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To: Pack #                                                                        Date
Attn: Recruiting Chair(s)
Subject: Spring Recruiting Campaign

     Now that, your “Blue & Gold Banquet” is over, it is time to prepare for your Spring Recruiting
Campaign, which should be held with your Pine Wood Derby, or Pack meeting, for the new Families
sees an active Pack. First, you should have your Summer Activities Chair schedule 3 to 5 Activities for
this Summer, available for New Families, to: (keep interest high for new Scouts) when they register
their son(s), but your Target Market should be Kindergarten Boys, the only time you can recruit them,
into Scouting (the Council doesn’t turn in their Registration until June 14 th when the last School
is closed Nationally). In your New Family Packet is, the Kindergarten Boy Flier, and Family Interest
Form, for you to give, to your CO’s (Charter Organization’s) Families, with a return date, prior to your
Campaign. That Form is on Word, so you can put your Campaign information for it, on-line. In fact,
there are several Forms on Word, which are the Flier, Organizational Chart, Family
History/Emergency Phone Numbers, and Vehicle Information Forms.
     You can now print, all items in your New Family Packet, except the Registrations Forms (until our
Council offers Registers on-line), for Scouts, and Leaders, and the Parent Information Guide, which we
will get you, prior to your Campaign. The Parent Guide is in the Packet also, so you can print and fold
it too. If any item in the Packet doesn’t open, they are on our Council’s Web Site, individually. The
Spring Recruiting Campaign should be seen as, your 1 st Campaign, and the Fall Campaign is for
Recruiting all Boys in 1st thru 5th Grade, and Recruiting Leaders for positions still open(this one
should be held prior to your Pack meeting). By following the above steps, at the end of your Fall
Recruiting Campaign, you should end up with 2 Dens at every level, including Tiger Cubs, and 2 to 4
Leaders, for every level, including Committee Members that,. will help to reach your Goals.

Yours In Scouting
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PS: The Recruiting Campaign’s New Family Packet, is attached, but if not, please contact me, and I will get it to
    you. I will plan to be there, or have someone there, to assist you. Good Luck

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