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									                                                DAVID CHAVARRIA, D.C.
                                                         1529 North Alabama Street Unit F
                                                              Indianapolis IN. 46202

     Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, IA.                                                     Goshen College, Goshen IN.
     Doctor of Chiropractic, 2004                                                                       Bachelor of Arts, Molecular Biology, 1999

                                                              Professional Experience
     GENESIS Medical Center, P.C. Indianapolis, Indiana                                   November 2008 – Present
     Clinic Director / Owner
         Opened and manage both business and clinical components of this multi-disciplinary center
         Facility encompasses Medical, Surgery, Chiropractic, Rehabilitation/ Therapy, and Pain Management.
         Our practice is unique in its model to which serves almost 95% Hispanic base.
         We aggressively develop community based health screening and exams to underserved people in the city. These services range of primary
          medical, Glucose/ Cholesterol, Pain and injury screenings, Mammograms, head and neck cancer assessments, as well as HIV/ STD testing,
          dental, vision and hearing.

     Prather Wellness Center / Meridian Spine and Joint, Indianapolis, Indiana               April 2008 – December 2008
     Clinic Director / Partner
         Directing the new corporation of Meridian Spine and Joint, an adjunctive clinic to the Prather Wellness Center
         Responsible for growth of practice utilizing various marketing and management protocols
         Establishing new procedures for office processes including insurance claim billing onsite
         Treating physician for the department for all musculo-skeletal and joint related conditions.

     Twin Hills Health Center, Muncy, Pennsylvania                                             July 2005 – Sept. 2007
     Facility Doctor
         Practice with in a Multi-disciplinary facility with a D.C., D.O. and a P.T
         Utilizing a fully function rehabilitation department, responsible for directing treatment plans to not only correct the structural problems
          (spinal, extremity or soft tissue) but also manage associated tissue related impairments in goal of returning functional capacities.
         Perform orthopedic and medical examinations along with radiological study and interpretation to diagnosis the condition. Also when
          necessary, refer for MRI’s and or Myelograms with ability to read and delineate pathology.
          Maintain progressive treatment plans and Phases of Care while being conscious of insurance restrictions and limitations to ensure the
          highest level of compliance.
         Perform lectures on New Patient Orientation, write a weekly condition based column for a local paper, do community screenings and
          health care events utilizing MyoVision, and speak at community clubs, schools and organizations about the services of our facility or
          specific related health care concerns.
         Control Work/Comp Claims proficiently with the understanding of laws and specific company requests while maintaining impeccable
          communication and awareness with the employer of employees progressing condition.

     Clinica Gonstead de Quiropráctica, Escazu, Costa Rica                              November 2004 – May 2005
     Clinical Director / Facility Doctor
         Opened one of six chiropractic clinics in the country.
         Performed community based clinics which were mobile to reach people in the rural areas
         Adjust patient’s full spine and extremities as warranted
         Train and educate staff on patient procedure and protocol.
         Incorporate and oversee financial management.
         Institute and perform all internal and external marketing
         Supported corporate accounts such as The United States Embassy of CR, Intel co., Maersk Americas SSC and World Gym Costa Rica.

                                                                     Abroad Experience
   Experience Abroad, Cochabomba Bolivia                                                         March 2004
    Student Clinic
          Performed Chiropractic and orthopedic examinations while diagnosed existing conditions.
          Treated over 680 Bolivians’ for injuries and Chronic Pain conditions.
                                                                 Affiliations / Associations

                                 Chair of Indianapolis Health for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Council October 2010
                                          Minority Health Partner; Indiana State Department of Health August 2010
                                                 Board Member, Casa Mateo (Vida Health Services) May 2010
                                                     Board Member, Latino Action Task Force April 2010
                         Health Director Chair for Vida Health services Program: Indianapolis Archdiocese Community February 2010
                                                   American Academy of Hospital Chiropractors April 2008
                                             International Chiropractors Association of Indianapolis March 2008

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