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                                                                                                      Oct/Nov 2010

             The official newsletter of the Zen Eikoku Tomiki Aikido Renmei
Editor:                                  ZETAR Instructors Course                        Senta Yamada Shihan
Shaun Hoddy                              Zen Eikoku Tomiki Aikido Renmei is        It is with deep sadness and regret to
                                         hosted a free course for ZETAR            announce the passing of, Senta
Mailing Address:                         instructors. This course looked in        Yamada Sensei, who died at 5pm on
Zen Eikoku Tomiki Aikido                 depth at ma ai and kuzushi of the         the 8th August 2010, after battling
Renmei (BASAA)                           Randori no kata. We were very pleased     with Pancreatic Cancer. His daughter,
C/o 49 Arundel Road,                     with the attendance. Keith Mc Lean of     Tomiko, was at his bedside, lovingly
Benfleet, Essex, SS74EE                  Tallaght Aikido club Dublin was in        nursing him throughout his illness. He
Tel 07709044545                          attendance. Tallaght Aikido club is now   was 86 years old. Yamada Sensei was
Content:                                 a full member of ZETAR.                   scheduled to teach at the Shoshinkan
                                            ZETAR National Grading                 Dojo June 2009 but had to pull out
                                                                                   due to illness. Yamada Sensei
-ZETAR Newsletter                        The Zen Eikoku Tomiki Aikido Renmei
-Tadayuki Satoh                                                                    introduced Tomiki Aikido in the UK in
                                         hosted a national grading at Waterside    1959 whilst he was a resident judo
-ZETAR Instructors Course
                                         Farm Sports Centre, Canvey Island,        instructor at the London Judo Society.
-ZETAR National Grading
-South of the River Seminar              Essex. Saturday 10th July.                 Rising Dawn Seminar Ireland
-Rising Dawn Seminar Ireland             Gowaryu members Jim Depmster was          Tallaght Tomiki Aikido organised and
Events:                                  promoted to Sandan and Lis Jepsen to      hosted the first Zen Eikoku Tomiki
-9th International Tournament            Shodan.                                   Aikido Renmei course in the Repubic of
                                         Congratulations to Jim & Lis as they      Ireland. The attendance was fantastic
 News                                    also got married this Summer.             with most of the Tomiki based Aikido
                                         South of the River Seminar                clubs both north and south in
       ZETAR Newsletter                                                            attendance. Mark Cheevers has
                                         The Zen Eikoku Tomiki Aikido
This year has been a very busy for                                                 produced some fantastic photographs
                                         Renmei held its annual summer
me. I have been studying for various                                               of this event, these can be viewed at
                                         school at the Saga Pavilion
qualifications for my job. This has                                      
                                         Folkestone Kent. 17th & 18th July
encroached on my time so hence the                                                 Many thanks go out to Tallaght Aikido
                                         The Saga Pavilion is set in award
lack of the ZETAR Newsletter.                                                      Club.
                                         winning gardens and overlooks the
Although ZETAR information has
                                         English Channel and is a fantastic
been posted on the association
                                         setting for teaching Budo.
                                         The instructors for this summer
        Tadayuki Satoh                   school or better known as the South
Zetar members supported the              of the River Seminar were Shaun
Tadayuki Satoh seminar organised by      Hoddy 6th Dan Tomiki Aikido,
Tony Russell Ward of the ETAF.           Greg Barton 5th Dan Tomiki Aikido,
Satoh Shihan holds the rank of 6th Dan   Jim Dempster 3rd Dan Tomiki
Aikido JAA, 5th Dan Judo Kodokan and     Aikido, Julian Goldsmith 3rd Dan UK
is Shihan to Waseda University.          Shimwakai and Mark Hayes Watkins           Events
Tony Russell Ward is responsible for     Daito Ryu.
organising many courses with senior                                                9th International Aikido Tournament
                                         Many thanks go out to Gowaryu
Japanese instructors over the last few                                             9th International Aikido Tournament &
                                         Aikido Club for arranging this
years. Through these courses Tony has    fantastic seminar.                        Festival - London 2011
made a big contribution to European                                                Hosted by British Aikido Association
Tomiki Aikido.                                                                     Venue
                                                                                   University Brunel Sports Complex
                                                                                   University Brunel, Kingston Lane,
                                                                                   Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 3PH
                                                                                   Thursday 11th August 2011 to Sunday
                                                                                   14th August 2011


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