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					Audi/Godfather Super Bowl XLII commercial:

* Compare with the actual Godfather scene at:
              Screenshots                  Time          Film Techniques                       Message
                                          :00-:06   Wide shot of mansion and         Suspense is building. A few
                                                    pool. Camera cuts in closer      hardcore Godfather fans may
                                                    and pans across mansion          immediately recognize this
                                                    slowly. Violin eerily plays in   scene and music, but the rest
                                                    background. Camera zooms         of us Super Bowl viewers are
                                                    into a specific window where     unsure what to expect.
                                                    an old man is sleeping.

                                          :07-:12   Extremely slow (especially       It’s like Audi is saying,
                                                    for a commercial) zoom up to     “Screw it. If we’re going to
                                                    the man sleeping. Music          spend two million on this ad,
                                                    builds. Old man stirs and        we’re going to do it right.”
                                                    wakes up.                        More of us are seeing the
                                                                                     Godfather connection now.

                                          :13-:20   Still camera. Man looks          OK – we’re 20 seconds in.
                                                    confused. He turns his head      That’s about $800,000 worth
                                                    side to side. Music gets         of suspense. This was the
                                                    really high-pitched and loud.    second ad after kickoff, and
                                                    Man sits up and starts to pull   Audi did need the laughter to
                                                    down the covers.                 die down after Bud Light’s
                                                                                     typical first ad after kickoff.

                                          :21-:25   Still camera. High-pitched       Most who have seen the
                                                    violins. Action picks up.        Godfather see the connection
                                                    Man sees oil on his hands and    now, but may be wondering
                                                    starts to get scared. He         what is all that black junk on
                                                    throws the covers off in a       him? I would also venture
                                                    panic.                           that most viewers are on the
                                                                                     edge of their seats if they’ve
                                                                                     been paying attention.
                                          :26-:28   Camera pans across open bed      Most viewers are probably
                                                    to the front of a car cut off    thinking, what is that thing?
                                                    and leaking oil all over. The    Ohh, wait….is this a car
                                                    music abruptly ends and the      commercial?? Of course,
                                                    man starts screaming. This       after seeing a 3-second
                                                    ends a 20 second uncut           version of this ad for the next
                                                    segment (well done, Audi!).      two weeks, the uncertainty
                                                                                     will be gone.
                                          :29-:30   Camera cuts to close-up of       Second scream…check.
                                                    man as he screams
                                                    “AHHHHH!!” again.
Audi/Godfather Super Bowl XLII commercial:

* Compare with the actual Godfather scene at:
                                          :31-:32   Camera cuts further away as      Third scream…check.
                                                    man screams again.
                                                                                     Oh, yeah…that is the severed
                                                                                     front of the car. Ha-ha. It’s
                                                                                     not a horse’s head; it’s the
                                                                                     severed front of a car.

                                          :33-:34   Camera cuts again, a little      Fourth scream…check.
                                                    further away this time. The
                                                    three quick constant cuts        The multiple screams are just
                                                    highlight the visual of the      like the Godfather sequence.
                                                    car/bed/man.                     In this “car” context, the
                                                                                     scene isn’t so much scary as
                                                                                     it is funny.

                                          :35-:37   Camera cuts to a wide “birds-    OK, now we’re going to find
                                                    eye” shot of a car outside the   out who this car company is.
                                                    mansion. The man’s fourth        And if you’re a savvy
                                                    scream continues but is          commercial watcher, you can
                                                    muffled (as it would sound       sense the “VRRROOOM,
                                                    hundreds of feet away).          VRRROOOM” coming a
                                                                                     mile away.

                                          :38       Camera quickly cuts to an        Is that supposed to look like
                                                    extreme close-up of the front    an eye of a wild beast? I
                                                    right headlight of the car.      don’t think that shot is an
                                                    The car is started.              accident. Some subliminal
                                                                                     testosterone or fear impulse
                                                                                     going on here.

                                          :39-:40   Quick cut to full close-up of    Maybe a few perceptive
                                                    the front of an Audi. The        viewers would notice the
                                                    engine is revved.                four circles on the hood and
                                                                                     know this ad is for Audi. We
                                                                                     are now entering typical car
                                                                                     commercial territory.

                                          :41-:44   Cut to an all-black screen       Pretty good tagline, but it’s a
                                                    with only the words, “Old        little stretch to think of Audi
                                                    Luxury just got put on           as the “renegade” car
                                                    notice.” The engine revs in      company. It looks like
                                                    the background.                  they’re trying to toughen up
                                                                                     their image.
Audi/Godfather Super Bowl XLII commercial:

* Compare with the actual Godfather scene at:
                                          :45-:47   Close-up of the back of the     It’s like the Audi people
                                                    car. Engine revs really loud.   were telling the ad people
                                                                                    that we need to see the front
                                                                                    and the back of this car.
                                                                                    “See…see! There’s our four
                                                                                    circles again. And check out
                                                                                    the four exhaust pipes!”

                                          :48-:49   Motion shot as the camera       I guess this was supposed to
                                                    pans back and the car speeds    show the Audi car speeding
                                                    away.                           away from the scene of the
                                                                                    crime, but all I was thinking
                                                                                    is that it’s against the law to
                                                                                    make a car commercial that
                                                                                    doesn’t have your car
                                                                                    burning serious rubber.
                                          :50-:52   Camera zooms backward as        Look out! Audi is such a
                                                    the Audi races towards it.      bad-ass company that they’re
                                                                                    willing to run us over!


                                          :53-:55   Cut to black screen with just   Audi and the R8 are here, so
                                                    “Audi and the R8” showing.      go out and buy one as quick
                                                    Then, “are here.” fades in      as you can.
                                                    with a sound effect that
                                                    sound like a spoon hitting a
                                                    metal pot.

                                          :56-:58   Cut to a black screen. A        You cannot, I repeat cannot!,
                                                    visual “sweep” effect creates   not show your logo at the
                                                    the Audi logo.                  end of a Super Bowl ad.

                                                                                    Just in case you didn’t know
                                                                                    who the 4-circle car
                                                                                    company is, and just in case
                                                                                    you can’t read small type.
                                          :59-:60   Quick cut to a web site. Cut    Like anyone is going to even
                                                    to black.                       be able to read, let alone
                                                                                    remember this web site. It’s
                                                                                    like the Audi ad execs were
                                                                                    telling the Audi web guys,
                                                                                    “You’ve been all working so
                                                                                    hard on the web site. Sure,
                                                                                    we’ll include you too.”

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