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					                                                      Curriculum Vitae’







Doctor of Education, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
       Major Concentration: Instructional Technology and Distance Education
       Minor: Human Resource Development
       Dissertation: Improving African American Student Achievement in Reading With Computer-Assisted
                     Instruction and Cooperative Learning
       December 2009

Master of Education, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio
        Major: Curriculum and Instruction
        August 1999

Bachelor of Arts, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio
       Major: Rhetoric and Communication Studies
       August 1997


Certificate: Vocational Drafting
             ATP: Assistive Technology Professional

Licensure: School Library Media Specialist
           Early Childhood Education Pre-K–3


EDU 104-Educational Technology for the K-12 Educator
EDU 346- Science / Health Methods Middle Childhood Education
EDU 514- Educational Technology for the K-12 Educator
EDU 518-Emerging On-Line Classroom: Web-based Classroom Interactive Video
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•   Ehancing Reading Achievement with Computer-Assisted Instruction
    Performing evaluations of reading programs that use computer-assisted instruction to increase student

•   Curriculum Theory and Development
    Designing and aligning technology-based curriculum according to best practices and theory for Higher
    Education and K-12 schools.

•   Data Analysis Standards-Based Education
    Designing standards in instructional technology for district and state departments of education based on student
    achievement data.

•   Instructional Design
    Designing instruction for Higher Education and K-12 schools students based on national accepted technology
    standard across the curricula.

•   Web-Based Lesson Planning
    Planning lessons with Web-based technology to increase student access to technology and multimedia.


•   Assistant Professor, Baldwin-Wallace College, 2009- Present
    Teach courses such as: EDU 104-Educational Technology for the K-12 Educator, EDU 346-Middle School Science
    Method, EDU-514 Educational Technology for the K-12 Educator, EDU 518- Emerging Online Classroom: Web-
    based Classroom Interactive Video. Supervise field experience for teaching candidates enrolled in Middle Childhood
    Reading-Language Arts and Middle School Science licensure programs. Participate in committees such as advisor to
    student union, retention committee, Teaching Professions Advisory Committee. Advise students as to which courses to
    take in order to graduate in a timely manner. Oversee and coordinate Educational Technology Committee meetings,
    Collaborate with faculty and administrative staff to write grants in educational technology and science education.
    Design web-based, online, and hybrid courses to meet the changing needs of teaching professionals enrolled in the
    Educational Technology master’s program.

•   Regional Director, Knowledge College: Supplemental Education Provider, 2006–2008
    Managed 25 schools in supplemental education services by providing onsite teacher training to increase student
    achievement with Academic Plus, Cayen, and Project Achieve Internet-based software.

•   Library Media Specialist, Curriculum Development, 2006–2008
    Provided teachers, students, and administrative staff with a wide variety of library services, including online
    research management with eLibrary, online classroom, and CMSD Destiny Library Catalog.

•   Grant Manager, Nathan Hale School, 2006–2007
    Writer and group leader of “BRIDGING the Gap.” Teachers worked in collaborative groups to assess students
    with accountable talk rubrics to increase student achievement in reading English-Language Arts.
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•   Coordinator and Chair Person, Young Authors Program, 2002–2006
    Assisted students in Grades 2–5 to author fiction books by conducting Young Author workshops. Coordinated Awards
    Assembly for student work compiled in The Spirit Within: Voices of Young Authors published by Metropolitan Teaching and
    Learning. Contacted the Call and Post Newspaper and the IVY Leaf Magazine to feature an article about the Young Authors.

•   Science Connections Academic Advisor, CMSD and Metro park Zoo, 2005
    Authored and edited a distance-learning lab on African animals for students in Grades K–3:

•   Science Connections Academic Advisor, CMSD and Natural History Museum, 2004
    Developed a distance-learning lab in Ecosystems for students in Grades 4–8:

•   CMSD Science Academic Standards Committee, Cleveland Schools, 2002–2004
    Served as a liaison to the Science Academic Science committee by preparing science standard for K–12
    students and teachers:

•   Science Point Teacher, Cranwood Learning Academy, 2002– 2004
    Lead teacher in science for Grades K–5. Prepared students for school-wide and district-wide science fair. Provided
    technology support to teachers in Great Exploration of Math and Science kit-based curriculum and software.

•   Student Activities Coordinator, Cranwood Learning Academy, 2002– 2004
    Planned student activities including academic field trips, science fair, and soliciting educational speakers to come to the

•   Group Leader GEMS Trainer In-Service in Science, Cleveland Schools, 2001–2004
    Facilitated high-quality professional development on inquiry-based science portfolios for teaching staff of Grades K–8.

•   CMSD Standards-Based Report Card Committee, Cleveland Schools, 2002–2003
    Authored curriculum pacing charts for the standards-based report cards for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District for
    Grades K–12 science education:

•   Group Leader Science Point Meetings for Science, Cleveland Schools, 2001–2003
    Facilitated high-quality professional development for more than 200 K–8 teaching staff on inquiry-based physical, life, earth,
    and environmental science.

•   Science Point Teacher, Iowa Maple Elementary School, 1999–2000
    Managed a science committee as the school lead science teacher. Participated in school science fairs and grant writing


•   Library Media Specialist, Miles School, Grades K–8, Cleveland Schools, 2008–2009
    Conducted research on how to use computer-assisted instruction in the classroom, administer Behavior
    Assessment of Children of African Heritage to students and parents to find solutions for trauma and emotional
    disorders. Responsible for developing lessons with school and district Website. Provide students with
    asynchronous and synchronous instruction. Managed Destiny online cataloging system, print and update
    overdue notices for book, and equipment circulation.
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•   Library Media Specialist, Adlai Stevenson School, Grades K–8, Cleveland Schools, 2007–2008
    Responsible for Web design and development. Managed the library’s public web site by creating and
    maintaining web site content, structure, technologies, and graphical design.

•   Library Media Specialist, Nathan Hale School, Grades K–8, Cleveland Schools, 2006–2007
    Managed library materials with an online cataloging database. Designed templates and modules for content
    management systems to facilitate other staff adding content. Developed and understanding of emerging
    technologies and their application to Web development such as: W3C standards-based HTML, CSS, server-
    side scripting (PHP), relational databases (MYSQL), implementing open source Web applications, and
    Photoshop experience was required.

•   Instructor of English Language Arts, Minority Affairs, Cleveland State University, 2000–2007
    Developed course materials such as pacing charts and curriculum alignment materials. Planned and
    implemented instruction with face-to-face, synchronous, and asynchronous distance education. Assessed
    student performance and provided student feedback.

•   Library Media Specialist, Cranwood Learning Academy, Grades K–5, Cleveland Schools, 2001–2005
    Developed curriculum in all content areas for Grades K–5 teaching staff. Manage library material and
    procedures including cataloging, ordering materials, assigning materials to classroom teachers, and preparing a
    circulation report displaying the books and resource material that the teachers and students used.

•   Grade 2 Reading Teacher, Iowa Maple Multicultural School, Cleveland Schools, 1999–2001
    Provided instruction for Grade 2 students in reading, writing, math, science, health, and social studies.
    Integrated technology in all parts of the curricula. Served on committees to increase teacher collaboration and
    student achievement.

•   Grade 1 Student Teacher, Iowa Maple Multicultural School, 1999
    Provided multicultural instruction to Grade 1 students in reading, writing, math, science, health, and social

•   Pre-K and Student Teacher, Fairmont Beachwood, 1999
    Provided instruction to Pre-K students in all areas of the curricula.


•   Facilitator, Preparing Minority Students for Success, Baldwin-Wallace College, Berea OH., 2009
    The training for instructors in the Upward Bound Program to assist them in preparing cooperative learning
    experiences for minority students. Performed evaluations of Upward Bound instructors as they use cooperative
    methods and techniques to enhance student achievement.

•   Facilitator, ePortfolio: Action Research Team, NABSE National Conference, Atlanta, GA., 2008
    The training for teaching professionals is a high quality professional development session outlining the process
    of how to conduct a whole faculty study group in a targeted school.

•   Principal Investigator, Enhancing Education Through Technology, Cleveland Schools, 2007 – 2009
    Facilitate meetings on how to integrate technology in the classroom. Use Compass Learning-Odyssey Software
    to increase student achievement in math and reading. Developed a websites to collected surveyed data and to
    communicate with participating staff members:
Aries N. Cobb                                    Curriculum Vitae’                                    Page 5 of 9

•   School Library Media Specialist Facilitator, Cleveland Schools, 2007–2009
    Instruct K–12 library media specials on best practices in integrating technology in research based methods for
    library media services.

•   Grant Manager, B.R.I.D.G.I.N.G. the Gap, Cleveland Schools, 2006–2009
    Facilitated the Professional Learning Community Model (PLC) to enhance teaching and learning.
    Lead teacher in a cooperative effort to use accountable talk rubrics in the classroom.

•   Facilitator, High-Quality Urban Teacher Conference, Cleveland State University, 2007
    Facilitated meeting for teaching professionals on how to use accountability to enhance teaching and learning.

•   Project Manager, Young Authors Programs, Cleveland Schools, 2002– 2006
    Coordinated student and teacher efforts to author fiction books.

•   Facilitator Science Meetings for Distance Learning, Cleveland Schools, 2002– 2005
    Developed distance-learning lessons with Cleveland Teachers by using the distance-learning lab (V-station).

•   Professional Development Administrator, Cleveland Schools, 2001– 2005
    Coordinated and facilitated professional development meetings at the school level and the district level for the
    Cleveland Metropolitan School District.

•   Professional Development Coordinator, John Carroll University, 2001– 2005
    Coordinated GEMS professional development meetings for teachers in the office of Center for Math, Science,
    and Educational Technology at John Carroll University.

•   Instructor GEMS Communicating Science Training Workshops, Cleveland Schools, 2001– 2005
    Facilitated high-quality professional development meetings on making science portfolios to assess student
    knowledge for Grades K–8 science education.

•   Instructor and Facilitator GEMS Training Workshops, John Carroll University, 2001– 2005
    Facilitated monthly professional development meetings for 200 lead science teachers on how to use Great
    Explorations for Math and Science inquiry kit-based materials.

•   Facilitator CRCST Conference, John Carroll University, 2001– 2005
    Introduced teachers to GEMS in the following: GEMS Environmental Science, GEMS Earth and Space
    Science, GEMS Forensic Science, GEMS Mathematics, GEMS Physical Science. Kit-based presentations:
    Matter: Solids, Liquids and Gases for Grades 1-3; GEMS Chemistry Acid Rain GEMS; Dry Ice; Stories in
    Stone; Crime Lab Chemistry Gems; Stories in the Sand.



•   Cobb, A. (2010). Technology integration and multimedia [Distance Learning Lab]. Berea, OH: Baldwin-
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•   Cobb, A. (2009). Technology for the K-12 educator [Distance Learning Lab], Berea, OH: Baldwin- Wallace
Aries N. Cobb                                    Curriculum Vitae’                                    Page 6 of 9

•   Cobb, A. (Ed.). (2005). Ecosystem [Distance Learning Lab]. Cleveland, OH: Metro Park Zoo.

•   Cobb, A. (2004). Ecosystem [Distance Learning Lab]. Cleveland, OH: Natural History Museum.

•   Cobb, A. (Ed.). (2002). The rain forest [Distance Learning Lab]. Cleveland, OH: Natural Museum of History.


•   Cobb, A. & Cardoza, T. (2010, July). Using computer-assisted instruction and cooperative learning to
    increase the reading achievement of disadvantaged grade 8 students. Paper presented at the meeting of
    Summer Scholarship Program Conference. Berea, OH.

•   Cobb, A. (2009, November). Preparing minority students for success: Technology supported-cooperative
    learning. Paper presented at the meeting of the Baldwin-Wallace College’s Black Student Alliance and Mount
    Union College’s Black Student “Not Another Statistic” Conference. Mount Union, OH.

•   Cobb, A. (2008, November). Using e-portfolio and the problem based learning model to narrow the
    achievement gap. Paper presented at the meeting of the National Alliance of Black School Educators
    Conference. Atlanta, GA.


•   Cobb, A. (2004). Curriculum alignment for science education: Grade 3 science pacing chart. Cleveland, OH:
    Cleveland Schools.

•   Cobb, A. (2002). Curriculum alignment: Grade 2 science pacing chart. Cleveland, OH: Cleveland Schools.

•   Cobb, A. (2001). Content area standards: Science grades 2 and 3. Cleveland, OH: Cleveland Schools.

•   Cobb, A. (2003). Standards-based report card: Science grade 2. Cleveland, OH: Cleveland Schools.

•   Cobb, A. (2001). Standards-based report card: Science grade 3. Cleveland, OH: Cleveland Schools.


•   Cobb, A. (Ed.). (2010). Technology-Supported Cooperative Learning [Video]. Berea, OH: Baldwin-Wallace

•   Cobb, A. (Ed.). (2004). Curriculum videos for science education [Video]. Cleveland, OH: WVIZ.


•   Cobb, A. (2010). To differentiate or not to differentiate? Using internet-based technology in the classroom.
    Quarterly Review of Distance Education, 10(4), 35-46


•   Cobb, A. (2009). ePortfolio: Action research team professional development plan. Distance Learning, 6(1), 6-
Aries N. Cobb                                    Curriculum Vitae’                                    Page 7 of 9


•   Cobb, A. (2010). Preparing minority students for success: Technology- supported cooperative learning. Journal
    article to be submitted to Distance Learning (Nova Southeastern University).

•   Cobb, A. (2010). Differentiating instruction by promoting teamwork in the classroom. Journal article to be
    submitted to Educational Leadership: American Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD).


•   B-W College, Educational Technology: Microsoft Publisher Training, 2009
    Trained to use Microsoft Publisher to create newsletters and website design.

•   National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) urban school education training, 2007
    Trained to use best practices in school leadership to enhance urban school education.

•   eTech Ohio, Grant Reading and Writing Training, 2007
    Evaluated Enhancing Education Through Technology grants for school district throughout Ohio.

•   Instructional Technology and Distance Education Coursework, Nova Southeastern University, 2006
    Doctoral student at NSU with a concentration in instructional technology distance education. Mastered using
    technology, media, and materials with Web CT, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Nero Photoshop, Nero
    Wave Editor, SPSS, ANOVA, Windows MovieMaker, scanners, and photocopiers. Creating video, audio
    interviews, editing audio, PowerPoint presentations, multimedia projects, and Web site design.

•   National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) urban school education training, 2006
    Educated to bridge the achievement gap in reading to enhance the education of urban school students.

•   Discovery Professional Development Training, Case Western Reserve University, 2006
    Integrated technology in the classroom with Internet-based technology including computer-assisted instruction,
    technology based instruction, distance education, file management, and database software.

•   Discovery Professional Development Training, John Carroll University, 2005
    Distance Learning ASSURE Model training to Enhancing Education Through Technology with video
    conferencing, interactive TV, close circuit cable, television-one-way video, one-way audio, and broadcasting.

•   Jason Project Training, Case Western Reserve University, 2005
    Trained to use interactive software with the ASSURE Model to determine students experience with distance

•   Administrative Professional Development, Ashland University, 2003
    Taught to facilitate high-quality professional Development Programs in a Professional Learning Community
    (PLC) using the Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model.

•   Media Technology Training, Ashland University, 2003
    Administrative training in using technology to enhance teaching and learning by “Building My Own
    Professional Portfolio” with technology, media, and ASSURE Learning.

•   Associate Professional Development Training, Notre Dame College, 2003
    Trained to introduce online networks to teachers by using online learning, e-Learning, blog, Intranet, chat
    room, and the World Wide Web.

•   GEMS Kit-Based Workshop Training, Cleveland OH, 2002
    Skilled on how to use inquiry-based science manipulatives with a kit-based science program for Grades K–8
Aries N. Cobb                                    Curriculum Vitae’                                   Page 8 of 9

•   Associate Professional Development Training, UC Berkley, 2001
    Qualified to developed high-quality professional development with teachers by using GEMS Software.

•   WVIZ Media and Distance Learning Training, Cleveland OH, 2000
    Trained to use the V-Station (Virtual Station) to develop distance learning with teachers and administrator
    throughout the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.


•   Master of Education Committee, Baldwin -Wallace College-2010-Present
•   Academic Services Advisory Council, Baldwin-Wallace College, 2010-Present
•   Retention Committee, Secretary, Baldwin-Wallace College, 2009-2010
•   Educational Technology Committee, Chairperson, Baldwin-Wallace College-2009-Present
•   Peer Reviewer, Baldwin-Wallace College, 2009-2010


•   Chairperson, Leadership Academy, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., 2011
•   Professional Development Training, Accelerated Reader and Cooperative Learning, Miles School, 2010
•   Professional Development Training, Accelerated Reader and Cooperative Learning, Empire Compu-Tech
    School, 2010
•   Professional Development Training, Information Literacy, Miles School, 2009


•   Ohio Department of Ed.- Poverty Based Expenditure Professional Development Grant ($30,000), 2008–2010
•   eTech Ohio- Enhancing Education Through Technology Grant ($147,000), 2007–2009
•   MBNA - B.R.I.D.G.I.N.G. the Gap Grant ($3,000), 2006–2007
•   Cleveland Scholarship and Tutoring Program- Tutoring Program Grant ($15,000), 2004 and 2002
•   Cleveland Education Fund- Media Leadership Grant ($3,000), G.R.E.A.T. Science, 2000–2001


•   National Academy of Education/Spencer Postdoctoral Fellowship ($55,000), application pending
•   Baldwin-Wallace College Summer Scholarship Program ($4,200 for research Advisor, Undergraduate Student)
•   NSU/NABSE Doctoral Fellowship ($20,000 for tuition), 2007–2009
•   Outstanding Young Educator Award, Nomination, 2007
•   Jason Expedition, Disappearing Wetland, Certificate of Participation, 2005
•   GEMS Communicating Science Associate Presentation Award, 2002
•   CRCST Presentation Award, 2002


•   AASL – American Association of School Librarians
•   ABAI- Association of Behavior Analysis International
•   ASCD – Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
•   ALA – American Library Association
•   AERA – American Educational Research Association
•   Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
•   ASCD – Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
Aries N. Cobb                                    Curriculum Vitae’                               Page 9 of 9

•   CRCST – Cleveland Regional Council of Science Teachers
•   NABSE – National Alliance of Black School Educators
•   NSTA – National Science Teachers Association


•   Web sites design: Homestead, Netscape, Dreamweaver, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft FrontPage, Firework,
    CSS, Weebly, Google Sites,, and HTML
•   Authoring software: Authorware 6.0
•   Audio Editing: Nero,Wave
•   Video Editing: iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Nero Vision
•   Graphic design: Photoshop, iPhoto
•   Multimedia: Flash, Quick Time
•   Microsoft Office: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, One Note, and Publisher
•   Statistical software: SPSS, ANOVA
•   Educational Software: Compass Learning, Inspiration, Rubistar, and Classroom Architect, Graphing Calculator
•   Database: Microsoft Access, Datatel, Follet
•   Course management: Blackboard, Moodle, Web CT, SCORM, and SyberWorks
•   Art & Graphics: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Corel Draw
•   Desktop Publishing: Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress
•   Presentation: Microsoft PowerPoint, Macromedia Flash, Keynote


•   English (Native)
•   Spanish (Fluent)


Provided upon request.

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