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									                                Save Big This Fall
                               With These Exclusive
                                Offers From Cintas
  80843- Three Seasons                                                This tough 100% nylon shell jacket
Jacket. Originally $37.50--                                           offers outstanding protection from
                                                                      autumn through spring. Includes full
 SEPTEMBER SPECIAL                                                    polyester fleece lining and quilted
       $29.99*                                                        sleeve lining.
  (SAVE OVER $7.50)

  69819- 1/4 Zip Fleece                                               Soft and comfortable this fleece has
   Pullover. Originally                                               a relaxed, 1/4 zip collar with a
         $24.75--                                                     contrasting trim for a distinctive
                                                                      appearance and two handy side
 SEPTEMBER SPECIAL                                                    pockets. Elastic waistband and cuffs
       $19.75*                                                        assure a comfortable fit. 100%
      (SAVE $5).                                                      polyester fleece.

  80558- Nylon Hooded                                                 A water-resistant 100% nylon shell
Jacket. Originally $29.99--                                           jacket that's long on features. This
                                                                      comfortable 100% cotton fleece-
 SEPTEMBER SPECIAL                                                    lined hooded jacket comes featured
       $24.99*                                                        with an elastic draw cord waistband
      (SAVE $5)                                                       and hood with toggles, elastic cuffs
                                                                      and zippered front slash pockets.
                                                                      With double needle stitching at the
                                                                      arms, this jacket is built tough!

                   EMBROIDERED FREE OF CHARGE.
     To order log on to          For additional information about the     *Please add $1.95 For sizes 2XL and
Enter AAAAUTOMOTIVE in           e-store contact Cintas National         larger. Sale price will be given once
 the MyCintas ID. Click on      Program Manager, Brad Dew at          items are added to shopping cart. Offer
                                                                            valid from September 1, 2008-
   AAA Clubs and enter         513-701-2081, or AAA Automotive
                                                                        September 30, 2008 on orders placed
password: 3digit club # (sp)   Account Executive, Chantay Tarver             through AAA/ Cintas E-Store.
   AAAW. Example 999                    at 407-444-4255.
 AAAW to begin shopping.

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