TKAMB Chapter 15 17 Study Guide by DWt7kRZs


									          American Studies                      To Kill A Mockingbird                          Arena/Marszlaek
                                              Chapters 15-17 Study Guide
1. Who comes to talk to Atticus? Why?

2. Who is Mr. Underwood?

3. Why does Jem follow Atticus to town?

4. Who shows up at the jail? Why are they there?

5. What does Scout do? Say?

6. Why do the men leave after Scout speaks up?

7. Why does Scout cry after returning home from the jail? What does Jem do?

8. Who is Mr. Dolphus Raymond?

9. Where do the children sit during the trial? Why?

10. At the trial, what is Scout confused about?

11. How are the Ewell’s characterized at the trial? (How do they act, what do they say, do?)

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