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Foster and Adoptive Parent Association of Lane County
                                                                October 2009

       When we think about FAMILY, it may bring a variety of feelings to mind. Warm &
cozy, LOVE, support and unconditional acceptance. But what if it’s not that side, what if
it’s sadness, pain or even rejection. We all have a few pieces of our families that can exist on
either side of this huge mountain that we call our family. Some of us were called to be a
family that is not the “traditional” kind. Called to love a child that may not be the kind you
invite to dinner or ask anyone to babysit for a few hours break. Maybe it’s not just the
challenging child, maybe it’s just the sheer numbers you may be up too. Why do we do it?
Could we possibly love each of them the way that they need? What if your bio children are
changed forever because of the exposure? (I know my bio children are changed for life, thank
     We find our lives being separated from once close family members or friends, to follow
our “vision” path that has been laid in front of us. Well, I want to introduce another
FAMILY, a family of foster parents aligned with each other; bearing each other’s burdens,
helping each other through the tough times, maybe just answering a question that is
pressing. When you do what we do, foster or adopt, we have to lean on those who have gone
before us by looking at the direction of the path that they have already made. That is a
“vision”, a goal that I have set forth to achieve; to support as many of you as we can!!!
     We all do things different. We parent differently, spend differently, prioritize
differently and even play differently. However, we are bound together by one common
thread; the children we LOVE to LOVE. I am so proud of what each of you do daily and
unseen. I know, and am so very thankful, that you are a part of the Foster and Adoptive
System. Sometimes we can lose focus on our vision..THE CHILDREN. It’s never easy but
    The FAAPA has worked very hard this past 2 months creating an amazing website…
faapalane.org. We have added a forms tab for almost all of our needed, monthly forms. We
also have contact information for any emergent needs that may arise as well as emergency
numbers for the Crisis Line, resource pages, upcoming events, local and internet trainings
and even a tab for our monthly newsletters. Please check it out and give us some feedback
as we are daily changing and adding things to better support YOU!
As the fall months come flying in, we have a few HUGE EVENTS coming up:
    On October 15th we have our annual Pumpkin Patch. It has changed locations this year
to Johnsons Farms. It is one of our favorite events and Junior League is putting it on for us
again this year!!
    On December 12th we have our Annual FAAPA Christmas Party. It will be at the
Regional Sports Center in Springfield once again this year. Details to follow!!
    I pray that each of you are warm, cozy and supported. I hope that the hot chocolate and
your favorite chili recipe are both well utilized in your homes. For those hard days, give us a
call..WE are HERE for you!!
Proud to be your President,
Tammy Hadley

The 2nd Ever Teen Night put on by Junior League.
Date: October 8, 2009 (Thursday night)
Time: 9:00-11:00
Location: Strike City Bowling 1170 Highway 99 N. Eugene, OR 97402
Additional info: Each teen is allowed to bring 2 friends.

Junior League of Eugene’s HARVEST FESTIVAL has been updated!
Date: October 15th
Time: 3PM – 6PM
Location: Johnson’s Farms
89733 Armitage Rd.
Eugene, OR             RSVP by calling Chris Sterling at 541-349-4463

Thank you to a few of our amazing community partners, Maryanne with OFSN and
Tammy Rios with All Aboard Baby (911 River Rd.) for the great clothing donations
  this last month. We had a wonderful turnout at our FAAPA Monthly Meeting which
included the Clothing Drive. Many families were blessed with slightly used clothes just
  in time for the winter. We will try to do a clothing exchange on a quarterly basis,
   where you’re able to bring your gently used clothes for exchange at our monthly
FAAPA meetings (3rd Monday of the month at Chad Dr. DHS 7pm). FAAPA really feels
   that this may lesson the strain that the economy is putting on each of us. Please
support All Aboard Baby by stopping by and thanking Tammy Rios for her continued
                          donations of the children's clothes!

We would also like to thank Leah Skipworth with Oregon PTI for the wonderful training
she provided us with at our meeting. The topic was autism and ADD/ADHD. Thank you
             for traveling to us and sharing your vast knowledge with us!

Thank you to All Aboard Baby And Beyond for your continuous donations and support!

                    If you want to donate to foster children through All Aboard Baby, please contact
                    Tammy Rios at (541) 505-8185
                                       Or drop off donations at:
                                 911 River Road, Eugene, OR 97404

                                     HELPFUL CONTACTS
CASA Clothes Closet/ equipment
        174 Deadmond Ferry Road. Springfield, call first: 984-3130
Clothes Closet- West Eugene Family Center- Call the SSA’s at West 686-7722, Libby Forsberg-
        x272, Dan Plaster-x242 or Twyla Pew-x301
www.oregon.gov/dhs - Department of Human Services Website
http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/children/fostercare/rates/faq.pdf takes you to Frequently Asked
www.cwpsalem.pdx.edu/netlink - Netlink Child Welfare Partnership
www.fosterparentcollege.com - Foster Parent College (credits available thru Chris Sterling)
www.head-start.lane.or.us/ or 747-2425 Head Start
www.reliefnursery.org the Relief Nursery Inc. 343-9706

     Call Heather Allen if you have issues or questions regarding regular foster care payments or
     if you are interested in direct deposit information – 349-4493

     Call Rebecca Hansen if you have a child on psychotropic medications – 686-7722 ext 360

     Call your child’s caseworker for mileage reimbursements, special rates and personal care.

     Call Holly Steer at 349-4458 or email at holly.a.steer@state.or.us if you want this newsletter
     in a different format, or if you want on or off the distribution list.

     Call Tammie Harris at 349-4459 or email at Tammie.k.harris@state.or.us if you want to
     register for a class.

     Call Mary Echols at 349-4322 or email at mary.a.echols@state.or.us regarding medical
     card or provider (medical or dental).

     Call or email Chris Sterling at 349-4463 or Christina.l.sterling@state.or.us for specific

 Our hard to place unit is recruiting foster parents!
We have a support group that is meeting the third Wednesday of every month.
Our next meeting will be October 21st @ 6pm
Location: Camas room at 1899
Come see what it’s all about.
Call Sydney Shuler @ 349-4488 or
Chris Sterling @ 349-4463.

                        OUR WEBSITE HAS BEEN UPDATED!
                             FIND US AT faapalane.org

Our   site now includes the following “tabs” of information:
  -    About Us
  -    FAAPA Events
  -    Trainings (internet and in-person)
  -    “Fun In Your Community”
  -    Every Monthly Newsletter (archives as well)
  -    Forms (medication logs, new parent packets, direct deposit, etc.)
  -    Support Networking
  -    Resources
  -    DHS Resources
  -    Meet The Board
  -    Contact Information

The newsletter, in full color, will be posted there for your viewing on a monthly
basis. Rather than receive an attachment every month, filling up your email box,
you will get a reminder when the newsletter is ready and a link to the website. This
website is a work in progress so please cruise it as we make changes and always
email me with any suggestions or concerns you may have!

If you are currently receiving this newsletter via regular mail, and have an email
address, please let us know if you would like to receive communications quicker and
in full color/with more information. We are limited in what can be sent out via mail
and unfortunately, we know there are more of you out there that might want to be
reached via email. Send me a quick email with the following information in the
I give my permission for the FAAPA to send the newsletter and other
updates/information as seen as imperative by the FAAPA.
I give my permission for the FAAPA to send me the newsletter notification only.
In my new role as a board member, I hope to use my passion for outreach and our
foster/adoptive community to welcome and invite you to be supported, have a voice, and
plug in to all of the fun! If you are interested in joining the FAAPA, or just need support,
please email or call me!               Brigette Sherman
brigettesherman@hotmail.com            541-505-7804 or cell 623-204-3654

A QUICK NOTE REGARDING THE NEWSLETTER… due to issues with Post Office
specifications, the newsletter had to be reduced in size to send by mail, significantly and

Goodwill has once again come through to help foster parents through its Good Samaritan Program.
Here's how it works:
 Drop off your used-goods donations at any Goodwill Industries of Lane and South Coast County's
Donation Centers. Tell the attendant how much the donation weighs and that the donation is
designated for the "DHS Foster Care Program." You will receive a receipt for tax purposes. Your
donation will be recorded and sent to the Goodwill administration office. Donations can be gently
used items such as clothing, shoes, housewares, dishes, utensils, books or small electrical items.
(Furniture and large items are not included.)
For every 200 pounds of donations dropped off at Goodwill Industries of Lane and South Coast
County's Donation Centers, a $10.00 voucher will be issued to DHS. Foster parents can request
vouchers by calling their certifier. They will be issued on the basis of economic need and are to be
used for items for foster children. If you have questions, please call Ashley Herbert at 349-4465.

Foster Parent Resource Closet: West Eugene Family Center
We have clothes, shoes and various articles for foster kids. You can call the SSAs at the West Eugene Family
Center and arrange a time to come by, or just stop by and ask for us at reception. 686-7722, Libby Forsberg-
x272, Dan Plaster-x242 or Twyla Pew-x301


Cottage Grove: The Cottage Grove Support Group is meeting on a monthly basis. Please call Penelope
Pilling at 767-0066 if you are interested in attending this group and to find out the date, time, and location of
the next group.

Elmira/Veneta: Theresa Donovan wants to get the support group up and going again. Please call her at
935-4278 and give her days of week and times that will work for you.

Florence: The Florence support group is still on hold. If anyone would like to get the support group in
Florence up and running again, please call Mark Stern at 349-4480.

Junction City: This Junction City Support Group meeting on the 2nd Monday of each month at 9:30 AM at
the home of Shay Crabtree, 723 Kalmia, Junction City. Please call her at 520-4521 if you plan to attend or
would like more information.

Eugene-Springfield & Newer Foster Parent Support Group: This group will meet on Wednesday, July
8th from 12:00 noon to 1:30 PM at Papa's Pizza, 4011 Main Street, Springfield. For more information, call
Tiffany Olsen at 744-7977.

You are encouraged to attend the support groups, open to all foster parents. It is a great opportunity to meet
other foster parents and to get ideas and support. Also, you will receive TRAINING CREDIT.


Oregon Family Support Network is a family run organization.
Our mission is “Families supporting families throughout Oregon, who have children and adolescents with
mental, emotional, behavioral, or related disorders”.
We honor and support family and youth voice, involvement, leaders. We are family and youth centered and
Services Include: Family Support groups, family fun activities, peer support and coaching, training and
advocacy, education and outreach, warm-line, referrals and newsletter.
Youth programs include: Youth Peer Support Groups and Youth Leadership Committee.
Call 541-342-2876 in Lane County for more information or to receive our monthly newsletter. Check out our
website for a ton of great information. www.ofsn.org. Below is a perfect example of training they

                My Child’s Life Care Notebook and Organizer
As you care for your child, you get paperwork, forms, letters and other items that you may not
know where/if to keep or how to use them.
This life care notebook and organizer is intended to help you keep
and share information with others who are family members,                    Free Childcare
child care providers, natural supports, and education and                    Provided and Free
health/mental health care team members.                                      Notebooks!
When: October 9, 2009 6:00pm-8:00pm
Where: Child Center Conference Room                                                 REQUIRED – Call
3995 Marcola Road Springfield Or 97477                                              Maryann at OFSN
                              Training provided by: Mary Halvorson                  541-342-2876

                                                                                    All Special
                                                                                    Needs Parents are

                                     Hosted by OFSN
                                        Nov. 13th,
                                    3995 Marcola Rd.
                                    Springfield, 97477

Oregon PTI is the statewide parent training and information center
serving parents of children with disabilities (0-26) in the special
education system.

Statewide Special Education Helpline: 888-891-6784.
Helpline hours:
Mon-Fri. 9:00-3:00
Other contact info:
Leah Skipworth
Capitol and Mid-Willamette Regional Trainer
Oregon Parent Training and Information Center

Ophelia’s Place             Is a resource & support center for girls
ages 10-18. It is our goal to empower young women to make healthy, informed decisions about their many
important life choices. We offer support groups, a positive environment for girls, resource information, and a
listening ear for any concerns or questions girls may have. Drop-in hours for girls are Monday—Friday, 3– 6
Drop Drop-in Services:
Drop-in hours are from 3-6 PM. We welcome all girls ages
10-18 to drop in anytime between 3-6 PM to relax, read, chat,
ask questions, or explore resources. You’ll have access to adult
support and referrals, computers, and our libraries.
Examples of workshops and events offered by Ophelia’s Place include:
Healing Yoga
Bike Maintenance Workshop
Mountain Bike Trip
Making Money, Keeping Money!
Young Women’s Self-Defense
Nourish Yourself Workshop Series
Holiday Spa Day
Go to their website for full details, calendar and registration

information! www.opheliasplace.net
                         FREE ITEMS FOR YOUR FAMILY
         If you are looking for larger items, Tammy may be a good resource. Currently she
         has to offer:

         1 Bunk bed set (no mattresses)
         2 Beautiful “like new” white cribs with mattresses
         1 Toddler bed with mattress
         1 Baby tub
         3-5 point harness car seat
                     HURRY BEFORE THEY ARE TAKEN!!!!!!

         We are always looking for:
         Bunk beds, loft beds, mattresses in good condition in all sizes, dressers and baby
         If you either have or need larger items, contact Tammy Hadley at 729-6309 or
         Tammy would like to begin an email based resource group for larger items. If you
         are interested in being in this group please email her with your needs or goods to

                   A free respite childcare center for foster children

What:      ACP is a community wide effort that includes Relief Nursery, Junior League of Eugene,
           First Congregational Church, & DHS. It is an opportunity for foster children to have
           therapeutic play with a high staff ratio. It is also a chance for you, as a foster parent, to
           have a break…

Who:       Any foster child age 6 weeks to 6 years old who would benefit from socialization and
           developmental learning opportunities. *If a foster child in your home is attending, your
           biological and/or adopted children are also invited to attend.

When:             Tuesdays 2-5 p.m., Thursdays 9 am- Noon & 2-5 p.m.

Where:     First Congregational Church: 1050 E. 23rd, Eugene (Enter at the lower parking lot
           through the playground area at 24th & Harris)

How:       Contact Jenn Doerr (ACP Director) at 953-6909 or your case worker.

                          COMPUTERS FOR TEENS
The Foster and Adoptive Parent Association has created an ongoing pilot program to acquire
new computers to be donated to foster children in Lane County. We are accepting applications
from foster children of High School age who would use the computer to further their success in
life (i.e. support learning, overcoming medical issues, helping to graduate or get into college or
post-high school training). The goal is to assist children who are working hard to be successful,
but who are not able to afford to purchase a computer on their own. To apply, please complete
the form below (or hand write it) and send it to help@faapalane.org

The applicants’ foster parents will be responsible to ensure that the computers will be properly
used, but the recipients computers will have their names permanently marked on them since the
computers will be their personal property.

If you have any questions regarding this program please email us at help@faapalane.org
Phone number:

Essay question:
Tell us how you would use a new laptop computer or netbook to help you be successful in life.

                         11/05 EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS OF CHILDREN
                                    9 AM TO 12 PM
                           WILLAMETTE ST. DHS (CAMAS ROOM)

                     11/06 FASD101: CHILDREN WITH FETAL ALCOHOL
                                      SPECTRUM DISORDER
                                           6:00 – 9:00 PM
                                      WILLAMETTE ST DHS

This class will cover the symptomology of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and other Alcohol Related
Neurological Defects. In addition, approaches to assisting and advocating for children will be
covered, with practical suggestions for living and working with these children.

                                   11/18 CPR & FIRST AID
                                         6-9:30 PM
                                     WILLAMETTE ST. DHS

To register, please call Tammie Harris at 349-4459 or 686-7555 ext. 4459 or email

 **************Please also note that there are a variety of Foster Parent
   College Classes available. The cost is normally $20, however, if you
 contact Chris Sterling to register, DHS will cover the cost. Contact Chris
   or go to the website www.fosterparentcollege.com for a complete listing of
                        offerings. **************

                                       INTERNET TRAININGS
                 (see website for full descriptions                      faapalane.org)

NetLink: Making the Most of Caseworker 30-Day Visits
Sandra McIlhenny
Learn what is most important to cover, what caseworkers are taught to discuss, who they have to talk to and
how to provide them with information that ensures safety, permanency and well being for children. 3 Hours
5:45 - 9:00 pm, log on at 5:45 - 6:00 - Tuesday, October 27 From your home computer or at your local Child
Welfare office Registration: https://dhslearn.hr.state.or.us

NetLink: Child Development
Jennifer Scholes MA
This course will provide general information regarding normal child development from infancy through
adolescence. 3 Hours
8:30 am - 12:00 noon, log on at 8:30 - 9:00 - Thursday, October 29
From your home computer or at your local Child Welfare office
Registration: https://dhslearn.hr.state.or.us

NetLink: Transiciones: Moviendo Niños Con Sensitividad
Kris Villanueva
Kris va a enseñar a los participantes conceptos importantes que ayudan a reducir y aliviar el dolor emocional
que sufren los niños cuando se trasladan de la familia biológica a la casa de familia de crianza, de una familia
de crianza a un hogar adoptivo, o de una familia de crianza de regreso a su familia biológica. 3 Hours
5:45 - 9:00 pm, log on at 5:45 - 6:00 - Thursday, November 19
From your home computer or at your local Child Welfare office
Registration: https://dhslearn.hr.state.or.us
NetLink: Transitioning Children with Sensitivity
Sandra McIlhenny
This course demonstrates the importance of planful, sensitive transition plans for both children and the
people who care for them.
3 Hours
8:30 am - 12:00 noon log on at 8:30 - 9:00 - Thursday, November 19
From your home computer or at your local Child Welfare office
Registration: https://dhslearn.hr.state.or.us
                 2009/2010 Foundations Training For Caregivers: Eugene Site

                                                        Tuesday evening Classes
                                                        6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
                                                        DHS Child Welfare/Camas Room
                                                        1899 Will amette St., Eugene, OR 97401

Session & Topic
Session 1: Introduction to Foundations Training for Caregivers
                                                                  Aug 04   Oct 06      Dec 08 Feb 09
Session 2: The Importance of Birth Famili es
                                                                  Aug 11   Oct 13      Dec 15 Feb 16
Session 3: Chi ld Development and the Impact of Abuse
                                                                  Aug 18   Oct 20      Dec 22 Feb 23
Session 4: Sexual Abuse
                                                                  Aug 25   Oct 27      Dec 29 Mar 02
Session 5: Behavior Management
                                                                  Sep 01   Nov 03      Jan 05 Mar 09
Session 6: Valui ng the Child's Heritage
                                                                  Sep 08   Nov 10      Jan 12 Mar 16
Session 7: Working wi th the Child's Family
                                                                  Sep 15   Nov 17      Jan 19 Mar 23
Session 8: Next Steps
           8a: Next Steps for Foster Parents
           8b: Next Steps for Relative Providers
           8c: Next Steps for Prospecti ve Adoptive Parents       Sep 22   Nov 24      Jan 26 Mar 30

Session 9: Infants in Foster Care~ Basi c Princi ples             Sep 29   Dec 01      Feb 02 Apr 06

                    2009/2010 Foundations Training For Caregivers: Eugene Site

                                                            Friday Morning Classes
                                                            9:00 am- noon
                                                            DHS Child Welfare/Camas Room
                                                            1899 Willamette St., Eugene, OR 97401

 Session & Topic
 Session 1: Introduction to Foundations Training for Caregivers
                                                                       Jun 26   Aug 28       Oct 30
 Session 2: The Importance of Birth Families
                                                                       Jul 23   Sep 04       Nov 06
 Session 3: Child Development and the Impact of Abuse
                                                                       Jul 10   Sep 11       Nov 13
 Session 4: Sexual Abuse
                                                                       Jul 17   Sep 18       Nov 20
 Session 5: Behavior Management                                                              Thursd ay
                                                                       Jul 24   Sep 25       Dec 03
 Session 6: Valuing the Child's Heritage
                                                                       Jul 31   Oct 02       Dec 04
 Session 7: Working with the Child's Family
                                                                       Aug 07   Oct 09       Dec 11
 Session 8: Next Steps
            8a: Next Steps for Foster Parents
            8b: Next Steps for Relative Providers                               Th ursday
            8c: Next Steps for Prospective Adoptive Parents            Aug 14   Oct 15       Dec 18

 Session 9: Infants in Foster Care~ Basic Principles                   Aug 21   Oct 23       Jan 08

                    2009/2010 Foundations Training For Caregivers: Florence Site

                                                           Monday evening Classes
                                                           6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
                                                           DHS Child Welfare
                                                           3180 Hwy. 101 N., Florence, OR 97439

  Session & Topic
  Session 1: Introduction to Foundations Training for Caregivers
                                                                      Aug 24     Nov 09       Jan 11 Mar 29
  Session 2: The Importance of Birth Families
                                                                      Aug 31     Nov 16       Jan 25 Apr 05
  Session 3: Child Development and the Impact of Abuse
                                                                      Sep 14     Nov 23       Feb 01 Apr 12
  Session 4: Sexual Abuse
                                                                      Sep 28     Nov 30       Feb 08 Apr 19
  Session 5: Behavior Management
                                                                      Oct 05     Dec 07       Feb 22 Apr 26
  Session 6: Valuing the Child's Heritage
                                                                      Oct 12     Dec 14       Mar 01 May 03
  Session 7: Working with the Child's Family
                                                                      Oct 19     Dec 21       Mar 08 May 10
  Session 8: Next Steps
             8a: Next Steps for Foster Parents
             8b: Next Steps for Relative Providers
             8c: Next Steps for Prospective Adoptive Parents          Oct 26     Dec 28       Mar 15 May 17

  Session 9: Infants in Foster Care~ Basic Principles                 Nov 02     Jan 04       Mar 22 May 24

To register, please call Tammie Harris at 349-4459 or 686-7555 ext. 4459 or email

 Please leave Tammie the following when you call to register for a class:
      Your full name, first and last, plus the name of your partner/spouse if that person will be attending
         also. If your name is unusual or uncommon, then spelling it would be helpful.
Be sure to speak slowly; spelling uncommon words is very helpful!
      Your complete address. If your name is common, or I haven’t heard it correctly on the answering
         machine, I can use this information to cross reference to make sure I have the right person.
      Your phone number and email address. If I need to notify you of a cancellation or a venue
         change, my first attempt will be via email because I can reach more people in a short amount of
         time. If I am unable to reach you via email then I will try via telephone.
      The full name of the class you are registering for along WITH the date. It does happen that
         there is more than one training opportunity on the same day. It is also not unusual for
         classes to have similar sounding names. For example, week 3 of the Foundations class is titled
         “Behavior Management.” There is also a “Behavior Crisis Management Training” class.
      A Confirmation of class registration will be sent via email only! Please note that due to call
         volume, Tammie will not return your phone call to confirm enrollment to a class.


What? First Friday Family Fun Night: Enjoy a free evening of fun including dinner and games or crafts (dinner
served until 7pm). Meet your neighbors and friends for a fun filled evening.
Where? Petersen Barn, 870 Berntzen Road
Date? Friday, 10/2
Time? 5:30pm-8pm
Cost? FREE

What? NO SCHOOL Day Recreation Swim: Eugene Recreation’s Aquatics Program is offering special
Recreation Swims on up-coming no-school days. The kids will get some exercise and have fun!
Where? Echo Hollow Pool, 1655 Echo Hollow Road
Date? Friday, 10/9
Time? 1:30pm-3pm
Cost? FREE

What? Family Movie and Game Night: Bring the family for a movie or meet friends at the Amazon Center. The
main hall will be open for the movie or hang out in the nearby rec room for ping pong, pool, and board games.
We provide the games, popcorn, and movie, you just have fun! The movie showing is Bolt (Rated PG).
Where? Amazon Community Center, 2700 Hilyard Street
Date? Friday 10/16
Time? 7pm-9pm
Cost? FREE

What? LCHAY’s Riverbend 5k Run/Walk: This 5k (3.1 miles) event starts and finishes at Courtsports Athletic
at Harlow Road. The flat course is on neighborhood streets and bike paths. All proceeds from this event go to
LCHAY (The Lane Coalition for Healthy Active Youth.) This is a family friendly event with awards, drawing
prizes, and post race activites for youth at Courtsports.
Where? Check-in/Registration and parking at Courtsports Athletic Club, 2728 Pheasant Blvd, Springfield, OR
Date? Saturday 10/17
Time? Race starts at 9am
Cost? Early registration is $15. Day of race is $20; entry fee includes: two week pass to Courtsports, random
drawings that includes $300 worth of Nike gift cards and post-race refreshments.

What? Teen Read Week: Stop by the teen section of the library and enter a raffle for FREE books!
Where? Springfield Library
Date? October 18-24
Time? Library Hours: Monday–Tuesday, 10:00 to 8:00; Wednesday, 10:00 to 6:00; Thursday, Noon to 6:00;
Friday–Saturday, Noon to 5:00; Sunday, Closed
Cost? FREE

What? Anime Movie Night: Bring your friends to watch an anime movie. Free pizza and soda! Adults must be
accompanied by a teen.
Where? Springfield Library
Date? Monday, 10/19
Time? 4pm-6pm
Cost? FREE
What? Teen Gaming Night: Teens play DDR, Guitar Hero III and Wii; for ages 12-17.
Where? Springfield Public Library, Library Meeting Room
Date? Wednesday 10/28
Time? 3:30pm-5pm
Cost? FREE

What? The BOOOO Barn: Celebrate the fall season with carnival games, fall crafts, and much more. Join
friends and neighbors at a fun filled for the whole family. No pre-registration required.
Where? Petersen Barn, 870 Berntzen Road
Date? Friday, 10/30
Time? 4:30pm-7:30pm
Cost? FREE

What? Teen Writing Contest: Write a short story that includes the sentence: No one knew for sure how it
happened. Prizes will be given in 2 categories: Middle School and High School. All entries will be published
and added to the library’s collection. For complete rules and entry form, visit the teen page of out website at
www.wheremindsgrow.org/teens.html or stop by the Springfield Library.
Where? Springfield Library
Date? Deadline in Friday 10/30
Time? No later than 5pm!
Cost? FREE


What? Finding a Job: Professionals from the Oregon Employment Department and Goodwill Industries will
offer job hunt guidance and information. Drop in for this panel presentation covering topics from locating
opportunities to preparing for job interviews. Also learn about the latest in employment resources and services
available at the Library. Bring your questions!
Where? Eugene Downtown Library
Date? Saturday 10/10
Time? 3pm-5pm
Cost? FREE

What? Nourish Yourself Workshop Series: In this series of hands-on workshops, we will discuss body image,
choosing healthy foods, preparing simple & nutritious meals, portions & mindful eating. Register for one
workshop at a time or for the whole series,
Where? Ophelia’s Place, 1577 Pearl Street, Suite 200
Date? All workshops will be held on the following Tuesdays: 10/20, 10/27, 11/3, 11/10
Time? 4pm-5:30pm
Cost? One Workshop- $5-$10 (sliding scale); Whole series- $20-$40 (sliding scale) Registration is required 1
week prior to the beginning of each workshop.

What? KindTree Mask Making Party: with “Mr. Sinatra” Karaoke and Star Wars troopers. Family Fun!
Where? Cosmic Pizza, 8th and Charnelton
Date? Sunday 10/25
Time? 4pm
Cost? $5/person or $20/family

What? Young Women’s Self-Defense!: Join us for a self-defense class for young women ages 11-15.
Facilitators will teach a combination of verbal, physical and mental strategies to use against any perpetrator.
Where? TBA
Date? Starts Wednesday 10/28
Time? 4pm-6pm
Cost? Cost for the group is on a sliding scale. For more information/to register, call Elly at SASS, 484-9791
ext. 319. Registration is REQUIRED by Wednesday, Oct. 21.
                                                     THE ARTS

What? First Friday Art Walk: Walk on a guided tour of Eugene’s downtown art galleries, meet the artists, and
enjoy light refreshments.
Where? Begins at Jacob’s Gallery, Hult Center, one Eugene Center
Date? Friday, 10/2
Time? 5:30pm-9pm
Cost? FREE

What? Dia de los Muertos: 16th Annual Day of the Dead Exhibit
Where? Maude Kerns Art Center, 1910 E 15th Ave, Eugene
Date? Opening Reception: Friday 10/16 (6pm-9pm)
      Exhibition Dates: Friday 10/16-Friday 11/6 (M-F 10-am-5:30am and Sat. 12pm- 4pm)
Time? See above for times
Cost? FREE; suggested donation of $3-$5

What? Coastal Light: Photographs by Bob Sanov: This Northwest Artist Gallery is a culmination of a vision the
artist has been pursuing since retiring from a professional career in music and moving to Florence, OR.
Sanov’s use of medium of black and white photography reflects his personal focus on the dynamic effects of
the light itself.
Where? Museum of Natural and Cultural History
Date? Exhibit is open until 11/1 (Wednesday through Sunday)
Time? 11am-5pm
Cost? $3/individual; $8/families; MNCH members, UO staff, faculty, and students are free

What? Shall We Dance? Photographs by Brian Lanker: From the controlled beauty of classical ballet to the
vivacity of salsa, dance can be found in nearly every culture on Earth. “Shall We Dance?” is the result of
Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Lanker’s year of travel across the United States, documenting the
variety of styles (from tap to tango, salsa to swing) and dancers he encountered.
Where? Museum of Natural and Cultural History
Date? Exhibit is open until 12/20 (Wednesday through Sunday)
Time? 11am-5pm
Cost? $3/individual; $8/families; MNCH members, UO staff, faculty, and students are free

What? Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and Museum of Natural and Cultural History offer free admission on
home game days during the 2009 Ducks Football Season!
Where? Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
Date? Saturdays, 10/3, 10/31, 11/14 and Thursday 12/3
Time? 11am-5pm
Cost? FREE

What? Saturday Celebration: Join us for a family friendly free evening of art, food, and fun celebrating art of
the Superhero! The evening includes exhibition tours and hands-on art making activities for all ages.
Where? Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
Date? Saturday 10/10
Time? 5:30pm-7pm
Cost? FREE

                                         CULTURAL DIVERSITY/AWARENESS

What? Author Talk: Luis Alberto Urrea: Born in Tijuana to a Mexican father and American mother, Urrea
(pronounced “oo-ray-ah”) is a prolific writer whose work is informed by his bicultural life. Among many honors,
he has been named to the Latino Literature Hall of Fame. Urrea will discuss his works and books will be
available for purchase and signing.
Where? Eugene Downtown Library
Date? Friday 10/2
Time? 6pm-8pm
Cost? FREE

What? Bilingual Family Fiesta: Fun in Spanish and English! Enjoy dances by The Children of bethel Ballet
Folklorico and songs with troupe leader, Mago Gilson. Snacks too!
Where? Eugene Downtown Library
Date? Saturday 10/3
Time? 11:30am-12:30am
Cost? FREE

What? World Harmony- Musical Instruments from around the Globe: Is music a universal language? What is
an instrument? What is considered beautiful music? Every culture in the world makes music. There is a great
diversity of transitions, as well as commonalities. Explore musical instruments from many continents and learn
about people who use them and the role music plays in their cultures. Watch videos from master musicians
demonstrating instruments from India, Ireland, Japan, Zimbabwe, and Oregon. Visitors also have a chance to
try their musical talents on a range of instruments.
Where? Museum of Natural and Cultural History
Date? Exhibit is open until 1/3/2010 (Wednesday through Sunday)
Time? 11am-5pm
Cost? $3/individual; $8/families; MNCH members, UO staff, faculty, and students are free

                                         OTHER FUN STUFF/SPECIAL EVENTS

What? Radio Redux: ‘War of the Worlds’: Actors perform vintage scripts-complete with live sound effects-
before an audience with an authenticity of the Golden Age of Radio. This is the first of a 4 part series
produced and directed by write and broadcaster, Fred Crafts and starring many well known local actors.
Where? Wildish Community Center, 630 Main Street, Springfield
Date? Friday 10/9, Saturday 10/10, and Sunday 10/11
Time? Friday and Saturday, 7:30pm; Sunday, 2pm
Cost? $10/person

What? Adaptive Program 40th Anniversary/Hilyard Center 20th Birthday: More than 2 decades before the
passage of the American with Disabilities Act, Eugene’s “Specialize” recreation Program (as it was known back
then) was already serving individuals with disabilities. Created in 1969, and known as Adaptive Recreation,
the City of Eugene program is still a national leader today. Come celebrate this milestone by reflecting on all
that’s been achieved over the past 4 decades by reconnecting with familiar faces, learning about the evolution
of adaptive services, and wishing a Happy Birthday to Hilyard center, one of the first truly accessible facilities in
the nation. For event details, call 682.5311
Where? Hilyard Community Center, 2580 Hilyard Street
Date? Saturday 10/17
Time? 10am-3pm
Cost? FREE
What? Author and Book Talk: Jay Asher: Eugene Public Library will host Jay Asher, the author of 13
Reasons Why, a novel about teen suicide - and much more -- that has become an international phenomenon.
Written for teens, the book has also found an appreciative audience among adults. Mr. Asher will give two talks
at Eugene Public Library, Downtown, on Saturday, October 24. At 1:00, he'll give a talk intended primarily for
adults - parents, teachers, counselors, anyone who's interested - on the subject of writing for a teen audience
about serious and potentially controversial topics. At 3:00, he'll give a talk for teens, including Q&A about
being a writer, followed by pizza and conversation.
Where? Eugene Downtown Library
Date? Saturday 10/24
Time? 1pm-2pm: Adult Talk 3pm-4pm: Teen Talk
Cost? FREE

What? Haunted Hayride: Ride through the “haunted” trails of Dorris Ranch, where ghosts and goblins emerge
from the shadows of the filbert orchards. Warm up afterward with with some hot apple cider and games and
crafts. Tickets go on sale 10/1. This family friendly event sells out fast; 736.4544 for reservations.
Where? Dorris Ranch, 205 Dorris St.
Date? Monday 10/26 and Tuesday 10/27
Time? 6pm-9:30pm
Cost? $7.50/person; $5 w/ district discount (Springfield)

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