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					                                                                      Computer Systems Analyst – yConnect.NET

Mohit Arora                                                           2442 Reedie Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20902
                                                                      phone: (443) 889-3384

SUMMARY ____________________________________________________________________________________

Software engineer with a diverse skill set, specializing in the design and development of interactive, user-centric
software systems. Extensive experience with all stages of software lifecycles with a strong focus on building
scalable modular systems. Strong background in Microsoft .Net technologies, Relational Database Systems, C/C++,
Java, Flash ActionScript and various web technologies. Substantial experience developing software in the
healthcare domain with a focus on compliance with Accessibility (Section 508) and Privacy (HIPAA) laws.

TECHNICAL SKILLS ______________________________________________________________________________
                                     C / C++ / C#, Visual Basic 6.0 / .Net, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA),
 Programming Languages
                                     Java, ActionScript 2.0 / 3.0 (Flash), Perl, Pascal
                                     ASP / ASP.Net, AJAX, PHP, ActiveX, XML / XSLT, CSS, Java Script, VB
 Web Development
                                     Script, IIS 6.0 / 7.0
                                     Visual Studio 6.0 / .Net 2005-10, Delphi 7, Adobe Flash CS3 – CS5
 Software Development Packages
                                     SharePoint / MOSS
 Database Platforms and Technologies SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL, MS Access, ODBC / ADO
                                     SAS 9.3, Well versed with Data Mining and BI concepts and algorithms,
 Statistics / Business Intelligence
                                     Familiarity with MicroStrategy 9 and Oracle Data Mining and OLAP
 Deployment Platforms                Inno Setup, Windows Installer XML (WiX) toolset
 Operating Systems                        Windows XP / 2K / Server 2003 / Server 2008

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE ______________________________________________________________________

Computer Systems Analyst                                                                  Silver Spring, MD
yConnect.NET Consulting Services                                                          Jan 2011 – present

Portable Health Information Kiosk for Center for Public Health Informatics, Bhubaneswar, India
Technical lead responsible for developing the overall system architecture and Visual Basic applications to create a
mobile health station used for public health research in rural India. Interfaced with researchers and medical
professionals to develop algorithms / processes for medical device communication and health data collection.
Assisted in developing global patent application including creation of original art and technical descriptions of
software design and program and data flow.

• Software application – Visual Basic 6, MS Access, ADO, Serial Port (RS232) communication
• Hardware – A&D Precision Weight Scale, A&D Blood Pressure Monitor, One Touch Ultra 2 Glucometer
• Deployment – Inno Setup 5 (addressed compatibility issues for all Windows versions from Win 98 to Win 7)

• Application successfully deployed in several rural health camps with over 200 users
• Patent application successfully submitted March 2011
Faculty Research Assistant                                                              Baltimore, MD
Information Systems Dept., University of Maryland, Baltimore County                     Sept 2007 – Dec 2010
Served as the sole software designer and developer for multiple short to medium term government funded
projects. Responsible for entire software lifecycle from needs assessment and planning to deployment and
maintenance. Also assisted with project evaluation processes including data collection, cleaning and analysis, and
the writing of scholarly publications.

Patient Education and Motivation Tool (PEMT)
An HIPAA and 508 compliant, Flash/AJAX multimedia application, for use by patients and nurses in clinical settings.
The application was designed to cater to a multi-lingual user base and is capable of real-time rendition in multiple
languages. The application is designed to collect data on user performance, user activity and system usability and
supports ad-hoc report generation.

Technologies / Features:
• Front-end developed using Flash CS3 and AJAX for use in web-based, desktop and kiosk environments
• Middle-tier developed using ASP.Net with VB.Net
• Back-end developed using MS SQL Server 2008 and XML for content management
• Deployment – WiX toolset
• Application complies with Accessibility Guidelines specified in Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act – evaluated
  and certified by an independent committee at research site.
• Application complies with HIPAA privacy laws – implemented procedures for data encryption, user
  authentication and audit trails

• PEMT was implemented in several locations of the Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Centers nationwide for Multiple
  Myeloma and Multiple Sclerosis education – 2 multi-year federally funded grants.
• The system is currently under evaluation at the Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, MD.

Disease Management System for Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes
A three-armed system for the management of type 1 diabetes in adolescents. The disease management system
was created to coordinate the activities of three classes of stakeholders – patients, physicians and school nurses –
in a distributed environment. A data model was created based on requirements from physicians and work-flow of
school nurses. Developed an interface to allow synchronization of glucometer data with central data servers. The
application incorporates an internal messaging module that allows asynchronous communication between users.
Developed a system for privileged and non-privileged access to system where non-privileged users (parents of
patients) could monitor system usage without direct participation.

• Software applications – ASP.Net, VB.Net, MS SQL Server, Serial port (RS232) communication
• Deployment – Inno Setup 5

• A co-authored article stemming from this project was featured in the May 2008 issue of School Nurse News
Information Systems Engineer                                                         Baltimore, MD
School of Medicine, University of Maryland Baltimore                                 Sept 2003 – May 2007
Achieved progressive growth in a team of diverse professionals including software engineers, researchers,
healthcare professionals and field staff. Gained substantial experience working independently while wearing
multiple technical hats – needs assessment, software design and development, systems administration, etc.

HPV Risk Assessment
A software tool to assess the risk of acquiring Human Papillomavirus (HPV) using an optimized Decision Tree.
Worked with clinical experts to identify parameters for the DT and generate appropriate risk scores and
information gain. Developed software to interactively run through DT with patients and present risk assessment.

Technologies / Features:
• Software application – VB6, MS Access
• Tool was abstracted to evaluate any rule-based decision tree and dynamically calculate information gain to
  create customized questionnaires

• Tool was used to evaluate HPV risk in over 200 patients at the Univ. of MD Med. Center – Family Medicine Clinic
• Successfully obtained patent for the algorithm through the Office of Research and Development at the Univ.

Electronic Physical Therapy Assistant for Osteoarthritis
An application to assist OA patients with home-based physical therapies. System consisted of a stand-alone
desktop application to be installed at patient locations and a companion web portal used by physical therapists /
physicians to monitor progress and customize therapy. Responsible for all aspects of software engineering –
standalone software, web portal, recording and editing exercise videos and voice over narration.

Technologies / Features:
• Software application – VB6, ASP.Net with VB.Net, MS Access
• Media Creation – Adobe Premiere (video editing), Audacity (audio editing)

• Creatively adapted a wireless computer keypad for use as a remote control for the desktop application.
• Successfully executed research study protocol to conduct user interface evaluation with actual patients at a
  Baltimore-based physical therapy center.
• Created a portable usability lab for < $5k using off-the-shelf components (commercially available for >$20k)

EDUCATION ___________________________________________________________________________________

PhD – Dept. of Information Systems – University of Maryland, Baltimore County (currently pursuing)
MS – Dept. of Information Systems – University of Maryland, Baltimore County (June 2008)
Major – Information Systems
Member – The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi – since 2008
BA – School of Arts and Sciences / School of Management – Boston University (January 2003)
Major – Computer Science            Minor – Business Administration
Member – The National Society of Collegiate Scholars – since 2000
SELECTED PUBLICATIONS ________________________________________________________________________

Peer-reviewed articles (in journals and proceedings)

1. Ashish Joshi, Wenjing Weng, Richard Lichenstein, Mohit Arora, Andrew Sears. Prospective tracking of a
   Pediatric Emergency Department E-kiosk to deliver Asthma Education. Health Informatics Journal 15(4): 282-
   295 (2009)
2. Ashish Joshi, Mohit Arora, Liwei Dai, Kathleen Price, Lisa Vizer, Andrew Sears. Usability of a Patient Education
   and Motivation tool using Heuristic Evaluation. Journal of Medical Internet Research (2009).
3. Ashish Joshi, Richard Lichenstein, James King, Mohit Arora and Salwa Khan. Evaluation of a Computer-based
   Patient Education and Motivation Tool on Knowledge, Attitudes and Practice towards Influenza Vaccination.
   International Electronic Journal of Health Education, 2009; 12:1-15
4. Ashish Joshi M.D., M.P.H., Mohit Arora B.A., Dongsong Zhang, Ph.D., Michael D. Wah PT, OCS and Javad Parvizi
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   Pilot Study. Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy. 2008 Aug. 31 (2); 71-78
5. Ashish Joshi, Anita Komlodi, Mohit Arora, Michelle Ghabranious. School nurse's perceived barriers to diabetes
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6. Ashish Joshi, Richard Lichenstein , Keyvan Rafei , Adnan Bakar , Mohit Arora. A pilot study to evaluate self
   initiated computer patient education in children with acute asthma in pediatric emergency department.
   Technol Health Care. 2007 ;15 (6):433-44 18057566
7. Arora M, Falsafi N, Al-Ibrahim M, Sawyer R, Siegel E, Joshi A, Finkelstein J. Evaluation of Co-ViSTA – an
   Autoamted Vital Sign Documentation System – in an inpatient hospital setting. AMIA Annu Symp Proc 2005


1. Screening Tool for Vulnerable Populations Age 15-30 Years for Eligibility for Gardasil Vaccine, invention
   disclosure submitted to Technology Commercialization, University of Maryland, Baltimore, February 2006

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