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									Mr. Slaughter 7th Grade Social Studies

                 THE PERSIAN WARS
                            Chapter 28 pages 271-277

    1.    Cavalry

    2.    Hellespont

    3.    The following passage might have been              4.   Why did the Persians think it would be easy
          written by an Athenian soldier around 480               to conquer Greece?
                                                                      A.   Because they knew the Greeks
"I will stand shoulder to shoulder with the brave men                      were peace-loving.
of Greece--Spartans as well as fellow Athenians--and                  B.   Because they were better educated
fight to the death, if that is what it takes to stop these                 than the Greeks.
           murderous invaders [Persians]."                            C.   Because they had more land and
                                                                           people than the Greeks.
          What does this passage tell us?                             D.   Because they had more people in
                                                                           their assembly than the Greeks.
               A.   The Athenians and Spartans would
                    have stronger armies than the            5.   What do the Battle of Marathon, the Battle
                    Persians.                                     of Salamis, and the Battle of Thermopylae
               B.   The Athenians and Spartans would              have in common?
                    join together to fight a common
                    enemy.                                            A.   They were all fought by ships at
               C.   Greece had never been invaded                          sea.
                    before.                                           B.   They were all won using clever
               D.   Greek men had never fought                             strategy.
                    without women before.                             C.   King Xerxes led the Persians in all
                                                                           of them.
                                                                      D.   Spartans fought to the death in all
                                                                           of them.

                                                             6.   What was an important result of the Persian

                                                                      A.   They caused Greeks to invent new
                                                                      B.   They led to the decline of Sparta.
                                                                      C.   They enabled Persia to conquer
                                                                      D.   They preserved Greek
7. Why did the Ionians revolt against Persian rule?

8.   What happened to the Ionians?

9.   Why was the Battle of Marathon important to the Greek city-states?

10. How were the Spartans able to hold off such a large Persian army at the Battle of Thermopylae?

11. Why did the Athenians sail to nearby islands in panic after the Battle of Thermopylae?

12. How were the Greeks able to defeat the Persians at the Battle of Salamis even though they were


13. Design a monument with color to commemorate one of the major battles of the Persian wars.
    Make a sketch of your monument below. The monument should include the following:

         o   labeled human figures or symbols that indicate what happened at the battle
         o   a plaque that explains what happened at the battle

                                         MONUMENT TITLE



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