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Sony PRS- T1 In the field of electronic books_ Sony Corporation is by zhouwenjuan


									                                                  Sony PRS-T1

      In the field of electronic books, Sony Corporation is the most productive. The users always enthusiastically
welcomed any new items. After a whole family of devices, in autumn 2011 the company has launched model
PRS-T1 in three colors.
      The model can be regarded as the PRS-650 modification, but it functions on the Android operating system,
software is completely rewritten, and the appearance acquired characteristics of Sony Ericsson mobile products.
Sony Reader PRS-T1 interface is quite simple, unlike the PRS-650 and PRS-350. For the first time Sony is not
afraid to "fall in the price" in an attempt to compete with companies that use marketing scheme "device, as a
way to sell content", and released a budget Sony PRS-T1. This device is positioned as the lightest reader in the
world and very cheap – about $150 in the United States.
      Sony Reader PRS-T1 has 6 "E Ink Pearl touch-screen display and 600x800 (HxW) pixel resolution, 16
shades of gray. The size of the device is 111 mm x 172 mm x 9 mm with the weight only 168 grams. It is very
light even in comparison with six-inch Sony PRS-650. Viewing angle is 180 °, without changing its properties.
Sony PRS-T1 has 2 GB internal memory from which about 1.4 GB is free for downloading content. One and a
half gigabyte of space is enough for e-books, while it’s not convenient to read technical documentation on the
device. The garget can be connected to Wi-Fi networks that use 802.11b/g/n standard of connection. The Reader
has 3.5 mm audio jack. It’s possible to enlarge the memory with the help of microSD memory cards up to 32
GB. So, there is a slot for microSD of course. Sony PRS-T1 supports AAC, PNG, ePub eBook, MP3, BMP,
PDF, JPEG, GIF, and TXT. Micro USB cable is included in the box.
      The frame of a new PRS-T1 is made of plastic. The front side of the Reader is made of a black glossy
plastic, while there is a rubberized plastic on the back cover. The rubberized back cover makes it comfortable to
hold the device because the Reader does not slip from the fingers. All the vital holes there are on the bottom:
reset, slot microUSB, earphones, and the power button. Slot for SD-card is under the rubber strip on the left on
the back cover. Control keys are traditionally located under the display, and they are almost the same as in the
models PRS-650 and 350. Keys are traditionally iron, made like a corner to make it easier to push.
      When connected to a USB-port, Sony Reader PRS-T1 asks which mode to choose for work: charging or
move for transferring the data. In the data transfer mode the device have to be connected to a PC in the form of
two logical drives: the drive itself, where you can upload media data, and a small disk with software – Reader
application for Mac and PC. It’s possible to create a new collection of books instantly, sorted according to some
criterion. In previous versions of the readers the books had been putted in the collection one by one. It is also
convenient to use the program to purchase (or download if they are free) editions from the company online store
ReaderStore. Then downloaded and bought books are filled in automatically to the connected Sony Reader PRS-
T1 during synchronization. However, it’s also possible to simply copy the books into the appropriate folder of
Sony PRS-T1. The home page of the Reader looks like this: above – the currently reading edition, below – the
last three editions uploaded, under them – four large buttons which are library, all the notes, collections, and
dictionary. On the next page there are seven keys: browser, periodicals, drawing, notes, images, audio, and
settings. If you open the library the thumbnails of covers are displayed by default. Presentation mode can be
changed on a regular list. Various types of sorting are available in Sony Reader PRS-T1: by date of
downloading, title, author, file name and the last read. There is also a search by title and author. Pages are
turned by the means of the keys, located below, as well as with fingertips vertically or horizontally. On the
Navigate Page of Sony Reader PRS-T1 a user can return to the previous mode, switch to the specified page, and
see the contents. Notes show all the comments, bookmarks, and text selection. There are eight versions of the
font sizes and seven sets (except the original). It’s possible to customize view in three versions: page mode, crop
pages, and the regulation of view. In page mode, there are four types: the original, partitioned two-column,
partitioned three-column, placed in landscape mode. Contrary to expectations, and partitioned two-column
picture mode does not mean that on one page of Sony Reader PRS-T1 there will be four pages of the book, but
vice versa – one page of the book will fit into four pages of reader, so it will be significantly increased and
turning the pages will lead to the relocating down, first of all, then right up, then down again. This mode is
convenient for all periodicals, but not for ordinary books. It’s also possible to save selected text (it will be
available in the relevant list of bookmarks, comments, and notes), add text or drawing annotation, and look for
an extract in the text, in Wikipedia and in Google.
     Readers from Sony do not support folders, but support a sort of internal folders, called collections. In case
of Sony Reader PRS-T1, the collection can be made in the program Reader and there is no need to use some
third-party applications. It’s possible to group the books as a user prefers – not only by the name of the author.
In addition, one issue may be related to any number of collections. The browser of Sony Reader PRS-T1 is
basically designed to work with the online Sony shop, from where a user can download free publications, and
buy the publications and periodicals which are not free of charge. Browser goes online via Wi-Fi connection.
Wi-Fi is easily adjusted in the settings. To save battery, after five minutes of inactivity Wi-Fi goes into "sleep".
     Sony Reader PRS-T1 has all features which are necessary for effective and pleasant reading.

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