The History of First Baptist Church by yaohongm


									                    The History of First Baptist Church
 "One generation shall praise thy works to another and shall declare thy might acts" Psalm
The Eighth and Elm Streets Baptist Church was organized in 1865 with 55 members in a
little building at Eighth and Jersey. In the same year the church became a member of
the Woodriver Baptist District Association. The first name of record in Woodriver was
"Third Baptist" or "The Colored Baptist Church of Quincy" By 1866 the record indicates
the name of the church to be the "Jersey Street Baptist Church. In 1886 the church
later moved to the present site becoming the Eighth & Elm Street Baptist Church. Later
in 1929 the name was changed to First Baptist Church. The church is currently
registered with the Department of Historic Preservation.

The first record of pastorate was that of Rev. R. N. Duling, the first superintendent of the
Sunday School was T. F. Keys. Rev. Duling was succeeded by Rev. Mosely. Later
Rev. Duling then returned for another three years. During this pastorate he married the
late Mrs. Louis Fletcher. Rev. Duling was then succeeded by Rev. J. W. Muse.

The Rev. Jordan Chavis was the next pastor. The Married Ladies Club and the Busy
Bee Sewing Circle were organized under his administration. While both these clubs
have ceased to function, their works will live on in the hearts of the older residents of

Later Rev. Bowman, Rev. Washington, and Rev. F. T. Walker served short terms. We
remember Rev. Walker as he returned to Quincy from time to time. He married Mrs.
Carrie Sykes. He passed in 1948 and Mrs. Sykes Walker passed in March of the year

Rev. T. L. Smith served form 1905 to 1917 passing on Easter Sunday. He was the
father of the late John L. Smith, a Quincy interior decorator. Rev. Smith was interested
in young people as the church of tomorrow, and was also a challenger of Civil Rights. At
the time of his death he was serving as Vice President of the

Quincy Ministerial Alliance which turned out in a body at his funeral. Rev. Smith was
known to buy books and assist young people in their schooling regardless of their
denomination. The church was cleared of indebtedness under Rev. Smith who made
provisions that "Eight and Elm should never again be mortgaged". During Rev. Smith's
administration, the men of the church were very active. We cannot forget such men as
Rush Berry, Aaron Brown, Charlie Foster, Robert Humphrey, and many other who
provided wholesome Sunday afternoon entertainment for both young and old. Mrs.
Louise Fletcher was the organizer of the T. L. Smith Missionary Society, serving as its
president until she became too feeble to serve.
After the death of Rev. Smith, Rev. S. M. Duke came from the state of Mississippi and
served two years (1917 to 1919).

Rev. B. N. Murrell came in 1919 remaining ten years, to 1929. many of our efficient
workers of today are products or Rev. Murrell's scholarly and businesslike
administration. The parsonage at 811 North Eighth was purchased at a cost of $3,260
which was paid in six months and a $6,000 building fund drive was launched under
which the church was remodeled and hence became known as First Baptist Church.
During the time of remodeling, Union Baptist was without a pastor and we worshipped
with them, they furnished the church and we furnished the pastor. Each church or
congregation handled its own congregational business. Through his influence the
number of Negro property owners had greatly increased when he resigned in 19239 to
pastor in Terre Haute, Indiana, the home of his aged mother.

On recommendation of Rev. Murrell, Rev. G. C. Mason became the next pastor of the
church from 1929 to his death in 1937. Rev. Mason, too, was a scholar providing eight
more years of training. Rev. Mason came to us as instructor from Jackson College,
Jackson, Mississippi, and his interest in training workers continued. The Sunday School
Teachers' Training Class, taught by the late Miss Anna Smith, was very efficient, the
benefits of which are still prevalent in the church. Rev. Mason laid stress on the prayer
meeting, often having an attendance of between 50 and 75 adults. Each Sunday he
listed the names of leaders of the prayer service in the bulletin which was known as the
“Voice of First Baptist Church.” Through the influence, training, and encouragement of
Rev. and Mrs. Mason, First Baptist Church held an enviable position in the Association
and Conventions.

The emergency fund now known as the consecrated offering was originated by the late
S. C. Fields during Rev. Mason's administration. This fund proved a blessing in more
than one emergency. Realizing the effects of age creeping upon him Rev. Mason
shrewdly avoided many of the heavier burdens that confronted him by appointing the
late Bro. J. B. Harris as Business Manager. Brother Harris loved his church next to his
home, and amid criticisms and rebuffs, went to the front whenever the welfare of his
church was concerned. This being an unusual office in a Baptist Church, it was
terminated soon after the passing of Rev. Mason and Brother Harris' interest in the
affairs of his church continued as chairman of the Trustee Board until his death January
31, 1953.

Following the death of Rev. Mason in 1937, Rev. Antonio M. Smith came from Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, in May 1937 and remained two years until 1939. He put out a very unique
bulletin which carried a cut of himself and the church. During his pastorate he and his
wife brought forth a beautiful daughter, our former church clerk, Mrs. Carita Robinson.
Rev. Smith was a dynamic speaker and was known as a singing evangelist. Under his
administration many fine programs were sponsored, with the assistance of his talented

Rev. Smith was called to Sioux City, Iowa, and in January 1940 Rev. W. R. Payne and
family came to us from Chicago. Pastor Payne's wife was a wonderful gospel singer and
was accepted by the community. Through her spiritual efforts, we gained an incentive
for better worship 1939-1940.
In February 1943, during Rev. Johnston's administration the late Brother George
Washington, Sr., then Superintendent of the Sunday School organized the Sunday
School Orchestra then known as the Melody Makers. He was ably assisted by Mrs.
Clyde Johnson and in a short time no program was complete without selections from the
First Baptist Sunday School Orchestra. Through the skills and patience of Mrs. Clyde
(Winona) Johnson, the orchestra was a credit to the church from 1943 to 1960.

Under Rev. T. A. Johnston, on June 27, 1943, the church was happy to stage its
mortgage burning ceremony, with Mrs. (L. D.) Joan Pearl serving as chairperson; which
again lifted the indebtedness of the church.

Rev. Johnston passed October 1949, and in June 1950, Rev. David Patton came from
Fort Madison, Iowa remaining until January 1953. He brought the church to a great
spiritual understanding.

On June 21, 1953, Rev. Eugene Williams of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, came to fill the
pulpit. This was the prayers and desires of the congregation to have a young Pastor.
He and his wife and children moved into the parsonage, community and into our hearts.
The parsonage was redecorated. His family was very active in the church Sunday
School and choir. Sis. Williams was a great teacher and very active in the choir.

Rev. Williams had the Ladder Drive which was a financial success, a result of which our
church was redecorated. Rev. Williams is a gifted speaker, capable of representing God
and the First Baptist Church at anytime. He organized the Boys of the church into the
Junior Church and the young women in the Model Club. In April 1, 1956, he resigned to
accept a charge in Champaign, Illinois.

On August 1, 1956, the invitation was extended to Rev. Albert T. Rowan, with residence
in Kansas City and Pastoring in Brunswick, Missouri. The parsonage was redecorated.
Rev. Rowan was an inspiration to the youth of our community, being a young man
himself and interested in the young people. He organized the Wimodausis Club, Junior
and Angel Choirs, strengthened the Deacon and Trustee Boards, organized the Men's
Brotherhood, and Adult Royalty Club. He was followed by Rev. J. W. Bailey for a short
period of time.

Rev. George Mann accepted the call to become pastor of the First Baptist Church of
Quincy, Illinois, on September 12, 1962. At that time he was pastor of the Hopewell
Baptist Church in Wentzville, Mo. An upholsterer by trade, he taught upholstering at
Missouri Valley Trade School, and at the Goodwill Industry for the Handicapped in St.
Louis. He was president of the Airport Upholstering Company of Hazelwood, Mo.,
where the family lived. He was also president of the Scudder School District of St. Louis
County for 9 years. During that time, two schools were desegregated.

Rev. Mann studied at the Extension School in St. Louis of the Western Bible Seminary
which is located in Kansas City, Mo. He had formerly pastored at the following
churches: First Baptist Church, Elmwood Park, Mo.; Second Baptist Church, Huntsville,
Mo.; and Hopewell Baptist Church, Wentzville, Mo.
Rev. Mann, his wife and six daughters, Shirley, Georgetta, Carol, Brenda, Deborah and
Alicia, moved to Quincy on Saturday, September 29, 1962. Their oldest daughter, Mrs.
George (Barbara) Moore and husband of St. Louis, assisted them in moving. When
Rev. Mann came to us, the church was in need to grow both spiritually and financially.
The Building Fund Planning Committee was formed, and under them and the official
board and the pastor's guidance, the church sanctuary was successfully redecorated,
the choir stands enlarged, the front inside stairways revamped, and a fire escape added
at the back of the church. The expenses for redecoration was $1500, which was paid for
in three months' time. An outside bulletin board was purchased and erected through the
efforts of Sister Donald Sprague and Brother Cecil Mallory.

When the parade was held on April 20, 1963, in observance of Quincy being chosen an
All American City, First Baptist Church had a float in the parade. Rev. Mann was active
in the Quincy Ministerial Alliance, the Tri-State Ministerial Alliance, and the (Quincy)
Christian Business Men's Association. He was also elected president of the National
Association for the Advancement of Colored People. He was instrumental in securing
better employment opportunities for the Negro including postal service and clerks in the
department stores and banks and state jobs. Sister Mann worked with the United
Church Women, which is the women's division of the Quincy Council of Churches, with
which our church is affiliated. She was a member of the Senior Choir and assisted the
T. L. Smith Mission Circle and was president of the Wimodausis Club.

Under the leadership of Rev. Mann, the church worked harmoniously together. As he
would often say, "We must love one another, so let us lay aside every weight and run
with patience the race that is set before us."

The church did grow spiritually and financially. The Gospel Chorus was organized and
there were 59 additions to the church -- 37 by Baptism, 8 by Letter, and 13 by Christian

The First Baptist Church is moving onward and upward, and is truly the Friendly Church
at 8th and Elm Streets in Quincy, Illinois.

With the death of Rev. George Mann, June 3, 1978, the pulpit was again vacant until
Rev. John Arnold was called to First Baptist on November 5, 1978. Moving to Quincy
with his wife Ann and four children from Louisville, Kentucky, Rev. Arnold came to First
Baptist with many new ideas. Under his pastorate, the following organizations were
formed: The Evangelism Team, Social Concerns Committee, Faith Unlimited Choir and
the B. T. U. was revived. Brother Alvin Simpson and Brother Donald Osborne were
ordained as Deacons.

Rev. Arnold knew and taught the Bible well. Sunday evenings at 6:00 P.M. was B.T.U.
(Baptist Training). The class was later taught by Deacon George Moss.

With the departure of Rev. John Arnold in late June of 1980, the pulpit was again left
vacant. We were very blessed to have during this interim period, the service of Rev.
Albert Cartmill Sr. We will always remember his dedication, in conjunction with the
Official Board under the leadership and guidance of Chairman Brother LeRoy Johnson.
Rev. Cartmill, one of our faithful Timothies, is presently pastoring the Second Baptist
Church in Monroe City, Mo.
Rev. Andrew J. Latchison accepted the call to the First Baptist Church in March of 1982.
Accompanied by his wife Dorcas and two daughters, Eschell and Nakita. Rev. Latchison
moved to Quincy from St. Louis, Missouri where he had been a teacher in the school
system. While here they also had a son, Andrew Jr.

Under the pastorate of Rev. Latchison, Rev. Albert Cartmill, who served as Chairman of
the Deacon Board for many years was ordained as a minister and at the same service,
Brother George Moss was ordained as a Deacon. Later on during Rev. Latchison's
pastorate, Brother Gaylon Davis was ordained as a Deacon.

financial constraints); new office chairs were secured for both offices and a new rear
door was purchased at the parsonage.

Some of our spiritual highlights include Bro. Keith Young preaching his first sermon in
July, our ministry is now studying a central subject per quarter, weekly bringing Bible
Study, Sunday School and Sunday mornings into one subject for each week. Our
church rejoiced as Bro. Maurice Silas was elected a trustee of the church and Bro. Dave
Wallace was appointed a Deacon in training and Min. Terrance Holder was accepted as
our Youth Pastor. God has blessed this ministry to have 9 born and baptized into the
family of God, 18 have united with the “First Family” by Christian Experience. Some 194
have come forward for prayer, testimony of healing and spiritual blessings, 12 personal
rededications and 2 baby dedications! Our VBS ministered to 122 children and
culminated with 150 at our carnival.

Our mission has included our Junior Missionaries making 12 health care kits that will be
sent overseas through Church Women united; our Parish Nursing Ministry hosted a
successful health fair, a friendly seat-belt check and presented several seminars
throughout the year including prostrate cancer, female issues, cardiovascular (heart)
issues and much more.

Our outreach has included: continued support for various para-church ministries such as
Promise Keepers, WTJR, WCGA and Helps Ministries. We were blessed to complete
our $10,000.00 donation to Walter Hammond Daycare Building, We have assisted the
community basketball league, we sponsored 14 youth to a gospel play in St. Louis and
our Women’s ministry worked with Women’s Aglow providing clothes, school supplies,
haircuts and stylings by local hair professionals and helpers, food and fun to some 150
youth of the community as they prepared for school.

Though it seemed we did so little it has been an exciting year in the “First Family”. The
good news is God has so much more in store. As we prepare ourselves to “Take the
Land” and march to victory with Vision Beyond 2000, we shall accomplish the goal of
winning lost souls to Christ and becoming a brighter light in the darkness of our world!

Our building upstairs and down was greatly renovated with the help of the Official Board
and Renovation Committee. The Sanctuary was painted, with new light fixtures added,
new heating and air-conditioning were installed, new lights downstairs and new doors
leading into the sanctuary.
 A new offering table was donated by Brother Herbert Hawkins in memory of his mother,
Mrs. Naomi Shaw. A new pulpit cover was donated by the Faith Unlimited Choir. A new
P.A. system was obtained through the donations of various members. A new piano and
organ were purchased and the Music Club paid for 1/3 of the cost and the congregation
paid the balance of the cost. A van was purchased for the church and wall fans were
installed for the sanctuary. After 40 or more years of dedicated service, Brother LeRoy
Johnson Jr. resigned as Official

Board Chairman. A well-attended banquet was held in his honor at the Holiday Inn.

In our period of time without a Pastor, the late Mr. Wilbert Hammond donated the
building across the street from the church which was razed and made into a parking lot.

During the 15 months the pulpit was vacant, the Lord truly taught us how to love, forgive
and work together. Changes were made, the Official Board was strengthened and with
the help of the Holy Spirit -- the church was revived again. God prepared us to receive
his Shepherd, Rev. Orville B. Jones Jr.

In February of 1986, the Rev. H. L. McClendon, moderator of the Wood River District,
was called upon to fill our vacant pulpit. The Rev. Orville B. Jones, Jr., was sent to us.
He traveled back and forth from Decatur, Illinois to fill the pulpit each Sunday. On
September 7, 1986, he was selected as Pastor of this church.

Through his leadership and guidance of our Board Chairman, Brother Richard
Thompson, our church and our parsonage was renovated. The main entrance of the
church with ramp had been renovated. Flood lights at the main entrance, lighting at the
rear and two storm doors on the back entrance and office were installed. We were also
blessed with a new sidewalk on the side of the building.

The front lawn was re-seeded and that helped beautify the "new" look of the front
entrance of the church. The windows, the exterior woodwork, in the lecture room was
painted. The interior door to the church secretary's office was adjusted to have the
bottom half closed and the top half opened to take care of church business. A new
typewriter, copier and file cabinets were purchased. The Finance Committee purchased
new tables and chairs for the Lecture Room.

To better winterize the building, special Plexiglas storm windows were installed to every
window. Beautiful stained glass window panes replace the cracked and broken ones.
Outside hand railings were installed on each side of the steps leading to the church
office. A vacant lot across the street from out church on 8th street was donated to us by
Brother William Sanders.

The church parsonage also received some renovation; interior work included installing
new handrails for the stairs to the second floor, new ceiling in the upstairs patio room
and new bathroom floor. A new roof on the parsonage and a new doorbell was installed.
New carpet was also installed in the parsonage in the spring of 1990.
In 1989, the church was tuck-pointed which completed the first part of Phase II of our
renovation project. Some of our spiritual accomplishments include: 6 rededications, 10
requests of prayer for anointing of the Holy Spirit, 3 children were dedicated to the Lord,
2 couples counseled and married, 15 had been healed from sickness, 12 members
united with this church through Christian Experience and 78 members came forward for
special prayer request.

Under the pastorate of Rev. Jones, Brother Lindell Robbins was appointed as a Deacon-
in-Training and later ordained as a Deacon on May 5, 1988 and licensed to preach July
9, 1989. Rev. Mark Latchison was licensed to preach June 5, 1988.

Among the ministers ordained by the church were:

Rev. William Conn
Rev. L. D. Pearl
Rev. William Peterson
Rev. Jordon Tutt
Rev. Donald Clay
WTJR-TV; WGCA-FM; Promise Keepers (Local Task Force); Church Women United
and HELPS Ministries. Our commitment to our children continues through our support of
Walter Hammond Daycare, awarding 6 new college students Scholarship moneys and
assisting a fallen pastor's family keep their family home. God blessed us by opening
doors to pay off our lower level renovation through dividends while maintaining our
principal investment!

Most importantly, our ministry has been blessed this year seeing 11 souls accepting
Jesus Christ and baptized; 14 have united with the First Family by Christian Experience,
11 rededications and 23 have completed our New Members Orientation Class. 1 has
gone on the be with the Lord, 2 Babies were dedicated and 2 came under watchcare!

Our ministry remains active with the Woodriver Baptist District Association, where pastor
serves as Recording Secretary, Baptist State General Convention of IL; Baptist State
General Congress of Christian Education. We began of affiliation with our National
Congress of Christian Education in Houston TX and Bro. Richard Thompson attended
the Promise Keepers "Stand in the Gap" (a historic call of over a million men and their
families to prayer in Washington DC)!

Pastor Jones has shared with us Vision Beyond 2000! With the help of God, we can and
will reach the goals of this great vision including building new structures, including
classrooms, gymnasium, new housing, employment program, an academy and more!
Lets march to victory with Vision Beyond 2000!!!

Reflections serve to remind us of God's presence in the richness of our heritage and
develop a stronger relationship with Him as we approach the tasks which lie ahead. Let
us preach, teach and reach as dying men and women to a dying world, life through
Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!!!
God’s mighty hand has blessed us in the 97-98 year. Our first project was planning our
pictorial directory for the church, we have just completed our family portraits. Some of
the highlights of the year include: acquiring additional property for parking to the east of
our current lot; saving $500.00 per week for our Education building, (this was temporarily
discontinued while we dealt with pressing
a new refrigerator, refurbished bathroom, with a new tub surround and fixtures.

Spiritual blessings of the Lord include: 14 Baptisms, 8 new members by Christian
Experience 2 under watchcare and several reinstatements, 135 Praise Reports including
healing of eyes; knees; back problems and cancer! We also had 2 weddings and 4
babies blessed.

Dedications and celebrated 5 homegoings. Bro. Terrance Holder was licensed to the
Gospel Ministry on Sept 8th.

An Ecumenical Pulpit Exchange was held, we welcomed Rev. Gary Livesay from
Chaddock as Pastor Jones went to Grace Methodist. First Baptist hosted the Promise
Keepers program and Woodriver Baptist District Board Meeting. We sponsored 8 Men
to the Chicago Promise Keepers Conference. Additionally the church sent Pastor Jones
to Atlanta for the P. K. Pastor's Conference. First Baptist began the Christian Men's
Basketball League under the direction of Bro. Maurice Silas which included 13 teams
from churches throughout the community. First also pledged $10,000.00 towards the
Frederick Ball Daycare Center's new building project. We realize the measure we give is
the measure we receive!

As we celebrate these 131 years of history and service to the Quincy community we
remain aware of the grave responsibility of church and the holiness to which our heritage
calls. We must strengthen our hands for the continued work that is before us and begin
rebuilding our brokenness through offering Christ as savior, the Bible as a map,
education through scholarships and class offerings, revivals and seminars for Christian
growth, direct and indirect services to the community and development of the vision of
the Boys to Men mentoring program and building a strong comprehensive youth
program! History now is ours to write. Let us strengthen our hands for this good work!

1996-97 has been a blessed year. We believe that God sends blessings to us that He
may be a blessing through us. Moreover faith suggests that belief must become action.
To this end FBC has reactivated our Women's Ministry and developed a small Men's
Group that meets weekly. We have endeavored to support the ministry of Christ through
various para church ministries:
Rev. Donald Sprague
Rev. Albert Cartmill
Rev. Lindell Robbins

The Mass choir purchased new choir robes. The pastor and Official Board developed a
new policy manual to clarify church guidelines for the Support Ministries and
congregation using the church by-laws as their guide. A new elevette was installed to
assist our elder members in reaching the sanctuary in an easier fashion. Additional
renovations were started at the parsonage. A retainer wall was built for property across
the street to prevent further erosion of the neighbors' foundation to their house.
During the year from October 24, 1992 through October 24, 1993, the Pastor and Official
Board initiated the following activities at the First Baptist Church. A scholarship fund
was established to assist those students going through higher education who might need
financial help. A new baptismal pool and cover was installed in place of the old pool in
the lower lecture room. This was truly a spiritual blessing! We were also blessed to
purchase a new 15 passenger 1994 Dodge van for the church. Pastor Jones
established our Holiness in our Heritage Lecture series. This annual series is held in
February to reinforce our place theologically and challenge us socially. Some of the
Lecturers include Dr. Maurice Tate of Univ. of Nebraska, Moderator P. W. Harris and
Rev. Mac Authur Pendleton.

The church parsonage was remodeled in the following manner. The bath was
refurbished with waterproof paneling and a new vent fan. The small sun porch upstairs
was made into a small bedroom. Windows were removed, new paneling put inside and
exterior paneling put outside to match existing panels, additional new bedroom furniture
was purchased for the Pastor's children. Additional clothes space was built in the
bedroom areas. The downstairs front living room was enlarged to provide additional
space. A new ceiling was installed with light fixtures, made a foyer entrance, installed
additional new carpet, added new mailbox and doorbell, new front storm door and two
entrance doors. A new kitchen range and range hood was installed along with a new
metal basement door.

The lower lecture room had five new ceiling fans installed to assist better flow of air
during heating and cooling seasons. New vertical blinds were added to all lower level
windows and new outside metal doors were installed in the kitchen and lower office.

The sanctuary was repainted, new pew cushions were added for more comfort and
additional new Bibles and hymnals were purchased and placed in the new pew racks.

Several incidental repairs were necessary to maintain the church and parsonage other
than those mentioned above.

Under Pastor's leadership in cooperation with Woodriver Baptist District Association, we
have established a Church Institute. The dean of our district has taught leadership
training courses for the officers and leaders of our ministry.

As the Holy Ghost moved in 1994-95, 24 people accepted Jesus Christ as their personal
Savior through baptism; Christian experience; letter; restoration or Watchcare. 70
people came forward with praise testimonies and /or prayer requests. There were 5
weddings during the year and 2 baby blessings!

Ordinary people of extraordinary faith can accomplish wondrous things for the Lord
through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. During the year we have developed the
following ministries:

Letter Writing Ministry- Various families of the congregation are dedicated in sharing
inspirational literature to men and women incarcerated or shut - in.
Parish Nursing Program- Organized in September 1995 consisting of credentialed
nurses and medical personnel providing blood pressure, glucose and breast exams in
conjunction with the Dept. of Health. They will also offer future educational classes on
health, possible flu shots and various exams and physicals with the assistance of a
physician in addiction to ministering to the congregation.

Revitalizing the Prison Ministry- We have begun taking volunteer members of the
congregation to the prisons to share in person the ministry of Jesus Christ.
Food Pantry- We have stocked a food pantry for the needs of the indigent and

Boys to Men- A vision of our pastor of utilizing the adult men of the church mentoring
and sharing with young men. Future goals include developing "Rites of Passage"; trips
to the Boys to Men Convention and the formalization of the mentoring process. We are
still in need of good men to donate time to help a boy! Boys to Men have been active in
the "Promise Keepers" ministry as well.

Blessed to be a Blessing- Each 1st Sunday, 3 members of our congregation are
selected to receive a certificate of recognition and thanks for being a blessing. The
selection is made by a committee by way of nominations from the congregation.

This year our pastor was the recipient of the "Key to the City of Quincy, IL" presented by
the honorable Charles Scholz, mayor, on the occasion of pastor's 9th appreciation.

June 25, at 5:00 Our hearts were filled with joy as we heard the first sermon from our
own, Min. Craig Simpson. From the text of 2Cor. 5.17, he ministered "Reconciled unto
Righteousness" and was licensed to the Gospel Ministry.

This September was Sunday School Month at First. We emphasized the need and
concentrated on the growth of the Sunday School. Seeing the need of learning the
Word of God, we presented all of the new members of the school with new NIV Bibles.

The church also presented Bibles to all of our high school and college grads at a dinner
with their families in their honor.

The year of 1995-96 has been a victorious year! God has blessed us with many
accomplishments both spiritually and physically, some include: The complete renovation
of our lower level consisting of class room partitions, new carpeting, complete
refurbishing of the kitchen, handicap assessable women's rest room, 3 new heat/ac units
and enclosures, purchased 2 lots to the west of the church 7th & Elm, tuck pointing and
repainting of building. Parsonage renovations include complete renovation of the
kitchen, purchased

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