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									                                                            ·    The Professional Development Committee
                                                                 reported an increase in 2006 in both the
                                                                 number of courses held and the students
                                                                 attending. Course Coordinators are being
                                                                 strongly urged to take the online certification
                                                                 class which is good for two years and will
                                                                 allow your chapter to reap the most benefits
                              V a l u e s                        from the courses they hold. I know that
      Everyone performs their tasks with a joyful spirit,        Debbie Lundy, of Epic Land Solutions, has
                                                                 already taken and passed this certification and
      a sense of service and a strive for excellence.
                                                                 others are doing it now. All courses are
                                                                 undergoing an “adult education” revamp
      Executives prepare each successor to make a
                                                                 process which is due to be completed in
      seamless transition next year.
                                                                 February 2008.
      Value each member, recognize professional             ·    The are some proposed BY-law Amendments
      accomplishments and have some fun.                         to be voted on at this summer’s IEC Conf.
                                                                 Approval of “Members at Large” must be
                                                                 approved by 8 of 10 region chairs (instead of
                                                                 old membership committee, which no longer
                                                                 exists). Also, a name change to “Intl. Elections

                                  pril showers bring
                             May flowers… well, not
                                                                 & Awards Committee” from “Nominations &
                                                                 Elections Committee. A Board resolution to
                                                                 eliminate pro-rated membership dues for
                             last weekend. Bill Yee,
                             Bill Busch, SR/WA, and
                             I just returned from the
Region 1 Spring Forum which was held in Laguna
Beach. A perfect Southern California weekend of                 c o n t e n t s
sunshine and warm breezes made our ocean-front
conference room with a very picturesque view,                         Executive Board
tough to sit through for the all-day meeting. It was                  Speaker Topic
great to see old friends and make some new ones.
                                                                      Luncheon Info & Spring Forum Pictures
There is a lot of news to report on, but I’ll just try to
hit some of the highlights here:                                      Employer of the Year Nominations
                                                                      2007 Education Schedule / SRWAs
  ·     The new International Marketing Committee
        sent each Chapter copies of an IRWA                           Mentor Program
        Membership Benefits video and new                             International Pipeline Committee
        streamlined Membership Brochures. This
                                                                      First Annual Golf Tournament
        exciting video, about 5 minutes, long will be
        shown at our April luncheon.           IRWA                   Professional of the Year Award Recipients
        membership renewals are up 4% and you can                     Committee Chairs & Members
        now renew easily online.
                                                           Lastly, remember that our Chapter’s newsletter is
       those joining after Oct. 1. New members will        only as good as the input we give it. Please
       pay full membership after Oct. 1 and it will        forward your articles, industry news & updates,
       carry you to end of following year, basically, 3    and any other items that you want us to know
       free months of membership.                          about to                Gigi Abrogina, Newsletter
                                                           Editor, at:
   ·   The winner of the Region 1 “Newsletter of the
       Year” was “The Zeypher”, from Chapter 46,           See you all at the April 18th “Bosses’ Appreciation
       Reno, NV. Most of our region’s chapter              Day” luncheon meeting.
       newsletters and other Region 1 information
                                                           Mike William
       can      be   found      online   at:  http://
                                                           President & International Director The “Employee of
       the Year” was LoAnn Weight, from Chapter 44,
       Las Vegas, NV. The Fall Forum will be held in
       San Jose, October 5, 2007. San Diego
       Chapter 11 will host the Region 1 Forum in the
       Fall of 2009.

As you all know, the April luncheon celebrates
“Bosses’ Appreciation Day” in our Chapter. Please
invite your non-member Managers, Directors, or other
Executive level Supervisors to join us for lunch “on the
Chapter”. Also, our newest SR/WA, Greg Mayo,
SDG&E R/W Agent, will be presented with his pin &             •Mike Williams
plaque, an achievement worthy of our recognition…
congratulations Greg!                                         • (858) 654-1201
This year’s IEC Conference in Sacramento, June 17-
20, will be titled “Education Gold Rush” and will
feature some amazing motivational speakers, fun and
                                                               •William “Bill” Yee
informative daily workshops, an Education Fund
Charity Golf Tournament, and lots of cool vendors and          • (619) 533-7139
consultant displays.     A new course, C604 -
Environmental Due Diligence, will make it’s debut.             •
There will also be a book drive benefiting the
Sacramento Children’s Home. New or very good
                                                               • James Anthony, SR/WA
condition used book donations are being accepted
for ages up to 12 years old. Please bring your                 • (619) 533-6509
donations to the April & May luncheons or go online to get more information             •
and to register.

I’m pleased to announce that long-time member                  • Joe Currie
Mario Garcia, SR/WA, will be joining our Education
                                                               • (760) 942-0366
Committee as Vice-Chair. Mario will be helping
Charlene with course planning, promotion and                   •
execution. Please join me in welcoming Mario to his
new position on the Board. Also, make sure to update
yourself on what’s happening with the Intl. Pipeline           • William “Bill” Mac Farlane, SR/WA
Committee. Our very own Fred Clark, SR/WA, of
Dudek & Associates, helped host the Fall Meeting of            • (858) 484-1145
the Committee here in San Diego. See page 9 of this            •
month’s newsletter for a great article on what’s new
and hot in the pipeline industry.
                                                                                                Page 2
Please join us for our April 18th “Bosses Appreciation Day” luncheon as the keynote speaker will be Nancy Graham,
President & Chief Operating Officer of the Centre City Development Corporation (“CCDC”). Downtown San Diego
has re-established itself as the heart of the San Diego region, and Nancy will speak about CCDC’s successful
redevelopment model, current programs and the future of downtown. Her keynote presentation will touch upon
downtown and related regional issues, and several high profile projects that include complex right of way components:

    §   C Street Corridor Master Plan

    §   Downtown Parks Program

    §   Part to Bay Link

    §   North Embarcadero Visionary

    §   I-5 Bridge Study

    §   Other major capital projects

Nancy Graham joined CCDC in
December 2005 after serving as a
principal in N-K Ventures, LLC, and
urban in-fill development firm that
provides consulting services for cities
and        developers    on      urban
redevelopment strategies. She was
elected as West Palm Beach, Florida’s
first strong mayor in 1991, and served
until March 1999. Under her leadership, the city experienced a remarkable renaissance, especially downtown. Prior
to serving as mayor, Graham practiced law for 10 years, specializing in land use, zoning, comprehensive planning
and environmental law.

Graham’s vision and leadership have been recognized through numerous national, state and local awards, including
the U.S. Conference of Mayors’ City Livability Award and the 1,000 Friends of Florida Community Steward Award for
the revitalization of downtown West Palm Peach. She was listed by Newsweek as one of the top 25 mayors in the
country, and has been the subject of feature stories in Working Woman Magazine and the New York Times.
Governing Magazine honored her in November 1998 as one of the national “Public Officials of the Year”.

Graham has served on numerous state, county and local business and non-profit organizations. Then-Governor
Lawton Chiles appointed her in 1996 to his Transportation and Land Use Study Commission. In 2000, Florida
Governor Jeb Bush appointed her to the Growth Management Study Commission to review and make
recommendations for updating Florida’s growth management laws (she chaired the Urban Revitalization
Subcommittee). She has also served on the Joint Center for Sustainable Communities and the Palm Beach
County-Wide Planning Council.

She is a graduate of the University of Central Florida (1979 with high honors), and the University of Florida Holland
Law Center (1982, number 2 in class, and the Order of the Coif). Born in Nashville, Tennessee, she has two children
and four grandchildren.

                                                                                                            Page 3
Date: April 18, 2007
Time: 11:45 - 1:30 p.m.
Place: Handlery Hotel & Resort
       950 Hotel Circle North (Mission Valley)
Price: $20 per person (with reservation)

Make your reservations by April 13
      Lida Jimenez
      Tel: (858) 637-7918
      Fax: (858) 654-0286
      Email:                                       Julie Blackman
                                                                               Project Manager
                                                                            Dudek & Associates

   Bill & Marjorie Busch and Renee Marrufo of Chptr. 73       Region 1 “Newsletter of the Year” competition. This
   – Tucson                                                   year’s winner was the “The Zeypher”, from Chapter 46,
                                                              Reno, NV.

   Break time at the Spring Forum in Laguna Beach.
   From left: Intl. President Jim Finnegan, Mike Williams,
   Bill Yee, Michael & Dwight Pattison (Sacramento IEC       Mike Williams and past Intl. President Dwight Pattison
   Conf. Co-Chairs), Tammie Bedlington, & Blandon            catching some rays

                                                                                                           Page 4

       Over 20 R/W Personnel               20 or Under R/W Personnel

       City of San Diego                   JANMAC, Inc.
       Overland, Pacific & Cutler, Inc.    Jones, Roach & Caringella, Inc.
                                           San Diego County Water Authority
                                           Zeichick Services

                                 FORMER CHAPTER 11

                        EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR RECIPIENTS

Year   Large Organization                         Small Organization
1991   San Diego Gas & Electric Co.
1992   County of San Diego
1993   City of San Diego                          Frasier Engineering
1994   U. S. Navy                                 MacFarlane & Associates
1995   Port of San Diego                          Lee C. Johnson Company
1996   Pacific Bell                               Best Best & Krieger/San Diego Off.
1997   Centre City Development Corp.              JanMac & Associates (MacFarlane)
1998   Helix Water District                       John L. Walters, PLS
1999   Sempra Energy (formerly SDG&E)             Jones, Roach & Caringella, Inc.
2000   County of San Diego                        Overland Resources
2001   County of San Diego received International Employer of the Year Award
       at the Vancouver, BC, Canada Annual Seminar.
2001   San Diego County Water Authority           Wiggans & Willett, Inc.
2002   Pacific Bell                               The Catling Company
2003   San Diego Gas & Electric Co.               Epic Land Solutions, Inc.
2004   San Diego County Water Authority           The Heath Group
2005   The Heath Group received the International Employer of the Year Award
       for a smaller firm at the Toronto Annual Seminar.
2005   Overland, Pacific & Cutler, Inc.           Wiggans & Willett, Inc.
2006   San Diego Gas & Electric Co.               Daley & Heft, Attorneys

                                                                                       Page 5
   Cathleen S. Agrella, SR/WA, R/W-EC                 Rosemary Fraunces, SR/WA                        William L. McFarlane, SR/WA
James P. Anthony, RPA, SR/WA, RW-NAC                    John C. Gaines, SR/WA                         B. Lane MacKenzie, SR/WA
       Ray S. Armstrong, SR/WA                         Lucille H. Galvin, SR/WA                           Greg Mayo, SR/WA
          Cheri Atherton, SR/WA                         Mario E. Garcia, SR/WA                     Peter I. McMorris, SR/WA, R/W-NAC
        Vladimir Balotsky, SR/WA                       Stephen L. Geitz, SR/WA                          F. Mike Minton, SR/WA
      Mark S. Berger, SR/WA, MAI                      Robert A. Gerhardt, SR/WA                       Christine M. Nuener, SR/WA
       Thaddeus Brierton, SR/WA                         Jack C. Glenn, SR/WA                            Joel P. Newsom, SR/WA
         Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA                      Richard D. Greenleaf, SR/WA                        Paul Nussbaum, SR/WA
         William L. Busch, SR/WA                       Carole A. Herrin, SR/WA                           Lynn Parrish, SR/WA
      Roger P. Busch, SR/WA, MAI                        Kathleen Hider, SR/WA                          Robert J. Pflimlin, SR/WA
       Larry A. Campbell, SR/WA                      Donald E. Hillman, Jr., SR/WA                     Keith A. Richards, SR/WA
        W. Dennis Carroll, SR/WA                        Irving L. Jacobs, SR/WA                        Elizabeth Robledo, SR/WA
       Timothy L. Caulder, SR/WA                          Ted James, SR/WA                              Richard A. Ryals, SR/WA
          Patric Chavez, SR/WA                         William A. Jardin, SR/WA                        James H. Schock, SR/WA
          Fred W. Clark, SR/WA                     Lida F. Jimenez, SR/WA, R/W-RAC                      Diane Schooler, SR/WA
        Byron W. Conrad, SR/WA                   Bernard (BJ) Johnson, SR/WA, RW-NAC                   Bradley J. Schultz, SR/WA
         John B. Crayton, SR/WA                           Gary Jones, SR/WA                            Michele Shumate, SR/WA
          Paula Darland, SR/WA                         Stephen M. Kiley, SR/WA                    Georgia Snodgrass, SR/WA, R/W-NAC
         Sandra L. Durbin, SR/WA                     Walter J. (John) Kross, SR/WA                    Ralph M. Weismann, SR/WA
        Jeffrey F. Edgren, SR/WA                    Lee Ann Lardy, SR/WA, RW-AMC                        Diane M. White, SR/WA
     Mary C. Ellis-Lindquist, SR/WA                    Neilia A. La Valle, SR/WA                        Jane L. Wiggans, SR/WA
      David W. Estey, SR/WA, CPM                    Carolyn K. Lee, SR/WA, RW-RAC                      David T. Yeargain, SR/WA
          Cyril M. Flavin, SR/WA                         Keith L. Little, SR/WA                         Mickey Zeichick, SR/WA

                 2007                                    schedule

 C-213           Conflict Management                      May 16                     Carol Brooks            Mickey Zeichick, SR/WA

 C-203           Alternate Dispute Resolution             May 17 & 18                Carol Brooks            Mickey Zeichick, SR/WA

 C-400           Principles of RE Acquisition             Aug. 9 & 10                Diane Schooler          Debra Lundy

 Seminar         Eminent Domain Workshop                  Sept. 1 day *              Bruce Beach             Jane Wiggans, SR/WA

 C-140           Principles of Wireless Dev’t.            * TBA                      Sean Heath              Sandra Durbin, SR/WA

* TBA (To Be Announced)

                                                                                                                        Page 6
CORRECTIONS/ADDITIONS                            TO YOUR           2007

BROOKS, Carol L., SR/WA,..................................760-525-2255
Right of Way Consultant
2736 La Colina Drive.....................................FAX 619-533-4522
Escondido, CA

SNYDER, Angela B...............................................858-487-6401
Senior Field Agent.........................................FAX 619-697-7601
Epic Land Solutions
8501 Bray Avenue
Spring Valley, CA

TEJEDA, Luis P.....................................................619-667-6250
Engineering Aide...........................................FAX 619-401-6457
Helix Water District
1848 Grove Road
El Cajon, CA


                                                                  Page 7
        Program begins

On behalf of the Professional Development Committee of Chapter 11, IRWA, I want to introduce you to
our newly created Mentor Program.

There are many areas of interest and disciplines you may pursue as you continue your career in the
right of way field. To name a few, they are:
         Acquisition          Relocation          Law
         Appraisal            Engineering         Property Management

       Senior Right of Way Agent
       Certification in 1) Appraisal 2) Asset (property) Management 3) Environmental
       4) Negotiation/Acquisition 5) Relocation Assistance

While participation in the Mentor Program is entirely optional, I hope you will take a few minutes to think
about how this program could be personally beneficial and then contact me. After a brief discussion
either another seasoned Right of Way professional or I will contact you to get started and help you
achieve the goals you desire in the Right of Way field.

As you know the best way to get the most out of the Chapter and the organization is to get involved.
You can start by attending the monthly board meetings, which are held the 4th Wednesday of the month,
usually at the San Diego County Water Authority headquarters in Kearny Mesa. See for yourself how
we get things done. This is also a good place to hear about exciting upcoming events and maybe help
plan them.

There’s a wealth of information available to you … please let me know where and how I can be of
service. You can email me at or call me at 619 861-3071.


At our April monthly luncheon we will be awarding the Senior Right of Way designation to one of our
fellow Right of Way Agents, Greg Mayo.

Debra Lundy is vigorously pursuing her Senior Right of Way Agent designation. Mike Flanagan, I am
proud to say, has submitted his final application for the Senior Right of Way designation. Way to go,
Debra & Mike!

                                                           Professional Development Committee

                                                By: Mickey Zeichick, SR/WA, Chairperson PDC

                                                                                              Page 8
                             Comes to San Diego
A     mong the International Right of Way Association’s
(IRWA) numerous committees is the Pipeline Committee.
                                                               impacts affect the right of way. According to this
                                                               presentation, land rights may be lost due to certain
Mr. Fred Clark, SR/WA, is the chair for the San Diego-         environmental impacts.
based Chapter 11 committee.
                                                               Attendees left with useful information to apply in their
The committee provides assistance to the IRWA on matters       daily work.
related to acquisition, construction, operations of pipeline
rights of way for public or private use, and impacts with      Look for the next meeting in Galveston, TX on April 19,
other utilities, services, and facilities. It examines and     2007.
monitors changes in legislation as well as practices
pertaining to acquiring, using or maintaining rights of way    For more information on the IRWA Pipeline
for pipeline use.                                              Committee and to become involved, contact Mr.
                                                               Stephen McDaniel at
The committee’s approximately 50 members represent
various private companies, governmental entities, and
utility districts from throughout the United States. The
committee meets four times per year with one meeting
taking place at the annual IRWA Education Conference.
The remaining three meetings are held in various
nationwide locations and provide members with important,
relevant information.

Earlier this year, the committee met in San Diego and was
sponsored by Dudek, a California-based engineering and
environmental consulting firm. The day-long meeting was
well attended and included three informative presentations.

Mr. Jerry Reed from the San Diego County Water Authority
presented on “Access to pipelines on private property.” Mr.
Reed shared the value of having access to the Capital
Improvement Project during and after construction. He
also touched on the importance of keeping the right of way
clear as well as monitoring encroachments onto the right
of way.

Mr. Steve Deering, P.E., from Dudek discussed trenchless
technology, sharing the growing popularity of using
subsurface construction techniques for many projects due
to its environmentally-friendly approach. This construction
method dramatically reduces the impacts to surface
structures and facilities.

Mr. Steve Jepsen and Mr. Armen Keochekian from Dudek
presented on “What effects does the environment have on
your easements.” They shared the importance of
maintaining the right of way and how environmental

                                                                                                             Page 9
Page 10
Page 11
 Christian P. Anderson

Jim Anthony, SR/WA-NAC

     Dennis Daley

    Charlene Deresh

    Douglas DuBois

      Robert Fipp

    Mike Flanagan

    Daniel R. Furr

  Don Hillman, SR/WA

  Anastasia D. Hunter

   Ted James, SR/WA

     James Kuhns

     Robert Perdue

   David L. Turosak

  Diane White, SR/WA

                         Page 12
former Chapter

1981   Roscoe D. Keagy (Balfour Finalist: 1982)   1995   Carole A. Herrin, SR/WA

1982   Lee C. Johnson                             1996   David N. Allsbrook

1983   W. Dennis Carroll, SR/WA                   1996   Paula L. Darland, SR/WA

1984   Carole A. Herrin, SR/WA                    1997   Georgia S. Snodgrass, R/W-NAC, SR/WA
                                                         (Balfour Finalist: 1998)
1985   James H. Schock, SR/WA
                                                  1998   Jane L. Wiggans, SR/WA
1986   Ralph D. Richardson
                                                  1999   Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA (Balfour Finalist: 2000)
1987   Byron W. Conrad, SR/WA
                                                  2000   Lynn Parish, SR/WA
1988   Keith L. Little, SR/WA
                                                  2001   Kayla Carol, SR/WA (Balfour Finalist: 2002)
1989   Carl W. Harry, SR/WA
                                                  2002   Lucille Galvin, SR/WA
1990   Lee Blanas
                                                  2003   Mickey Zeichick, SR/WA (Balfour Finalist: 2004)
1991   David N. Allsbrook
                                                  2004   Carol L. Brooks, SR/WA
1992   Thedwron (Ted) A. James, SR/WA
                                                  2005   William L. Busch., SR/WA
1993   Georgia S. Snodgrass, R/W-NAC; SR/WA
                                                  2006   James P. Anthony, SR/WA, R/W-NAC
1994   Jane L. Wiggans, SR/WA

                                                         Contact Mickey Zeichick, SR/WA



                                                                                                  Page 13
committee chairs (*)
Advertising         Mickey Zeichick, SR/WA*
                                                              Pipeline            Fred Clark, SR/WA*
                                                              Professional        Mickey Zeichick, SR/WA*
Asset Management    Manuel Dehesa
                                                              Development         619-861-3071

Budget & Finance    David Allsbrook*
                                                              Public Relations    Mario Garcia, SR/WA*

Education           Charlene Deresh
                                                              Redevelopment       David Allsbrook*
                    760-749-1603 x260;

Environment         Joe Currie
                                                              Relocation          Vince McCaw*
                                                                                  619-688-7980 x.217
Ethics &            Jean Catling*
Employment          858-576-9737;
                                                              Retired Members     Rosemary Fraunces, SR/WA
Historian           TBD
                                                              Roster              Carole Herrin, SR/WA
Hospitality         Lisa Murphy
                                                              Special Events      Debra Lundy
Legal Affairs       Scott Noya*
                                                              Survey              Pete Golding
Local Pub. Agency   Carolyn Lee, SR/WA, RW-RAC
                                                              Title               Chip Willitt*
Luncheon            Lida Jimenez, SR/WA, RW-RAC
                                                              Transportation      Jerry Colburn
Membership          Sandra Durbin, SR/WA*
                                                              Utilities           Mike Williams
Newsletter Editor   Gigi Abrogina
& Graphic Design    858-637-7983
                                                              Valuation           Stephen Roach, MAI*
Nominations &       Carole Herrin, SR/WA*
Awards              858-538-6808;
                                                              Wireless            Gregory Locke*
                    David Allsbrook
                    Rosemary Fraunces, SR/WA

                                                                                                         Page 14
Page 15
                                              IMPORTANT DATES FOR 2007
                                                                 April 18, 2007
                                                               (Details on Page 3)

                                                                April 25, 2007
                                                               Wednesday. Noon
                                                        San Diego County Water Authority
 The mission of the International Right of
 Way Association is to unite the efforts of
 its    members       toward     individual
 development,     improved    service    to
 employers and to the public and              If you would like to publish an article for the
 improvement in the body of knowledge          next issue of the newsletter, please email it
 related to the professional tasks of its
 members. To achieve these goals, the
 Association provides a Code of Ethics and
                                                              Gigi Abrogina
 Rules of Professional Conduct, a forum for
 the exchange and advancement of ideas,   
 education courses and seminars, and a
 program of professional development.                 no later than April 25, 2007

IRWA - Chapter 11
Gigi Abrogina, Newsletter Editor
8335 Century Park Court, CP11D
San Diego, CA 92123

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