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              Customer Insight as the Driver of
          Breakthrough &Value Added Innovation
                                                             April 20-21, 2009
1st Annual                                              Plaza Royale Oriental

       Voice Of The                                          Shanghai, China

      A PRTM and InnoDecision Co-sponsored Best in Class Event

                                                          Conference Chairman:
                                                                   Mark Deck
                                                                   Global Innovation
                                                                   Practice Leader
                                                                   Former President,
                                                                   PDMA Director,
                                                           Contributing author: Setting the
Organized by         T: 86 21 5556 0666 F: 86 21 5556 0322 PACE in Product Development:
                          E: A Guide to Product And Cycle-
                           time Excellence
InnoDecision China                                                                April 20-21, 2009
                                                                             Plaza Royale Oriental
                                            Voice Of The                          Shanghai, China


                                                      Attendees will be both new and experienced Vice
   Now for the first time in China, PRTM and          Presidents, Sr. Directors, Directors, Sr. Managers,
   InnoDecision have assembled a faculty of           Managers, and consultants of:
   speakers from leading companies who all have       ■   New Product Development
   important stories to tell about their efforts to   ■   Front End/Innovation & Discovery
   develop deep insights into customer needs in       ■   Strategic Planning & Development
   China and turn them into winning products,         ■   CRM
   services, and strategies.                          ■   Marketing & Sales
                                                      ■   Brand Management
                                                      ■   Category Management
   We will go in-depth and touch upon…                ■   Market Research
                                                      ■   New Business Development
   The Cultural Role of VoC – The importance and      ■   Global Consumer Insights
   payoff of a culture that involves your customers   ■   Market Intelligence
                                                      ■   Global Research/Intelligence
   every step of the way. More importantly, how to
   create that culture
   Driving Innovation Through VoC – Focus your        From the following industries:
   innovation talent on the right problems. Replace
   risk with ROI                                      ■   Technology & Hi-Tech
                                                      ■   Consumer Package Goods
   Gaining Organizational Buy-in for VoC –            ■   Automotive/Transportation
   Getting the weight of the company behind the       ■   Electronics
   Voice of the Customer is necessary for maximum     ■   Software & IT
   impact                                             ■   Consumer Durables
   VoC Across Countries & Cultures – Learn how        ■   Telecommunications
                                                      ■   Industrial/Manufacturing
   to maximize VoC efforts globally and how to        ■   Chemicals
   overcome differences in culture, language, and     ■   Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
   standards                                          ■   Aerospace
   VoC Success Stories – Hear more about what         ■   Utilities
   has worked, what hasn't, and why. Learn the best
   VoC practices of world-class companies
   VoC Execution – Learn how virtual cross-
   functional teams work together to develop one                ATTENDING COMPANIES OF
   consumer-focused voice                                       VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER
   The Impact of VoC – Understand the positive                  EXCELLENCE WEEK:
   impact and significance that Voice of the
   Customer has on product and service                        Alibaba, Avery Dennison, Behr,
   development, innovation, customer loyalty, and             Danfoss,Dow,Dell,Diebold,
   the business overall                                       Emerson Network,GE,Geberit,
   Tools & Techniques – The latest and hottest                Google,Goodbaby,Huawei, IBM,
   tools and techniques that are being used and               Jawha,Johnson & Johnson, Li-Ning,
   deployed in Voice of the Customer programs                 Microsoft,Novozymes,Oerlikon,
   today                                                      Packetfront,Philips Lighting,PPG,
                                                              Trane,VDO, Vanke Group
                                                               and many more…

T: 86 21 5556 0666 F: 86 21 5556 0322
InnoDecision China                                                       April 20-21, 2009
                                                                    Plaza Royale Oriental
                                                                         Shanghai, China
                                        Voice Of The

             The leading reason for product failure continues to be
              lack of sufficient customer value and differentiation

      Dear Product Development Professional,
      For years we‘ve understood that customer insight is the basis for great product design
      and yet so many companies still face challenges:
      • How to capture deep customer insight about important but unspoken customer
      • How to turn the "Voice of the Customer" into breakthrough concepts and winning
      • How to get team members turn the ‗Voice of the Customer‘ into real solutions
      • How to build VOC capability so that your company can consistently deliver a
        steady stream of successful new products and services.

      Such challenges may leave you wondering, ―Are there established best practices for
      applying innovative tools and methods for gathering and acting on ―the voice‖ of
      your customer?‖
      We have designed a conference and a supporting workshop to ensure that you and
      your innovation leaders will understand the latest concepts and then see how to put
      them to work. The conference illustrates how to use customer insight to inform strategy,
      develop breakthrough new solutions and continuously improve your existing ones.
      Learn from those who have known success—what works and what doesn‘t. Stay for
      the tailor-made workshop by Christina Hepner Brodie and develop the specific skills
      that will empower your company to plan for and execute productive customer
      Whether you are new to new product development or an ―old hand‖, whether you
      are a leader guiding your organization, or are on the front lines delivering new
      products – we‘ve organized a rich four-day program tailored to your needs. From the
      fundamentals to cutting edge topics, it‘s designed to inspire and empower.
      It is our great pleasure to invite your participation in the InnoDecision and PRTM co-
      sponsored Annual Voice of the Customer conference. Please join us April 20-21, 2009,
      Plaza Royale Oriental Shanghai, China. Our dedication to a robust, content-driven
      program promises to result in one of the most valuable conferences you could attend
      in 2009!
                                                           Mark Deck
      Sincerely,                                           Conference Chairman
                                                           Director, PRTM
                                                           Former President of

T: 86 21 5556 0666 F: 86 21 5556 0322
 InnoDecision China                                                                           April 20-21, 2009
                                                Voice Of The                             Plaza Royale Oriental
                                                                                              Shanghai, China
Main Conference:                                    Customer
 Day One
                                                                                                    Mark Deck
 8:00     Registration                                                                              Global Innovation Practice
 8:50     Welcome from the organizer                                                                Leader
 8:55     Chairman‘s opening remarks                                                                Former President, PDMA
                                                                                                    Director, PRTM

 9:05     Becoming Customer-Centric: Using VoC to Inform Market Strategy, Inspire New
          Solutions and Continuously Improve Your Existing Portfolio
  The most successful companies increase their stream of successful products and services by recognizing where and
  when to use customer insight. As companies focus on becoming more customer-focused, some are unsure of how
  to be effective. Drawing on case examples derived from her decades of Voice of the Customer thought leadership
  and experience across diverse industries and continents, Ms. Brodie will identify the factors that make the difference
  in balancing breakthrough innovation with the need to become customer-centric.
  Key takeaways include:
     •Common definitions for the VoC vocabulary
     •Understanding of the key success factors for improving                                        Christina Hepner Brodie
      your company‘s customer-focus                                                                 Lead Principal, PRTM
     •A comprehensive framework for recognizing where and                                           Co-author of Voices into
      when VoC generates the needed customer insight                                                Choices

 9:50     VoC on a Shoestring Budget
  Regardless of the size of your business, commercializing innovation is an imperative for growth and profitability.
  Voice of the Customer practices are a proven way of driving successful innovation, but all too often, such practices
  are the first things to be squeezed out when resources are constrained. We will discuss several methods that have
  been successfully employed to shed some light in the darkness at very manageable cost, even as budgets are
  tightened in an economic downturn.
  Learning Objectives:
     •Appropriately frame a low-budget VoC approach to innovation                                  Rodolfo Bayona
     •Understand possible resources to leverage that won‘t eat a budget                            Industrial Coatings
     •Share experience of what has worked and what hasn‘t in a large-size                          Global R&D Director
      company atmosphere                                                                           Dow Chemical

 10:40     Networking Break
 11:00     Creating User Experiences
  The data is in, and experts agree that investing in design has the highest impact on the bottom line revenue, great
  than R&D or advertising. Despite getting this clear message, many large companies struggle with how to become
   ―design focused‖. In this talk, Dave Vronay will talk about how Microsoft is transforming itself from a feature and
  platform company into an experience company.
     •Understand the design process, terms, and role                                               Dave Vronay
     •Understand how to front-load user experience into your existing process                      Creative Director,
     •Understand how to get design from the white board into shipping product                      Advanced Technology
     •Understand and appreciate the ROI of design in your organization                             Center, Microsoft China

 11:45     Experience Sharing Session: When VoC goes Bad
  Despite everyone‘s best efforts, every initiative to determine customer needs does not result in a breakthrough. Max
  von Zedtwitz and Christina Hepner Brodie will engage audience and speakers to hear about the things that go
  wrong and how to avoid them. Come prepared to talk about the biggest challenges your company faces and to
  hear from those that have found ways to tackle them. Examples include the following and notes will be captured for
  all to receive after the conference.
      • What if customers don‘t know what they need?
      • Talking to the wrong customers
      • Hearing but not listening
      • Having marketing or sales do it                                                  Moderator:
      • Failing to use what was heard                                                    Max von Zedtwitz
      • Picking the wrong needs to focus on                                              Christina Hepner Brodie

 T: 86 21 5556 0666 F: 86 21 5556 0322
 InnoDecision China                                                                            April 20-21, 2009
                                                Voice Of The                              Plaza Royale Oriental
                                                                                               Shanghai, China
Main Conference:                                    Customer
 12:30    Networking & Luncheon

 13:45    Valuing Customer Complaints in the VoC Portfolio
  While Traditional VoC techniques provide much needed direction and insight for R&D teams, they often fail in
  providing R&D management with the information necessary to guide product and technology development
  decisions. Customer compliant data can be a very valuable tool in distinguishing between commercially ―good‖
  and ―great‖ new product ideas. In addition, proper analysis and segmentation of customer contact data can help
  R&D managers maintain a solid portfolio of incremental and breakthrough development efforts. Believe it or not,
  customer complaint data can help us identify the breakthrough opportunities as well.
     •Understand why traditional VoC doesn‘t always provide
      the insights needed to effectively guide development decisions
     •Find out how customer complaint data can lead to true                                Christine Cui
      breakthroughs… not just incremental improvements                                     Head of China
     •Learn how to find the ―sweet spot‖ in customer contact data                          Development Lab, Shanghai
     •Discover the Complaint-Innovation-Loyalty-VoC cycle                                  IBM

 14:30    Linking VoC into Innovation
  VoC is for capturing the requirements of a product which the customer thinks as the minimum wants. This will help us
  in streamlining your thoughts to think in that direction and will not kill your creativity. You can be innovative in the
  following ways after capturing the VOC:
      •Innovative ways of achieving the specified wants of the customer
       compared to the existing products
      •Examples of what the customer really wanted                                                   John Liu
                                                                                                     GM for Innovation center
      •Example of really listening to VOC
                                                                                                     Johnson & Johnson
      •Look at your own arrogance

 15:15    Networking Break
 15:35    Using VOC to Drive Strategy Execution
  Superior business results accrue when strategy and execution are aligned around a clear and insightful view of
  customer and business value drivers. Customer insights must be used as an input to strategy formulation, and they
  must be used to frame the execution of strategy in order to preserve alignment to customer value. Vanke has a
  unique and powerful business model in China‘s real estate industry as demonstrated by its rapid growth. Dongfeng
  Chen of Vanke will describe how the company uses the Voice of the Customer to help guide both strategy
  formulation and strategy execution, using it as a foundation for their Strategy Maps and their Balanced Scorecard.
  Key takeaways will be:
     •Use of VoC for business strategy (not just for product development)
     •Communicating customer value dimension of strategy using
                                                                                                  Dongfeng Chen
      Strategy Maps                                                                               Vice President, Vanke Co., Ltd.
     •Driving aligned execution to customer value delivery                                        (Former CIO of P&G)
      with the Balanced Scorecard                                                                 Yong-Ling Sun,
                                                                                                  CEO, eGate Consulting

 16:20    Day One Implementation Tips and Key Lessons Learned
  Mark Deck and Max von Zedtwitz will end Day One by leading a panel Q&A discussion comprising
  Christina Hepner Brodie and speakers from Dow, Vanke, IBM, Johnson & Johnson and Microsoft. The
  audience will be encouraged to ask questions about how their companies
  have managed to implement some of these practices
  and what it has taken to make them truly work. The day
  will conclude with a group discussion of key insights gained                     Moderator:
  during day one – all of which will be captured for the                           Mark Deck
  attendees later use.                                                             Max von Zedtwitz

 T: 86 21 5556 0666 F: 86 21 5556 0322
InnoDecision China                                                                        April 20-21, 2009
                                            Voice Of The                             Plaza Royale Oriental
                                                                                          Shanghai, China
Main Conference:                                Customer
Day Two
8:55     Chairman‘s opening remarks

9:05     VoC in a Global Environment
 Innovate Globally – Win Locally: We have all heard the stories of taking a successful product from one market and
 having it fail in another market. The reasons can be due to differences in tastes, culture, competition, environment,
 context, and more. But in today‘s competitive global marketplace, the need to minimize product costs and
 complexity pushes companies in the direction of common products and processes. How do companies strike a
 balance? How do they innovate globally and win locally? Dr. Max von Zedtwitz has researched the Innovation and
 R&D practices of hundreds of companies globally. His research has provided valuable insights into the ways
 companies manage this balance and how it is changing today.
 Specific takeaways will include:                                                               Dr. Max von Zedtwitz
    •Ways to manage cost and complexity while serving global market                             Professor of Strategy &
    •Using foreign R&D as both listening post and source of innovation                          Innovation, Peking University
                                                                                                author of Managing Global
    •Organizing locally and integrating globally                                                Innovation

9:50     Building Success via ―Consumer-Centric‖ approach in the CPG Industry
 In this presentation you will learn a framework for ―consumer centric‖ approaches in the CPG industry that will help
 you build success. In this industry, the ‗consumer‘ is boss and yet to build the ultimate consumer experience—it is
 key to not only articulate ‗profound consumer insights‘, but these must be combined with ‗profound science‘ to
 deliver breakthrough. From this presentation you will gain:
     •An understanding of what is meant by ‗going to Gemba‘
     •How do you look for ―what‘s needed‖ (by consumers)
     •The role of ―cultural desires‖
     •What is meant by the ―1st and 2nd moments of truth‖                                          Shank Hu,
     •An introduction to some of the tools and approaches that have                                R&D Vice President
      proven useful—like metaphors, experience prototyping and ―serious play‖                      PepsiCo Beverage China

10:40     Networking Break

11:00    The User's Voice in Early Stage Technical Research
 VoC is key in prioritizing and shaping successfully aligned research teams around the globe. Drawing on experience
 establishing new technology research teams for Hewlett-Packard, we will look at how the user is a key part of
 establishing and maturing new research organizations.
 Some of the key topics include:
    •The user's role in focusing multidisciplinary research                                       Warren Greving
    •The value of social science disciplines in a high technology research group                  Director, Global
    •Shaping early stage technical research                                                       Research Development,
                                                                                                  HP Labs

11:45     Panel Discussion: How to Integrate Multiple Cultures and Countries into Your VoC Process
 If you company develops products for other countries—or culturally diverse parts of China, how do you ensure that
 you understand the differences among diverse customer groups? These panelists bring deep experience with global
 projects so be ready with your questions about the challenges of conducting
 VoC work on a global scale. From their experience you will learn:
     •What the biggest challenges are when creating products
                                                                                      Moderator: Christina Hepner Brodie
      and services for other cultures
                                                                                      Panelists Dr. Max von Zedtwitz
     •How to structure projects to ensure diversity of perspective
                                                                                      Shank Hu R&D VP PepsiCo Beverage
     •How much diversity of perspective to include
                                                                                      Warren Greving Director, Global
     •How VoC solutions are the same or different based on
                                                                                      Research Development, HP Labs
      different parts of the region or world

T: 86 21 5556 0666 F: 86 21 5556 0322
 InnoDecision China                                                                       April 20-21, 2009
                                            Voice Of The                             Plaza Royale Oriental
                                                                                          Shanghai, China
Main Conference:                                Customer
 12:30    Networking & Luncheon

 13:45    Setting up Knowledge Management Systems for VoC: Tools for Sharing Customer Data
          Across the Organization
  Dell Computer has always been recognized as being a market driven organization. As Managing Director
  of the Consumer Product Group China Development Center, John Terwilliger has been implementing a
  broad VOC program across his organization, focused on the diverse and challenging China market. His
  talk will outline his experience to date including:
      • Drivers and expected benefits for the VOC initiative                               John Terwilliger
      • Overall process and methods being used                                             Managing Director China
      • Implementation approach                                                            Development Center,
      • Results to date and lessons learned                                                Consumer Product
                                                                                                Group, Dell

 14:30    Incorporating VoC into R&D Process
  In this presentation you will learn about how Goodbaby incorporates VoC into its R&D process to develop competitive
  products. Several examples will illustrate:
      •Why including R&D is so critical to success
      •How VoC was used to create more competitive products                                     Andy Zhu,
      •Why using VoC makes the difference                                                       Group VP, Quality and
                                                                                                Manufacturing Support
                                                                                                Goodbaby Group

 15:15    Networking Break

 15:35    Incorporating VoC into Marketing in the Medical Products Industry
  Jay Butterbrodt knows firsthand about the difference VoC makes in the medical products industry.
  Throughout his career, he has not only sponsored the work but participated with his teams in direct
  engagement with customers in order to understand their needs and then develop responsive product
  strategy or new platforms. From his years of experience you will understand:
      •What‘s distinctive about the medical products industry
      •The value of working cross-functionally in conducting VoC projects
      •The role of understanding customer context and experience                          Jay Butterbrodt
      •The benefit of aligning early in a project to a common understanding               Director, Global Strategic
       of customer needs—and the optimal solutions to address them                        Marketing
                                                                                          Becton Dickinson

 16:20    Conference Day Two Take-Aways and Wrap Up
  Conference Chair Mark Deck will lead a discussion with all attendees and provide his own perspectives
  on key insights and ―nuggets‖ to take away
     •Review of key challenges from Day One and how well
      we covered them – what were the big unanswered questions?
     •Top 5 BFOs (Blinding Flashes of the Obvious)
     •Conference faculty insights – what did the experts learn
      that they hadn‘t thought about before?
     •Conference participant insights – what were the things                             Moderator:
      you could take away and begin to do next Monday?                                   Mark Deck

 T: 86 21 5556 0666 F: 86 21 5556 0322
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