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          of his CDs, cassettes, greetings cards and other memorabilia

Trouble is... This double CD incorporates such unforgettable episodes as the chaotic
annual dinner of the Goats’ Friendly Society and perhaps the best episode ever:
Gran’s trip to Wales. Mr South’s live visit to the school open day is for stronger
stomachs and when our hero and Mr South visit the fen in winter to study nature the
outcome is astonishing. Eight episodes plus six stunning songs including the
incomparable and famous Ladder to the Moon.

The Last Episodes: Dennis’ final five broadcasts. The story of Mr South’s fury and
dismay when he is forced to help Dennis forge a new career in advertising voice-
overs. Also how Dennis and his fiancée, Maudie Deeks, plan to emigrate to the Wild
West and what happened after the creamhorn machine went wrong at the Fancies

The Bomb Photo: A dozen barely believable characters from Dennis’s schooldays
populate this never-broadcast, hour-long special CD with songs including ‘Pylons’
and ‘Me Tortoise’. Meet Winston Cornfoot the xylophonic journalist, Dulcie
Loverage, the mother of many, Audrey Slaughter the pioneer window dresser and
many more famous Fenfolk.

Tiger Tales: Build up your Dennis collection with this unique and historic recording.
Another hour of sheer listening pleasure, in which Dennis sheds light on some of the
Fen Tigers of yesteryear, including the railwayman, the clergyman, the inventor and
the clippie. These are surrounded by six of Dennis's songs to give you a complete
entertainment package. Tracks include: Fen Tigers · The Jonahs · I'm a Bream ·
Galvanized · Ladder to the Moon · Vinegar Potts… and many more.

Archive Edition One: Six episodes broadcast during November and December 2004.
This kicks off with one of Mr South’s all-time favourites, The Light Harvest Festival,
then there’s the sticky story of Gran’s Toffee, the touching tale of Effie Pepperdine,
the tragi-comedy of Dennis and Maudie at the coal-yard Christmas party and, for very
good measure, the famous two episodes examining in embarrassing detail how Dennis
made a fool of Mr South at his own profession.

Archive Edition Two: Five episodes broadcast in November and December 1999.
This starts with a classic: Dennis explains the popularity of Doc Wallace among
patients who are perfectly well, then there are two episodes about unreliable fen
archaeology before we get to a couple of episodes hinging on the Millennium
                          CASSETTES – The Best of Dennis:

       (NOTE: We have very few cassettes left now, so first come, first served!)

Volume 1: Classic episodes packed into ninety minutes, complete with six songs,
including the haunting ‘Honolulu Moon’. The stories include the visit to Peterborough
to meet the Queen, and the outing to Cromer.

Volume 2: From the vintage year of 1989, another 90 minutes of unforgettable stories,
including how Dennis took a week to thread a needle and even longer to fill in a form,
plus the touching tale of Gran’s picnic.

Volume 4: This very special 90-Minute collection features all of Dennis’s most
famous outside broadcasts including live visits to the Miscellaneous Shed, Potts’
Garage, The Crypt, The Spam Pillbox, The Church Organ and the Village Concert.

Volume 5: Dennis takes his own hand-grenade when he joins the Army, causes chaos
during his disguised visit to a supermarket, explains how a hadnabinfer can have a
kink, why some harvest festivals have to be very, very light and where school mince
comes from.

Volume 6: Another fragrant posy of treasured episodes. Including one of Dennis’s
most popular episodes: his description of everyday life in Heaven. He also explains
the finer points of fen football, fills in a census form and tells the tear-jerking tale of
how poor Sally Field triumphs at darts. All this plus a tussle with a tea machine and
confusion between football pools and pygmies.


1. Greetings cards drawn by John Holder, as sent by Mr South and Dennis. Black and
white, suitable for framing. 8 designs, but some in very short supply. £1.50 each
while still available.

2. Promotional bookmarks featuring ads from some of the leading Grunty Fen traders.
£1.00 each.

3. Maps of Grunty Fen, drawn by John Holder, showing the whereabouts of many of
the places featured in the broadcasts, cassettes and CDs. £1.50
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                          ORDER FORM
   Order 2 or more items and receive a non-returnable free gift!

Please send your order to Mr South, Osborne Cottage,
Little Chesterford, Saffron Walden, Essex, CB10 1TS.

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