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									      Indonesian Folktales

     The Hen and the Eagle

         Folktale from Jogjakarta

                                  The Hen and the Eagle

        Do you notice that a hen always protects her chicks whenever an eagle is flying
above her? Well, perhaps you would say, “The hen is protecting their chicks so the eagle
won’t eat them!” Maybe it’s true… However, the people of Yogyakarta, Indonesia, have
a story why hens always protect their chicks from the eagles. Do you want to know the
story? Read on!

        A long time ago, animals were friends. They were able to talk to one another.
They lived peacefully and happily.

        All the animals lived in the jungle. They had a king that led them. Their king was
the lion.

        Among the animals, the hen and the eagle were best friends. The hen lived with
her chicks. They were poor. Fortunately, the eagle was always willing to help them. The
eagle was rich.

        The hen and the eagle were very closed. They always helped each other.

        One day, the king made an announcement.

        "To all animals in the jungle, I will hold a great party for all of you. Please
come!" said the Lion.

        All the animals were so happy. They liked to have a party. They would never miss
the great event. All the animals kept on talking about it.

        "I will wear my new hat!" said the monkey.
       "I will wear my new clothes," said the deer.

       Yes, all animals were preparing themselves to look great for the party.

       How about the hen? She was very eager to attend it. She was thinking what she
could wear for the party.

       "Gosh... I don't have anything great for the party. What should I wear?"

       The hen was sad. She really wanted to attend the party but she did not want to
look shabby.

       When the eagle came to visit the hen, he was so worried when he saw his best
friend, the hen, was sad.

       "What's the matter? You look so sad," asked the eagle.

       "You know about the party, right? I want to attend it but the problem is I don't
have anything great. I want to appear very beatiful," said the hen.

       "Ha ha ha... is that your problem? Don't worry. I will lend you my ring. It's so
beautiful. You will look very pretty," said the eagle.

       "Really? You will lend me your ring?" the hen could not believe what she heard.
She knew the ring was so beautiful.

       "Yes, I will lend it to you. But promise you will take care of it very well. Return it
to me immediately after the party."

       It was time for party! All animals came and wore their best outfit. And the hen?
She was very happy. She was wearing the eagle's beautiful ring. She wore it on her leg.
       All animals admire the ring. They all said that the ring looked so perfect on the
hen's leg. They all said that the hen was so beautiful.

       Wow! The hen felt so happy. It was an unforgettable night for her.

       The party was over. All the animals went home. At first, the hen wanted to return
the ring to the eagle. However she changed her mind.

       "I still want to wear it. I will return it tomorrow," said the hen to herself. It
seemed that she liked the ring very much.

       On the following day, the hen woke up feeling very happy. She still remembered
about the party. She wanted to see the ring.

       Suddenly, she screamed! “Where is the ring?!”

       Yes, the ring was gone! The hen got so panicked. The eagle was coming soon.
She knew the eagle was going to be angry.

       The hen went back to the king’s palace. On the way to the palace, she scratched
the ground to find the missing ring. She arrived in the king’s palace and continued
scratching. But the ring was nowhere to find.

       The hen went home helplessly. The eagle was there!

       “Where is my ring? You’ve promised to return it after the party. I was expecting
you last night.”

       “I… I…. lost it,” said the hen nervously.
       “You what?!” yelled the eagle. “I’ve told you to be very careful with the ring. It’s
a precious thing to me!”

       The eagle was furious! “Listen, I want you to give it back to me now! Otherwise I
will take your children!”

       “No! Please don’t take my children,” cried the hen. She immediately protected her
children by covering them with her wings.

       Since then hens always cover their wings to protect the chicks, their children,
whenever they see eagles flying above them.


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