Scoutmaster Conference Checklist by yy7n5Fy


									                           Troop 141
                Scoutmaster Conference Checklist


 Date:__________________ Patrol: _______________

 Rank for Scoutmaster Conference:________________

Before a scout can participate in a Scoutmaster Conference the
following items must be completed. When all items have been
approved and signed this form should be given to the Scoutmaster
and a request should be made for a Scoutmaster Conference. Scout
Handbook is required at Scoutmaster Conference and Board of

1. Advancement and Records Chairperson, Kelly Quezada, Scout
   has completed all requirements for advancement.

 Approved by __________________________ Date ____________

2. Outings Chairperson, Joe Maez , Scout has paid all fees owed.

  Approved by __________________________ Date ____________

3. Dues and Attendance Chairperson, Mario Quezada, Scout is
   current in all attendance and Dues.

  Approved by __________________________ Date ____________

4. Scoutmaster Conference, Mr. Louis Funaro

  Completed _________________________ Date _____________

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