Mr Henshaw diorama project by 7qLLJv


          Dear Mr. Henshaw Book Report/ Diorama
We have just completed the book Dear Mr. Henshaw by Beverly Cleary in
class. We have been reading this novel together for the last 3 weeks. As a
culminating activity, each student will need to create a shoebox diorama
illustrating a scene/setting from the book. In addition, students will need to
create a written report summarizing the events of the book. The grade on
the project will reflect the amount of time and thought that went into
creating both the diorama and the written report. Many of you should
remember creating shoebox dioramas when you were kids. There are
some great web sites with some really cool ideas, but ultimately your child
needs to use his own creativity and talents to illustrate a scene from the
book. Students will be allowed to bring their books home to assist in this

weeks, with 2 weekends, to complete the project.

_____ Content of diorama (30 pts.) Your diorama illustrates a clearly identifiable
scene from the book.
_____ Neatness (10 pts.) Your diorama is neatly completed, effort is shown. Your
shoe box must be completely covered so that the brand name and shoe size are unable
to be seen.
_____ Creativity (5 pts.) You made and effort to be creative and artistic.
______ Presentation (5 pts.) When you present to the class you are able to clearly
describe your diorama and what it represents.
_____Summary (20 pts.) You correctly summarized the book, including a
beginning, middle, and end. You included all of the major parts of the story.
_____ Conventions (20 pts.) Your report contains minimal conventions errors.
Conventions include proper usage of capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar.
Minimal errors are fewer than 5 errors. You have 2 weeks to work on this, proofread it,
and ensure that it is high quality work.
_____ Neatness (10 pts.) Your report should be neat and final draft quality. It may
be hand written or word processed, as long as you do it yourself. Reports should not be
dirty or torn, and should be written or typed neatly on the correct side of the paper.
Handwriting should be legible and appropriately sized.

I hope that at this point I have clearly explained my expectations for this
project. Please keep up with this sheet and turn it in along with your book
report on November 9. If projects are completed early, I will accept them
early. I know the kids are excited when they finish and are eager to share
with their classmates.

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