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									                                Newsletter Spring, 2009
                                  New address: PO Box 508
                                              772 N Broad St.
                                              Mooresville, NC 28115
                                              Phone: 704-660-8600
                                             Wats: 800-452-0030
                                              Fax: 704-658-1303

       What’s new: NTA would like to welcome Dr. Jerome Cooper as our new
        MRO. Dr. Cooper can be reached through our MRO dept. at 704-660-8600 or
        800-452-0030 ext. 104.
       What’s happening: Spring Training! Classes are filling up fast so be sure to
        reserve your spot today. All classes are held at NTA’s new facility:
                       772 N. Broad St. Mooresville, NC 28115.

                             $159.00 per class – Sign Up Today!

                                        April 15, 2009
                   Designated Employer Representative Training 9-11am
                   Reasonable Suspicion Supervisory Training 1-3 pm

                                      April 16, 2009
                   USDOT Drug screen collector Training 8:30-12:30 pm
                   USDOT Saliva Alcohol Test Technician Training 1:30-3:30

                        For more information, please call 800-452-0030 ext.203

       Reminder: Don’t forget to call an NTA representative today for more
        information on how to save money with a Drug Free Workplace!

Kim Claytor                                                               VA, TN, KY, WV, MT, AK, ID,
                                     1-800-452-0030 ext 351
Sales Manager                                                             SD, WY
Carol Light                                                               NC, KS, OH, MN, IN, SC, CA, IL,
                                     1-800-452-0030 ext 103
                                                                          OR, WA, MI
Sunshine Moffitt                                                          NC, GA, TX, OK, NM, NV, AZ,
                                     1-800-452-0030 ext 121
                                                                          ND, IA, CO, WI, CT, MD
Moses Smith                                                               NC, NY, NJ, PA, ME, VT, AL,
                                     1-800-452-0030 ext 150
                                                                          MS, UT, DE, DC, AR, NE, MO
Kori Morris                          1-800-452-0030 ext 101               MA, LA, HI
Danielle Shenos                      1-800-452-0030 ext 118               FL, RI, NH

      DOT Change: Regulation 391.68 has been updated to indicate that volunteer
       bus drivers for churches are not required to have physicals.

      As always, NTA, Inc. would like to thank you for your business!

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