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1. Economic Development, Social Structure and Population Growth.
2. Correlates of Fertility Behaviour : A Study of Rural Communities in Punjab and
3.   An Evaluation of Family Welfare Programme in Punjab.
4.   Multipurpose Health worker Scheme in Haryana.
5.   Health Guide Scheme in Haryana – An Evaluation.
6.   Role of Active ageing in National Development.
7.   An Evaluation of Family Welfare Programme in Himachal Pradesh.
8.   Mother and Child Health Care: A Behavioural Study of Rural Communities of
     Himachal Pradesh.
9.   Correlates of Population Growth in Punjab.
10. Role of Incentives and Disincentives in Family Welfare Programme in Haryana.
11. A Study of Maintenance and Utilization of Eligible Couple Registers in Haryana.
12. A Study of Psycho-social Aspects of Medical Termination of Pregnancy.
13. Population Growth and Socio-Economic Development in Haryana.
14. A Study of Oral Pill Users in Haryana.
15. A Study of IUD Users in Haryana.
16. A Study of Immunization Programme in Haryana.
17. National Family Health Survey in Haryana.
18. Role of Mass Media in Family Planning.
19. Preventive Community Health through Education :An Evaluation
20. Operations Research in Spacing Methods.
21. An Evaluation of Lakhnupura Project.
22. Concurrent Evaluation of Family Welfare Programme.
23. Evaluation of Special School Health Check-up Scheme in Haryana
24. Rapid Health Survey in Kurkshetra District – Haryana
25. Rapid Health Survey in Kaithal District – Haryana
26. Functioning of STD/RTI Clinics in Haryana_ An Evaluation
27. Special Baseline Area Project (RCH) – Faridabad Complex Agglomeration
28. Special Baseline Area Project (RCH) –District Bhiwani
29. Rapid Health Survey in Faridabad District – Haryana
30. Rapid Health Survey in Jind District – Haryana
31. Rapid Health Survey in Rohtak District – Haryana
32 National Family Health Survey- II
33. Universalizing Literacy and Education Among Child Population in Chandigarh
   Slums: A Baseline Survey of Migrants and Non-Migrants.
34. Access to Health Facilities in Slum areas of Chandigarh
35. Rapid Mid Term Survey (RMTS) – Special Area Project – Faridabad Complex
    Agglomeration Slums
36. Evaluation of Functioning of Training Institutes under the Family Welfare
    Programme: Haryana State.
37. Format for Remuneration payments and other Charges including Model “TOR”
   and “LOA”.
38. Condom Oral pill Outlets in Mewat- An Evaluation
39. Evaluation of Sterilization Beds Scheme in Haryana
40. Functioning of Health and Family Welfare Training Institutes in Haryana- An
   Evaluation- II
41. RCH Camps in Haryana: An Evaluation
42. Strengthening of RCH Outreach Services in Haryana
43. Evaluation of Health Melas in Haryana ( Data Collection only)
44. Evaluation of the Functioning of Urban Family Welfare Centres and Urban
   Health Posts in Haryana
45. A Survey on Use of Ultrasound Machines in Haryana
46. End Line Evaluation Survey under Special Sub Project of RCH: District Bhiwani
47. End Line Evaluation Survey under Special Sub Project of RCH: District
48.Maternal & Neonatal Tetanus Elimination Validation- Lot Quality Assurance
Cluster Sampling Survey (LQA-CS) Kaithal, Haryana, (Data Collection only)
 49.Assessment of ANM/MPW (F) Training Schools funded by State
 Governments/Private Organizations in Punjab and Haryana. ( Data Collection

B. PRC – Other Highlights
1.     NFHS-I               Training of Field Investigators, Supervisors and Editors.
                            Supervision of Data Collection. Report writing for
                            Haryana State
       NFHS-II              Report writing for Haryana State
2.     RCH                  Special Area Project
                            (a) Faridabad Slums – Baseline 1998.
                            (b) District Bhiwani.
                            (c) Faridabad Slums Mid Term Evaluation 2000.
3.     Taleem Foundation    Research    support/facilities   to   Taleem     Foundation
                            Ahmedabad for Evaluation of Punjabi TV Channels.
4.     Training Workshop    PRC faculty staff act as Resource persons in training
       and Orientation      programme and orientation sessions organized by SIHFW-
       Programme            Haryana and PRC, PU. Actively participated in training
                            workshops under RCH at IIPS, Mumbai. All members of
                            the PRC staff attended training workshop under NFHS at
                            IIPS , Mumbai and East-West Centre- Honolulu.
5.     Seminars/            PRC staff attends and actively participates in academic
       Conference/          activities, seminar, conferences, symposiums, workshops,
       Symposiums           etc. organized by MOHFW, IASP, IIPS, FPAI, HIPA State
                            Governments- Haryana, J&K, H.P., M.P. etc.

On Going Projects in the PRC 2006-2007

1. Rapid Cluster Survey in Haryana                     DGHS, Govt. of Haryana
2. A Study of Women Undergoing Ultrasound Tests        Data Collected       and   report
   in two Districts of Haryana- Panchkula and          writing initiated.

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