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									                        Cornelly Community Council

Clerk: Mrs Dawn Evans                                       20 Moriah Place
Tel: 07882044798                                            Kenfig Hill
E mail:                CF33 6DW

 Minutes of Meeting of the Council held at the Community Centre,
    Heol Las, North Cornelly, at 6.30pm on 16th January 2008
Present:     Chair:         Cllr Mr B L Rose
             Members:       Cllrs Mrs B Greenwood, Mr C Spanswick, Mrs E Petty,
                            Cllrs Mrs D Spanswick, Mrs M Marke, Mrs S Bennett
             Clerk:         Ms D Evans

ITEM                                                                                    ACTION

1. Apologies for absence.
    Cllrs Mr R M Granville and Mr B Davies
   Declarations of Interest
   Members had been provided with a written list of correspondence which Chair
   detailed. No Declarations of Interest were made:

2. To approve as a correct record thereof the Minutes of the Council
   Meeting held on 21st November 2007
   Chair invited Members to agree the Minutes as a true and fair
   record of the meeting. Cllr Petty Moved and Cllr C Spanswick Seconded.

3. Matters arising from the Minutes as item 2 above

3.1 Item 4.1 - Request for Funding by PC Neville Evans for bollards
    outside Llews Chip Shop
    Clerk stated that documentation regarding responsibility for upkeep had still not
    been received, therefore no donation yet made.
3.2 Item 4.2 – White Green Planning – Cornelly Quarry ROMP
   Application: Environmental Assessment, Water Management Plan
    Cllr Marke stated that this is a complex document and it may better be explained by
    inviting Mr Boolle – Development Planning Officer for Minerals and Waste BCBC,       Clerk
    to attend a council meeting and give an overview of the subject. Clerk to invite Mr
    Boolle to future meeting.
3.3 Item 4.4 – Problems with Smoking area outside Public Houses
    Clerk has spoken to Helen Williams, BCBC Environmental Department, and has
    been told that this department is not responsible for this issue. Cllr Greenwood
    said a letter has been written to the Police via Carwyn Jones’s office regarding the
    nuisance being caused. It was agreed this item should be placed on the Agenda        Clerk
    for the next council meeting to discuss with PC Neville Evans, who is attending and
    may be able to comment on the issue.
3.4 Item 4.5 – Afon-y-Felin School presentation regarding Play Area
    Clerk to invite Nigel Draper – V2C, to attend March council meeting for an update    Clerk
    on developments in Marlas area.
3.5 Item 4.6 - Circular Walk Signs
    Signs are with the printers and 1st proofs are expected within two weeks.
3.6 Item 4.7- Problems with field being ploughed right to edge
    This matter is now resolved.
3.7 Item 7.8 - Local Government Boundary Commission for Wales – Review of
   Community Boundaries in the County Borough of Bridgend
   Notices were placed in relevant places, no comments received.
3.8 Item 7.10 - Groundwork Bridgend & Neath Port Talbot – Acknowledgement of
    £10,000 donation toward Youth Project at Marlas
    See Correspondence.
3.9 Item 7.11 – Bus Shelters
3.10 Item 7.12 – Draft Noise Policy
      Cllr Spanswick will comment at next meeting.
3.11 Item 7.13 – Planning Department, BCBC – Replacement Industrial Units at
      South Cornelly
      This application has now been passed.

4. Accounts payable and Financial update
   Cllr Marke Moved and Cllr C Spanswick Seconded that all accounts be paid.
       The Financial update and following accounts payable were approved:
      Clerk’s Tax & NIC                            128.61      000504
      Cornelly Generations Jazz Band - Donation    100.00      000505
      Cornelly Luncheon Club - Donation            300.00      000506
      Marie Curie Cancer Care - Donation             25.00      000507
      Childline Cymru / Wales - Donation             25.00      000508
      St John’s Council for Bridgend – Donation      25.00      000509
      British Red Cross - Donation                   25.00      000510
      Bobath Children Therapy Centre - Donation      25.00     000511
      BCBC – invoice regarding Community Centre 13,198.84      000512
      Clerk’s Internet – Sept/Oct/Nov                 59.97    000513
      Clerk’s Telephone – Sept/Oct                   34.19     000514
      Mazaars – External Audit Fees                334.88      000515
      Clerk’s Salary (Nov)                         678.61      000516
      Clerk’s Tax & NIC (Nov)                      128.62     000517
      BCBC – Invoice re Bus Shelter Cleaning        916.50    000518
      Clerk’s Salary (Dec)                         678.38     000519
      P J Landscapes – Footpath 58                 120.00     000520
      James Morgan Solicitors (Bus Shelter)        737.50     000521
      Smith of Derby Ltd – Church Clock            182.13     000522
      Dean & Thomas – Inspection of Public Hall    223.25     000523

      Authority to pay sought
      Clerks Salary                                 678.39    Estimate
      Clerks Tax and NI                             128.85
      Clerk’s Telephone (Nov/Dec)                    31.50
      Clerk’s Internet                               19.99
      North Cornelly Comm Assoc – Room Hire          35.00
      Port of Call – Framing of Maps for Schools   113.10

   5. Budget / Precept
      5.1 The Budget for 2007/08 was discussed.

   5.2 It was agreed that Cllr Granville should be thanked for stating in a recent
   Glamorgan Gazette article that the Community Council have put aside £20,000
   for Ffordd-yr-Eglwys School and also Cllrs Granville and D Spanswick should
   be commended for their action in raising a petition against development on a
   local play area.

6. Correspondence
   6.1 One Voice Wales / Ombudsman for Wales – invitation to Complaints
   Handling Seminar
   Clerk and Cllr Marke to attend.
   6.2 Adjudication Panel for Wales – Annual Report
   Passed to Cllr Marke.
   6.3 South Wales Police – Invitation to Spotlight on Police meeting
   Members noted.
   6.4 PC Neville Evans – Information regarding project at Llews Fish Shop
   Clerk stated donation not yet released as full documentation not received.
   6.5 Dean & Thomas Ltd – Routine Inspection Report relating to
   Community Hall
   Cllr C Spanswick detailed the contents of the report and said that in the opinion
   of the surveyor none of the items mentioned within the report need to be taken
   forward before the next routine inspection in June. However, it was agreed that
   Cllr C Spanswick and Clerk should look at the roof of the storeroom to establish
   whether this would need to be repaired before the next inspection.
   6.6 Invitation to Town & Community Council Forum
   Members noted, Cllr Marke to attend.
   6.7 BCBC – Partnership Arrangements for the Provision of Public
   This letter was discussed and it was agreed Clerk should respond that the
   Community Council is not happy with the partnership they already have with
   BCBC, ie the problems being experienced regarding erection of bus shelters,
   and would therefore be wary of entering into another partnership with them.
   It was also felt that the Community Council would not be in a financial position
   to enter into such a partnership.
   6.8 Groundwork Bridgend Neath Port Talbot – Youth Project at Marlas
   This letter was discussed and members noted.
   6.9 Bridgend Biodiversity Booklet
   Passed to Cllr Bennett.
   6.10 Thank you letters for Donations
   Members noted.
   6.11Invitation to Town & Community Councils Reception
   Members noted.
   6.12 BCBC - Environmental Enforcement Documents for Comment
   Passed to Cllr Marke.

7. Website
   Cllr Davies asked that Cllrs pass any information they would like included in the
   Website to him.

   8. P.A.C.T.
      PC Evans has asked for details of achievements to be passed to him for his
      P.A.C.T. report and also for details of problems within the area. These matters
      were discussed and Clerk to respond to PC Evans detailing achievements and
      problems being encountered with parking on grass verges and taxi parked at
      entrance to play area in Heol Las.

 9. Ombudsmans Decision
    Clerk reiterated the decision of the Ombudsman not to investigate regarding
    recent complaint of misconduct by a member of the Community Council and
    stated that this matter is now officially ended and no further discussion will be
    entered into regarding the issue.

10. To receive the report of the meeting of the Footpaths Committee held on
    9th January 2008
    Chair invited members to agree the Minutes as a true and fair record.
    Cllr Petty Moved and Cllr C Spanswick Seconded.

11. Any Other Business (At Chair’s Discretion)
    11.1 Cllr Marke detailed the contents of SPG 15 – Community Facilities &
     Residential Development and members discussed this matter. It was agreed the
     Clerk should comment as per Cllr Marke’s notes on the proposals.
     11.2 Petition regarding Sker Beach – Cllr D Spanswick has been in contact with
     Carwyn Jones’s office and they have been advising on the most appropriate office
     to receive the petition. Cllr Spanswick will advise when information has been
     received. Members thanked Cllr Spanswick for her help with this matter.

12. To receive the reports of Planning Committees held on 9th January 2008 and
    consider any other planning applications/ updates received since the
    Committee met.
    12.1 Chair invited Members to agree the Minutes as a true and fair record. Cllr
     Petty Moved and Cllr C Spanswick Seconded.



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