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									                                                         About the Counselor

                                                         This is my second year at Plainfield as the school
                                                         counselor. Before becoming a professional school
                                                         counselor I worked as a world language teacher, as
                                                         a social work intern, as a full-time mother, as arts
                                                         coordinator at Plainfield School, as education
                                                         outreach coordinator at the Hopkins Center, as
                                                         director of ArtCare at the Koop Institute, and as
                                                         community relations director in the Lebanon School
                                                         District. I’ve worked as the school counselor at the
                                                         White River (VT) School and the Mount Holly
    Classroom guidance: researching stress management    (VT) School and I completed school counseling
                                                         internships in Lebanon (NH) and Hartford (VT)
               About the Program                         schools.

The Plainfield School Counseling & Guidance              I graduated from the University of Rochester with a
program works closely with the Health program            degree in French literature following a year at
and, in alignment with the NH standards, follows         Swarthmore and a semester in Paris, France. I’ve
the American School Counselor Association                undertaken graduate work in education,
(ASCA) national model with goals in the academic,        psychology, social work and counseling at
personal/social and career exploration domains.          numerous public and private universities and was
                                                         proud to complete my master’s degree in school
The counselor works with students, parents and           counseling at Plymouth State University in 2006.
teachers to identify and remove barriers that may                                                                 Plainfield School
impede student achievement, with the goal in mind
of helping all students achieve at their full academic
                                                         My professional belief system is based on the
                                                         understanding that children do well if they can. I     Counseling & Guidance
potential.                                               use an eclectic but basically strengths-based,
                                                         solution-focused approach to counseling. This
Plainfield School's developmental guidance               philosophy includes a very basic premise: if
program includes:                                        something works we should do more of it; if it
                                                         doesn’t we need to try something else.
       School-wide and class-wide programs
       Classroom lessons                                I live in a log house in Hanover with my husband
       Small group sessions                             Peter who is a teacher, writer and consultant. Our
       Individual counseling                            daughter Mikaela who attended grades K-5 at
       Big Brother/Big Sister Program                   Plainfield is a now a senior at Emory University
       Student Support Team                             and very active on the college debate circuit; our
       Workshops for parents                            son Jared (PES '99) is a 2007 Yale alumnus
                                                         working abroad as a news editor.
       Consultation and collaboration
       Responsive services                                  The New Hampshire School Counselor Association
                                                             provided some of the material for this brochure.
Elementary School Counselors                                                                          Middle Level Counselors Believe…
                                                                                                           Students in the middle level are in a significant
     Children have dignity and worth as human                                                              period of transition that is a normal part of the
      beings.                                                                                               developmental process of growing up.
     Children learn best when they feel good                                                              Young adolescents change more in every
      about themselves and their relationships                                                              aspect of life than in any developmental time
      with others.                                                                                          except infancy.
     Children who understand their feelings are                                                           Young adolescents benefit most from a team
      better able to control their behavior.                                                                effort involving teachers, parents, students and
     Children are capable of making responsible                                                            administrators.
                                                                 Big Sister/Big Brother program
      choices.                                                                                             Young adolescents need a healthy self-concept
                                                                                                           and motivation to learn in order to be
      Attitudes formed during elementary school        School counselors help students                      successful during this critical transition period.
      shape future attitudes towards learning,
      self, and society.                               prepare for the future by:
                                                            Assisting students to develop personal
Elementary School Counselors                                 awareness and explore personal goals     Middle Level Counselors Help…
Help…                                                       Helping to develop communication and
                                                             interpersonal skills.                         Young adolescents learn to understand more
     Children develop understanding and                    Providing a comprehensive and                  about themselves during this transition period.
      acceptance of themselves.                              developmental guidance and counseling         Young adolescents learn to manage and
     Children cope with family changes.                     program that impacts all students.             organize information.
     Children develop decision-making and                                                                 Young adolescents make choices and deal with
      problem solving skills.                                                                               change.
     Children develop socially and emotionally,                                                           Young adolescents create educational plans
      to mature in their relations with others.                                                             and set educational goals.
     Children to understand themselves in                                                                 Young adolescents develop positive attitudes
      relation to their own development.                                                                    toward life long learning and the world of
     Parents understand their children’s                                                                   work.
      emotions, behaviors, and learning styles,
      and assist them in meeting their child’s                                                         Please contact me with your questions,
      needs.                                                                                                suggestions, and concerns.
     School staff, teachers and administrators                        Career Day 2009
      understand and meet the needs of all                                                                          Gail Malsin, M.Ed.
      students in intellectual, personal, social and     Counseling and guidance services             
      emotional areas.                                   are for ALL students, not just those                     469-3250 extension 225
     Parents and teachers create a positive             in a crisis situation.
      learning environment.

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