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					                                                                        BFS L&DCC AGM 2012



                            The ECB Premier League in Lancashire



Club Secretaries
From the L&DCC Management Committee

                                                                   December 18th 2011

Annual General Meeting 2012

In accordance with the Constitution of the L&DCC Item 7, notice is hereby given
that the Annual General Meeting will take place on:

Tuesday 17th January 2012 at Bootle Cricket Club at 7.30pm.

If you, as recipient of this e-mail, are not the club secretary, please ensure that
these papers are passed on to the appropriate person / persons.

                                             1                                    18/12/11
                                                                                    BFS L&DCC AGM 2012

L&DCC AGM 2012: Outline Agenda

The ordinary business of this AGM will consist of:

1. Welcome and Roll-Call of Member Clubs;

2. Obituaries; - attached.

3. Minutes: AGM 2011/Feb SGM/Pre Season SGM 2011/July SGM/End of Season SGM 2011/
            End of Season 3rd XI SGM 2011- attached.

4. Matters Arising;

5. Presentation of the Annual Report by the Chairman; - attached

6. Hon Secretary's Report; - attached

7. Election of Officers and Committee Members for the ensuing year; - attached

8. Appointment of Honorary Auditor;

9. Appointment of Honorary Legal Advisor;

10. Hon Treasurer’s Report and Annual Financial Report; - attached

11. Determination of the subscription for the ensuing year 2011; -attached

12. Business of which due notice has been given; - attached as Appendix 4

13. M.C.U.A.

14. Notices

15. Closure of meeting

                                                                                      Chris Weston

                                                                                      Hon Sec L&DCC

                                                         2                                    18/12/11
BFS L&DCC AGM 2012: Detailed Agenda
Agenda Item 1

Welcome and Roll-Call of Member Clubs;

AGM     Date: January 17th 2012          Venue: Bootle Cricket Club

                                                           / absent
  1      AINSDALE
  2      ALDER
  3      BOOTLE
  6      BURSCOUGH
  7      CALDY
  8      COLWYN BAY
  10     FORMBY
  11     HIGHFIELD
  12     HIGHTOWN
  13     LEIGH
  14     LIVERPOOL
  15     LYTHAM
  16     MAGHULL
  18     NEWTON le WILLOWS
  19     NORTHERN
  22     ORMSKIRK
  25     PRESTATYN
  26     RAINFORD
  27     RAINHILL
  28     ST. HELENS
  29     ST. HELENS RECS
  30     SEFTON PARK
  33     SUTTON
  34     WALLASEY
  35     WAVERTREE
  36     WIGAN

  2      NORLEY HALL

                                                       3              18/12/10
Agenda Item 2

L&DCC Obituaries Season 2011

Brooks, Ronald John.              Liverpool CC.

Capstick, Brian.                  Northern CC, past President.

                                  Warwickshire CCC, Northern CC past President, Northern CC former Captain,
Lewis, Brian Nicholas.
                                  Formby GC, Waterloo RFC.

It is requested that any names of those omitted be notified to the Hon Sec for inclusion.

It is most important that no one be forgotten.

Agenda Item 3

Minutes:           See attached

 (i)     Minutes of the AGM Jan 2011;
 (ii)    Minutes of the SGM Feb 2011
(iii)    Minutes of the pre season SGM April 2011;
(iv)     Minutes of the SGM July 2011
(iii)    Minutes of the end of season SGM Oct 2011;
(iv)     Minutes of the 3rd XI end of season SGM Nov 2011.

Agenda Item 4.

Matters Arising;

                                                              4                                       18/12/10
Agenda Item 5.

Presentation of the Annual Reports;


I consider it a great honour to be President of the ‘Comp’ and have been privileged to have made so many friends amongst
the clubs over many years. This Premier League is just that, the best, despite ECB’s league tables for pitches and Fair
Play, and it is all thanks to the players, officials and supporters. The enjoyment we all derive from our play is surely
something to be thankful for whether we are winners or losers. It is with that in mind that I would prefer to concentrate
on the positives rather than the negatives. So we overcome our difficulties and move on. However, in this annual report I
have to mention some of the problems we have overcome and then look to the future.

Last year I reported that 2010 had been a more difficult year than usual for your Management Committee. Little did I
realise that 2011 would be even worse. We still had no elected Chairman but I am confident that this will be resolved at
the AGM. But this was a minor irritation when compared to the loss of two clubs and the withdrawal of teams by two
other clubs. And then we were left with no alternative but to suspend an elected official for improper behaviour towards a
club’s lady official, an action which was then compounded by a second example of unacceptable behaviour to another
club’s lady official.

Just when we were thinking that our structure was bedding in nicely, we were confronted by dire warnings as to the
continued existence of the Merseyside Cricket Competition. You all know what eventually didn’t happen but getting to
that stage took a considerable effort from members of the Management Committee. We can only offer our best wishes for
the future to the Merseyside Cricket Competition.

We were indeed fortunate in being able to welcome back to the ‘Comp’ one of its founder members, Birkenhead Park CC,
and also in seeing the elevation of one of our Associate Members, Old Xaverians CC, to full membership. I wish them
both successes for their future in the Business Finance Solutions L&DCC.

This brings me nicely to our sponsors, who have not only renewed their support but extended it until 2014. We are very
fortunate to be in this position and I can’t thank them enough for their financial contributions to the running of the league
and also their support for the Players of the Month and Players of the Season awards.

This season the honours were distributed quite widely and I congratulate all competition winners, league and cup, as well
as all the individual winners of Player of the Month awards previously mentioned. Unfortunately our successes in 2011
did not extend to any of the various County or National competitions, although I must congratulate New Brighton CC on
reaching the ECB National T20 Area Final at Middleton, failing by just 3 runs to make it through to the Regional Final
which would then have been held at Rake Lane. Congratulations also to our under 15’s who were narrowly beaten in the
final of the LCB Michael Roche Trophy. We will enter the tournament again in 2012 and intend to enter an under 13 side
in the LCB County wide competition.

The introduction of ‘live’ internet scoring to our Premier Division has received much praise. I thank all those teams and
their scorers who made it such a successful start and I look forward to many 1st and 2nd Division clubs joining the party
in 2012. The apparent ease by which scorecards can be uploaded onto Play-Cricket should be an attraction to all. Again
in 2011 I was able to call on the assistance of several people to check Play-Cricket entries and I thank them most
sincerely. If anyone else wishes to become an Assistant Results Secretary please let me know. The fines were a little
down on 2010, despite the expansion of Player Registration to all players, so hopefully clubs will continue to take their
responsibilities seriously – if there was a prize for the amount of fines raised L&DCC might well win it. Having said that
it does allow us to fund various causes, such as the Player Development Programme, PQS pitch inspections, and laptop

You will see from the AGM agenda that your committees have been just as busy as usual attempting to improve the rules
and regulations, many of the changes being suggested by the Cricket Committee, at other General Meetings, because of
events, or at ECB’s instigation, e.g. to cover club/team withdrawal, changes to the knock-out competition rules, 3rd XI
player registration etc.

I must now return to the issue that has caused your Management Committee the most consternation, not only this year but
for several past. Phil Lovgreen, elected Fixture Secretary at AGM 2011, has been a constant thorn in the side of the
committee and the League. He uses his website to denigrate the committee at every turn, often uses offensive language
and publishes false and/or inaccurate information in relation to clubs and players causing distress to all concerned and

                                                             5                                                      18/12/10
wasting so much of the Management Committee’s time in undoing the damage. Remember, when this happens it reflects
on all of us and all those belonging to our clubs, and discredits our reputation in the cricket world.

 I can confirm that members of the Management Committee work tirelessly on behalf of ALL member clubs, as do
hundreds of club officials on behalf of their players and supporters. None of us is perfect, mistakes are made, but in a
democratic society we listen to those we serve. I wish I could say the same for PGML.

Without wishing to go into great detail, you need to know why the Management Committee suspended him. On two
occasions he has made offensive and rude comments to lady officials of member clubs. It was the first of these, via an
offensive email, that brought about his suspension pending a disciplinary hearing. He made it known to several members
of the Management Committee that he would not be attending any such hearing and true to his word he didn't attend,
subsequently claiming ill health. The Disciplinary Committee, unable to make a decision, referred the matter back to the
M/C. Whilst deciding the way forward, the second offensive comments, by telephone late at night, were made and M/C
had no alternative but to impose an indefinite suspension.

Putting it simply, he is an unfit person to hold an official position within L&DCC. I hope, therefore that you will support
the Management Committee’s nomination of Rob Durand. Rob is currently the Hon. Treasurer of Alder CC, one of our
Assistant Results Secretaries, and a former member of the Cricket Committee. As part of Alder CC’s management he has
overseen dramatic improvements at the club and has been instrumental in securing financial support for them. I have no
hesitation in recommending him as a fit and proper nominee for this important role within L&DCC.

Finally, I thank most heartily the members of the Management Committee and all other committee members for all that
they do on your behalf.

                                                                                                             Eric Hadfield

                                                                                                          December 2011

Agenda Item 6.

Hon. Secretary's Report December 2011

As is usual, it is not proposed to duplicate here most of the issues that could be covered in an Hon. Secretary’s report as
these continue to be reported to clubs in full on a monthly basis in the ‘summary of minutes’ posted on the website.

However it is perhaps important to comment here on a less pleasant issue, that of the difficulties of running the BFS
L&DCC in the face of the continuing barrage of opposition from one man and his personal website.

It is my considered opinion that there is an abundance of current let alone historical evidence that Phil Lovgreen has
repeatedly and gratuitously overstepped the mark of appropriate behaviour for an elected official of the BFS L&DCC and
that the time has come for a new BFS L&DCC Fixtures Secretary.

My repeated and grateful thanks to the many people throughout the BFS L&DCC particularly to those on the
Management Committee, who work so hard to make "The Comp" as successful as it is and with whom it is such a
pleasure to work and share common purpose.

                                                                                                             Chris Weston

                                                                                                                  Hon Sec

                                                                                                             BFS L&DCC

                                                                                                                 Dec 2011

                                                            6                                                     18/12/10
   Club and Ground Chairman's Report December 2011

    See Appendix 1

   Disciplinary Chairman's Report

    See Appendix 2

Agenda Item 7

Proposals for Officers of the Liverpool and District Cricket Competition Management Committee

Main Committee

1. President:

Mr E Hadfield who has declared his willingness to serve           L&DCC Management Committee Nomination

2. Chairman:

Mr J Williams who has declared his willingness to serve           L&DCC Management Committee Nomination

3. Post of Cricket Chairman:

Mr J Rotheram, who has declared his willingness to serve.         L&DCC Management Committee Nomination.

4. Hon Secretary:

Mr R.C.Weston, who has declared his willingness to serve.         L&DCC Management Committee Nomination.

5. Hon Treasurer:

Mr M. Barber, who has declared his willingness to serve.          L&DCC Management Committee Nomination.

6. Club and Ground Facilities Chairman

Mr. Alan Bristow, who has declared his willingness to serve       L&DCC Management Committee Nomination.

7. Publicity and Sponsorship Chairman

Position vacant

                                                              7                                    18/12/10

8. Discipline Sub-Committee Chairman

Judge R. McCullagh, who has declared his willingness to serve   L&DCC Management Committee Nomination

9 . First and Second XI Fixtures Secretary;

Mr R. Durand who has declared his willingness to serve          L&DCC Management Committee Nomination

Mr P.G.M.Lovgreen, who has declared his willingness to serve    Proposed:         Maghull CC
                                                                Seconded:         Leigh CC

10. Third XI Fixtures Secretary;

Mr M.J.Leddy who has declared his willingness to serve          L&DCC Management Committee Nomination

11. L&DCC Chief Junior Coach

Mr C. Riley who has declared his willingness to serve           L&DCC Management Committee Nomination

12. L&DCC Representative Team Manager                           Position vacant

Agenda Item 8:

Appointment of Honorary Auditor;

Mr J. McGlashan who has declared his willingness to serve       L&DCC Management Committee Nomination

Agenda Item 9:

Appointment of Honorary Legal Advisor;

Mr T.D.N. Kenward, who has declared his willingness to serve    L&DCC Management Committee Nomination

                                                         8                                       18/12/10
Agenda Item 10

Financial Statement and Report of the Hon. Treasurer

                            Profit & Loss Summary

 a         a                                    2011           2010

           Annual Dinner                           684.60         142.00
           Bank Interest Received                   24.81         119.00
           Handbook                              3,750.00       1,158.00
           Sponsorship                           3,000.00       3,000.00
           Subscriptions                         8,540.68       8,275.00
           BACS Discounts                        (226.01)
           Suspense                                 15.00
           Handbook Credit                     (1,125.00)
           Reader Ball Grant                     2,500.00       2,500.00
           ECB Grant                           12,400.00       13,600.00
           Other                                   103.20
           Junior Coaching                           0.00       3,000.00
           Fines                                 5,975.00       6,493.00

           Total                               35,642.28       38,287.00

           Admin                                 5,465.18       5,137.00
           Coaching                              4,450.00       5,427.00
           Grant                                   700.00         529.00
           Match Expenses                        2,209.74       1,281.00
           Miscellaneous                           615.00          20.00
           Prizes                                3,975.08       4,676.00
           Subscriptions                         3,905.00       3,965.00
           Computer Scoring                      3,877.77
           Website Articles                      1,675.00
           Reader Ball Grant                     1,542.46       1,553.00
           ECB Grant                             9,025.00       8,500.00

           Bank Charges                                17.66

           Total Costs                         37,457.89       31,088.00

           Balance                             (1,815.61)       7,199.00

                                                        9                  18/12/10
                                        The Balance Sheet will be available at the AGM.

Agenda Item 11

Determination of the subscription for the ensuing year;

L&DCC Subscription Fees 2012:

The proposal before the meeting is that subscriptions should remain unchanged in 2012 as follows:

Figures in parenthesis = 2011.
                                                Subscription                  L&DCC Handbooks Fee

Full Member Clubs:                  £            120    (120)                   100       (100)

Associate Member Clubs:             £             60     ( 60)                   50       (50)

Agenda Item 12

See Appendix 4

Business of which due notice has been given;

Proposals to AGM 2012 in Handbook 2011 running order:

Agenda Item 13:


Agenda Item 14:


(i) Cricket Committee members 2012

Colwyn Bay                       representing Premier Division
Southport and Birkdale           representing Premier Division
Wallasey                         representing Division 1
Wigan                            representing Division 1
Parkfield Liscard                representing Division 2
St Helens                        representing Division 2

                                                             10                                     18/12/10
(ii) BFS L&DCC meetings 2012/2013

Meeting             Date                 Venue               Time

M/C                 Thur Jan 12th 2012   Parkfield Liscard   6.00pm
AGM 2012            Tues Jan 17th        Bootle              7.30pm
Cr Co               Tues Jan 31st        Bootle              7.00pm
M/C                 Thur Feb 9th         Bootle              6.00pm
Cr Co               Tues Feb 28th        Rainhill (E)        7.00pm
M/C                 Thur March 8th       New Brighton        6.00pm
Cr Co               Tues March 27th      Bootle              7.00pm
M/C                 Thur 5th April       Bootle              6.00pm
Pre Season SGM      Tues April 10th      Sefton Park         7.30 pm
Cr Co               Tues 1st May         Wallasey (W)        7.00pm
M/C                 Thur 10th May        Parkfield Liscard   6.00pm
Cr Co               Tues 5th June        Bootle              7.00pm
M/C                 Thur 14th June       Bootle              6.00pm
Cr Co               Tues 3rd July        Rainhill (E)        7.00pm
M/C                 Thur 12th July       New Brighton        6.00pm
Cr Co               Tues 31st July       Bootle              7.00pm
M/C                 Thur 9th August      Bootle              6.00pm
Cr Co               Tues 4th Sept        Wallasey (W)        7.00pm
M/C                 Thur 13th Sept       Parkfield Liscard   6.00pm
Cr Co               Tues 25th Sept       Bootle              7.00pm
M/C                 Thur 4th Oct         Bootle              6.00pm
EoS SGM             Tues 9th Oct         SP CC               7.30pm
Cr Co               ?? Tues 30th Oct??   Rainhill (E)        7.00pm
                    - as necessary
M/C                 Thur 8th Nov         New Brighton        6.00pm
EoS SGM 3rd XIs     Tues 20th Nov        SP CC               7.30pm
Cr Co               ?? Tues 4th Dec??    Bootle              7.00pm
                    - as necessary
M/C                 Thur 13th Dec 2012   Bootle              6.00pm
AGM 2013            Tues 15th Jan 2013   Bootle              7.30pm

                                                  11                   18/12/10
(iii) League structure for 2012 of the BFS L&DCC - an ECB Premier League

1st XI
Premier Division (12)           First Division (12)           Second Division (12)
Bootle                          Ainsdale                      B/head Park
Colwyn Bay                      Alder                         B/head St Mary’s
Highfield                       Fleetwood Hesketh             Burscough
Hightown                        Formby                        Caldy
Leigh                           Liverpool                     Old Xaverians
Lytham                          Newton le Willows             Parkfield Liscard
Maghull                         Northop Hall                  Prestatyn
New Brighton                    Orrell Red Triangle           St. Helens
Northern                        Rainhill                      St. Helens Recs
Ormskirk                        Sefton Park                   Skelmersdale
Rainford                        Wallasey                      Sutton (St Helens)
Southport and Birkdale          Wigan                         Wavertree

2nd XI
Premier Division (12)           First Division (12)           Second Division (12)
Bootle                          Ainsdale                      B/head Park
Colwyn Bay                      Alder                         B/head St Mary’s
Formby                          Burscough                     Hightown
Liverpool                       Caldy                         Old Xaverians
Leigh                           Fleetwood Hesketh             Parkfield Liscard
New Brighton                    Highfield                     Prestatyn
Newton le Willows               Lytham                        Rainford
Northern                        Maghull                       Rainhill
Northop Hall                    Ormskirk                      St. Helens
Orrell Red Triangle             Southport and Birkdale        St. Helens Recs
Sefton Park                     Wavertree                     Skelmersdale
Wallasey                        Wigan                         Sutton (St Helens)

3rd XI - Saturday Competition
Premier Division                1st Division
Birchfield Park 3               Alder 3
Bootle 3                        Alder 4
Liverpool 3                     Birchfield Park 4
Maghull 3                       Birkenhead Park 3
Maghull 4                       Birkenhead Park 4
New Brighton (PG)               Caldy 3
New Brighton (SR)               Caldy 4
Northern 3                      Liverpool 4
Northern 4                      Northern 5 (LP)
Ormskirk 3                      Northern 5 (WC)
Sefton Park 3                   Sefton Park 4
S/port & B/dale 3               Sefton Park 5
                                Wallasey 3
                                Wavertree 3

3rd XI - Sunday Competition
Premier Division (10)           1st Div (East) (10)           1st Div (West) (12)
Bootle 4                        Highfield 4                   Ainsdale 4
Fleetwood Hesketh 3             Leigh 4                       Alder 5
Formby 3                        Lytham 3                      B/head St Mary’s 3
Highfield 3                     Maghull 5                     Colwyn Bay 3
Leigh 3                         Newton le W 3                 Formby 4
Orrell RT 3                     Norley Hall 3                 Hightown 3
Parkfield Liscard 3             Orrell RT 4                   Liverpool 5
Rainford 3                      St Helens Recs 3              Northop Hall 3
Rainhill 3                      S/port & B/dale 4             Old Xaverians 3
St Helens 3                     Wigan 3                       Prestatyn 3
                                                              Sefton Park 6
                                                              Wavertree 4

                                                         12                          18/12/10
Agenda Item 15:

Closure of meeting


(i) 2012 BFS L&DCC Ray Digman (the 1st XI Knockout Trophy)

(ii) 2012 BFS L&DCC Chester Cup (the 2nd XI Knockout Trophy)

                                                                    C Weston

                                                               Hon Sec L&DCC

                                                    13               18/12/10

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