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					                                                                               February 2011

   INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                Menu
                                                   UPON ARRIVAL
    Featured Club Event                       Prosecco and Crostone
       Valentine’s Day                       with Prosciutto di Parma
                                             and Avocado Carpaccio
       Monday, February 14                             PASTA
                                           Pappardelle with Duck Ragu
    M O N T H LY C L U B E V E N T S        and Cream of Parmiggiano

Bridge Lunch               Feb. 9
                                                Brodetto Di Pesce
Sunday Jazz Brunch        Feb. 13              with Garlic Croutons
Bridge Dinner             Feb. 23
Seafood Extravaganza      Feb. 25                      SALAD
Ladies Night Out Every Wednesday              Watercress and Orange

        Downtown Events
                                                Chilled Limoncello
Cirque du Solei:          Feb. 23-26                HIGH POINT
  @ BOK                                  Petit cut Angus Filet on Canellini
Tulsa Ballet:               Feb. 4,5   Bean Puree and Florida Scampis with
  Taming of the Shrew @ PAC            Brown Butter Shallot and Garlic Sauce
Tulsa Opera:              Feb. 19.25
  Don Giovanni @ PAC                                  DESSERT
                                                 Cupid Pastries
    WELCOME NEW MEMBERS                         Cakes and Pies
                                            Strawberries and Cream
                                       Bananas Foster and Chocolate Sauce
               Sunday, February 13                                 Friday, February 25
                   11am–1:30pm                                         6:30–10pm
              Penthouse – 32nd Floor                    Ballroom – 30th Floor • $65.00 per person
                  $30.00 per person                          Reservations Please 918-582-5243
           Children 12 and under $15.00
          Reservations Please 918-582-5243                    COLD APPETIZERS AND SALADS
                                                       House Cured Gravlox with Herbed Creamed Cheese,
                                                       Capers, Red Onions, Fingerling Potatoes and Grilled
           Jazz Music by Donald Ryan Trio
                                                                   Grilled Oyster Mushrooms
                 SALADS AND SUCH
                                                       Salad of Lima Beans, Smoked Squid, Prosciutto and
     Iceberg Wedges with Bleu Cheese Crumbles,                  Italian Sausage with Mustard Oil
    Lardons, Croutons and a Creamy Herb Dressing
       House Cured Salmon with Toasted Bagels          Winter Greens with Rocquefort Crumbles, Figs and
              and Chive Cream Cheese                     Sun-dried Cherries with Red Wine Vinaigrette

        Haricot Vert Salad with Basil Vinaigrette        French Green Beans (Haricot Verts) and Shallots
        Curried Spinach and Mushroom Salad                     in a Warm Lemon Thyme Dressing
                      BREAKFAST                                       HOT APPETIZERS
       Whole Wheat Waffles with all the Fixings                     Prepared in front of you
     Tortillas Espagnole – Spanish Style Omelettes          Flaming Garlic and Whisky Giant Prawns
       with Chorizo, Peas, Potatoes, Onions, etc
    French Toast Stuffed with Brie and served with a      Chicken Marengo with Roasted Acorn Squash
        warm Walnut and Banana Maple Syrup                          and Walnut Sage Pesto
         Smoked Bacon/Kielbasa with Onions
                                                         Tasmanian Steelhead Filet with Braised Fennel,
          Mushroom and Onion Cottage Fries                   Picholine Olives and Tomato Curcuss

                       ENTRÉES                               Oven Roasted Cold Water Lobster Tails
               Homemade Fried Chicken
                and Biscuits with Gravy                     Pacific Wahoo Loin Paillard with Cilantro,
    Steak and Eggs Sante Fe ~ Seared Sirloin topped            Ginger Soy and Hot Grapeseed Oil
          with Ranchero Sauce and Fried Egg
       Boubon Basted Grouper in a Butter Sauce                    THE CARVING STATION
            withBacon, Spinach and Tomato                        Kosher Salt Crusted Prime Rib
                                                                    Seasoned Loin of Pork
      Stuffed Cheese Canneloni in a Tomato Sauce
        finished with Mozzarella, Pecorino and
                      Fresh Basil                                STARCH AND VEGETABLES
                                                                   Classic Ratatouille Nicoise
             Asparagus with Hollandaise                               Boulangere Potatoes
          Roasted Carrots with Green Onions
                       CARVED                                          Summit Specialties
    Boneless Leg of Lamb served with Chimichurri                     Imported and Domestic
                                                                        Cheese Selections
               The Summit Pastry Table

    Wed., February 9th

  $18.00 per person • Reservations Please 918-582-5243
                                                          Become a Fan
  Butter Lettuce, Chicory and Mandarin Orange Salad
                                                                    of the Summit
               with Poppy Seed Dressing                                      on Facebook
       Bacon-wrapped Pork Tenderloin Grilled              and stay updated with the exciting renovations
       with Warm Slaw and Mustard Demiglaze               on the 31st Floor. Each week we will add new
                        Or                                pictures to show the progress and let you see
               Fresh Fish of the Day                      what to expect when we reopen!!
       French Crepes with Hazelnut Cream filling
                                                          Ever wonder what’s on the Menu for Lunch or
               and Warm Banana Sauce
                                                            Dinner in the Penthouse,
                                                                    we update the monthly menus
                                                                                 on facebook, under notes!!
                                                                                              Check it out.
                                                          To become a fan, just go to our web site at
    Wed., February 23th                                   and click on the facebook icon,
                                                                       it will take you right to The Summit.
                                                                                               It’s that easy!!
             5:30pm Cards – 7:30pm Dinner
  $20.00 per person • Reservations Please 918-582-5243

Heart of Palm Salad with Grapefruit, Avocado and Mache
             Greens with Citrus Vinaigrette

Herb Roasted Chicken Quarter on Spinach and Pinenuts
                with Sauce Caponata
                Fresh Fish of the Day

    Tarte Tatin with Raspberries and Sauce Anglaise
                                                            Member Mixer
                                                            and Sip a Spirit
                                                         Due to the Renovations
                                                            on the 31st floor
                                                          Member Mixers and
              Ladies Night Out
   Has been moved to every Wednesday night !                   Sip a Spirit
                  Penthouse                                will be postponed
  Complimentary Featured Drinks for the Ladies
                                                               until June.


                   Kathy and Jerry Barnes
                  Mr. Barnes is with Williams
      Proposed by Mr. Bryan Guderian and Mr. Ralph Hill
                Carla and Michael L. Covey Jr.
           Both are with Automated Mail Service
               Proposed by Mr. Frank X. Henke IV
                   Sue and David Halpern
                    Mr. Halpern is retired
              Mrs. Halpern is with JB 2000 LLC
                    Kathleen Ann Harris
            Ms. Harris is with LifeGuard America
Proposed by Mr. W. Lane Pennington and Mr. Frank McDonald                             JUNIOR
           Holbrook Lawson and Rick B. Holder                                 Becca and Eric D. Clower
      Mr. Holder is with Southwest United Industries                         Mr. Clower is with Nordam
           Ms. Lawson is with HCM Lawson, LLC                       Mrs. Clower is with Owasso Public Schools
             Proposed by Mr. Edward C. Lawson Jr.               Proposed by Mr. Carlos Flores and Mr. Stephen A. Wolff
                                •                                                           •
             Mary Jo and Benjamin W. Kimbro                                  Alexis L. and David Cohen
           Mr. Kimbro is with Tactible Electronics                 Mrs. Casady-Cohen is with Barrow & Grimm
       Proposed by Mr. G.T. Bynum and Mr. Kevin Doyle                                       •
                                •                                                Ethan Thomas Eitel
              Dinorah and Dr.Jonathan Levine                                   Mr. Eitel is in law school
Dr. Levine is with Warren Clinic, Mrs. Levine is with Glitter            Proposed by Curtis and Brenda Dinan
                 Proposed by Mrs. Molly Aspan                                               •
                                •                                              Keri and Spencer Fisher
              Dane and John Wesley Matthews                           Mr. Fisher is with Tulsa Gold and Gems
          Mr. Matthews is with Norman Supply Co.                    Mrs. Fisher is Meadowbrook Rehab Hospital
                Mrs. Matthews is with INCOG                               Proposed by Mr. Frank X. Henke IV
     Proposed by Mr. Greg Casillas and Mr. Alan Creekmore                                   •
                                •                                           Joey and Dr. Ryan E. Gursky
               Lisa and Dr. Timothy T. McCay                        Dr. Grusky is with Warren Orthopedic Inst.
      Dr. McCay is with Diagnostic Imaging Associates                     Proposed by Mr. Frank X. Henke IV
                Proposed by Dr. Thomas Harrison                                             •
                                •                                                 Steven L. Hacker
                  Vicki and Roger L. Mosier                               Mr. Hacker is with Harker Corp.
                 Mr. Mosier is with RCB Bank                                  Proposed by Mr. Clint Rhea
                                •                                                           •
        Dr. Kathleen S.and Dr. Douglas S. Pittman                               Ms. Suzanne E. Kern
        Dr. Pittman is with Douglas S. Pittman DDS                            Ms. Kern is with Hall Estill
          Dr. Pittman is with the Tulsa Health Dept.            Proposed by Mr. Stephen A. Wolff and Mrs. Molly Aspan
 Proposed by Mr. David A. Johnson and Ms. Tammie Maloney                                    •
                                •                                            Nizar and Anderle Khaled
            Melinda and Michael Scott Pohlenz                        Mr. Khaled is with Jackie Cooper Imports
           Both are with Pohlenz Cucine Moderne                    Mrs. Khaled is with Coatas Comm. Properties
               Proposed by Mr. Frank X. Henke IV                              Proposed by Mr. Jim Weger
                                •                                                           •
                   Vickie and Basil Roberts                                    Jen and Brandon Loyd
           Mr. Roberts is with Basil Roberts, L.L.C.                       Mr. Loyd is with CFR insurance
    Proposed by Mr. Donald F. Marlar and Mr. Robert Hidde                 Proposed by Mr. Michael McGiven
                                •                                                           •
                  Carrie and David W. Short                                 Renata and Arthur L. Paylor
            Mr. Short is with KSQ Architects, PC                         Mr. Paylor is with Shaw Industries
                Proposed by Mr. Alan Creekmore                                Proposed by Jack R. Rodden
                                •                                                           •
                     Gregory P. Williams                                      Natalie and Aaron Tracy
    Mr. Williams is with Greg Williams Law Office PLLC             Mr. Tracy is with Hogan Assessment Systems
                Proposed by Mr. Mitchell Garrett                             Proposed by Mr. R. Kip Leikam

In addition to our fabulous menus our chefs have select new items to spotlight.
Join us for lunch or dinner and experience this month’s features.
     Power Lunch
       Homemade Merguez Sausage on Cous Cous, Raisins, Almonds,
       Drizzled with a Smokey Tunisian Chile Sauce

     Dinner Special
       Oxtail over Fresh Semolina Pappardelle
       with a Cream of Fontina

     Dessert Special
      Italian Potato Cake

     Wine of the Month
      Gruet Brut Rose
        * The Gruet from New Mexico is a solid representative of this genre.
          Fresh, zesty, nicely textured with dried berry flavors, crisp and bright in the finish.

                         S AV E • T H E • D AT E

     Sunday            Monday           Tuesday   Wednesday             Thursday          Friday            Saturday
                                  1               2                 3                4                  5

      The Grill Lunch                                  Ladies                            Tulsa Ballet       Tulsa Ballet
                                                      Night Out
    Buffet will be held                               5:30–7:30pm
     on the 30th floor
    during renovations.

                                                                                                                           TEAR OUT HERE – PLACE ME ON YOUR FRIDGE
6                 7               8               9    Ladies       10               11                 12
    Club Closed                                       Night Out

                                                  Bridge Lunch
13 Sunday         14               15             16                17               18                 19
    Jazz Brunch    Valentine’s Day                     Ladies
    11am–1:30pm   Dinner & Dance                      Night Out                                         Tulsa Opera
                         7pm                      5:30pm–7:30pm

20                21              22              23 Ladies         24               25 Seafood         26
    Club Closed                                       Night Out                      Extravaganza
                                                  5:30pm–7:30pm                           6:30–10pm
                                                                          Cirque           Cirque             Cirque
                                                  Bridge Dinner
                                                  5:30pm – Cards         du Soleil        du Soleil          du Soleil
                                                  7:30pm – Dinner
                                                       du Soleil                         Tulsa Opera
27                28
Club Closed

                         Dining Reservations Are Always Recommended.
                                 Please Call Us At 918-582-5243

                                   BOK CENTER                                               TULSA BALLET
                                CIRQUE DU SOLEIL                                        TAMING OF THE SHREW
                               ALEGRIA at BOK Center                                      Tulsa Performing Arts
                                  February 23 – 26                                            February 4 – 5

                            Alegría is a Cirque du Soleil                     Shakespeare’s uproarious comedy about
                      classic and an internationally acclaimed                a fiery women and her arrogant suitor is
                       production that has entertained more                   told through masterful choreography by
                    than 10 million people worldwide since its                the legendary John Cranko. This critically
                   world premiere in Montreal in 1994. In May                 acclaimed production sheds a hysterical
                    2009, Alegría embarked on a new journey,                  light on the path to the couple’s stormy
                  performing the same mesmerizing production,                 relationship and the multiple bumps and
                   but now in arenas in North America, giving                 bruises along the way. Stunning scenery and
                  more people the opportunity to enjoy a Cirque               remarkable costumes bring the Elizabethan
                         du Soleil show in their own town.                    period to life for a side-spitting examination
Alegría is a Spanish word that means happiness, joy and jubilation and        of love and marriage.
features an international cast of 55 performers and musicians from 15
countries and showcases breathtaking acrobatics.

Tulsa Performing Arts
February 19, 25
                                                                                        Traditional business is welcome
About the Story… An enticing smile, a wink of the eye…                               in all areas of the Club. (Coat and Tie)
One look from him is all it takes. Don Giovanni is the
legendary lothario who loves and leaves women at a shocking                                          LUNCH
rate. Despite the warnings of his faithful servant, he refuses to                      Penthouse Main Dining Room
end his womanizing ways. And, tonight, his game turns deadly.                                 Business Casual
With this captivating music, you might just be the next to fall                           Coat with or without Tie
under his spell. Tulsa Opera reexamines Mozart’s monumental                                        NO JEANS
dark comedy – Don Giovanni- the Spanish legend of Don Juan,                     Penthouse Bar / Lounge • 31st Floor Grill
the world’s most notorious womanizer.                                                         Club Casual
                                                                                   No Coat, No Tie, Jeans Acceptable
About the Music... Don Giovanni is the second of the three
great operas Mozart wrote in collaboration with librettist                                          DINNER
Lorenzo Da Ponte. He subtitled it “Dramma Giocoso”, which                               Penthouse Bar & Dinning
means “a playful drama”. The opera is the most famous of                                       Club Casua
many tellings of the story of Don Juan, the eternal conqueror                        No Coat, No Tie, Jeans Acceptable
of women’s hearts. The opera’s power lies in the masterful jux-
taposition of comic and serious elements, which illuminate the                             Private Dining Rooms
many social, political and psychological aspects of the story. The                             Member’s Choice
score, which bears the stamp of genius in every measure, in-                              Approval of Management
cludes the famous duet “Là ci darem la mano”, Don Giovanni’s
heart-melting serenade, “Deh vieni alla finestra”, tour de force
                                                                         Ripped, soiled, stained, frayed, cut-off or see-through clothing,
arias for the two leading sopranos and the powerful scene in             T-shirt, cropped tops, tube tops, halter or bra type tops, cargo
which the statue comes to life, which was featured in the 1984               pants, shorts, camo or fatigue wear, sweats, work-out,
Academy Award winning film “Amadeus”.                                        spamdex or gym attire, athletic foorwear or flip flops.

           P.O. Box 2007
           Tulsa Oklahoma 74101

 The Summit                           THE PENTHOUSE AT THE SUMMIT
  Bank of America Center
  15 West Sixth Street                Main Dining Room
  Tulsa, OK 74119                                                    2010-2011 SUMMIT BOARD                SUMMIT STAFF
  (NE Corner of 6th & Boulder)        Lunch                          OFFICERS                              Walter Munaretto
                                                                      Jim Weger, President                  General Manager
  30th, 31st & 32nd Floors             Monday – Friday
                                                                      Eric Grimshaw, 1st Vice Pres.
                                                                      Frank X. Henke, IV, 2nd Vice Pres.
 Mailing Address:                                                                                          Ayman Malas
                                                                      Barbara Findeiss, Treasurer
  P.O. Box 2007                       Dinner                          Kelli Bailey, Secretary               Assistant General Manager
  Tulsa, OK 74101                      Monday – Saturday              David Littlefield, Ex-Officio
                                       5–11pm                                                              Andrea Widdows
                                                                                                            Office Manager
 Business Office Hours:                                              Directors
  9am–5pm                             Bar                             Bruce Bolzle
  Monday – Friday                      Monday – Friday                Edward Leinbach                      Susan Devonshire
  Suite 2913 • 918-582-5243            11am–Close                     Michael Moore                         Membership Director
  918-585-1859 Fax                                                    Rania Nasreddine
                                       Saturday                                                             Direct Line: 918-382-0460
                                                                      Mark Poole                                    4pm–Close                      Dr. Andrew Revelis
                                                                      Scott Vaughn                         Julie Griffith
 Reservation Hours:                   THE GRILL – 30TH FLOOR          Larry Wofford                         Bookkeeping
  9:00am – 5:00 pm                     Grill Buffet                                               
  Monday – Saturday                    Monday – Friday               Junior Advisory Board
  918-582-5243                         Lunch 11:30am–1:30pm           Molly Aspan, President               Jessica Wiist               * During Renovation            Stephen Wolff, Vice President         Private Events Director
                                                                      Carlos Flores                         Direct Line: 918-582-3821
Parking: Free Parking is provided in the Bank of America garage       Clint Rhea                  
weekdays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and after 4:00 pm. Lunch time       Ryan Welner
parking is also validated in the ONEOK garage across the street.                                           Kathy Lair
                                                                      Carley Williams
Parking is free on the weekends. Please have your ticket validated                                          Receptionist
before you leave.                                                     Bart Yount
Smart Art Studios, Tullsa OK

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