Implementing _ Maintaining Windows Vista

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					Implementing & Maintaining Windows Vista

Varighet: 5 Days           Kurskode: GK6830

This 5-day intensive hands-on course will prepare you with the installation, administration, and management skills needed to implement the
latest Microsoft operating system. You will learn how to deploy, customize, and support Windows Vista in a networked Active Directory
environment. Understand the concepts and walk through the steps to configure the new Enterprise troubleshooting tools, the new group policy
control using the Group Policy Management Console (GPMC), and remote administration.

New or seasoned administrators, support/help desk personnel, or personnel who will be executing an upgrade from Windows 9x, Windows NT,
or Windows 2000/XP.


 How to deploy Windows Vista in an Enterprise environment using          How to deploy workgroup group policy support with the Windows
 powerful imaging tools                                                  Shared Computers ToolkitUse Enterprise troubleshooting tools for
                                                                         Windows Vista
 Test applications with the Application Compatibility toolkit and
 the built-in single session Virtual PC                                  Enable offline data storage using shadow volume copy services

 Manage group policy using the GPMC                                      Hands-on labs to reinforce your Windows Vista support skills

GK6830                                                           22 95 66 00

1. Installation, Migrating, and Imaging      6. Windows Vista in a Workgroup or SOHO 11. Local, Network, and Internet Protection
Scenarios                                    Environment                              line
line                                         line                                        UAC for Standard Users
   Windows Vista Versions                       Workgroups vs Domains                    Network Access Protection
   Hardware Requirements for Windows Vista      Collaboration Scenarios                  Windows Firewall
   The Windows Vista Boot Environment           Prepare the Windows Firewall             Windows Security Center
   Installing vs Upgrading to Windows Vista     Security for Wireless Networks           Windows Defender
   Installation from the Network                IEEE (WEP) and IEEE i (WPA, WPA)         Internet Options
   WIM Image Format                             Authentication
   Deployment Tools for Windows Vista                                                 12. NTFS Security
   Using Windows Deployment Services         7. Windows Vista LAN Connectivity        line
   Using Windows Easy Transfer               line                                        NTFS Access Control
                                                Networking with Windows Vista            Security Principals, SIDs, and the Security
2. Windows Vista Desktop, Internet Explorer     Discovery and Sharing                    Access Token
Integration, and                                Windows Vista TCP/IP Improvements        Encrypting File System
line                                            Network Diagnostics                      BitLocker Volume Encryption
   Desktop Window Manager                       The netsh Utility
   Windows Vista Network Explorer               Domain Name System                    13. Configuring Applications for Windows
   Windows Vista Control Panel                                                        Vista Clients
   Internet Explorer User Interface Features 8. Windows Vista, Active Directory, and  line
   Internet Explorer 7 Security Enhancements Group Policies                              Application Compatibility Tools
   Windows Mail                              line                                        User Account Control
   DVD Video Authoring                          Group Policy Basics                      Tuning Windows Vista for Program
   Rights Management                            Registry Locations                       Compatibility
   Output Content Protection Management         GPOE and GPMC                            Setting Environment Variables
                                                Assigning and Publishing MSI Packages
3. Customizing the User Interface               Options for PolicyBased Deployment    14. Troubleshooting, Monitoring, and Fine-
line                                            Administrative Templates              Tuning
   Personalizing Windows Vista                  Security in Windows Vista             line
   Ease of Access Center                                                                 Diagnostic Tools
   Using the Start Menu                      9. Remote Capabilities of Windows Vista     System Configuration Utility
   Builtin Search                            line                                        Windows Performance Diagnostic Console
   Using Help                                   Remote Access Networking                 Event Viewer in Windows Vista
   Default Programs                             VPN Client Support
   Playing with Aero Glass                      Data Encryption Options
   Windows Flip D                               Configuring Remote Desktop
                                                Remote Assistance
4. Windows Vista File Systems
line                                         10. Windows Vista Features for Notebook
   Windows Future Storage                    Clients
   Encrypting File System                    line
   Search Folders                               Power Management Options
   Transactional NTFS                           Backup and Restore
   Differences from Backup or Restore           Windows Mobility Center
   Universal Disk Format System                 Offline Files and Folders
                                                Enabling BitLocker
5. Understanding Services and Process
   Windows Vista Local Services
   Service Failure Recovery Options
   Svchostexe Service Groupings
   Service Dependencies

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GK6830                                                       22 95 66 00

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