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									Special Feature : PPP for Technology Development & Commercialization

Leveraging resources through partnerships

            Hong Kong as a hub for innovation and technology in Asia

                                                     C. D. Tam

          The Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation offers a comprehensive
          range of services to cater to the needs of industry at various stages. It offers man-
          agement and technical support programmes; nurturing technology start-ups; pro-
          viding advanced facilities and support services for applied R&D activities; and pro-
          viding land and premises for hi-tech manufacturing. Through all its activities, the
          Corporation fosters partnership and collaboration across industries and borders.

                                      Transformation of Hong Kong                  in services, communications, transpor-

                                              ong Kong has a proud heritage        tation, banking and legal systems. Dur-
                                              as an entrepreneurial society.       ing the 100 years of British gover-
                                              Time and again, we have proven       nance, Hong Kong was nurtured un-
                                      our ability to transform our economy         der sound political principles, building
                                      by building on our unique advantages.        up strong intellectual property protec-
                                            Hong Kong has developed a strong       tion laws and establishing free flow of
                                      economy since the 70s and enjoyed            capital. Together with its dynamic stock
                                      prosperity in the sectors of manufactur-     market – two boards with GEM 1 for
                                      ing, finance and services. In the past 15    emerging companies, and the attrac-
                                      years, it has progressively developed        tively low tax rate,2 it is not surprising
                                      the Pearl River Delta region (in particu-    that there is such a heavy concentra-
      Mr. C. D. Tam, MBE, JP          lar Shenzhen) as a world-class manu-         tion of Asia-Pacific headquarters of
       Chief Executive Officer        facturing partner, and expanded the          multi-national corporations in Hong
 Hong Kong Science & Technology       workforce to a total population of 46 mil-   Kong.
         Parks Corporation            lion, figures even better than those of            The handover of Hong Kong on 1
   Suite 1905-13, 19/F, Tower 6       outstanding metropolises such as New         July 1997 marked the beginning of the
   The Gateway, 9 Canton Road         York, USA (20 million) and Tokyo, Ja-        “One Country Two Systems” principle,
    T.S.T., Kowloon, Hong Kong        pan (40 million).                            which gives Hong Kong unique advan-
       Tel: (+852) 2629 1818                Ranked as the world’s third larg-      tages. One of them is the recent sign-
       Fax: (+852) 2629 1833          est financial centre after New York and      ing of the CEPA3 with China, a signifi-
     E-mail: enquiry@hkstp.org        London, Hong Kong is well estab-             cant factor making Hong Kong even
   Website: http://www.hkstp.org      lished, with advanced infrastructures        more critically the gateway to Asia for

24   TECH MONITOR      Jul-Aug 2004
                                         Special Feature : PPP for Technology Development & Commercialization

mainland China. Hong Kong has been,          Worldwide network                             advanced and elaborate facilities to
and will continue to be, playing a vital                                                   nurture innovation and technology de-
and significant leading role in the ac-                                                    velopment, we are deliberately shap-
                                             Academia and industry
tive economic development of the Pearl                                                     ing the Science Park into a knowledge-
                                             Leveraging the historic advantages
River Delta region.                                                                        based platform, where forward-looking
                                             and the present uniqueness of Hong
      Now we are transforming again,                                                       tenant companies and technology ex-
                                             Kong, HKSTP actively collaborates
entering into a new era of knowledge                                                       perts converge to spark the germ of in-
                                             beyond local communities to facilitate
generation via design and develop-                                                         novative ideas.”
                                             information sharing, enhance technol-
ment, harnessing innovation and tech-                                                             And the Honourable Tung Chee
                                             ogy transfer, encourage industry part-
nology to drive our development as                                                         Hwa, Chief Executive of the Hong Kong
                                             nerships and broaden relationship net-
Asia’s "world city" in the new global,       works. Some of its more recent activi-        SAR, praised HKSTP for its vital role in
knowledge-based economy.                     ties include the co-organized Analog          managing Hong Kong’s technological
                                             IC Power Management workshop, con-            infrastructure, and pledged that the
Mission of HKSTP                             ducted by world-renowned IC expert            Government would continue to stead-
Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks         Dr Gabriel A. Rincon-Mora (Director of        fastly support innovation and technol-
Corporation (HKSTP) exists to support        Georgia Tech Analog IC Design Con-            ogy as a main driving force for a better
this development during this important       sortium, Georgia Institute of Technol-        and more prosperous Hong Kong. “I
stage of our evolution. HKSTP is a stat-     ogy, USA); several jointly organized          am glad that the Science Park has
utory body, which was established by         programmes with Finpro Hong Kong              been fulfilling its mission of creating a
the Government of the Hong Kong Spe-         and Technology Centre Teknia Ltd, Fin-        cluster of quality and innovative tech-
cial Administrative Region in May 2001.      land on the theme of bio-lifescience; a       nology-based companies in Hong
It was intended to facilitate the city's     collaboration networking event with           Kong … they are beginning to provide
emergence as a major centre of inno-         DongbuAnam, Korea – the world’s               new impetus for Hong Kong’s indus-
vation and technology, and as a hub for      fourth largest pure-play wafer foundry;       trial development. This gives cause for
high value-added, skill-intensive pro-       and the HKSTP flagship “International         optimism for the Science Park to real-
duction and related services facilities in   Technology Conference”.                       ize its vision for the creation of indus-
Asia. Our key mission is to promote in-            Jointly organized with three major      trial clusters in the four technology fo-
novation and technology and the up-          local universities,4 the Conference in-       cuses, namely, Information Technology
grading of Hong Kong’s production and        vites renowned overseas academy and           and Telecommunications, Electronics,
service capabilities.                        industry experts to share the latest tech-    Biotechnology and Precision Engi-
      Creativity is the primary force be-    nology and market trends in “IC Design        neering,” he said.
hind innovation and technology-related       & Wireless Technologies” (2003) and                  The Chinese government is keen
activities. HKSTP therefore sets out to      “Photonics & Bio-photonics” (2004). The       on the success and development of
help Hong Kong assert itself as a city       conference is an active encourage-            HKSTP. In July 2003, Premier Wen
of creativity and execution. We focus        ment of communication across geo-             Jiabao visited the Hong Kong Science
on creating favourable environments          graphical borders, and information            Park during his official three-day mis-
in four cluster areas - electronics, IT/     sharing beyond knowledge sectors, as          sion to Hong Kong marking the 6th an-
telecom, biotechnology and precision         it draws over 200 participants, com-          niversary of reunification with the main-
engineering - where innovative enter-        prising both local and overseas indus-        land.
prises and talented people can con-          trialists, government officials, academ-             During his stay at the Science Park,
verge to generate synergistic forces.        ics and industry vendors from the field       Premier Wen also took his time to visit
      What differentiates HKSTP from         every year.                                   the new tenant, Solomon Systech Lim-
others is that it provides end-to-end ser-                                                 ited (SSL). SSL is a leading fabless semi-
vices. HKSTP offers a comprehensive          Governments and associations                  conductor company established in
range of services to cater to the needs      Aside from the recognition from world-        1999, with its IPO in April 2004. It has
of industry at various stages. These         wide academia and industry, the mis-          now become one of the major display
services include providing manage-           sion and importance of HKSTP are also         IC suppliers in the world cellular phone
ment      and       technical    support     greatly emphasized by governments             market and continues to invest in R&D
programmes through industry and uni-         and associations in many countries.           and new technologies.
versity collaboration; nurturing technol-         During the Science Park Opening                 Round-the-year visits are not re-
ogy start-ups through the Incu-Tech          Ceremony in 2002, Mr. Victor Lo, Chair-       stricted to official levels. On 27 Octo-
programme support; providing ad-             man of HKSTP, said, “Today we are             ber 2003, a group of delegates from
vanced facilities and support services       witnessing another major step taken           Hong Kong Business Associations’
in the 22-hectare state-of-the-art Sci-      by the Government of the HKSAR to-            overseas ambassadors - comprising
ence Park for applied R&D activities;        wards building a foundation to foster         entrepreneurs and business leaders
and providing 239 hectares of land and       innovation and technology develop-            from various business sectors from 7
premises in three Industrial Estates for     ment with the opening of the Hong             countries - toured the Science Park fa-
hi-tech manufacturing.                       Kong Science Park. Besides offering           cilities at Core Building, including the

                                                                                          TECH MONITOR         Jul-Aug 2004    25
Special Feature : PPP for Technology Development & Commercialization

service apartment and the gym. In 2003       Kong to increase its radar coverage         MPW (Multi-Project Wafer) Shuttle Ser-
the Core Building was awarded "Intel-        in the IC design industry.                  vice, Reliability Lab, Product Analysis
ligent Building of the Year" by AIIB,5 a          On 12 February 2004, in keeping        Lab and IC Design Centre.
non-profit organization that promotes        with the “7+1”, HKSTP signed a three-            To efficiently and effectively provide
public understanding and wider use           year cooperative agreement with the         such services, another win-win tactic of
of intelligent buildings (IB) concepts       National IC Design Industrial Base          HKSTP is forming strategic alliances
in Asia.                                     (Shenzhen) Institution. The agreement       with the leaders of industry. In the past
                                             marks a step towards close collabora-       two years, HKSTP has successfully es-
                                             tion between Hong Kong and Shen-            tablished industrial partnerships with
International alliances
                                             zhen in IC design.                          ASAT, ARM, Agilent Technologies, Cre-
Strengthened by the vast recognition
                                                  This latest agreement is expected      dence, Synopsys, Magma, Mentor
and support, HKSTP went on to estab-
                                             to generate synergistic benefits for        Graphics, Sun Microsystems and Ca-
lish various international levels of alli-
                                             both Hong Kong and Shenzhen. Hong           dence. Such strategic alliances cover
ances to leverage resources in knowl-
                                             Kong will contribute to the partnership     broad areas of resource sharing and co-
edge, technologies and manpower, in
                                             with its competitive edge in intellectual   operation, with the expectation to gen-
the belief that such a win-win partner-
                                             property laws, infrastructure and soft-     erate synergistic benefits.
ship model will bring mutual develop-
                                             ware developments, support systems
ment and growth in technology, indus-
                                             and global information networks, while
try, business and, ultimately, economic
                                             Shenzhen, with its market-leading
                                                                                         Building quality infrastructure
prosperity.                                  R&D technologies and enterprises, will
                                             leverage its strategic position in the      Campus-like environment
The “7+1” cooperative agreement              national hi-tech development industry,      The Science Park is an investment
The Chinese government has identi-           and commit massive resources to IC          worth US$ 1.5 billion, located on a 22-
fied and appointed seven6 cities within      manufacturing, packaging, testing, de-      hectare site by the Tolo Harbour water-
mainland China as IC design bases.           sign and human resources training.          front. Upon the completion of its three
In support of HKSTP’s mission, a                                                         phases, the Science Park will provide
memorandum of understanding (also            Alliances with industries                   a total gross floor area of 330,000
known as “7+1”) was signed between           The entire IC Design/Development            square metres to serve world-class
HKSTP and the High Technology Re-            Support Centre in the Science Park is       technology firms and young, innova-
search and Development Centre un-            developed to offer a total one-stop ser-    tive start-ups in four distinct technology
der the Ministry of Science and Tech-        vice to HKSTP tenants and incubatees,       clusters: electronics, I.T. and telecom-
nology, PRC, in December 2003 to             as well as to other IC companies en-        munications, biotechnology and pre-
confirm alliances for the Hong Kong          gaged in R&D in Hong Kong, support-         cision engineering.
Science Park with the seven IC de-           ing them throughout the entire IC de-
sign bases in the mainland. The “+1”         velopment cycle - from initial design to    World-class and high-tech facilities
stresses the emphasis that the Chi-          production release. Facilities include a    The core building zone, which forms
nese government places on Hong               Probe and Test Development Centre,          the backbone of the Park, provides fa-

“This agreement with HKSTP further demonstrates ASAT’s commitment to supporting IC design companies and semicon-
ductor start-ups in Hong Kong and China. Our relationship with HKSTP will allow us to expand our portfolio of value-added
services that we can provide our customers, particularly in the area of IC tests. We expect to utilize HKSTP’s test services
and platforms to meet customer requirements.”
         April 2004 - George A. Shaw, Jr., Senior VP, Operations & Managing Director, Manufacturing, ASAT7 Holdings Ltd
“ARM and the IC Design/Development Support Centre will work together to provide an advanced system-on-chip (SOC)
platform for designers making use of the Centre’s support services. This is a further demonstration of ARM’s commitment to
advance the semiconductor industry in Greater China by enabling shared access to our technology for smaller fabless
companies, particularly those in the early stages.”
                                                                        March 2004 - Mr. Jun Tan, president of ARM8 China
“Agilent is fully committed to supporting HKSTP and its advanced SOC testing technology, as well as the expanding needs
of fabless companies in the region. HKSTP will also leverage Agilent’s professional technical expertise along with our
worldwide experience in bridging upstream and downstream customer needs to accelerate time to volume at a competitive
cost of test.”
                                                      September 2003 - Pascal Ronde, Global Sales, Marketing & Support,
                                                                       VP - Automated Test Group, Agilent9 Technolgies Inc
“Hong Kong’s expanding IC design sector is creating demand for test and product engineering. After evaluating a number
of test suppliers, we felt that Credence10 would be ideal because of its commitment to providing manufacturers in the Asia-
Pacific region the highest value test solutions, services and support. Selecting Credence as our major test partner ensures
that our customers can speed new IC designs into volume production faster and at a lower cost.”
                                 August 2003 - Ir. S.W. Cheung, VP - Business Development & Technology Support, HKSTP

26     TECH MONITOR          Jul-Aug 2004
                                         Special Feature : PPP for Technology Development & Commercialization

cilities such as business centres, con-        Hong Kong Science Park, Phase 1
ference halls, meeting and training
rooms, exhibition area, restaurants,
gymnasiums, service apartments and
car-parks. Its state-of-the-art architec-
ture has won the 2001 Innovative De-
sign Award.
       The Science Park is well
equipped with shared high-tech fa-
cilities and a team of engineers for
technology support. The Technology
Support Centre has passed an ISO
9001: 2000 quality system certifica-
tion audit by the Hong Kong Quality
Assurance Agency,11 with shared fa-
cilities, including the IC Design Cen-
tre, IC Development Support Centre
(consisting of the Probe & Test De-
velopment Centre12 and the Reliabil-
ity Laboratory 13 ) and the Product          Major Corporate & Campus Buildings: Innovation Centre, Photonics Centre,
Analysis Laboratory. HKSTP is com-                                             Wireless Centre and Bioinformatics Centre
mitted to providing companies with                 Shared Facilities: Core Building Zone, IC Design Centre, Probe & Test
complete security to protect their in-                   Centre, Reliability Laboratory and Product Analysis Laboratory
tellectual property by establishing
special security measures to ensure                                                       The site of the Science Park
                                             Opportunities for
total confidentiality when using the
                                             technology innovation
shared high-tech facilities.

                                             Incubation programme
Network of local support
                                             Established in 1992, this 3-year pro-
and partnership
                                             gramme is a technology-based service
With the government of HKSAR giv-
                                             run by HKSTP to assist technology
ing strong support, HKSTP is support-
                                             start-ups during their inception stage.
ed by ITC.14 Additional local connec-
                                             It offers ready-to-use office spaces and
tions and network share are also in
place. The memoranda of understand-          provides a financial aid package. Even
ing signed with the six local universi-      more importantly, it holds various pro-
ties link academia with the commer-          grammes: technical and management
cial sector. According to these, the fol-    assistance through access to universi-
lowing will be exercised whenever            ty expertise in Hong Kong and the
feasible for provider-universities, with     Mainland; training and education
the aim of bringing mutual benefits to       through seminars and forums by ex-
the universities, HKSTP and/or its ten-      perts; and marketing assistance
ants/incubation companies: research          through product launches, exhibitions
and technology transfer programmes,          and business matching.
R&D funding, staff appointments in the             The Financial Aid Package con-
form of visiting scholars or research        sists of various types of funding19 to
project associates, student intern-          help incubation companies cover part
ships,15 professional consultancies,         of their business costs, operational ex-
facilities sharing,16 etc. Another signif-   penditure and developmental ser-
icant alliance of resources is the close     vices, so that more resources and ef-
interactions with organizations such         forts can be devoted to R&D activities
as HKIB17 and ASTRI,18 which strive          for success.
for the promotion and assistance of                This Programme has nurtured
applied researches. All these efforts        more than 80 graduated companies in
have together increased the capabili-        10 years, with 80+ incubation compa-
ty of Hong Kong as a whole in the ad-        nies in the programme for the current
vancement to cutting-edge technolo-          year 2004. Furthermore, many of our               Phase 1: Completed by 2004
gy development, information and fa-          incubatees achieve outstanding excel-       Phase 2: Completed by end of 2006
cilities.                                    lence. There are active on-going ven-       Phase 3: Completed by end of 2009

                                                                                        TECH MONITOR     Jul-Aug 2004    27
Special Feature : PPP for Technology Development & Commercialization

 Facilities and equipment of the Technology Support Centre in the Science Park                     ture capital investments and SERAP
                                                                                                   funding (Small Entrepreneur Research
 Probe and test centre - equipment value: US$ 14 million                                           Assistance Programme). Last year
 Credence ASL3000 RFIC tester                  Credence ASL1000 analog tester                      alone, approved SERAP funding to-
 Teradyne Integra J750 digital tester          Eagle ETS-300 analog tester                         talled HK$ 11 million.
 HI level ETS-780 tester                       Delta-design handlerlSynax SX-141
 handler                                       MCT 4610 handler
                                                                                                   Tenant programme
 TSK UF200AL prober                            Electroglas 2080S prober
                                                                                                   Side by side, support is provided to well
 Credence Quartet mixed signal tester          Agilent 93000 SOC tester P600
 Credence IMS Silicon Validation System Gemini
                                                                                                   established and mature companies in
 Credence Kalos engineering memory tester                                                          the markets that focus on R&D activi-
 Reliability laboratory – equipment value: US$ 1.2 million                                         ties. Thus companies in multimedia, net-
 Temperature and humidity chambers             Climatic chambers                                   working, telecommunications, electron-
 Highly accelerated stress test chambers       Thermal shock chambers                              ics, software and systems can join the
 High temperature ovens                        Hot air re-flow oven                                Tenant Programme and enjoy facilities
 Burn in ovens                                 Vibration simulator                                 and assistance from HKSTP. More than
 RF and analog engineering support lab – equipment value: US$ 1.7 million                          30 tenant companies are currently
 Wireless RF/MW/MMW test station               Wireless communication test station                 housed, including the renowned GP Elec-
 Mixed signal/analog and power station         Logic analysis station                              tronics (HK) Ltd (member of the Gold
 Product analysis laboratory – equipment value: US$ 9 million                                      Peak Group), Agile Software Ltd
 SEM with EDX and voltage contrast             Field emission SEM                                  [NASDAQ:AGIL], Lighthouse Technolo-
 Focus ion beam                                Scanning auger microscope                           gies Ltd (member of the Gold Peak
 Real-time X-ray inspection system             Secondary ion mass spectroscopy                     Group), Tec-Hill Company Ltd, Pericom
 Front and back side signal acquisition        FTIR spectrophotometer                              Semiconductor(HK) Ltd [NASDAQ:
 Scanning acoustic microscope                  X-ray fluorescence spectrometer                     PSEM], Aztech Systems Ltd (a publicly
 Con-focal microscope                          X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy                    listed Singapore company) and So-
 Laser cutter                                  Atomic force microscope
                                                                                                   lomon Systech Ltd [HKSE:2878].
 Probe station                                 Smart microscope
 Curve tracer                                  Alpha-step surface profiler
 Acid decapsulator                             Optical interferometer microscope                   Services for Science Park tenants
 Reactive ion etcher                           Carbon and gold coater
                                                                                                   University resources
                                                                                                   1. Consultancy services, licensing
  Memorandum signed between HKSTP and six local universities                                          purchase and joint R&D projects;
                                                                                                   2. Student summer placements, 1-year
                                                                                                      work-study and Final Year Projects;
                                                                                                   3. Teaching Company Scheme; and
                                                                                                   4. University Library Services.

                                                                                                   Training subsidy
                                                                                                   1. HKIE Scheme (A) or Master degree
 Left to right: University of Hong Kong, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
                                                                                                      programmes related to science &
 University of Science & Technology, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Poly-
                                                                                                      engineering from local universities.
 technic University, and Baptist University of Hong Kong
                                                                                                   2. Related training programmes from
                                                                                                      approved organizations.
 Incubation programme for technology start-up in electronics, precision engi-
 neering, IT/telecom and biotech
                                                                                                   Leveraging of resources
  1. 100% rental subsidy for first year and 50% rental subsidy for the second and third year.      The provisions and funding of the in-
  2. Operation reimbursement subsidy up to 50% of operating expenses.                              cubation and tenant programmes pro-
  3. Technical consultancy from university professors, with consultancy fee subsidy up             vide a platform where consultancies
     to 75%.                                                                                       from university professors and experts
  4. Technical training from experienced industry experts, with training fee subsidy up to 50%.    can be arranged, student resources
  5. Marketing promotion assistance (product launch, seminars, press release, attending            utilized, and mentorship to foster the
     exhibition), with subsidy up to 75%.                                                          incubation companies made possible.
  6. Legal assistance from professional lawyers, with legal fee subsidy up to 75%.                 An achievement worth noting is that the
  7. Mentorship programme with successful businessmen, to provide regular advice and               mentors comprise not only professors
     guidance.                                                                                     in academia and notables from indus-
  8. Collaboration with university to offer short and mid-term student manpower support.           try, but also successful HKSTP gradu-
  9. Regular line-up with angel investors and venture capitalists for second round of financing.   ates, who are now making their own
 10.Business operation review every six months with HKSTP Vice President.                          contribution. The active mentors, to

28     TECH MONITOR             Jul-Aug 2004
                                        Special Feature : PPP for Technology Development & Commercialization

name a few, come from HMSICA,20 In-          Win-win fruitful results from leveraging university student resources
stitute of Textiles and Clothing (Hong
Kong Polytechnic University), InfoTalk       Summer placement – More than 120 university students were offered summer place-
Corp Ltd (graduate of HKSTP incuba-          ments with HKSTP member companies in the past two years, of which 15 students
tion programme), Solomon Systech Ltd         were offered extensions of post-summer employment and 3 students were offered with
(tenant) and ATAL Technologies Ltd           full-time permanent positions upon their graduation.
(under the Bermuda-based holding
company Analogue Holdings Ltd).              Work-study programme – Incubation companies participate by providing a well struc-
      Hong Kong academia actively            tured training programme to second-year computing, science and engineering stu-
participates in consultancy projects         dents. The students work as full-time trainees for 12 months, where a wide range of
from HKSTP member companies. This            skill-sets are acquired through a practical working environment. 19 university students
participation ("the best from both           joined the programme between 2002-03 and 2003-04 and gained working experience
worlds") has resulted in shorter time
                                             and technical skills, as well as provided workforce to HKSTP member companies in the
technology development, as seen in
                                             development of wireless technology, mobile application and solution, software system
the case of Linkpower (a HKSTP
incubatee focusing on IT develop-            and power electronics, etc. Incubation and tenant companies like Delta, Lifewood,
ment) working with CINTEC21 to de-           iEagle, InterQoS, WiderWorld, Linkpower, Solomon Systech and ON Semiconductor
velop a gateway module for Digital           have benefited from the resources provided.
Asset Management; as well as profit-
                                             Final-year project – Final-year computing, science and engineering students can
able commercialization as in the case
of incubatee InterQoS, which sought          undertake industry practical projects under the joint supervision of HKSTP incubatees
patent application advice from the De-       and university professors. For the final-year project 2003-04, 15 university students
partment of Electronics and Informa-         have worked on 9 IT/electronics related projects, ranging from voice recognition, learn-
tion Engineering, Hong Kong Poly-            ing device to 3G technologies. Other topics initiated by the companies include Radio
technic University.                          Frequency, mobile application, multimedia technology, game development. This
      RAPRODS22 is another active part-      programme has served well to both the students and the company. Some outstanding
ner with HKSTP in product design             Final Year Projects result in nominations for competitions organized by technology/
projects. Through the past few years, it     industry representing groups such as IEEE Society and Chapters.
has successfully assisted incubatees,
such as Acelab, Rich-Tech and Pedor-
thic, in product design cycles, varying     incubatees assistance and extra hu-            sity laboratories, including the Ad-
from mobile/handheld storage as well        man resources in the post-SARS peri-           vanced Surface and Materials Analy-
as LED lighting devices, tourist navi-      od. The SARS Recovery Programme                sis Centre, Photonics Lab, Computer-
gation systems, sample making of sen-       included recruitment of university stu-        Aided Design Lab, Advanced Robot-
sor housing and the design and devel-       dents to work voluntarily in companies         ics Lab, Biochemistry Lab, Multime-
opment of foot scanner casings.             under the HKSTP Incubation Pro-                dia Technology Research Centre, Mi-
      The summer placements of uni-         gramme, which brought mutual bene-             croelectronics Fabrication Facility,
versity students, 1-year work-studies       fits to both participating incubatees and      Electronics Packaging Lab, Nano-
and the Final Year Project programme        university students. Overwhelming re-          technology Centre, Advanced Materi-
are recognized as a win-win utilization     sponses were received from both com-           al Technology Research Centre and
of resources. On the one hand, HKSTP        panies as well as university students.         Multimedia Innovation Centre.
has provided practical working experi-      86 jobs were offered by 25 incuba-                  Sharing through industry collabo-
ences for students before graduation;       tees and over 700 students registered.         ration and networking enables busi-
and on the other, HKSTP member com-         As many as 55 jobs were filled for the         ness opportunities to be explored,
panies are replenished by the momen-        summer.                                        knowledge and information to be ac-
tum and creativity of the younger gen-                                                     quired, and relationships and connec-
eration.                                    Gaining through sharing                        tions to be broadened.
      Aside from these regular year-        Sharing enriches the pool of intelli-               It is with this objective that joint
round activities and arrangements,          gence and capability on the whole.             exchange events, social gatherings,
HKSTP also made the best possible           HKSTP therefore continuously creates           and networking and collaboration
use of student resources with the           a culture and environment of sharing           meetings are often organized and
unique SARS Recovery Programme in           for its member companies.                      participated in.
2003, when the fast-spreading and life-           Visits to university laboratories             During the Hong Kong Pavilion
threatening SARS had caused a far           are periodically arranged to update            at the China Hi-Tech Fair 2003, jointly
greater impact on the world’s econo-        member companies’ technology news              organized by ITC, HKSARG 24 and
my and lifestyle than people could          and available facilities. In the past two      HKPC,25 six HKSTP incubatees26 show-
have foreseen. With the collaborative       years, many of our member compa-               cased their latest technological
support of five local universities,23 HK-   nies have had golden opportunities             achievements. This Pavilion is an ex-
STP rolled out the programme to offer       to visit less publicly accessible univer-      ample of an ideal platform for local

                                                                                        TECH MONITOR           Jul-Aug 2004    29
Special Feature : PPP for Technology Development & Commercialization

                                                                                           the more renowned co-worked compa-
                                                                                           nies and organizations include Motoro-
                                                                                           la, Intel, Ericsson Mobetix/Mango, and
                                                                                           SmarTone (a major Telecom company
                                                                                           in Hong Kong). These collaborated
                                                                                           projects require various technologies
                                                                                           for many applications, such as: wire-
                                                                                           less data transmission technology, in-
                                                                                           teractive mobile game platform, lcd
                                                                                           graphics controller, RFID technology
                                                                                           for the textile manufacturing workflow,
                                                                                           enriched capability and quality of mo-
                                                                                           bile video, and mobilized software so-
                                                                                                 Some of these have resulted in
                                                                                           joint project experiences, while others
                                                                                           have established long-term partner-
                                                                                           ship models. For example, incubatees
                                                                                           MonkeyCharm and iNFOiSLIVE have
                                                                                           successfully signed NDAs with
                                                                                           Motorola to proceed with partner rela-
                                               companies and organizations to dem-         tionship in mobile game platform de-
                                               onstrate their technological achieve-       velopment.
                                               ments and explore business opportu-
                                               nities and collaboration in the main-       Hub for innovation and
                                               land and overseas markets.                  technology
                                                    HKSTP has been actively playing        As technology trends and growths
                                               a bridging role between its member          evolve rapidly, the ease, speed and
                                               companies and the industry worldwide        costs of accessing sources of technol-
                                               for collaboration opportunities. Some of    ogy information, skills, facilities and
            Laboratory visits                                                              environment are vital factors towards
                                                                                           the success of technology companies
Success stories of HKSTP incubation companies and tenants                                  focusing on R&D activities and inno-
With the quality infrastructure, advance facilities and laboratories, expert tech-         vation.
nology support, funding assistance and the services for collaborations, many                    Hong Kong Science and Technol-
incubation companies have achieved excellence and success:                                 ogy Parks Corporation has seen the
                                                                                           need for, and taken up the mission of,
 Solomon Systech IPO in April 2004. It started in the IC design industry five years ago    helping local start-ups to become com-
 Ltd             and has grown to be the largest IC design company in the Asia
                      Pacific region.                                                      petitive and to assume positions of
                                                                                           leadership in electronics, IT and tele-
                      Ranked Top 10 in the Asia-Pacific Technology Fast 500 Programme
 KanHan Technol- of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (DTT) in December 2003. As the only           communications, precision engineer-
 ogies Group Ltd Hong Kong-based IT company to achieve the Top 10 ranking,                 ing and biotechnology.
                      KanHan has earned proven reputation and credibility in the field.    Our mission is three-fold:
                      World’s 4th leading industry provider of smart card readers for          Quality infrastructure provision and
 Advanced Card personal computers. Commenced share trading on the GEM Board                    support facilities for innovation and
 Systems Holdings of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in November 2003. Traded                  technology development;
 Ltd              24.14 million shares on the first transaction day with a total turn-         Full-service incubation programmes
                      over of HK$ 8,475,640.                                                   for technology start-ups; and
                      Its solar-powered WetSep water treatment system has won the              Partnerships between industry and
 Waste & Environ-     Silver Award of the 6th Asian Innovation Awards (jointly organized       universities through joint training
                      by the Far Eastern Economic Review, the Singapore Economic
 mental Technolo-                                                                              and research programmes.
                      Development Board, and the Global Enterpolis@Singapore 2003).
 gies Ltd             The Silver Award was given for the product’s use of technology            With the quality infrastructure of
                      and its potential impact on the quality of life.                     the Science Park, world-class and ad-
                      Exhibited in COMDEX Fall, Las Vegas, 2003, one of the top IT
                                                                                           vance laboratory facilities and equip-
                      conferences in the world. At the show, Titanium’s ProAccess          ment, professional engineering staff,
 Titanium             FaceOK was named by PC Magazine as one of the three finalists        network connections to local and
                      in the Security Infrastructure category of the Best of Comdex Las    worldwide academia and experts, con-
                      Vegas 2003 Award.                                                    tinuous updates and linkage with lead-

30     TECH MONITOR          Jul-Aug 2004
                                        Special Feature : PPP for Technology Development & Commercialization

  Awards and recognitions received by HKSTP incubation companies and tenants

 GEM listing
 Kanhan Technologies Group Ltd [8175]              Listed since Feb 2003
 Advanced Card Systems Ltd [8210]                  Listed since Nov 2003

 Awards received in 2003

 Hectrix Ltd                                       BiometriTech Product of the Year
                                                   Hong Kong Computer Society’s IT Excellence Awards – Certificate of Merit
 SoftEnable Technology Ltd                         Hong Kong Computer Society’s IT Excellence Awards – Silver Award
 Shaolin Microsystems Ltd                          Hong Kong Computer Society’s IT Excellence Awards – Certificate of Merit
 Waste & Environmental Technologies Ltd            6th Asian Innovation Silver Award
 Titanium Technology Ltd                           Innovative Entrepreneur of the Year 2003 (Dr Johnny Ng, CEO)
                                                   2003 Hong Kong Awards for Industry
 SoftEnable Technology Ltd                         2003 Hong Kong Awards for Industry
 Idea Expert Technology Ltd                        2003 Hong Kong Awards for Industry
 DynaCity Technology (HK) Ltd                      2003 Hong Kong Awards for Industry
 Acumen Environmental Engineering &
 Technologies Co Ltd                               2003 Hong Kong Awards for Industry
 SinoCDN Ltd                                       2003 Hong Kong Awards for Industry
 Waste & Environmental Technologies Ltd            2003 Hong Kong Awards for Industry

ing industries, HKSTP is confident of      7. ASAT Holdings Ltd [NASDAQ:ASTT]           17. Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnolo-
leveraging a wealth of industry knowl-         is a global provider of semiconduc-          gy Ltd.
edge and a considerable resource               tor package design, assembly, and        18. Hong Kong Applied Science and
base to provide end-to-end support             test services.                               Technology Research Institute Co
infrastructure for technology compa-       8. ARM [LSE:ARM; NASDAQ:ARMHY]                   Ltd.
nies, both large and small.                    is the industry’s leading provider of    19. Technical & Management Assis-
     Realizing that technology tran-           16/32-bit embedded RISC proces-              tance Fund, Training Assistance
scends border, HKSTP endeavours to             sor solutions.                               Fund, Promotion Assistance Fund,
embrace the knowledge and experi-          9. Agilent Technologies Inc. [NYSE:A].           Operation Reimbursement Fund,
ences accessible through worldwide         10. Credence Systems Corporation                 Technology Support Reimburse-
partnerships, as it continuously strives       [NASDAQ: CMOS], a leading provid-            ment Fund.
for improvement and aims to become             er of solutions from design-to-pro-      20. Hong Kong and Mainland Software
a hub for innovation and technology            duction test for the worldwide semi-         Industry Cooperation Association.
in Asia.                                       conductor industry.                      21. Centre for Innovation and Technol-
                                           11. HKQAA certification # CC2713.                ogy, Chinese University of Hong
                                           12. Features sophisticated automated             Kong.
Notes & References                             test equipment for analog, digital,      22. Rapid Product Development Syndi-
1. Growth Enterprise Market.                   mixed signal and Radio Frequency             cate, Hong Kong Polytechnic Uni-
2. 17.5% corporate, 16% max perrson-           product testing.                             versity.
   al.                                     13. Accommodates various dynamic life        23. Chinese University of Hong Kong,
3. Closer Economic Partnership Ar-             tests and environmental stressed             Hong Kong University, Hong Kong
   rangement.                                  tests for IC products.                       University of Science and Technol-
4. University of Hong Kong, Chinese        14. Innovation and Technology Commis-            ogy, Hong Kong Polytechnic Uni-
   University of Hong Kong, & Hong             sion, HKSAR.                                 versity and Baptist University.
   Kong University of Science & Tech-      15. Includes summer placements, 1-           24. Hong Kong Special Administrative
   nology.                                     year work-study and final year               Region Government.
5. Asian Institute of Intelligent Build-       project.                                 25. Hong Kong Productivity Council.
   ings.                                   16. Includes equipment in laboratories,      25. Earth-Link, iEagle, Linux Centre, Ti-
6. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xian,          manufacturing plants & testing cen-          tanium, TradeCity and Waste & En-
   Hanzhou, Wuxi and Chengdu.                  tres.                                        vironmental.

                                                                                       TECH MONITOR        Jul-Aug 2004   31

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