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Of People
And Their
Written By Alex Michael Ramos

Ok so I think people love war most people I
converse with talk mostly nonsense I’m
tired of it. How can people say it’s
typically ok to go have a war in other
countries!?! This just doesn’t seem to make
sense to me so here I write about why we
are Revolution.
                                             to kill people!! But that is the way of big
                                             government they do not believe in an
                                             investigation or far trial they simply just
                                             make the decision of guilt.

                                             Corporate greed goes on over and over
                                             again it will not stop killing innocent
                                             human lives because it satisfies the
                                             hunger of the corporate greed we have
                                             gone through to many wars, it is time for
                                             peace and revolution” what future will
                                             our children have if big government
                                             screws it all up for everyone again” they
                                             call a national debt not sure what they
                                             are saying by that in my eyes the
By Alex Michael Ramos                        governments are the people in debt yet
                                             they are not poor how is it they can pay
     People talk all the time on and on      everything else except their own debts?
 again and again, talking debating about     Maybe because they are all corrupted
 constitution and laws, rules and            (NOW) scum and they do not care for
 regulations but what about big              their own people.
 governments do they follow their own
 rule laws and regulations? I do not think   But it is time for a (REVOLTION) and this
 so but I can only speak for myself I’m      is “(OWN) Our World Now” it is definitely
 sure others might agree that all            time for The People to make their voices
 government are corrupted. So who are        heard loud and clear and make it known
 they to tell what we can and cannot say     to big governments around the world that
 or do! They are not my leaders maybe        the people are the power not the big
 some people respect their rules but not I   governments.
 cannot follow a written note or a peace     The majority of the people should
 of paper,” if you look me in the eyes and   understand that governments will not
 give your word that should be good          stop corruption not for me and not for
 enough for me” but that has yet to          anyone, we as the people have a job to
 happen.                                     do we must take back our freedoms if we
                                             do not take our freedom back then
          How can you trust big              what’s the purpose of being alive when
 government you cannot they will lie to      you are all going to be slaves to big
 you tell you everything will be better      government.
 then take the better away from you, as
 for the war that’s been going on for ten    For the hope of the youth I hope we can
 years to long when did the people get to    all agree that what I say is true, I know
 vote for big government to send our         this is true if you stop and think “maybe I
 brothers and sisters to war NEVER? I do     should look into it myself” you will most
 not remember being asked to send people     likely find your answers.
As for the occupy movement, let’s let          The government is in bed with the elite if
youth shine let’s hear their voices call for   you do not see it now when will you?
us to help them we should not sit back         Hopefully not when it is to late so just a
and just watch this happen we cannot let       little “WAKE UP” wake the hell up
the police beat down and downgrade our         already and Google The
youth with brutality what kind of              “ILLUMINATI/NOW” don’t be shy your
messages are policeman sending to the          fingers will not hurt for clicking buttons.
people with this they say “serve and           Also research 9/11 because
protect” but they search and destroy.          that was definitely an inside job.

Anyhow I don’t really care what you                 So now you have some homework
sheeple think about my writing at least        witch isn’t too hard to get done the
I’m doing what I love to do!                   government is plotting against their own
Expose..Expose..Expose.                        people we can let that happen being a
                                               puppet is easy if you hate freedom but I
  I just must say great work and send my       think I will keep my freedom the
respect to the Occupy Wall Street              government can keep the change my
movement I support you all and wish you        freedom is not negotiable not for anyone.
the best of luck you are REVOLUTION we         I truly believe that no government should
are legions we are #1 together we will         abuse the power the people has given to
conquer all obstacle’s we will not fail..      them they are only there to do what we
Failure is not an option.                      tell them to do yet it is the complete
And to all who think this is a stupid          opposite.
movement they/you are ignorant to say
so what have you done to make a change         I want to bring up the vaccine thing if you
for your people? I see young men and           want to get vaccinated please do so if
women struggling to make A difference          you want to die of some strange diseases
yet you complain! you are useless “if you      if you let you children get vaccinated
do not have anything nice to say then do       then you are an evil parent vaccines
not say anything at all” and most              where made to balance humanity it the
importantly I send my respect to our           plan of the government they figure
troops that are fighting a useless war that    “Throw a virus here Throw one there”
may possibly never end the people are          now people are buying vaccines and it
with you and we know that you are with         sells its all commercial. And what’s the
us as well.                                    deal with Area51 “TOP SECRET” come on
                                               give me a break why hide something from
The word in the web is out and the             your own people? A government in
people are awakening from their sleep          secrecy is an act of war against their own
the veterans are joining protesters our        people the government lying to their
soldiers are the new captains of the           people is also known as treason or did the
revolution if all the troops join and          government forget their own ridiculous
support the people then the banks lose.        rules? Maybe people will listen when it
Even we know that the banks are paying         happens to someone they love?
congressmen their salaries.
The courts I am not too sure about the
courts they put marijuana dealers in
prison for longer time then a child
predator its apart of the plan then.
They make people worry about drugs and
guns so much that people forget these
things exist it’s sad to see people suffer
your own people are suffering and it
really sucks I can’t be everyone’s hero
but I can try. When someone tries to tell
you something is wrong please don’t do it
for me but for yourself “STOP AND

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