Art and Music Lesson Plan: by QCl40lV


									Art and Music Lesson Plan:
This is a fabulous idea for an art and music activity that I borrowed off the
internet. The song is based on a true story- an orphaned whale became very
friendly with boaters and ultimately was struck and killed by a boat. Art and
Music are such wonderful expressions of creative spirits and big hearts! The photo
is of a giant, ‘papier mache’ whale that an elementary class in Vermont made for
their unit on Whales.

News Releases
Miracle Beach Elementary sings song about Luna December 29, 2004

As a special year-end treat to all of the people who visit the web site, we
tracked down a copy of Luna the Whale.
The children of Miracle Beach Elementary School in Black Creek BC, under the direction of Brian
Gardiner, performed Luna The Whale. This song was was recorded and aired on CBC Victoria
earlier this year. We would like to thank them for providing us a copy!! Happy New Year everyone!
Mr. Gardiner has supplied us with the lyric sheet so you can sing along! Note: you will need
QuickTime to play this file (5MB).

Luna was a lonely whale, lonely little orphan whale
Luna was a lonely whale, a little Orca. ( sing twice) X2
Will you come and play, Grandpa's gone away
He won't be coming back!
Muchalat to Mooyah Bay, round the inlet everyday
Looking for someone to play, a little Orca
Chase a salmon, chase a seal, chase a pilchard, have a meal
Wonder how you really feel, a little Orca
Then there came a summer day, little Luna tried to play
With a boat that ran away, a little Orca
He was cut upon the head, water turned from blue to red
People said that he was dead, a little Orca
That's not true the elders cried, Luna's spirit never died
He will find a place to hide, a little Orca
Near a kelp bed that's the best, somewhere safe he'll find a nest
Mother Nature does the rest, a little Orca.
Chorus. Recap.
Bumping boats and pushing too, something fun he likes to do
He will even sing for you, a little Orca.
Luna was a lonely whale, lonely little orphan whale. Luna was a lonely whale, a
little Orca Whale
Click here to listen to the song:

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