages are lined, you’ll print the minutes, then adhere them to the page.
       Full sheet labels make it easy. Print your minutes and financial reports onto the label and place into your book. Pages won’t get lost or out of
               order. You’ll have an on-going record of your PTA’s actions all in one location. Our Council books go back to 2005!
       Use a plastic sleeve for each meeting. Keep anything additional here: sign-in sheets, agendas, event fliers, committee reports, etc. Your board
               may want to refer to these items when planning the next year’s events. Fill the sleeve and file it by date.
      A simple file box is crucial. This does not have to be fancy, just a place to keep everything neat, organized and in one location.

Maintain the Past and the Present:
     Your Board will adopt the Records Retention Policy each year. All you have to do is follow the list and file as you go.
     At this point of the year, you should have Plans of Work, the Ethics/Conflict of Interest Policy, LOT Confirmation, a copy of the Membership
         List, as well as your sign-in sheets, minutes and financial reports.
     If past minutes and financial reports were kept in a three-ring binder or a folder, consider having them bound. This prevents any records from
         falling out or being misplaced. Your campus may have the materials already, or you can go to any office supply store.

For more information, you can access the Secretary’s Resource Guide at txpta.org or feel free to contact me with any questions at jlewin@austin.rr.com.

Food For Thought: School Nutrition in Texas
Texas Action for Healthy Kids Summit on Friday, November 4 - Austin
                              Keynote Speaker - Gracie Cavnar - Recipe for Success
                              Gracie will share insights into school nutrition and how her programs empower over 4,000 kids
                              each and every month to change the way they understand, appreciate and eat their food.
                                  Find out the latest policy changes and standards for school meals and hear about a new
                                      program for schools called Nutrigram.
                                  Learn from the experts about the reality of school lunches cooked on site AND those
                                      brought in from a remote location.
                                  Get hands-on information on school gardens, farm-to-school, family fitness fun nights,
                                      lunch without a la carte and more!

                              Space is limited! Registration will be limited to first 150!
                              Register at http://tahksummit.eventbrite.com
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                                                                   TIME TO BRAG
 Deadline for articles       Kathy Caraway Elementary
for the next newsletter
                                      In an effort to celebrate Family Engagement Month, the Caraway PTA hosted a family picnic
   January 5, 2012           on September 30th. The PTA provided drinks, cupcakes, popcorn, cotton candy and a bounce house!
                             The picnic was also a mid-way push for our direct donation drive which ends on November 4. As an
                             incentive to donate, we held drawings for some great prizes. The suggested donation is $60 per child,
Send submissions to:         but we encourage parents to give what they are able to give. In addition, we hosted two “Popsicles in
  debracraig@aol.com         the Park” on the school grounds. PTA spent $12 and provided 400 ice pops to some very excited
                             students and siblings on hot afternoons.
                                      Kathy Caraway Elementary is now online! Our new e-commerce site gives parents a convenient
Newsletter Chair             way to pay for their child‟s t-shirt, PTA membership dues and direct donation. In addition, the PTA
        Debra Craig          started a bi-monthly electronic newsletter to help open the lines of communication. This year we
        512-350-5096         encourage students to wear Caraway t-shirts to show their school pride on “Spirit Wear Fridays.”
                             Our membership drive is going strong! Caraway PTA earned the Early Bird Achievement Award,
                             MARS Award, and the Golden Apple Award for campuses whose faculty and staff join PTA with
                             100% participation. We post bright orange signs outside of each teacher‟s classroom to let parents
                             know that the teachers are PTA supporters. The Caraway Cares Team hosted a four-week Wildfire
                             Relief Effort. Caraway students generously donated bottled water, toothbrushes, shampoo, new socks
                             and underwear, pet supplies, money and non-perishable food. Caraway Girl Scouts raised $536.09 from
   "Tell me, and I           a bake sale and the Caraway Boy Scouts delivered all donations to the Austin Disaster Relief.
  Teach me, and I            Chandler Oaks Elementary
     remember.                        Chandler Oaks Elementary hit the ground running this school year! We started out the year
 Involve me, and I           by treating our teachers to lunch the first few days of school. The Staff Appreciation team has
       learn."               already started monthly treats and has been doing a great job of making our teachers feel special!
                                      The COE family came together and held a donation drive for our local firemen who had been
     --Benjamin              fighting the Central Texas fires. Both kids and parents helped bring in donations, made cards for the
       Franklin              firemen, and helped us load donations on carts. We were able to deliver two trucks filled with water,
                             food, sunscreen, and other essential items needed by the firemen.
                                      Another event we hosted was our Watch D.O.G.S kick off pizza party. We had over 200 Dads
                             and their children participate in our Watch D.O.G.S kick off and pizza party. The Dads and kids ate
                             dinner together and learned more about the program. We have had many dads already this year be our
                             “dogs” at school! COE participated in the Family Day on 9/26. We had a kick off at our Membership
                             Meeting, had parents sign a pledge to become a STAR, and provided brochures on Family Day and the
2011-2012 COUNCIL            importance of making the commitment to talk to your children. COE also held a spirit night at the
   LUNCHEON                  Yogurt Experience. We had many families come and enjoy a sweet treat while helping out THE COE
   SCHEDULE                  PTA. We ended the month strong with our Cheetah Walk and Celebration. We started with a family
                             walk around the campus and ended in a huge celebration with music, inflatables, games, food, silent
General Meetings &           auction and more. It was the perfect ending to our month!!
Luncheons will be held:
                             Union Hill Elementary
          January 12
         March 20
         April 10                    Our recent events prove that Union Hill Wolves are howling with school pride! The
                             tremendous amount of support from our administrators, teachers, and staff helped us achieved the
All luncheons will be held   Golden Apple Award for this year! This accomplishment highlights our membership development!
 from 11am – 1pm at the
       RRISD PAC.                     In September, we held our annual Watch D.O.G.S. Pizza Night. With over 300 in attendance,
                             we are proud to say that it was a major success! A special thanks to Mr. Wisenhutter for the
 All Board meetings will     wonderful motivational speech! We are looking forward to seeing many fathers and other father-
 also meet at 9:30am on
       these dates.          figures placing a positive influence on our students at UHE! Lastly, our Family Art Night was a huge
                             sensation with our area families. Many participated in the event and created some wonderful art pieces
                             for their “Reflections” entries.
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                                                                       TIME TO BRAG

                         Jollyville Elementary
                                   What a spectacular September we‟ve had here at Jollyville Elementary! We celebrated Family Engagement
                         Month with a handful of great activities including Academic Night, Grandparents Day Lunch, Jollyville Eats Out, the

                         Welcome Back Dance, and Marathon Kids. Our Jollyville Eats Out Night at Schlotzsky‟s was a huge success raising
                         over $200 in donations. We are so thankful to our partners at Schlotzsky‟s for supporting JVE. The school year‟s first
                         PTA General Assembly meeting was held on September 30th in conjunction with the Welcome Back Dance. We were
                         especially excited to announce to our families and staff that JVE received the MARS award by exceeding the minimum
                         requirement for male PTA members. Way to go Dads! It was also great to see so many smiling students and parents
                         dressed up in our “Team Spirit” theme, dancing the evening away.
                                   We are so proud of our amazing librarian, Mrs. Christine Carter, for her continual dedication to Jollyville.
                         Last week we were awarded a $2,500 grant from the RRISD PIE Foundation to expand our transitional chapter book
                         collection. Thank you, Mrs. Carter!
                                   Our first ever Healthy Lifestyles Committee is off to a strong start. In addition to weekly “Healthy
                         Lifestyle Tips” in our PTA e-newsletter, we participated in our first fun fitness event at the Marathon Kids Kick Off
                         on October 1st. It was such a great opportunity to run as a team and show our kids that health and fitness can be fun
                         and full of spirit! We are really looking forward to all the exciting events we have planned for October. We are
                         kicking off the month with our first ever combination Volunteer Fair / Watch D.O.G.S. Kick Off on October 6th. This
                         is going to be a great way for ALL our PTA members to find the perfect volunteer opportunities. October 7 th is our
                         first Pastries with the Principal and we can‟t wait to hear from Mrs. Howard. Our biggest annual fundraiser takes
                         place on October 21st. We are so excited for all the fun we‟re going to have at the Fall Carnival and Silent Auction
                         including bouncy houses, Games2U, a haunted house, a petting zoo, and much. much more! The Jaguars are off to a
                         fabulous start of the school year!

                         Fern Bluff Elementary
                                  It has been a busy start to the school year for the Fern Bluff Bobcats PTA! PTA hosted a staff appreciation

                         luncheon the Thursday before school started and it was a wonderful time to mingle with the teachers, serve them
                         lunch, and let them know how much we appreciate them! PTA also presented the awesome staff at Fern Bluff with
                         more appreciation with free snow cones, and scented hand sanitizer gifts attached to vouchers for classroom supplies!
                                  We had an awesome Back to School Night where we sold over $8000 worth of Spirit Wear, and signed up over
                         700 members to join our PTA! The first day of school was our annual „Tears and Cheers‟ breakfast where we invited
                         Kinder parents, and anyone else who needed a tissue and a donut, to join us in the library for a quick reception and
                         support. The cheers outweighed the tears, by far! We have had a record number of Watch D.O.G.S. sign up for days
                         and on many days, we even have multiple D.O.G.S. scheduled! PTA launched our Math Pentathlon program, staffed the
                         Clothes Closet with volunteers, launched a „Jeans and Undies‟ Clothes Drive, and greeted Grandparents with a ribbon, a
                         flower and a smile on Grandparent‟s Day. For „Take Your Dad to School Day‟ we hosted „Donuts with Dad‟ and “Brown
                         Baggin‟ with Dad” to celebrate our awesome Dads and encourage more involvement. Our Reflections program is
                         underway, and several grade levels have already had the opportunity to take home Science kits. PTA brought in a
                         Cultural Arts performance of The Intergalactic Nemesis where actors and artists performed a 1930‟s based,
                         suspenseful graphic novel complete with creative sound effects and beautiful music!
                                  We have emailed a weekly eBlast with important information, updated our website, delivered our first Bobcat
                         Tracks Newsletter, and our Directory will be in student‟s hands in early October. Our Applebee‟s Pancake Breakfast
                         was a huge success with over 300 tickets sold, and over 30 teachers and staff there at the restaurant serving
                         hundreds of pancakes and sausages to our students and their families. It was such a fun Saturday morning! The Board
                         approved a Healthy Lifestyles Program and plans are underway for some exciting programs and opportunities. We will
                         be partnering with our PE Department to help fund incentives and rewards for their weekly „Running Club‟. Whew…all
                         this before October 1st! Coming in October, we have a Science on Stage assembly, more staff appreciation, a General
                         meeting, and we will be launching our Fall Fundraisers! A HUGE “Thank You” to all of the phenomenal PTA volunteers
                         who make it all happen every day! What a great TEAM!
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                                                    TIME TO BRAG

Cactus Ranch Elementary
         CRE hosted "Take Your Dad to School Day" where we had over 450 dads (and a few moms too) join their children for
lunch. It was wonderful to see so many dads having lunch and spending time up at school! CRE PTA has boosted its membership
this year! We currently have 601 PTA members! CRE PTA hosted a Watch D.O.G.S. Pizza Night kickoff in September! We had
lots of dads and their students attend to learn more about our Watch D.O.G.S. program and while they were there, they enjoyed
free pizza provided by PTA.
         CRE's Got Talent was our 2nd annual talent show hosted by PTA. We had over 50 acts perform in the show including
students and staff. We had lots of families in attendance and everyone had a terrific time. We are very fortunate to have so
many talented students and staff! CRE PTA's Math Pentathlon program is off to a great start! We have enrolled 114 students in
our program this year. We are hoping to have another fantastic year for our Mathletes!

Spicewood Elementary
         We have had an amazing (and busy!) month of PTA involvement. The Spicewood PTA focused on the theme of Family
Engagement, and put together some very fun family events. The turnout for our 2 Spirit Nights and 3 Wellness Wednesdays was
spectacular with an overwhelming amount of families participating. On „Bring your Dads to School‟ day, our Watch D.O.G.S. had
their kickoff meeting for the new school year. There were over 50 Dads that enjoyed before school time with their kids and a
donut. On „National Play Day‟, some Spicewood families experienced a beautiful morning out at the school playground where they
had fun with obstacles courses set up by the PE teachers and Parents.
         We finished the month with our annual Family Cookout to celebrate Grandparents Day. Though we weren‟t able to
actually “cook out” everyone still had a great hamburger lunch and the children and their families were able to attend and
provided great support for Spicewood through their purchases at the school‟s annual Book Fair fundraiser. Thank you to all the
devoted parents and teachers of our PTA in helping make Family Engagement Month at Spicewood a success!

Canyon Vista Middle School
         Canyon Vista Middle School‟s PTA school year got off to a great start. Our online membership drive has been very
successful; the PTA currently has about 800 plus members. In early September, Canyon Vista partnered with Ms. Janet Marek‟s
8th grade leadership classes to donate goods to the victims of the wildfires in Bastrop. Ms. Marek‟s leadership classes collected
items from the community, and the PTA delivered the donated items to the Round Rock Distribution center.
         Last year‟s PTA gifted picnic tables to the school, and they were delivered in early September. The new tables are a
welcome addition to the updated "PTA Patio" at Canyon Vista. In October, the PTA sponsored a luncheon for all faculty and staff
at CVMS. Newk‟s Restaurant provided lunch and Ms. Paris, our wonderful principal, thanked the PTA for their generosity and
mentioned that “everything was lovely from the salads and sandwiches to the desserts.” The entire staff loved the treat! We
are looking forward to a great school year.

Walsh Middle School
         Walsh MS PTA had an awesome Fall Membership Drive and has qualified for the following awards: Early Bird
Achievement, 500 Club Achievement, MARS Award, Golden Apple Award, and the “Team Up” and “Get in the Game” Membership
Chair‟s Challenges.
         Our Website, Newsletter and Volunteer chairs are actively involving and communicating regularly with our membership on
the activities and happenings of PTA and our campus. Walsh opened its School Store this month. It has school supplies, locker
items as well as fun items for students to purchase during their lunch periods several times throughout the month. Who knew a
squeeze ball would be our “hot” item! At the close of the grading period, PTA awarded those students with “All A‟s” a token of
recognition. The Walsh PTA is hosting a Cyber-Bullying parent program during the month of October. Walsh PTA is working
towards the “It‟s a Piece of Cake” program and turned in a Family Engagement Plan to Council. Walsh PTA also hosted “Take Your
Dad to Lunch” day in conjunction with supporting Family Engagement Month in September. Currently we are collecting Box Tops
for Education and also compiling a Wildcat Directory for distribution in November. We are gearing up for a season of fall/winter
sports where we‟ll take an active role in selling concessions and hosting Spirit Nights at local restaurants. PTA has several
student programs that we will be hosting or assisting with including Reflections, Academic Fair, and a student bullying program.
Walsh PTA supports the Council with Clothes Closet volunteers and will be hosting a denim drive in late October.
         Who Are We? We Are Walsh! is the theme of our spirit wear, and we are so proud of our students and faculty at Walsh
Middle School – Go Wildcats!!!
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  RRISD Alternative Campuses
  Staff Appreciation
  Thanksgiving Pie Request --

      Before we know it, it's going to be time for Thanksgiving pies! The pies are a favorite of our alternative campuses. We need our local
      PTAs help!

      Please consider making plans now for your PTA, and/or individual members, to donate pies for us to distribute among the 70 faculty and
      staff members. Financial donations are welcome as well.

      If you plan on donating pies, please email michellewillette@cs.com, to get details on drop off locations, date and time, etc.

      Thank you for your generosity and assistance! Though you may not hear from them directly, please know that your acknowledgement is
      very much appreciated by our alternative schools!

  Business Partnerships --

      We have some terrific local businesses who have provided food or given us a reduced cost, so that we were able to treat the Success
      West campus to lunch and GOALS to breakfast. Einstein's Bagels, Boston Market, and Sam's in Round Rock have made that possible.
      A huge THANK YOU to them for their support and philanthropy!

                                                                              TIME TO BRAG

                                    Cedar Ridge High School
                                              We are very proud to announce that our PTSA membership is close to 1100 - over 500 are
                                    student members. Woo Hoo! We are well on our way to receiving a "repeat" of the Golden Apple Award
                                    for 100% faculty membership.
                                              At the October "Meeting of the Association", (October 17) there will be a program presented
                                    by Walgreens Pharmacy. It is about "Prescription Awareness and Immunizations for middle and high
                                    schools and YES...... even college". All y'all are invited to attend. It is at 5:30pm in the CRHS Lecture
                                    Hall. Pizza will be served.
                                              Come by anytime and visit "the other Ridge".... that's Cedar Ridge. Our visitors are treated to
                                    popcorn. And don't forget to wear PURPLE!!!

                                    McNeil High School
Even though Legislative
                                                McNeil High School's PTSA has something to brag about! We are happy to report that we
Session 2011 is over, Texas         are off to a great start for the 2011-2012 school year. We have been enjoying getting to know our
PTA continues to post               new Principal, Mr. Yonker, our new teacher rep, Ms. Weatherbee, and all of our enthusiastic new
legislative reports for those
who follow the education news       Executive Board members. Our membership has already grown by one hundred members from last
in Texas.                           year, and we have almost doubled our staff members!
                                                One of our first projects is a Clothes Closet war with Westwood High School. Our goal is
For these reports, visit
http://www.txpta.org/legislative/   to collect more socks and underwear than Westwood by the end of our football game on October 14th.
session-2011-weekly-report/                     Another project we are working on is a program to get dads into our school. We would like
                                    to see more dads involved with our high school and think a Family Work day might do just that. One
                                    other exciting project is being planned by the McNeil PTSA student representatives. They will be
                                    working on organizing a Fine Arts Gala and Auction for the spring.
                                                As you can see, there are a lot of exciting things happening at McNeil – “where every day is
                                    a great day to be a Maverick”. Go Mavs!
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                     A Message from the TX PTA President
                     This time of year is so enjoyable, as we look forward to scheduled days off from school and more time with family.
                     The outside temperature finally has only two digits, and we can plan more events outside. As we make those
                     plans, we must always keep safety in mind. Take advantage of the many tips and resources available on our
                     website and in Texas PTA's The Voice. Nothing is more important than the safety and welfare of our children!

                       This is also the time of year when we are busy with our children's entries in the Reflections program. I always
loved watching my children interpret the theme, and this year's theme, "Diversity Means ...," should encourage some outstanding
entries. I hope your Local PTA is providing this opportunity for your students to demonstrate their creativity in dance choreography, film
production, literature, musical composition, photography and visual arts. As the school district budgets continue to be decreased,
instruction in the arts often suffers. The PTA Reflections program allows recognition at the local, council, state and national levels. To
learn more about the program, ask your Local PTA leaders or visit the Reflections page on our website.

Make time to enjoy your children, at whatever ages they may be, because they grow so very quickly. Whether they are six or sixteen,
each stage of their lives is special, so don't lose a single opportunity to make a memory. Capture it on film, in your mind, and in your
heart, and treasure it forever!

                                                                          News from Area 6 PTA:
                                                    Area 6 has held numerous trainings this fall throughout Austin, Leander,
                                                    Round Rock, and Georgetown. We hope you were able to attend one of
                                                    our various LOT sessions to meet your bylaws requirement.

                                                    The Area 6 Nominations Committee has been formed and is seeking
                                                    nominations for 2012-2013 leaders for the offices of President, Vice
           http://www.pta.org/                      President, and Secretary.

                                                    If you are interested in serving, please contact one of the following:
                                                    Amber Elenz aelenz@austin.rr.com
                                                    Angie MacDonald mackyclan@austin.rr.com
       http://www.area6.txpta.org/                  Laura Marsan lmarsan@texasdata.net

                                      2011-2012 Theme: Diversity Means...

            Round Rock is truly diverse...Round Rock Schools are diverse...Round Rock Students are diverse...
                           Round Rock PTA Moms are diverse...We're surrounded by diversity!

           Can't wait to see what the students in Round Rock ISD come up with for the PTA Reflections Program.
                                   Council Judging Day is on Tuesday, November 29, 2011

                             For more information about the Round Rock PTA Reflections contact:
                                        Shaleen Wilding shaleen@BeATexasStar.com
                                  or check out: http://RoundRockReflections.Wikispaces.com
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     THANK YOU!!!                                                    TIME TO BRAG
  The RRISD Council of PTAs
      wants to extend a
       “Thank You” to                Westwood High School
                                              Now that the activities of the new school year have settled into a more
     Terri Romere and                manageable routine, Westwood PTSA would like to take a moment to recognize folks for
 The Romere Team of Keller           their efforts, achievements and spirit of volunteerism.
                                              Our Membership committee kicked things off with a well-advertised
      Williams Realty
                                     membership drive. At the Early Bird deadline, they had registered over 1,100 PTSA
for donating our generous door       members. A special thanks goes to the volunteers who worked overtime updating the
  prizes for today’s luncheon!       price of the membership dues on our preprinted envelopes.
Thank you Terri and good luck                 Our English Book Sale was a huge success, with approximately 2,000 books sold
  to all of you in the drawing.      to students who require them for their English classes. We applaud this committee and
                                     their volunteers for working during student lunch periods and at the various Parent
                                     Night and Grade Level events.
                                              On September 16th, our Hospitality committee provided a lovely Back to School
                                     Breakfast for over 250 faculty and staff members. Thanks to everyone who brought in
                                     items and replenished empty dishes. Westwood PTSA looks forward to showing
                                     appreciation for the stellar Westwood personnel at future events throughout the year.
                                              Kudos goes out to our Clothes Closet committee. They have really stepped
                                     things up by delivering 25 bags of clothing, which included 21 new pairs of jeans from a
                                     generous donor, as well as cash donations. Also, they have committed to providing at
The luncheon today was               least four volunteers to serve on each of Westwood‟s designated work days. This
                                     committee held a small drive for new socks & underwear at the beginning of the school
       catered by                    year, but as this is being written, Westwood is in a fierce competition with McNeil High
     Gino’s Italian                  School to see who can bring in the most new socks & underwear by October 14th. The
 Restaurant in Round                 principal of the losing school must wear the opposing team‟s jersey at the Westwood-
                                     McNeil game that night. Thanks go to both principals for graciously helping us create a
         Rock.                       fun contest which will bring in a much-needed supply of items for our Clothes Closet to
    Thanks, Gino’s -                 distribute.
    It was delicioso!                         Lastly, we thank our Council of PTAs for providing so many applicable trainings
                                     and round table events. Westwood PTSA‟s success is ensured largely because of this
                                     Council‟s leadership, guidance, and ongoing encouragement.

                                     Round Rock High School
                                              Round Rock High School PTSA help our first Parent Program of the year on
                                     Wednesday, October 5th. The Princeton Review presented a Financial Aid Seminar for
                                     parents and students interested in learning more about the application process.
                                              Thanks to our Membership Committee, we‟ve hit record numbers at RRHS!
                                     We‟ve already achieved our 10% increase for the year and have over half of our staff
                                     members recruited! Thanks to all those members who have already joined!
                                              We‟re busy planning our annual Spirit Bazaar in conjunction with our Student
                                     Council! It will be held November 15th from 4pm-8pm. We will have space for our
                                     booster clubs, organizations and outside vendors as well…so all you Dragon fans, come on
                                     out for a great opportunity to get your Dragon gear and maybe do a little Holiday

    We’re on the Web!
            See us at:

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