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									Name _______________________________                        BOOK 2, CHAPTER 5
Period ____________________                                    17. What is Carton’s job?
                                                               18. Describe his working routine. Include when, where,
           9th Lit/Comp Honors – Rumfelt                           and how.
                                                               19. After reading this chapter, describe Sydney Carton’s
                  A Tale of Two Cities
                                                                   life and tell how you think he feels about it. Give
          Book Two Study Guide Questions                           specific examples to support your response.

 As you read Book Two, answer these questions. Your        BOOK 2, CHAPTER 6
  answers should be in complete sentences and use             20. Where does Mr. Lorry go most Sundays? Why?
       quotations from the text when possible.                21. What kind of housekeeper is Lucie? Give specific
     Write your answers on your OWN paper.                        examples to support your response.
         Staple this sheet to your responses.                 22. Describe Miss Pross as she appears on the surface
                                                                  and how she really is once you get to know her.
                                                              23. How does Miss Pross describe the Doctor’s mental
BOOK 2, CHAPTER 1                                                 condition? What does it take to soothe him?
   1. Describe Tellson’s bank. What is the bank’s attitude    24. Who are the “hundreds of people” that visit the
      toward change? Use specific examples.                       Manette’s on Sundays?
   2. How does Tellson’s treat the young men in its
      employ?                                              BOOK 2, CHAPTER 7
   3. What behavior of Mrs. Cruncher makes Mr.                25. What kinds of people associate themselves with the
      Cruncher angry? Why does this anger him?                    Monseigneur? What does this say about what it
   4. What physical characteristic of his father’s does           takes to get ahead in France at this time?
      young Jerry wonder about? Can you make a guess          26. Describe the “accident” that befalls the Monsieur the
      about it?                                                   Marquis in the streets of Paris.
                                                              27. What is the Marquis’s attitude toward this
BOOK 2, CHAPTER 2                                                 “accident”?
   5. What does Mr. Cruncher think is “Barbarous”? Do      BOOK 2, CHAPTER 8
      you agree or disagree with him? Why?                    28. What are the conditions in the Marquis’s home
   6. What is the “old Bailey” and what is it famous for?         village?
   7. Who is being tried, and what is the charge against      29. What unusual sight did the roadmender see? What
      him?                                                        prediction can you make from this?
   8. Who is present in the courtroom to act as witnesses     30. Who is the Marquis expecting? Can you guess the
      for the prosecution?                                        identity of this person?

BOOK 2, CHAPTER 3                                            BOOK 2, CHAPTER 9
   9. Where did Mr. Lorry, Miss Manette, and Dr.                31. Of what does Darnay accuse his uncle?
       Manette first meet Charles Darnay? What was              32. What is the Marquis’s philosophy of keeping the
       Lucie’s opinion of him?                                      common people under control?
   10. What did the wigged gentleman who was looking at         33. What is Darnay’s opinion of his family’s behavior
       the ceiling point out to the counsel, Mr. Stryver, on        and what does he plan to do about it?
       the piece of paper that he threw to him?                 34. What happens to the Marquis, and what does the
   11. What does Mr. Stryver say about Mr. Basard and               note tell us?
       Mr. Cly?
   12. What happens in the courtroom to prove that Mr.       BOOK 2, CHAPTER 10
       Carton is much more observant than his manner lets       35. A year after his uncle’s death, describe Charles
       on?                                                          Darnay’s professional and personal condition.
   13. What personal service does Carton do for Charles         36. In proclaiming his love for Lucie, how does Charles
       Darnay? What do you think this hints at for the              show consideration for Dr. Manette?
       future?                                                  37. What are the two promises that the Doctor makes
   14. What is the verdict?                                         Charles?
                                                                38. What is the effect on the Doctor of making these
BOOK 2, CHAPTER 4                                                   promises? Why do you think they had this effect on
   15. What do you think Carton’s and Darnay’s toast                him?
   16. What is Sydney Carton’s opinion of himself?           BOOK 2, CHAPTER 11
                                                                39. What future plan does Stryver confess to Carton?
                                                                40. What does Stryver advise Carton to do?
                                                              BOOK 2, CHAPTER 18
BOOK 2, CHAPTER 12                                               60. What does Charles Darnay tell the Doctor on the
   41. Why does Stryver stop in to tell Mr. Lorry of his             morning of his marriage to Lucie?
       plans?                                                    61. What is the Doctor’s response to the combination of
   42. What is Mr. Lorry’s reaction to Stryver’s news?               this information and the giving of his daughter in
BOOK 2, CHAPTER 13                                               62. What two things does Mr. Lorry do in reaction to
   43. In his talk with Lucie, what is Carton’s opinion of           the Doctor’s condition?
   44. What does Carton say he would do if Lucie should       BOOK 2, CHAPTER 19
       love him?                                                 63. How does Mr. Lorry go about approaching the
   45. What memory does Carton want to take with him?                Doctor about his condition for the nine days
   46. What promise does Carton make Lucie? Where do                 without upsetting him?
       you think this promise will lead him?                     64. What is the Doctor’s opinion about the future of Mr.
                                                                     Lorry’s “hypothetical” man?
BOOK 2, CHAPTER 14                                               65. What does the Doctor say is the one thing that
   47. Whose funeral procession does the crowd attack?               could bring on another relapse? What does he mean
       Why do they attack it?                                        by this?
   48. What is Jerry Cruncher’s reaction to the mob              66. What recommendation does Mr. Lorry make to the
       violence?                                                     Doctor, and how does he talk him into following it?
   49. Describe Mr. Cruncher’s “fishing tackle.” What kind
       of “fish” do you think he is going for with this type of BOOK 2, CHAPTER 20
       “tackle”?                                                   67. What request does Carton make of Charles?
   50. What name does young Jerry give to his father’s             68. 95. What does Lucie request of Charles?
       “trade,” and what is Mr. Cruncher’s response when
       young Jerry says he wants to be in that trade when       BOOK 2, CHAPTER 21
       he grows up? Do you see an irony in “resurrection           69. What is the significance of the “echoing footsteps”?
       man” and “recalled to life”?                                70. What sad thing befell Charles and Lucie during this
                                                                       time period?
BOOK 2, CHAPTER 15                                                 71. What has happened to Carton and Stryver over the
   51. What was the fate of the Marquis’s killer, and who              years?
       reported that fate to Defarge?                              72. What happened in Paris on July 14, 1789?
   52. What is the sentence that Defarge and his                   73. Where did Defarge demand to be taken first? Why?
       compatriots give after hearing the fate of the              74. How does Madame Defarge show her merciless
       Marquis’s killer? What are the future implications of           strength?
       this sentence?
   53. How are these sentences recorded so that they will BOOK 2, CHAPTER 22
       be kept secret until the appropriate time?                  75. Who is Madame Defarge’s lieutenant in leading the
   54. Why does Defarge compliment his guest for                       women, and what does this “nickname” imply about
       cheering the king and queen?                                    her?
                                                                   76. Who was Old Foulon and what was his fate?
BOOK 2, CHAPTER 16                                                 77. What has begun? How do you know?
   55. What information does Defarge get from Jacques on
       the police force? Where have you heard of this man BOOK 2, CHAPTER 23
       before?                                                     78. What is the symbol of the revolutionaries?
   56. Why is Defarge depressed, and how does Madame               79. What happens at the Marquis’s villa? What is this
       Defarge comfort him?                                            an example of?
   57. What is the significance of Madame Defarge pinning
       a rose in her hair?                                      BOOK 2, CHAPTER 24
   58. What does the spy learn from the Defarges, and              80. In the year 1792, where was the headquarters for the
       what do they learn from him? Why does the spy’s                 “Monseigneur” in Paris?
       information disturb the Defarges?                           81. Why is Mr. Lorry going to France? What is his
BOOK 2, CHAPTER 17                                                 82. What is Gabelle’s urgent plea?
   59. What are the Doctor’s feelings about Lucie’s                83. What is Charles’s decision? Why does he decide on
       impending marriage?                                             this course of action? What does this say about his

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