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          Sonic Battle Part 1
     The Martial arts tournament, also
   known as the death of Emerl. (part 2 is
        Finale, Part 1 is Face-off.)
Sonic Battle Part 1
• In episodes 45 to 46 the
  martial arts tournament is
  made to lure Eggman out
  of hiding, and to have
  stupid fun, the Japanese
  title for 45 is called
  “Sonic Battle-Face Off!!”
  and 46 is called “Sonic
  Battle-Finale!!” English
  title for 45 is “Prize Fight”
  46 is “Wild Win” what’s
  so wild about a win?
Sonic Battle Part 1
• Personally I like Face Off better
    because of some crappy battles.
•   In the introduction the president
    makes the Tournament in hopes
    Eggman joins (because Eggman loves
    Chaos Emeralds, who doesn’t?) Sonic,
    Knuckles and the greedy Rouge sign
    up because the prize is a Chaos
    Emerald, Chris’s retarded dad finds out
    about the Tournament and signs up,
    and being the idiot he is, signs up
    Chris, Amy, Tails, Mr Tanaka, Chuck,
    Ella and Emerl but Eggman doesn't
    join, he sends the only decent Sonic X-
    exclusive character around, Bokkon, to
    find his craptastic henchmen, Bocoe
    and Decoe who double-crossed poor
    Eggman about getting supplies so they
    can enter but Bokkon joins as well.
    Also that damn rabbit Cream and her
    mum got front row tickets.
Sonic Battle Part 1   BOOOO!!!!
Sonic Battle Part 1
• The President is in the first match
   against the Black Knight (He can
   kick some ass!), The President
   uses his crappy “Power Punches”
   to try and defeat the Black Knight
   because the Black Knight does his
   “Annoying Laugh” to spur The
   President on but obviously nothing
   happens because of his ARMOUR!
   (Duh, Mr President, why don’t you
   use your power to send missiles at
   him, he is SURE to survive that!),
   when the Black Knight is going to
   finish him, his smart aid throws in
   the towel, making the winner the
   Black Knight (Hooray).
    Sonic Battle Part 1
• Next is Chris Vs Danny, if you are
    asking, who is Danny? Well I will not
    tell you the right stuff, Danny is a
    obviously African-American 11 year old
    who is Chris's school mate and plays a
    moderate part in the 1st season, but
    does not appear often in the 2nd
    season, now back to this craptastic
    battle, Chris does amazingly bad
    acting and says “I don't want to get
    hurt” [actual quote in “Prize Fight”],
    Danny astonishly falls for it and zips
    far away from Chris, Chris sees his
    chance and hits Danny with the Spear
    calls it. (WWE)) catching Danny off
    guard and doing something horrible.
•   Chris is the winner!
•   A blooper: When Chris Spears Danny,
    the two were near the edge, how the
    bloody hell did they land on the
Sonic Battle Part 1

    Oh……. =(
Sonic Battle Part 1
• Chuck the fool, who is Chris’s
   Grandpa, is injured in a warm up
   (Dude, the guy is about 60, he
   shouldn’t fight.) so the evil Lucky,
   his opponent, wins the match
   (Cheat!), Bocoe and Decoe duke it
   out in a bout of Judo (They did
   rather well….for bad anime-only
   characters) but the police butted
   into the battle (Damn cops!) and
   the fight was declared a draw,
   then Big the Cat you love to hate
   and Ella the stereotype fought,
   Ella was going to win the battle
   but Froggy, Big’s mate, interfered
   and caused Ella to faint, Big was
Sonic Battle Part 1
Sonic Battle Part 1
Sonic Battle Part 1
   Frog POWER!!
Sonic Battle Part 1
•   Next is Tails Vs Hawk, Hawk had only
    appeared in two episodes, 17 and this
    one (Thank God! He was a one-
    dimensional fraud), Hawk uses his
    “Chinese Punches” to catch Tails off
    guard but he stays defensive and blocks
    every blow (Shouldn’t Tail’s tails be
    broken after taking that much damage?),
    Hawk knows that Tails will proceed to
    block every blow so he does “Won-Ton
    Stomp” but then Tails yet again goes in
    defensive mode. But Hawk idiotically
    grabs the tails, Tails sees his chance and
    does the Tail Twister! (not seen but I am
    glad I couldn’t show it)
•   Tails goes on to the second round!
Sonic Battle Part 1
Cobi’s bag of You and Tails
insults from Sonic
• If you like Tails you
  are a nerd with
  nothing but Tails in
  your mind. You love
  Tails so much you
  want to kiss him all
  day. You also read
Sonic Battle Part 1
• Next is Amy Vs Bokkon, Amy,
  being a racist (Come on just
  because he’s got black skin he
  shouldn’t be mistreated!), says
  “Why did they let you enter?”
  Bokkon says “What’s wrong
  with me?” and starts crying
  (Couldn’t blame him, all Sonic
  characters are racist), Amy
  tells racist lies about Bokkon
  being a “bit nervous” but
  Bokkon says how much of a
  liar she is, Amy attacks Bokkon   This cruelty is
  and Amy wins with the             only for black
  spectators on her side. (Racist   robots.
Sonic Battle Part 1
• The Black Knight
    fights Knuks (short
    for Knuckles) but the
    idiot uses “Annoying
    Laugh” to spur Knuks
    on, but gives up after
    he remembers Knuk’s
    super power, and
    runs off.
•   Knuks wins!
Sonic Battle Part 1
• Then Chris fought his own
  father, Nelson, Chris was
  wished good luck by Danny,
  who really did not forgive him
  for what he did in their match,
  Chris, with Danny’s “wish” of
  good luck, beat his own father
  with a figure four leg lock.
  (Chris can’t do the Figure 4-
  Leg Lock, only Ric Flair can do
  the Figure 4-Leg Lock! Ric Flair
  does it right! I bet all my life
  savings on Ric Flair to win a
  wrestling unless Vince and the
  evil script writers screw Flair)
Sonic Battle Part 1             stage

 • Next is Sam Speed Vs Mr
   Stewart, Sam tackles Mr
   Stewart before the bell
   rang which would be
   perfectly okay if that
   stupid slut Scarlet Garcia               Oh……o_o
   rang the bell in the first
   place, so that damn Mr
   Stewart wins, but Sam
   laughed as he drove off!
Sonic Battle Part 1
                                                 Tanaka: oh no,
 • Now it’s Mr Tanaka vs.                        she will kick my
   Topaz, Topaz gets ready                       ass! Gotta think
                                                 a Cheat…
   to kick Tanaka’s butt but
   Tanaka does a Cheat
   (that’s it! I’m calling him
   the Cheater, the big          What the Hell
                                 is going on!?
   Cheat!) giving Topaz
   jewellery, making her
   submit to the evil grasp
   that is greed.
 • The Big Cheat aka
   Tanaka wins
Sonic Battle Part 1
• Emerl fights Ella but Cream
  asks Emerl to fight like a
  pacifist (aka: like a sissy) with
  Ella causing Emerl to be
  disabled (Emerl can only do
  one thing, kick ass!), Cream
  asks “What’s wrong with
  Emerl?” Ella says “He doesn't
  know how to fight very well.”
  where Ella really knows it’s
  because Emerl can’t fight like a
  sissy so Ella gives up so Emerl
  can go on saying she has
  dinner to make.
• Emerl wins!
Sonic Battle Part 1
• Now is the second-last match
  (Hoorah!), Rouge Vs Tails
  (Boo!), Tails knows that he
  can’t do a tail twister (Rouge is
  actually smart), Rouge flies at
  but Tails dodges it and starts
  flying at her, fighting a crappy
  battle, but he makes a mistake
  trying to choke her, Greedy
  Rouge started to cheat, kissing
  Tails and throwing him out of
  the ring.
• Rouge wins!
Sonic Battle Part 1
• Now it’s the final match of round
  2, Sonic Vs Amy, Basically Amy
  won't fight (Wimp!) so Eggman
  trys to blast her, but when
  Eggman’s laser tries to eradicate
  Amy, Sonic (being the goody
  goody bastard he is) forfeits the
  Battle to chase Eggman.
• Amy wins!
• Final 8 are…Knuks!, Chris!,
  Rouge!, Amy!, Tanaka!, Mr
  Stewart!, Lucky! And…Emerl!
• Part 2 coming perhaps never (If I
  am bothered to do it you will have
  more of Cobi’s Insults.)

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