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Aztec Timeline


1100   Aztecs left homeland in search of new home.
1195   Aztecs arrived in Valley of Mexico.
1250   Aztecs settled near Lake Texcoco.
1325   Tenochtitlan was founded. First temple built by Aztecs.
1350   Causeways built with canals.
1370   Tenoch, Aztec Priest-Ruler, died.
       Aztecs ruled by Tepanecs.
1375   Acamapichtli becomes first ruler of Aztecs.
1428   Aztecs joined forces with Texcoco & Tlacopan formed Triple
       Alliance. Atzcapotzalco conquered.
1440   Moctezuma started rule.
1452   Tenochtitlan destroyed by flood. 1452-4 Famine.
1458   Moctezuma sent armies to conquer lands.
1469   Moctezuma I died.
1486   Ahuizotu became ruler.
1487   Great Temple at Tenochtitlan dedicated.
       Aztecs expanded southward into Mayan territories.
1502   Moctezuma II became ruler. Aztec Empire at height.
1519   Cortez comes to Mexico. Moctezuma II killed.
1520   Cuitlahuac elected ruler.
1521   Tenochtitlan destroyed.
1522   Tenochtitlan rebuilt, named Mexico City. Declared capital of
       Spanish colony of New Spain.
1. When did the Aztecs arrive in the Valley of Mexico?
2. In what year did Tenoch die?
3. What did he do?
4. Who was the first ruler of the Aztecs and in what year did he rule?
5. What happened in 1452 and what problems do you think this
   caused for the Aztec people?
6. What happened in 1458 and why do you think Montezuma did
7. How many years were there between the rule of Acamapichtli and
   Montezuma II?
8. In what year was the Aztec Empire at its greatest?
10. What was the name of the Spanish man who led the conquest?
11. In what year did they arrive?
12. How many years later was Tenochtitlan destroyed?
13. How many years had passed between the time Cortez arrived to
   the rebuilding of Mexico City and declaring it the capital of New

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