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									                              PRESS RELEASE
Date:                                                                        February 2012

     Jordans Solicitors choose Seneca as their Enterprise Case and
                    Practice Management Solution

emis   intellectual technology™ (emis it) is very pleased that Jordans, a multi-discipline
private practice firm of solicitors, has selected Seneca CM as their strategic
platform for the future.

Jordans had been using Seneca CM within the company in their conveyancing
department for 12 months before making the decision to replace their Axxia
financial system with Seneca PM and extend client, document and case
management across over 90 users in all parts of their business with Seneca CM.

The support team at emis intellectual technology has been providing first class
levels of user support and advice to Jordans staff, and this was a key factor in
making the decision to deploy Seneca across the company. Emis intellectual
technology operates a state of the art user support desk accredited to ISO20000
the international standard for excellence in IT service delivery.

The emis it project team and key members of Jordans staff will manage the
process of user training, systems set up and configuration, workflow development
and data migration to ensure a successful project implementation.


For all further enquiries please contact:

For emis intellectual technology – Paul Banks – Tel:07825 264138

                        BACKGROUND/EDITORS NOTES

emis intellectual technology:

        Is an innovative software house providing totally integrated practice, contact,
         file, activity and knowledge management tools for business professionals
        Is lead by Chris Spencer, a solicitor with over 25 years experience in IT as a
         developer, designer and user
        Visit our websites at:


        Is a “contact, file, practice and activity management” solution that
         incorporates the following all for one price in one purchase:

             1.   Customer, Contact, File and activity management
             2.   Practice management and accounts
             3.   Document management
             4.   Workflow management
             5.   Digital Dictation
             6.   Business process management (HR/ Marketing etc)

emis intellectual technology is a trading name of Egton Medical Information Systems Limited.
Registered in England. No 2117205.
Registered Office: Fulford Grange Micklefield Lane Rawdon Leeds LS19 6BA.

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