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					Email Content Control

    Stewart Duncan
   Technical Manager
             What is ECC?
• ECC protection provides a first line of
  defence against all email threats including:
  – Viruses
  – Spam
  – Malware
  – Denial of Service attacks
  – Directory harvesting
  – ECC also protects with image and content
       Do you have access?
• ECC is provided by LGfL as part of the
  Email Hosting package.
• Domains hosted with LGfL via the Synetrix
  EMH platform will have ECC switched on.
• If you use a email account, ECC
  is also active.
 How do I access this system?
• ECC administrators will have access to teir
  domain rules and configuration via their
  Talk2Synetrix login
• In some instances your LA may control
  this feature for you

 If you are unsure talk to Synetrix who
 manage this service for LGfL on 08700
 636465 option 1
               What does ECC do?
When email is sent to your domain, before it reaches your Email Service it is
passed via the ECC engine. It is at this stage the email is scanned.
It is at this stage before it even reaches your Inbox that the mail is scanned for:

    Viruses (ECC uses 3 different virus engines. Sophos is one of these
    Spam (connection management and integration of multiple best of
    breed filters)
    Pornographic Images (Image filters that can recognise skin tones and
    block based on your threshold)
    Dark Mail (message traffic is submitted by an attacker to numerous e-
    mail addresses in the hope of finding a valid target)
    VS (Verify Sender)
                        Some stats…
                                                    Type     Total
                                            Spam           4,265,843
Statistics and mail activity details are
                                            Quarantine       36,971
available from the web front-end for your
                                            Virus            15,695
domain.                                     Fail             36,006

The domain receives about 5        Legitimate      570,571
                                            Total          4,925,086
million messages each month
             What else can ECC help do?
  • The ECC web front-end also offers administrators lots
    of different reporting functions.
Report Type                 Description
Daily flow                  Counts of all mail to flow through the system in either direction broken into categories by day
Hourly flow                 Counts of all mail to flow through the system in either direction broken into categories by hour
Top recipient/senders       League of top n individual mailboxes to send and receive messages
Daily latency               The time it takes mails to pass through the system and to be delivered
Active mailboxes            Count of active mailboxes to send or receive messages
Daily bandwidth usage       Email sizes by the day
Top failure codes           Counts of all SMTP failures to flow out of the system in either direction broken into categories
Top bandwidth users         Shows which domains use the most bandwidth
Top viruses                 League of the top viruses sent or received
Daily flow by address       Counts of all mail to flow through the system for specified mailboxes in either direction broken into
                                 categories by day
Daily delivery failures     SMTP failures
Legitimate domain traffic   League of the top n legitimate domains to send messages to or receive messages from
Top rules used              Shows the use and efficiency of custom rules on mail flow
Domain usage                League of the usage of domains
Mail size bands             Counts all mail sizes broken into size categories
  ECC gives you the control over
       your email domain
                            You can configure
                          additional rules to suit
                                your school

You select the level of
    Spam control
• If you use a email account you are
  already protected
• If you use the Synetrix EMH platform you will
  have this functionality switched on
• You can access your admin web front-end using
  your Talk2Synetrix user details
• Support is available for ECC by telephone on
  08700 636465 option 1 or by email

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