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									                 California State University, San Bernardino

             President’s Office Administrative Council Minutes

                                    March 8, 2004

Aguilar, Arlin, Bonillas, Clark, DeMauro, Fernandez, Jandt, Kamusikiri, Karnig, Kray,
Marks, McGowan, Moran, Pritchard, Rincón, Robinson, Rohm, Summers, Takehara,
Tracey, Vicknair, West, Yasuhara

Carlson, Conley, Langford, Pringle, Young

Others present
Jenny Zorn

President Karnig distributed copies of the letter from WASC informing him that CSUSB
has been given a full 10-year accreditation. This is the longest possible re-accreditation
permitted by WASC. President Karnig expressed his appreciation to Dr. Pritchard and
the committee for their work. Dr. Pritchard stated CSUSB is the first campus to go
through the entire new process.

Informational Handouts
      President Karnig discussed the following information handouts:

      An article from The Chronicle of Higher Education, dated March 4, entitled “New
      Survey Confirms Sharp Drop in Applications to U.S. Colleges from Foreign
      Graduate Students.”
      A memorandum from Vincent Buck, Faculty Co-Chair, CSU Institute for Teaching
      and Learning Advisory Board and Mary Allen, CSU Institute for Teaching and
      Learning Faculty Director, dated February 26, regarding The Importance of
      Support of Faculty Development.

      CSUSB talking points entitled “Impact of State Budget Cuts on Cal State San

      An editorial, written by Dr. William Aguilar, from Inland Empire Hispanic News,
      dated February 25, entitled “What Does it Mean to be an Hispanic Serving

      From the Cal State System talking points entitled “Joint Advocacy Messages.”

Summer Class Schedule
      President Karnig stated that the Presidents would know by noon if the CSU
      System has reached an agreement with the CFA regarding summer pay and that
      he would notify the Provost of the decision. President Karnig stated that CSUSB
      would continue to move forward with summer plans.

Student Assistant Hiring
      Mr. West provided a proposal on the Student Assistant and Bridge Student
      Assistant Hiring Process, which also included information on problems
      encountered under the current decentralized process.

      It is proposed that the Student Assistant/Student Bridge Personnel Program be
      centralized in the Career Development Center and to hire an Administrative
      Support Coordinator to coordinate and maintain the program with each division
      contributing a certain percentage of money to fund the position. This plan would
      reduce the number of end-users in order to enhance data integrity and reduce
     the number of errors that may cause a delay in student pay. It was also
     recommended that Doris Selva Pagan be the trainer and subject matter expert.

     President Karnig stated that given the budgetary constraints, we should continue
     with the decentralized process and requested that:

           Dr. Aguilar work with Mr. West to prepare a statement of responsibility for
            the end-users and bring it back for review.
           If a dean or vice president has an additional person to add to the list of
            end-users, to report that information to Mr. West.
           If one person doesn’t suffice, then work it out with Mr. West.
           Maintain an accurate record of those staff who aren’t completing the
            information properly and notify the supervisor, as the staff member may
            need additional training.

     The concept of reducing the number of end users from 36 to 12 was endorsed.

Upward Bound
     Dr. Rincon reported that this past summer Upward Bound was notified that the
     program was not going to be funded. Upward Bound is working on funding
     strategies that will get them through until the next proposal cycle. One such
     funding strategy is a benefit dinner scheduled for Saturday, March 13th with Mr.
     Bernard Parks, Los Angeles City Council member and former Los Angeles Chief
     of Police as the speaker. Dr. Rincon encouraged Council members to attend the
     event to show their support of the program.

New Business
     Dean Arlin congratulated President Karnig and Mike Tracey for the excellent
     scholarship event held last Friday evening.
Dean Marks announced that candidates for the Dean of Business and Public
Administration will be on campus this week.

Mr. Tracey expressed his appreciation to those who attended the scholarship
event and that Mrs. Karnig did an outstanding job as master of ceremonies.

Dr. McGowan announced that the search committee for the Assistant Vice
President for Student Affairs has completed the interview process and has made
a recommendation to Dr. Rincon. Dr. McGowan also provided an update on
enrollment. President Karnig requested that Dr. McGowan provide an update
and begin tracking international students.

Mr. Takehara announced that System has notified him that the CSUSB one-time
budget cut is $910,000.

Ms. Kray announced that the Student Union bid opening was successful.

Mr. DeMauro announced that Kemp Brothers has the winning bid for the Student
Union expansion.

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