Crufts Dog Show March 2008 by yy7n5Fy


									Crufts Dog Show March 2008

Judge(s): Mrs S Nicholls-Ward (Bumbleridge) (D)
Mrs M Appleby (Diotima) (B)









Owner: MR & MRS C & S HUDSON





VETERAN - Dog           1st   DIOTIMA SEA WOLF AT
Entries: 18 Abs: 6            RAMSGROVE (HINES & LUNDELL)

                        2nd   CH MERRYTHORPE MULBERRY JW
                              (MR G M & MRS M A J THORPE)

                        3rd   DRUMMANOR MOROLT FROM
                              DAJUE JW (MR & MRS GOODYER &

                       Res    CH/FR/DK/F OFFENBACH DE
                              CHESTER [ATC AA00169FRA] (MISS A
                              PETIT & BERNARDI)

                       VHC    ODDERWOOD GOLD N COPPER (G &
                              H WILLIAMS)

Dog                           SNOWMEAD (IMP FRA) (MS J L
Entries: 13 Abs: 3            WALDRON)

                        2nd   PIPADENE TIME TO REVIEW (MR &
                              MRS L J BETTS)

                        3rd   PIPADENE TIME TO RECAP (MR I &
                              MRS S PICKUP)

                       Res    BRAEMORAY GLENROTHES (MR P &
                              MRS S HOLDER)

                       VHC    HOLTEND DEERSTALKER
                              MADSWAY (MRS M B HAND)

Dog                           & MRS, MISS K FOX & FARRIER)
Entries: 15 Abs: 1
                        2nd   KITTISTONE SEA LORD JW (MR T R &
                            MRS J FELTON)

                      3rd   ALISTAIRS HOPE AND GLORY FOR
                            MALANDEX (IMP) NAF TAF (MISS M J

                     Res    JAROCA CHOCOLATE CHIP (MR R &
                            MRS C WILFORD)

                     VHC    DIOTIMA’S LAST LAUGH AT
                            CARAMAC (MRS A C RICHARDSON)

Entries: 19 Abs: 3          (MRS B R WHITE)

                      2nd   POTTERDALE STAR AUDITION FOR
                            PEPPERJAY JW (MR A & MRS J WOOD)

                      3rd   WILLOWMEAD PRINCE REGAL (MISS
                            K S MOORHOUSE)

                     Res    MOONHILL DREAM MACHINE AT
                            KIERWOOD JW (MR S & MRS C

                     VHC    TERZINA TAKE TWO TO
                            MERRYTHORPE (MR G M & MRS M A

- Dog                       (MRS L & MR C MURPHY)
Entries: 15 Abs: 1
                      2nd   BREAKSEA MASQUERADE (MRS G R

                      3rd   THORNSKYDANCINGINTHEDARK (T
                            MISS IVORY)

                     Res    WILLOWMEAD PRINCE REGAL (MISS
                            K S MOORHOUSE)

                     VHC    PIPADENE TIME TO RECAP (MR I &
                            MRS S PICKUP)

Entries: 9 Abs: 2           TO GILLABER JW ShCM (MESDAMES
                            A & H GILL & COOK)

                      2nd   KIRSTANCOURT KISS N TAIL (MRS S
                            J RITCHIE)

                      3rd   PHILEMON MOONSHADOW OF
                            MOONHILL (MRS B R WHITE)

                     Res    PEPPERWOOD ATTICUS (MR D &
                            MISS E FURBY & PENN)

                     VHC    MERRYTHORPE MR SANDMAN AT
                            LEXALBY JW ShCM (MS A & M
                            FERGUSON & THORPE)

Dog                         CHARNCROFT (MRS J A JAMES)
Entries: 16 Abs: 0
                      2nd   CALDERMIST WINTER LEGACY (MR
                            G & MRS A PEDDER)

                      3rd   SNIKKLES FIRST EDITION (MR G &
                            MRS C ATKINS & CHARLES)

                     Res    HIGHGLADE ARCH ANGEL (MRS S D

                     VHC    ARDENSAX ANTONY AT
                            MERRYTHORPE JW (MR G M & MRS M
                            A THORPE)

Entries: 12 Abs: 1          HINES)

                      2nd   MEDMERRY BOBBY DAZZLER JW
                            (MR G W & MRS S POPE)

                      3rd   NELLBROOK APPARITION AT
                            PYESBRIDGE (MISS D MOLLOY)

                     Res    ABSOLUMENT DES EMERAUDES DU
                            LAC [ATC AH00934FRA] (MR & MRS D
                            & R PONTHUS)

                     VHC    KIRSTANCOURT BILLY THE KID
                            (LADY K TENNEAR)
LIMIT - Dog           1st   PIPADENE SPECIAL BREW (MRS D &
Entries: 22 Abs: 2          MR A CORNFORD)

                      2nd   GILLABER KINCORTH JW (MR G &
                            MRS C STEAD)

                      3rd   BREAKSEA ALLEGRO JW ShCM (MRS
                            M & MR M WHITE & ELLIS)

                     Res    MOONHILL’S FOREVER FREE (MRS B
                            R & MR S WHITE & POWER)

                     VHC    BREAKSEA EVOLUTION (MRS G R

OPEN - Dog            1st   GELILAND SEA BREEZE JW (MR &
Entries: 33 Abs: 7          MRS G T SPURRIER)

                      2nd   CH CIOPAR FLASH FISICHELLA (MR
                            A HOSIE)

                      3rd   MALANDEX XCALIBUR (MISS M J

                     Res    CH BENDALE SPECIAL TIMES JW
                            (MISS A E G WILDING)

                     VHC    FR VOL DE NUIT DES EMERAUDES
                            DU LAC [ATC AH00907FRA] (MRS M

DOG SCHEME - Dog            & MRS, MISS K FOX & FARRIER)
Entries: 13 Abs: 0
                      2nd   MOPPETSWOOD CELTIC SPIRIT (MR
                            D & MRS P BURTON)

                      3rd   WILLOWMEAD PERFECT CLASS (MRS
                            N J EMMINGHAM)

                     Res    BRAEMORAY GLENROTHES (MR P &
                            MRS S HOLDER)

                     VHC    POTTERDALE MIAMI STORM (MRS C
                            & MRS J LEWRY & LEWIS)
Entries: 21 Abs: 9          (MRS B R WHITE)

                      2nd   CH BREAKSEA IMAGINE (MRS D
                            MANGNALL & BURFITT)

                      3rd   CH RUNIVAL DREAM OF PEACE (MRS
                            D A BARLEY)

                     Res    ARRANBOURNE PROCACIOUS (MRS
                            E A SEGUI)

                     VHC    CH BREAKSEA DEVIL IN DISGUISE
                            AT NELLBROOK (MRS N EDWARDS)

Bitch                       (MR W & MRS S M O’BRIEN)
Entries: 17 Abs: 0
                      2nd   MALANDEX XQUISITLY MADE (MISS
                            M J BAKER)

                      3rd   SYLVABRAE FLIGHTAFANCY (MR R
                            M & MRS S J B NEWTON)

                     Res    MEDMERRY B’DAZZLED (MR M J &
                            MRS S ALDERTON)

                     VHC    PIPADENE TIME TO DREAM (MR &
                            MRS L J BETTS)

Bitch                       HYDE)
Entries: 11 Abs: 1
                      2nd   MEDMERRY B’DAZZLED (MR M J &
                            MRS S ALDERTON)

                      3rd   SNOWMEAD SILENT STORM (MS J L

                     Res    ALISTAIR’S HALLELUJAH MOMENT
                            [ATC AH00769SWE] (MR J

                     VHC    VICTORY WIND’S BRIDGET JONES
                            [ATC AJ00228FRA] (MR J & MISS A
                            PAIN & GARCIA)
Entries: 20 Abs: 4          (MRS B R WHITE)

                      2nd   BUSTROC KISSIN MY KATE (MRS H

                      3rd   MOONHILL DREAM ON WITH
                            SENGALAS (MR & MRS MAY)

                     Res    WILLOWMEAD KAYLA (MISS K S

                     VHC    POTTERDALE STAR OF PEEBLES JW
                            (MR M J JOHNSTON)

- Bitch                     LAING)
Entries: 16 Abs: 0
                      2nd   BUSHBLADES ALABAMA SONG FOR
                            SHESKATY (MR J N & MRS P J

                      3rd   BAMBURGER JOURNEY SOUTH (MRS
                            J D & MISS J HOUSDEN & HARRISON)

                     Res    SEACHARMZED MOONBEAM (MS E K

                     VHC    DAMALEK DIAMOND CHIMES AT
                            SKYEBUCKS (MR D & MRS S

Entries: 25 Abs: 2          (MESDAMES G & J O’CONNELL &

                      2nd   POTTERDALE SUPERLATIVE AT
                            ORORA (MRS B & MRS J HARCOURT-
                            BROWN & LEWIS)

                      3rd   PATTISHAWL JUST SO (MR S & MRS L

                     Res    BRAEMORAY STRATHSPEY AT
                            RUNIVAL (MRS D A BARLEY)
                     VHC    SYLVABRAE JEWEL IN THE CROWN J
                            W (MR R M & MRS S J B & MRS D
                            NEWTON & WEIGHTMAM)

Bitch                       TOMLINSON)
Entries: 15 Abs: 2
                      2nd   KITTISTONE CALL OF THE WILD (MR
                            T R & MRS J FELTON)

                      3rd   MENANDER B MI BABY (MRS B

                     Res    TALRAZ INNOVATION (MR & MRS R

                     VHC    NELLBROOK WYNTER CHARM OF
                            WOODACRE (MESDAMES S & J
                            CARTER & PALMER)

Entries: 11 Abs: 0          & J O’CONNELL & EVANS)

                      2nd   OSMART MAID IN BLACK BY SIOUX
                            FOR LOCHBARRA JW (MR W & MRS E
                            A GAULT)

                      3rd   MOONHILL’S FREE’N’EASY FOR
                            KEMELSTOWE (MRS M & MRS B
                            SEWELL & WHITE)

                     Res    BUSHBLADES AMERICAN TUNE JW
                            (DR P S & MRS Y M FOX)

                     VHC    MANORTONWAY MIDNIGHT MAJIC
                            (MR A & MRS T BUSH)

Entries: 21 Abs: 7
                      2nd   BREAKSEA IMMORTALITY (MRS D
                            MANGNALL & BURFITT)

                      3rd   SENGALAS LEADING LADY OF
                            ROXILYN JW (MRS K EDWARDS)
                              Res    RAINETHYME TRICK OR TREAT (MRS
                                     C J PALUMBO)

                             VHC     ROMALIA RARE CHANCE (MRS G

OPEN - Bitch                   1st   CH HISNHERS DIAMOND LIL JW
Entries: 24 Abs: 6                   ShCM (MR & MRS C & S HUDSON)

                               2nd   RAMBERHAY MOONLIGHT ‘N’
                                     ROSES (MR D M & MRS P A GREEN)

                               3rd   CH MALANDEX XQUISIT JW (MISS M
                                     J BAKER)

                              Res    ULTRA IN VOGUE DES MONTS DE
                                     GATINE [ATC AG00999FRA] (MR J &
                                     MISS A PAIN & GARCIA)

                             VHC     CH KELHAM HOT GOSSIP JW (MR G &
                                     MRS C ATKINS & CHARLES)

DOG SCHEME -                         (MRS M A JAMIESON)
Entries: 10 Abs: 2             2nd   CH ARDENSAX ANGELINA (MR P &
                                     MRS C SABIN)

                               3rd   PIPADENE PASTEL PORTRAIT AT
                                     ARATIKA (MR R G & MRS L M

                              Res    ARRANBOURNE PATINA AW (MRS S

                             VHC     COUNTRYVIEW FLORENTYNA (MISS
                                     S E LOUTH)



DOGS I would first of all like to thank my stewards for all their determined
efforts which enabled me to get through such a wonderful entry and say how
honoured I felt to be judging such a good entry at Crufts. I must congratulate
everyone on very good presentation. I still have some general concerns about our
wonderful breed and I feel that some breeders need to take an in-depth look at
the breed standard, to clarify what should be under the coat!!. The standard
calls for a 5 to 4 ratio of length to height which a number did not achieve,
without this the lovely free flowing movement that effortlessly covered ground,
will not be achieved. Where length to height ratio was correct a small number,
had longer loin; this needs to be watched or else dippy top lines will become
more common place. More attention needs placing on the overall balance and
although the upper arm has improved to give a better forward reach, a number
of dogs had very disappointing lay of shoulder. A number of dogs had weak
under jaws and some had level bites with two, on closer inspect appearing to be
undershot!. This concerned me greatly as Beardies have more of a tendency for
the bottom jaw to continue growing for a number of years; you need to
understand where these problems are coming from. In all my classes I was
looking for a well balanced dog with correct angulation without exaggeration;
masculine head with that lovely Beardie expression whose movement was free
flowing that looked as though he could keep going all day long. I am happy to say
that I found this in quite a number; in the larger classes I could have awarded
more than one set of cards.

Vet (18,6) These veteran boys could show some of the youngsters a thing or two.
1 CC and BOB Hines and Lundell's Ch Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove. JW, a
favourite of mine in the past and today he didn't disappoint, his movement
setting the standard for the rest of the day, effortless covering ground. Slate boy
with true masculine expression and lovely dark eyes: well balanced strong head;
excellent reach of neck; good depth of chest and length of rib providing a level
top-line; correct front and rear couplings, the whole picture was finished off with
a good harsh coat. It was a pleasure to award him the CC . Only just a Veteran
but this did not show in the CC challenge. 2 Thorpe's Ch Merrythorpe
Mulberry. JW Similar masculine boy to the first, just a little heavier throughout
but with similar qualities; just pipped on the move, as he didn't cover the ground
with the same amount of ease 3 Goodyer and Gibson's Drummanor Morlot from
Dajue. JW another one whom you had NO problem knowing he was a boy; again
similar to first with good length to height ratio but didn't flow round the ring,
quite as well as the first two.

SpP (13,3) Some of the puppies did not seem as settled as they could have been
which showed in their movement. 1 Waldron's Cartier de Chester at Snowmead.
(Imp Fra). Blue boy quite mature for his age with well balanced masculine head,
good reach of neck, length and depth of chest producing correct Beardie
proportions, finished off with a good jacket, moved true front and aft covering
ground well. 2 Betts' Pipadene Time to Review. Brown boy with eyes toning well
with coat, good proportions but just preferred the loin and length of back of the
first; moved true front and aft covering ground. 3 Pickup's Pipadene Time to
Recap. Super slate boy with an expression that made you melt, good overall
balance finished off with a dark jacket, true movement front and aft but needed
to settle on move to produce that free flowing movement.

SpJ (15,1) 1 Fox and Farrier's Bushblades Transaction. JW, well balanced
masculine head, eyes toning with his coat; good reach of neck; good front
coupling; good depth of chest, length of back coming from his ribcage which
provided the picture of a well balanced boy, move true front and aft covering
plenty of ground with long reaching strides; excellent coat for age. 2 Felton's
KIttistone Sea Lord. JW, pushed the first very hard but being younger it
showed. Strong masculine head with lovely dark eyes which produces an
expression to make your heart melt; good reach of neck; good front and rear
couplings; good depth and length of chest, but overall length of back slightly
shorter than the first, good quality coat coming; moved effortlessly around the
ring covering the ground, another one with a very promising future. 3 Baker's
Alistairs Hope and Glory for Malandex. (Imp). Another very well balanced dog
who was unlucky to meet the first two and could easily change places as he
matures; very well balanced with lovely dark eyes giving a super expression,
slightly smaller dog but all in proportion.

Y (19,3) 1 White's Moonhill Power of Dreamz. JW, slate boy who is starting to
darken, balanced masculine head with eyes toning to coat, muscular neck onto
well balanced front, good depth of ribcage, just had the edge on the second with
his length of back, good coat coming, was the most mature in the class; moved
well covering the ground with ease. 2 Wood's Potterdale Star Audition for
Pepperjay. JW, unfortunate to meet the first when so much younger, could
easily change places when older, had all the qualities of the first, covering plenty
of ground, just slightly shorter in the back at present; should have an excellent
future. 3 Moorhouse's Willowmead Prince Regal. This boy was the baby of the
three, looking very immature and just a size small but showing plenty of
potential; again good overall balance, covering ground and had a true Beardie

UG (15,1) 1 Murphy's Ramsgrove Rovers Return. Boy who was a pleasure to go
over; alert, strong masculine head, eyes toning to coat; excellent reach of neck
onto well laid shoulders and correct upper arm; good depth and length of chest,
short loin with length of back coming from his ribcage producing a picture of a
well balanced boy being finished off with a good quality coat; covered plenty of
ground which became more effortless the longer he moved. 2 Burfitt's Breaksea
Masquerade. Dark slate masculine boy with dark eyes producing a super
expression, good overall balance but didn't have the drive of the first. 3 Ivory's
Thornsky Dancing in the Dark. Well balanced boy but not quite as strong a dog
as the first two, would like a slightly stronger head, moved true front and aft but
didn't cover quite as much ground as the first two.

G (9,2) 1 Gill and Cooke's Ramsgrove Homeward Bound to Gillaber. JW
ShCM, well balanced boy of quality throughout, eyes toning with good quality
coat, quantity typical for his age; would just like a little more of him; was the
best mover in the class with a lovely free flowing movement which covered the
ground ease. 2 Ritchie's Kirstancourt Kiss N Tell. Masculine boy with lovely
dark eyes which toned with his coat which finished off the picture of a well
balanced beardie; did not cover as much ground as the first. 3 White's Philemon
Moonshadow of Moonhill. Similar to the second but just preferred the head of
the second.

PG (16) 1 James' Westbere Wizard with Charncroft. Alert, strong masculine
head; excellent reach of neck onto well laid shoulders and correct upper arm;
good depth and length of chest, short loin with length of back coming from his
ribcage which produced a picture of a well balanced boy being finished off with a
good harsh coat; moved true front and aft covering plenty of ground. 2 Pedder's
Caldermist Winter Legacy. Very similar to first with good overall balance,
typical Beardies expression pushing the first very hard, correct length of loin but
just slightly shorter in the back and heavier on the shoulder than the first. 3
Atkins and Charles' Snikkles First Edition. Did not seem at all settled which
greatly marred his outline; good overall proportions , masculine head with good
length of back, moved steadily and true, but did not have the drive of the first

MidL (12) 1 Hines' Ramsgrove Rumba. JW, well balanced boy with masculine
head, dark eyes providing a true beardie expression, good reach of neck onto
well laid shoulders, good length of back with correct loin, moved well coving
ground with ease. 2 Pope's Medmerry Bobby Dazzler. JW, another lovely boy
who pushed the first very hard; very similar in type and quality but just felt that
on the day the first had a slightly better forward reach; another day they could
easily swap places. 3 Molloy's Nellbrook Apparition at Pyesbridge. Another
masculine boy just slightly taller than the first two, hence his placing as his
overall balance was 3rd in this class.

L (22,2) 1 Cornford's Pipadene Special Brew. Brown boy with masculine head,
eyes toning to coat; good reach of neck, front coupling, depth of chest, short loin
with length of back coming from his ribcage which provided the picture of a well
balanced boy, with a harsh coat that is changing shades; moved true front and
aft, effortlessly covering ground, with long reaching strides. 2 Stead's Gillber
Kincorth. JW, another well made masculine boy with many of the qualities of
the first but just pipped on length of neck and back, moved well covering plenty
of ground. 3 White and Ellis' Breaksea Allergro. JW ShCM, another strong
masculine boy with many qualities similar to the first two but his movement
didn't flow as smoothly but he covered plenty of ground.

O (33,7) This class, in both quality and quantity was the class of the day with 12
champions present; I don't think even having three sets of prize cards would
have been enough and I am so sorry that so many left the ring empty handed.
The insult was the removal of the 6th and 7th placings. Most of my comments
apply to all the first three placings. 1 and RCC Spurrier's Geliland Sea Breeze.
JW, masculine boy with a true beardie expression from his lovely dark eyes and
strong well balanced head; excellent reach of neck; well laid shoulders and
correct length of upper arm, matched by correct rear couplings; good depth of
chest and length of rib providing a level top-line; finished off with a very good
harsh coat; moved true covering plenty of ground with long reaching strides;
was very unlucky to meet his father in the challenge, who just had the edge, on
ease of movement. 2 Hosie's Ch Ciopar Flash Fisichella. Another super boy of
very similar qualities of the first only splitting them on fractionally better head
and shoulder angulation. 3 Baker's Malandex Xcalibur. Again another lovely
masculine boy with most of what I was looking for but just preferred the
shoulder angulation of the first two.
GOOD CITIZEN (13) 1 Fox and Farrier's Buchblades Transaction. JW, winner
of Junior 2 Burton's Moppetswood Celtic Spirit. More mature boy but not as
masculine as the first and I would have liked a little more of him; well balanced
throughout, moved true for and aft but didn't cover as much ground as the first.
3 Emmingham's Willowmead Perfect Class, masculine boy with similar qualities
to the second but preferred the shoulder placement of the first two, moved true
but didn't seem to cover as much ground, possibly he was a little proud of his
tail. Best of Breed:In the challenge for BOB Hudson's Ch. Hisnhers Diamond Lil
challenged very hard but at the end of a very long day, was not quite as settled
on the move and BOB went to the dog. Best Puppy: O'Brien's Sammara
Moonlight Shadow. Lovely feminine girl with a super beardie expression, well
balanced throughout with out exaggeration, moved true, flowing round the ring
in the challenge for best puppy. I was pleased to agree with my co-judge to
award her Best Puppy.

Mrs Sue Nicholls-Ward

Bearded Collie Bitches

Thank you to my two efficient stewards who kept the day running smoothly. A
number of things concerned me with my entry since I felt that too many of the
exhibits did not fulfil the Breed Standard. The problems ranged from weak untypical
heads to unsound rears. In between I found so many with really poor shoulders both
in terms of angulation and coarseness at the withers, totally incorrect rounded and
short ribcages and, one of the things that amazed me most of all, so many not just
overweight, but downright fat, bitches in poor physical condition. On some I gave up
trying to assess rib length, I just couldn’t get my fingers to penetrate the layers of fat.
I know it’s the end of winter but there is no excuse for showing a dog which is
overweight and unfit. Exhibiting is a package which includes presenting your dog not
only in the best coat with clean teeth but fit and carrying the correct bodyweight. Our
standard calls for a “lean and active dog” not a fat one who appears to have spent the
winter on the couch. Crufts is the only championship show requiring qualification. I
think judges should keep this in mind and consider withholding awards if they are
unable to find exhibits of sufficient merit. The most illuminating fact for me was that
the “old-time” well-established Beardie breeders were the ones showing the best dogs.
However it is worrying that some of the newer breeders are, in my opinion, not
producing sound, typical Beardies. I had a couple of slightly wry mouths and level
bites. Temperaments were good although I would have liked to see more “wicked
sparkle” in some of the younger girls.

Veteran (21,9)

1. White’s Ch Moonhill’s Forever Classic. Mid slate of approaching 11 years. This
beautiful lady has the most superb front construction, wonderful sweep of neck into
well laid shoulders and long upper arm. Her ribcage is textbook and her topline as
firm as a youngster. This ideal front when combined with her corresponding rear
angulation and correct length of back produced probably the best movement of the
day, fluid, ground covering and effortless and how lovely to see her tail wagging all
the time – pretty rare in the ring these days. For my ideal, I would like a stronger
head and a little less length of leg but this is nitpicking. A strong contender in the

2. Mangnall & Burfitt’s Ch Breaksea Imagine. Very dark slate of approaching 12
years and one of my all-time favourite girls. She has the most beautiful head, eye
colour and expression, correct length of neck and lay of shoulder, deep long ribcage
and well angled sound rear. Her movement is very sound from all angles, perhaps
lacking the fluidity it once had, but is still remarkable for her age. As always, she was
presented in gleaming coat and lovely condition, a credit to her owner. It was a
privilege to judge her once again.

3. Barley’s Ch Runival Dream of Peace. Dark slate of approaching 8 years. Lovely
strong but feminine head, beautiful eye and expression, correct front and rear
angulation, well balanced, very much my type. Moved well but was not in the best of
coats, good to see her again.
Special Puppy B (17)

1. O’Brien’s Sammara Moonlight Shadow. Slate. Lovely head, super eye colour,
good neck and shoulder placement, correct ribs and length of back, well angled rear
with lovely neat hocks. In super coat with the promise of an excellent adult jacket but
just right for now. She moved very freely, almost lazily, covering plenty of ground
with well carried tail. An ideal size for her age and altogether most promising. Loved
her. Best Puppy

2. Baker’s Malandex Xquisitly Made. Very dark slate with lovely outline. Such a
gorgeous well balanced head, good neck, well angled fore and aft, correct length of
back. Strong neat rear . A real eye catching beautifully presented puppy. I would
prefer more length of rib and she was not moving as well as 1.

3. Newton’s Sylvabrae Flightafancy My notes say “so, so pretty” and this brown
puppy certainly is. She has a lovely head, strong muzzle and skull. Very well laid
shoulders, good length of body, strong neat rear. Her coat is very correct both in
texture and amount for age. She moved confidently and soundly, very promising and
the youngest baby in the class.

Special Junior B (11,1)

1. Hyde’s Natterjack Serenity. Pale slate, gorgeous head being strong in both muzzle
and backskull, eye colour toning with coat. Lovely sweep of neck into well laid
shoulders, good length of back, well angled hindquarters. Coat of real quality and
typical for a junior. Her topline is outstanding, her movement sound and accurate.
Very much at the “what you see is what you get” stage, all most promising. Was a
standaway winner in this class.

2. Alderton’s Medmerry B’Dazzled. 4th in puppy. Slate. Would like a stronger head
and better eye colour. Good neck and shoulders, good topline and length. A very
happy character with free, active movement.

3. Waldron’s Snowmead Silent Storm. Very dark slate. Beautiful head, eye and
pigment. Good lenth of body, nicely angled behind. Would prefer a better lay of
shoulder. She moved accurately but lacked front reach.

Yearling B (20, 4)

1. White’s Moonhill Zweet Dreamz. Mid slate young lady with an outstanding
outline. Strong foreface, backskull has some developing to do, eye tones with coat.
The pleasure for me in judging this exhibitors dogs is their superb front assemblies
and overall sound construction. This young lady has everything. The way her neck
flows into perfectly angled shoulders is a dream, your hands just flow from one part to
another, lovely deep correctly shaped ribcage, good forechest, long ribs, lovely length,
and down her well turned stifle to the short neat hocks. All this is put to full use on
the move where she demonstrates a light, easy ground covering action which just
improves the more she is moved. All this topped off with a beautifully presented coat
of correct texture and quantity. She isn’t quite there yet but when this young lady is
mature, she will be hard to beat. Res. CC

2. Laing’s Bustroc Kissin My Kate. Mid slate. Lovely head, eye tones with coat.
Lovely type and outline. Super front, correct length and nice rear. Loved her size and
femininity. Sound as a bell, liked her very much.

3. May’s Moonhill Dream On With Sengalas. Pale slate litter sister to 1. Again a
very feminine young lady with a lovely outline and particularly good topline. Pretty
head, pigment a little weak. Reasonable lay of shoulder, good length, strong rear.
She moved very well covering the ground accurately. Coat is extremely mature for
her age and, as always, beautifully presented.

Undergraduate B (16)

1. Laing’s Bustroc Kissin My Kate

2. Hunter’s Bushblades Alabama Song For Sheskaty. Dark slate who appealed for
type and movement which was really fluid and easy. Particularly good eye and a
lovely character.

3. Housden & Harrison’s Bamburger Journey South. Slate. Very feminine head with
nice planes and good muzzle. A little light in eye. Soundly made but needs more
weight. Promising coat developing. Easy mover.

Graduate B (25, 2)

1. O’Connell & Evans Atherleigh Rainbows End. Dark slate of beautiful type. She
has a lovely head, strong muzzle and underjaw, strong broad backskull, well angled
fore and hindquarters, lovely length of back and super rear. Her coat is perfect for her
age and beautifully presented. I found her incredibly feminine and appealing and
loved her light ground covering action. Had to go some to win this strong class. Half
sister to the CC winners.

2. Harcourt-Brown & Lewis’ Potterdale Superlative At Orora. For me this dark slate
bitch really rewinds time, she reminds me so much of my Gabriella. Beautifully
constructed, from her feminine but strong head through her correct front to her
correspondingly correct rear with neat accurate hocks. When she settled, she showed
a lovely ground covering gait, really sitting the ground with great purpose. Not as
mature as 1. but another young lady with great promise for the future.

3. Evans’ Pattishawl Just So. Mid slate, very strongly made young lady who I would
prefer smaller. Very strong head, eye could be darker, would prefer better lay of
shoulder but she has a good upper arm. Correct length of back, strong rear producing
driving movement. Very sound.
Post Graduate B (15, 2)

1. Tomlinson’s Coalacre Heartbreaker. Dark slate of gorgeous type. Lovely head
and eye, super outline with her graceful neck leading to well laid shoulders, just right
for length of body and well angled neat rear. Her topline was spot on. For me she is
the epitomy of what a Beardie bitch should be and so very feminine. I loved her. Her
movement was very sound but perhaps lacked a little purpose.

2. Felton’s Kittistone Call of the Wild. Another lovely dark slate, very much my
type. Super head, bright expression, correct front, excellent length of back, good rear.
Her really balanced construction is put to full use on the move when she covers the
ground with long easy strides. She was the best mover in this class but was losing her
topline standing and this cost her.

3. Cope’s Menander B Mi Baby . Slate of very pretty type. Super head, well angled
fore and aft, lovely low set hocks. She is in gorgeous coat and, as always, was
presented and handled to perfection. For me, I would just like her longer.
Mid Limit B (11)

1. O’Connell & Evans’ Atherleigh Venus. Brown of ideal size and totally feminine.
Good head, eye tones with coat, so very balanced in front and hind angulation
combined with correct length of back with good ribbing. Her coat is not overdone in
any way and of such good harsh texture that sometimes only browns can have.
Presents such a pleasing picture standing but it is on the move where she really excels,
she is so light , agile and fleet of foot . It was her relaxed effortless movement that
gained her first place over 2, one of my toughest decisions of the day.

2. Gault’s Osmart Maid In Black By Sioux for Lochbarra. Such a lovely bitch, I have
admired her from afar for some time. True Beardie head, strong in muzzle, underjaw
and backskull but still essentially feminine. Eye colour to die for, a rarity in this
entry. Lovely neck and shoulder, length of back and hindquarters are spot on as well
as her stunning topline. Coat is of good texture and well presented. She was not
moving as smoothly as I would have liked but a beautiful bitch.

3. Sewell & White’s Moonhill’s Free’N’Easy For Kemelstowe. Blue bitch with a
lovely head and eye colour. She is very strongly made, maybe a little taller than my
ideal. She is a quality bitch, soundly constructed all through, excellent length of back,
wonderful condition and super coat of such good texture. Beautifully presented. Her
movement is very free and easy but had a slight tendency to roll.

Limit B (20, 7)

1. Selle’s Philemon Paper Rose. Blue bitch with the most stunning outline.
Excellent head and nicely toning eye, super shoulders and front, correct rib and length
of back, correspondingly well angled behind. I really loved this young lady, the
amount of ground she covered in easy flowing strides was poetry. The only thing that
prevented her going further in the challenge was the slightest tendency to roll on the

2. Mangnall & Burfitt’s Breaksea Immortality. Like her mother, this is one of my
favourite bitches in the ring at the moment. For me it’s like looking at a melting pot
of the bitches we have bred in the past. Most lovely head and expression to die for,
everything in the right place and an easy sound mover. Just losing her topline a little
standing but otherwise she stole my heart. A young lady I would love to have in my

3. Edwards’ Sengalas Leading Lady Of Roxilyn. Completed a trio of real quality
bitches. Brown very feminine young lady, good head, really lovely front assembly,
good length and ribbing, sound rear with lovely short hocks. Quality coat, beautifully
Open (23, 6)

1. Hudson’s Ch Hisnhers Diamond Lil. It’s so satisfying when you finally get the
opportunity to judge a bitch you have long admired and she doesn’t disappoint. This
dark slate has no exaggerations, she’s strongly made but very feminine, the perfect
size and nothing overdone. It is a long time since I’ve looked into such big dark eyes.
She has a lovely strong muzzle, well filled under the eyes, and a very good strong flat
backskull. Her front and rear angulation are in complete harmony, her length of back
just right and her topline excellent. Her coat just provides the perfect finishing touch
being of good quality and absolutely the right amount. She moves with great purpose
and style and enjoys being a show off, something which I consider essential. It was
her day and I was very pleased to award her the CC. Well done.

2. Green’s Ramberhay Moonlight ‘N’ Roses. A really pretty blue with a strong but
feminine head and gorgeous eye and expression, very well balanced, correct length to
height. Lovely size young lady who moved beautifully with ease and grace. Super

3. Baker’s Ch Malandex Xquisit. Brown with the most lovely head, eye colour and
expression, good neck, shoulders and length of back, really lovely well angled
hindquarters. Her coat is of excellent texture and beautifully presented. Another one
of my favourite girls, I was disappointed that today she was losing her topline a bit
and although sound was somewhat lethargic on the move.

Good Citizen Dog Scheme B (10, 2)

1. Jamieson’s Carousella Honour An Angel. Slate. Pretty head, good length of body,
in good coat which was well presented. Moved soundly.

2. Sabin’s Ch Ardensax Angelina. Dark slate of lovely type. I liked her size,
particularly good pigment, very easy mover. Presentation could have been better.

3. Woolley’s Pipadene Pastel Portrait At Aratika. Slate, lovely head and super
expression, in very good coat, nice type.

Marian Appleby (judge)

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