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                                   Tiger                                            Tales
                                                The Gwendolyn Brooks PTA Newsletter

                                       From the Desk of Mr. Younce-
                                       Welcome back to another fantastic        I also encourage you to sign up for
                                       year at Gwendolyn Brooks                 the school email news list. Our news
                                       Elementary School! I am confident        list is an important communication
                                       that the 2007-2008 school-year will be   tool that we use to communicate last
                                       one of our best ever. Our students,      minute reminders, information about
                                       parents and staff make up an             school closings, emergency updates,
                                       outstanding learning community of        etc. I recommend that you sign up for
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                September, 2007
              Volume 13, Issue 1       This excellent publication, “Tiger       clicking on the appropriate links on
                                       Tales”, is a monthly product of the      the right side of your screen. Please
                                       Brooks PTA. Our PTA has a                note - we emptied all addresses from
                                       committed membership and                 our news list this summer, so it is
                                       dedicated group of leaders whose         important for you it to resubmit your
                                       efforts are consistently focused on      information if you would like to
September’s dates to remember:         enhancing the school experience of       continue receiving these updates.
                                       our students. I encourage you to look
                                       for “Tiger Tales” in backpacks each      In case you can’t tell already, our
Sept. 27th: School Picture Day         month as it contains important           communication tools are important.
                                       information about upcoming events        You need to know what is going on
                                       at school.                               at school just as your child’s teachers
                                                                                need to know what is going on with
                                       I also encourage you to consistently     their students. I encourage you to
                                       check out our school website             open every communication door
                              and the           possible with your classroom teacher
                                       Banter from Brooks blog, which can       and the staff at Brooks. We are here
                                       be accessed through the school           to help your children grow and learn,
                                       website. Our webpage will have           but we also know that we can’t do it
Oct. 8th: NO SCHOOL                                                             without you.
                                       updated events posted along with
Oct. 11th: 3rd Grade Musical           items of news interest. The blog,
                                       which I maintain in an effort to make    Thanks for being the foundation of
        th                             current information more readily         the Brooks Community.
Oct. 17 : NO SCHOOL PM
AM Kindergarten attends.               available to our community, is
                                       updated every 2-3 days. Two of the       Regards,
Oct. 25 : PTA Costume Party            more recent entries provide              Dave Younce
                                       information about our PTA Room
                                       Celebration Survey results and brief
                                       introductions of each of our new staff
                                       members for this school year.
 September 2007

                                                                                                  It's Gift Wrap time!!!

               Gwendolyn brooks school                                            We are partnering again this year with the
                  Remembered in japan                                             Innisbrook Company to offer you wonderful
                                                                                  wrapping paper, gift and stationary items. This is
                                                                                  the PTA's major fund raising effort during the year.
                                                                                  Look for your catalog to come home with your
                                                                                  student on Monday, September 10th.

Hello! My name is Katie DeSotell and I am a Reading                               The income generated from Innisbrook sales
Improvement Teacher at Georgetown Elementary. I am Mrs.                           support numerous programs and events that the
                                                                                  PTA funds such as Mini Courses, Field Day,
Frantzen’s sister. This past spring break, my niece, Abbie (Mrs.
                                                                                  Accelerated Reader and Field Trips.
Frantzen’s daughter) and I traveled to Japan.
                                                                                  Please help us maintain these wonderful
We had the honor to represent Gwendolyn Brooks School at the                      opportunities for Brooks' students.
Peace Park in Hiroshima, Japan. Several years ago, Ms. Jody
Morganegg had her students read the book Sadako and the                           Make your own selections. Parents are encouraged
Thousand Paper Cranes. At the time, Ms. Morganegg was a fifth                     to show the catalog to friends, relatives and co-
grade teacher at Brooks. (She is now a bilingual teacher at                       workers. You can also refer out- of- town friends
Georgetown.) After reading the book, her fifth grade class made                   and relatives to order through the Internet at
paper cranes and Abbie and I were able to deliver them at the            and enter our school code of
monument to Sadako which is located near where the atomic bomb                    115089 at the website.
was dropped.
                                                                                  Brooks receives the profit on all Internet orders
We tagged the paper cranes with a message of peace on behalf of                   coded to our school.
Ms. Morganegg, her students and your school. We rang the bell
which is a large paper crane. If you know of a neighbor who was in                Thank you for you ongoing support and
Ms. Morganegg’s class, please let them know their paper cranes                    contributions to the Brook's PTA. If you have any
were finally brought to the monument at Hiroshima.                                questions please call Cherri Hawk at 978-8119.

We were honored to represent your school community. May our
wish for global peace be a reality for our world one day soon.

                                     District 204 Transition from "Good to Great"

Another school year has begun. The Board welcomes the children, parents, staff and administration to the 2007-08 school year
and wishes continued success for all.

Just as the seasons are undergoing a transition, the District is as well. We begin the new academic year with enthusiasm and high
expectations as we pass the leadership baton to our new superintendent, Dr. Stephen Daeschner. The Board believes that Dr.
Daeschner's experience and expertise, together with his dedication and passion for educational excellence and student
achievement, will move our already successful school district from "good to great" by fulfilling the Board's mission: "To prepare all
students to succeed in an ever-changing world through comprehensive programs and experiences in collaboration with family and

Many of us who have personally witnessed Dr. Daeschner’s high energy level are not surprised that he began his transition full
speed ahead long before his start date of July 1 by scheduling meetings with the Board, members of the community, news media,
                                                                                                   Manna Inventory
district personnel and other significant community leaders. One of his particular focuses (among many) is to develop a long-term
strategic plan for the district which encompasses curriculum, human resources, student achievement, technology, finance, and the
list goes on. The Board looks forward to his leadership and his ability to make District 204 the best it can be!

Christine Vickers
Board of Education Member

    2                   . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
September 2007

                                                             Want to get involved at Brooks? There are
                                                                  Committee Positions still open!

                                                            We still have the following Committee Chair
                                                            Positions available:

                                                                  IPPC Representative-attend the monthly
                                                                   Dist 204 meetings and give report at
          From your PTA President…                                 PTA Board meetings.
                 Laura Evans                                      Services- represent other services
                                                                   chairs and act as liaison to PTA
Welcome Back! It’s September already and the                       Board.
children have been busy with their first week at                  Educational Enrichment-represent other
                                                                   educational chairs and act as liaison
school.                                                            to PTA Board.
                                                                  Program Support-represent fundraising
This month is our PTA Membership Drive. The                        committees and act as liaison to PTA
classroom that obtains the highest percentage of PTA               Board.
members will get an Ice Cream Party. We will have a               Staff Appreciation-plan & coordinate
gauge in each classroom letting the kids know how                  festivities for staff recognition
they are doing. In the event there is a tie, each class            week.
will get a party. Let’s do our part to help the children;
join the PTA. As something new this year we are             Committee Member Positions open:
sending each PTA family a Jump In magazine. There
are a lot of great ideas in this publication and we are           Teacher Conference Dinner-coordinate 1
                                                                   dinner to be brought in for
happy to get this out to our members.
                                                                   conferences week of Nov 9 & March 2
                                                                   ** this is easy to do from home and
We hope everyone had a great time at the Ice Cream                 not time consuming at all **
Social. I had a hard time getting the kids to come                Reflections Committee-help distribute
home afterwards; they were so excited to be with their             National PTA (art & music)) materials
friends. Thank you Sally for another great Ice Cream               to students (4-5 hours in Fall)
Social.                                                           Directory Ads- help sell
                                                                   advertising ads for School
As always, we are in need of volunteers! Each year it              Directory (2-3 hours in early
seems as though the same people volunteer and we                   Fall)
would like to invite everyone to help. Please review
                                                                  Staff Appreciation-assist Chair in
the article about which committees need chairs and                 coordinating activities for staff
let’s make sure we continue to offer the same valuable             appreciation week in May. (3-4
programs that we have had in the past. If anyone is                hours)
interested in starting a program, please let us know. A
new program being offered at Brooks this year is            THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HAVE ALREADY
Little Hamlets.                                             VOLUNTEERED!
Thank you Ellyn for accepting the Treasurers                Please contact Laura Evans @ 978-1010 or
position. We are excited about our PTA Board this           Lisa Churchill @ 499-9356…
year; we have a few positions that we know the right
people will fill.

Here is to a wonderful 2007-2008 school year!!!

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                                                3
                                       School spirit is on sale now until September 13th!

   We have shorts, t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts available.

   If in stock, you will receive the product immediately upon order. If not, your order will be placed and you should
   receive it within two weeks.

   New this year...A rhinestone shirt and shorts for the girls! Plus we have also included a blue cheer t-shirt with “silver”
   printing for all of our Brooks cheerleaders. They're fabulous! For the boys we have come out with two new t-shirts
   and a pair of shorts.

   5th graders…We have something planned special for you! This year we will be selling a 5th grade “Class of ‘08” T-shirt.
   Each of your signatures will be placed on the screen print prior to production. Watch for more information to follow
   over the coming weeks.

   We encourage all members of the Brooks Elementary community to show school support by wearing the school
   apparel on Spirit Day or on school outings- like field trips. Are you proud to be a student, teacher, or volunteer of
   our great school?

     Show your school spirit by wearing your Brooks Spirit Wear every Friday for spirit day! For Information regarding
                    School Spirit Apparel, please contact Colleen Behnke @

                  Please see order form and photos of apparel on the following pages. Thanks!

2007-2008 PTA Meeting                            "Bank at School"... Is                                 PTA Budget
Schedule:                                               Back!
                                                                                               The PTA budget will be
September11, 7:00 pm                         Once again, Gwendolyn                             approved at the September
October 9, 1:00 pm                           Brooks student's will be able
                                                                                               11 PTA Meeting. We have
November 13, 7:00 pm                         to participate in the "Bank at
                                             School" program. Look for                         included a copy in Tiger
December 11, 7:00 pm
January 15, 1:00 pm                          future Bank at School dates                       Tales for your review. Over
February 12, 7:00 pm                         in the next release of Tiger                      56% of the PTA budget is
March 11, 1:00 pm                            Tales.                                            spent on Educational
April 15, 7:00 pm                                                                              Enrichment Programs for all
May13, 7:00 pm                                                                                 students.

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