Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF by jianghongl


									Korea SME Pavilion
     at 13th CCISF
(China Chongqing International Investment and Global Sourcing Fair )

                                                       May 20-23
                                                              Exhibitor Index

       The figure next to each exhibitor refers to the related page in this directory,
       while that in parentheses gives their booth location.

          Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives                     - Hankukbowonbio Co., Ltd.                       28(J128)

                                                                         - International Eyelash Designers Association    29(J053)

          - Alive Co., Ltd.                                  4(J110)     - Jusibel Cosmetics (AR&G Co., Ltd.)             20(J045)

          - Doore Art                                        5(J130)     - KJS                                            31(J127)

          - Dowzon Pharm Co., Ltd.                           6(J124)     - Korea Pro Makeup Job Interchange Association   32(J054)

          - HDR                                              7(J123)     - Maxsun Co., Ltd.                               33(J126)

          - Heawon., Ltd.                                    8(J102)     - Pira Cosmetics Co., Ltd.                       34(J055)

          - I-masti                                          9(J094)     - Psycheros Beauty                               35(J021)

          - Irea Chemical Enterprise                        10(J109)     - Rainbow Cosmetic (Eyelash Extension)           36(J052)

          - Jese Corporation                                11(J125)     - Sanjang Organic                                37(J046)

          - Kundo Hitech Co., Ltd.                          12(J095)     - Solnara                                        38(J048)

          - Living Free                                     13(J103)     - Yeosin Co.                                     39(J049)

          - LK Design Corporation                           14(J096)     - Yodel                                          40(J023)

          - MB Jewelry Co., Ltd.                            15(J111)

          - Nanocarbona Co., Ltd.                           16(J122)    Korea Textile Trade Association
          - Naschem Co., Ltd.                               17(J117)

          - Onejung Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd.             18(J027)     - AB Industries                                  41(J099)

          - SYP Co., Ltd.                                   19(J097)     - Aichaka                                        42(J137)

          - Takos Co., Ltd.                                 20(J108)     - Benetex Valley Co., Ltd.                       43(J101)

          - World Toy Co., Ltd.                             21(J132)     - Duckwoo Corporation                            44(J107)

                                                                         - Five Textile                                   45(J135)

          Korea Beauty Industry Society                                  - Global AMS Inc. /                              46(J136)

                                                                          Shaoxing Kumsang Textile and Foil Co., Ltd.

          - Beautopia Co., Ltd.                             22(J050)     - Hutex                                          47(J113)

          - Beauty Club Red                                 23(J129)     - Iljoong Intertex Inc.                          48(J087)

          - Beauty Lesha Inc. / MBC Academy Beauty School   24(J056)     - Monotex-Shin Heung                             49(J105)

          - David Cosmetic                                  25(J047)     - Pucheon Corporation                            50(J092)

          - Green Zone Co., Ltd.                            26(J044)     - Saechang Commercial Co., Ltd.                  51(J078)

          - Hahaway Co., Ltd.                               27(J057)     - Shin-Hwa Plus Global Textile                   52(J085)

2   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
- Sung UK International               53(J115)   - PARA-ENT                                           76(J015)

- SYJ International Co., Ltd.         54(J119)   - SNSREVOLUTION Co., Ltd.                            77(J004)

- Unique Design Corp.                 55(J112)   - SQISoft Inc.                                       78(J019)

                                                 - TAP Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd.                     79(J001)

Machinery                                        - TriGem Computer, Inc.                              80(J040)

                                                 - TTC Co., Ltd.                                      81(J003)

- Ideal System Co., Ltd.              56(J059)   - Uniplatek Co., Ltd.                                82(J061)

- JE Flex                             57(J038)

- Newpack Korea                       58(J066)   Korea Industrial Complex Corp.
- Now Systems                         59(J071)

- Rifa Co., Ltd.                      60(J037)   - ChipWork                                           83(J069)
- Shanghai Ventland                   61(J058)   - Inhyun ITS                                         84(J068)
- Woojin Selex (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.     62(J024)   - JIO Tech                                           85(J091)
- XAVIS                               63(J073)   - JLC                                                86(J083)
- Yong Mun Precision Co.              64(J065)   - Emvitec Co., Ltd.                                  87(J081)

                                                 - Seyoung Communications Co., Ltd.                   88(J075)

Korea Eletronics Association                     - SM Metal                                           89(J082)

                                                 - Sunghyun C&T                                       90(J077)

- CARIMA                              65(J006)   - Sungsan Eng Co., Ltd.                              91(J070)
- CITUS Co., Ltd.                     66(J005)   - Wide Zone Information System                       92(J076)

- EyeSpi                              67(J002)   - WILL*B Technologies                                93(J084)

- Future Light Technology Co., Ltd.   68(J020)

- IK Semicon Co., Ltd.                69(J043)

- Kyungmin Mechatronics               70(J042)

- LOGICCAMP                           71(J063)

- MP Media Solutions Inc.             72(J014)

- Nano Chemical Inc.                  73(J062)

- NEOTICS Co., Ltd.                   74(J029)

- Neowine Co., Ltd.                   75(J007)

                                                                                    Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   3
        Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

          Art Craft Dolls                                                   Alive Co., Ltd.

                                                        Business Area: Crafts
                                                        CEO: Choi, Ho-Seong
                                                        Address: Namdong Industrial Complex 102 Block 9Lot, #650-8
                                                                 Gozan-dong, Namdong-Gu, Incheon, Korea
                                                        Tel: 82-32-422-2130
                                                        Fax: 82-32-422-2131

       Decorative & Creative
       African Figurine
        African figurines of Alive Co., Ltd. look like a living
       black sculpture, the fruit of superb design and
       production processes.

         Alive exports various kinds of polyresin dolls and
       figurines to the United States, Europe, Australia and
       the Middle East, expecially for Christmas and other
       seasonal sales.

         About 5,000 new polyresin crafts are added to
       catalogs for clients' selection each year. The driving
       force behind Alive's R&D capability is a team made up
       of 10 sample specialists. 30 sculptors and 5
       professional designers. Providing quality products at
       competitive prices are th cornerstones of the
       company's philosophy. Mass production can be
       completed within 45~60 days after receiving
       customers' order confirmation. Meanwhile, foreign
       traders can track the shipment status until customers
       receive the goods.

         Alive also offers OEM service and design new
       products in less than 15 days. It welcomes customer
       ideas, and can turn them into hot-selling items for
       store shelves.

4   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                          Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

  Mother of Pearl Lacquer Ware                                         Doore Art

                                                Business Area: Crafts
                                                CEO: Ju, Byoung-Nam
                                                Address: #1-35, 3-ga, Yongsan-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                Tel: 82-2-797-5730
                                                Fax: 82-2-797-5745

Bring Beauty of Yesterday
Into Your Life!
  Doore Art is a professional manufacturer of 'Najeon
Chilgi' - wooden lacquerware inlaid with the mother-
of-pearl. Korean Najeon Chilgi wares are relatively
unknown to Westerners, who are more familiar with
Japanese and Chinese designs. However, Korean
wares' sophisticated craftmanship has long been
admired and sought after by collectors and
aficionados worldwide. They are now gaining a
reputation in the luxury art arena.

 With incorporation of Korean traditional and cultural
values, Doore Art develops various beautiful Najeon
Chilgi cultural goods in a basic design concept that
harmonizes modern times with tradition.

 Doore Art produces and supplies Najeon Chilgi
office goods, gift items, living goods, cultural goods,
etc., while taking the lead in the development of
high-quality products and designs that satisfy
customers both at home and abroad.

  Among others, Doore
Art     exhibits       its
'Lacquered Mother of
Pearl Pen Cases Inlaid
with Pottery (sizes: 22.3
x 7.5 x 5.5cm and 13 x
7.5 x 5cm) as a
representative item of its
Najeon Chilgi products.

                                                                                        Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   5
        Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

          P.G.R MOMEZON SOLLOS                                      Dowzon Pharm Co., Ltd.

                                                       Business Area: Crafts
                                                       CEO: Kim, Jae-Soo
                                                       Address: Gusan B/D 1578-1, Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul,
                                                       Tel: 82-2-583-4400
                                                       Fax: 82-2-597-7295

       Biotech Improves All-Round
        Dowzon Pharm Co., Ltd. a biotech venture, is
       devoted to the development of high-quality medial
       products and functional health goods.


        Containing various vitamins, minerals and
       phytochemicals from Korean Ginseing, Acanthopanax
       senticosus and Cordyceps militaris improves blood
       sugar level and helps maintain good health.
       MOMEZON is a powerful basic dietary supplement
       produced in a KGMP facility with strict quality control
       of the finished product starting with the materials.

        Power Red Ginseng:

        A funcitional health food that contains all kinds of
       vitamins and minerals from six-year-old roots of
       Korean red ginseng extract 160mg, Crataegus
       pinnatifida extract 30mg and garlic extract 30mg.


        Sollos is produced according to strict manufacturing
       practice standards. The product provides easily
       consumed glucose, which is an essential nutrient for
       the body and an important nutrient for the brain.
       Miawed contains various vitamins and minerals, etc.
       and Chewing Glucose contains helpful vitamins.

6   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                         Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

  Key Holder, Necklace                                                   HDR

                                               Business Area: Crafts
                                               CEO: Shin, Sun-Sik
                                               Address: 112, Busan Techno Park, San 84-2, Eomgung-dong,
                                                        Sasang-gu, Busan City, Korea
                                               Tel: 82-51-303-8949
                                               Fax: 82-51-302-6636

Quality Water Vitalizes
Modern Lifestyle
 HDR produces high-quality home water purification
systems such as water softeners and water purifiers.

  HDR's technology is capable of excellent water
treatment, eliminating chemicals, bacteria, toxic
metals and other contaminants.

 HDR's systems offer the functions of water softening,
water conditioning, water filtering, reverse osmosis,
water ionizing or ultra violet water purification.

 As water sources are becoming more and polluted,
HDR water purification systems are the best choice,
differentiated from countertop, whole house,
portable, faucet and other types of systems.

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   7
        Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

          Sea Cucumber Healthfood                                           Heawon., Ltd.

                                                      Business Area: Crafts
                                                      CEO: Kang,Yang-Gyu
                                                      Address: 422-9, 3-ga, Palbok-dong, Duckjin-gu, Jeonju City,
                                                               Jeollabuk-do, Korea
                                                      Tel: 82-63-841-7383
                                                      Fax: 82-505-682-5000
                                                      http: www.heawon.co.kr

       Sea Cucumber-Restorative
       Herbal Medicine
         Sea cucumber-restorative herbal medicine was
       beloved by Korean royalty in ancient times, and today
       is the best health supplement product naturally
       fermented for 144 hours and made mainly with
       Korean sea cucumbers and gyeongokgo, which is one
       of the three well-known Korean tonics.

         It was widely known that 'red steamed ginseng'
       produced in mountain areas is in harmony with
       'trepang,' called ginseng from the sea,, in terms of
       flavor and nutrients. From long ago, red steamed
       ginseng has been famous for its efficacy: anticancer
       effect, improvement of liver function, and effects in
       treatment of hypertension, arterial sclerosis, cardiac
       insufficiency, anemia and diabetes. Trepang contains
       plentiful protein, calcium and iodine, which speed up
       metabolism and purifies the blood, So, it is not too
       much to say that the two are a natural match.

8   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                           Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

  Pillows, Insoles                                                         I-masti

                                                 Business Area: Crafts
                                                 CEO: Jung, Yong-Chae
                                                 Address: 914-4 Bunji Jangrim-dong, Siha-gu, Busan, Koerea
                                                 Tel: 82-51-202-0856
                                                 Fax: 82-51-202-0647

Ergonomic Pillow for Sound
& Pleasant Sleep
  I-masti is an enterprise which always struggles to
produce ergonomic pillow which can minimize feet
fatigue and ergonomic pillow to help tight and
pleasant sleep though diverse experiments and
researches. "Ergonopillow mypil": Sound sleep is very
important in our daily living. Because human cervical
vertebrae is S-shaped at its front and back, only if you
keep its shape during sleeping, you can have healthy
and comfortable sleep in right pose. Therefore, pillow
plays very important role on our general health
including the cervical vertebrae and also, height of
pillow should be adjusted according to body shape.

  Walker's insole: It contributes to prevent varicose
vein and musculoskeletal system disease as well as
reduce pain and fatigue of muscle and joint
connected to foot, leg, waist, and neck according to
the modernes' upright life and walking. Also, Walker's
insole maximally decentralizes body pressure (foot
pressure) forced to foot, reduces Max, weight applied
to heel, and makes blood circulation smooth by
triggering minute movement of lower body's muscle
as well.

  Our green sole has the function to raise exercise
effect by increasing muscle activity on legs and waist
part through arch depression as maximally
maintaining pedal arch shape by using arch support
attached to insole. Our green sole increases muscle
activity on each part of body more than common
foot insole in wearing it.

                                                                                          Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   9
         Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

           Natural Breathing Pillows                                  Irea Chemical Enterprise

                                                         Business Area: Crafts
                                                         CEO: Song, Sun-Gap
                                                         Address: #812 Woolim Lions Valley 5445, Sangdaewon-dong,
                                                                  Jungwon-gu, Seongnam City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                                         Tel: 82-31-776-3666
                                                         Fax: 82-31-720-5448

        Pioneer in Natural Paints &
         Irea Chemical Enterprise manufactures high-end
        natural anion interior finisher loess interior finisher,
        charcoal interior finisher, etc.

         Established as a well-being interior finisher
        manufacturer, Irea Chemical is producing
        environment-friendly and all-natural paints.

         Irea Chemical paints contain an alkali anion solution,
        which includes Ge-lite, the best 21st century
        environment-friendly material, and natural unpolluted
        yellow mud as well as nano-molecules from natural
        pine extract. This combination produces 100%
        environment-friendly, all-natural finish materials.

         Action and reaction in living things all involve the
        workings of anions. The human body works on the
        principle of ion exchange.

          Ge-lite in forest structures produces more than
        1,000 anions/cc, creating the feeling of being in a

10   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                             Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

  Four Clover Accessories

                                                  Business Area: Crafts
                                                  CEO: Yoon, Eui-Sik
                                                  Address: #302, DaeHyun B/D, 421-1, Shindang 2-dong, Jung-gu,
                                                           Seoul, Korea
                                                  Tel: 82-2-2232-2948
                                                  Fax: 82-2-2232-0387

Unique-Concept 4-Leaf
Clover Accessories
  As a brand concept, Jese Corporation put the ever-
lasting affection, health, honor and wealth on each
leaf of the clover. By characterizing a real fresh flower,
Jese products will provide you with traditional
meanings of a four-leaf clover such as love, peace and
courage as well as a personal ideal like a unique
dream of your own.

 The scarcity comes from the probability of one in
100,000 clovers strengthens the symbol of good luck.
As its floral language (be mine) goes, Jese products
are popular as a gift for wedding, admission,
graduation and travel.

 With this differentiated concept, Jese products are
sole and unique in the worldwide character product
market: giving an image of a handicraft, our products
are marketable without severe competition.

  Furthermore, as the whole world shares a common
image on the four-leaf clover, our products would
smoothly appeal to customers. Once the four-leaf
clover is confirmed as a genuine article, the
"significance" itself will be appraised regardless of the
price in every place of the world, so our products will
create a strong purchase power.

  Moreover, Jese plans to we will develop various
kinds of products on top of the existing items, mainly
utilizing the concept of a unique four-leaf clover in
order to wish good luck to your lover meeting the
needs of customers.

                                                                                         Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   11
         Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

           Skin Five, Tera Hertz Watches,                             Kundo Hitech Co., Ltd.
                                                       Business Area: Crafts
                                                       CEO: Lee, Dae-Soo
                                                       Address: Gyeonggi R&DB Center 212, 906-5 Iui-dong,
                                                                Youngtong-gu, Suwon City, gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                                       Tel: 82-31-888-5234
                                                       Fax: 82-31-888-5235

        Create Energetic & Healthy
         Kundo Hitech Co., Ltd. has benn manufacturing
        and distributing, “Senser Tube,” the thermister for
        temperature control used in every household
        electric appliance for last 20 years. Recently Kundo
        has a Newly developed Joint-less Copper tube
        assemblies for refrigerators and air conditioners
        which has not welding at joined parts based on
        new technology from the welding type.

         The company is also producing "Skinfive", which
        has a multiple effect of far infrared ray, laser and
        yellow earth hot bath that creates energetic and
        healthy hands. Major include treatment of
        arthritis, increase of white cells, skin purification.

          Kundo's Terahertz health watch(brand name;
        "Biotera") artificial ore is an artificial mineral
        recently developed in Japan. Teraherz means an
        invisible wave which vibrates 1 trillion times per

          The teraherz wave prohibits harmful substances
        from attaching blood vessels and raises body
        temperature and helping prevent and improve

12   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                          Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

  Stn Pot Frypan, WOK                                                 Living Free

                                                Business Area: Crafts
                                                CEO: Cho, Song
                                                Address: 1703#, KCC Empire-tower B, Shimgokbon-Dong, Sosa-
                                                         gu, Bucheon City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                                Tel: 82-32-674-6663
                                                Fax: 82-32-674-6664

Your Pride Shows in
Kitchen Life
 Over the past 10 years, Living Free has been
distributing kitchenware and livingware tailored to
the latest consumer trends. Living Free products,
powered by colorful designs and innovative
production processes, are gaining loyal followers at
home and abroad, including Japan, China and
Southeast Asia.

 Stainless Products:

 Stainless steel pots and pans 1ply~7ply, wok, etc. All
products are multi-layer structure, the entire body to
efficiently absorb the heat and allows food to be
delivered evenly throughout. All products LIVING
FREE common heating appliances and induction,
halogen heating element and all the best functioning.
Miminizes emissions and water and meningeal
symptoms dechigeona yireukyeo cooking vegetables
cooked to tell when you minimize the loss of mineral
nutrients to minimize the losss made all the well-
being for healthy cooking.

 Aluminium Products:

  Various coatings (marble, ceramic, teflon, excalibur,
etc.) and hard-anodized (hard-anodizing) treatment
residue and good abrasion resistance and does not
stick coatings do not come off well is hygienic and
easy to use.

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   13
         Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

           Jewelry(Rings, Necklaces)                                  LK Design Corporation

                                                        Business Area: Crafts
                                                        CEO: Lee, Hoon-Ho
                                                        Address: 404-77, Geumgok-dong, Namyangju City, Gyeonggi-
                                                                 do, Korea
                                                        Tel: 82-31-592-8033
                                                        Fax: 82-31-592-8033

        Design Edge Jewerly,
        Fashion Accessories
         LK Design Corporation provides high-quality jewerly
        made only in Korea, including silver, 14K gold and

         LK's new initial jewerly is very popular in the Korean
        market among the young generation as it creates
        edge. LK design suggests high edge jewerly to young
        couples for weddings and special days.

         Its edge products made by master craftman in Korea
        makes customers feel like they are wearing incredible
        artworks. The company provides unique jewerly at
        best prices and in a wide range of designs.

14   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                        Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

  Natural Nephrite                                             MB Jewelry Co., Ltd.
  Jade, Green
  Quartz, Onyx                                Business Area: Crafts
                                              CEO: Myung, Kyung-Sik
                                              Address: Room 301 Changgok B/D,194 Wonnam-dong, Jongro-
                                                       gu, Seoul, Korea
                                              Tel: 82-2-3672-6357
                                              Fax: 82-2-3672-6358

Marriage of Traditional &
Modern Jewerly Tech & Spirit
  Established in 2001, MB Jewelry Co., Ltd. supplies
exemplary pieces of jade and green jadeite to
domestic and international markets, boasting
traditional Korean techniques and artistry.

  Today, by maintaining outstanding design and
quality, manufacturing only jade, green jadeite, and
amethyst jewerly, MB Jewerly has received a favorable
reception in duty-free shops at domestic airports and
shops for foreigners.

 Especially for Korea-Japan FIFA World Cup 2002, the
company was selected as a manufacturer of amethyst
products and as an official agency to manufacture
and sell accessories maintaining the originality and
elegance of Korean culture with its unique knowhow.

                                                                                  Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   15
         Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

           Charcoal(Carbon) Cookware                                    Nanocarbona Co., Ltd.

                                                         Business Area: Crafts
                                                         CEO: Shin,Ill-San
                                                         Address: #633-10, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnamgu, Seoul, Korea
                                                         Tel: 82-2-567-8080
                                                         Fax: 82-2-539-4600

        Customer Satisfaction, Customer
        Health: Nano Carbona
         Nanocarbona Co., Ltd. specializes in carbon
        molding to manufacture charcoal bed, sofa and
        kitchen products that help improve health. The
        company maximizes the unique function of charcoal
        with development of specialized technology.

          Nanocarbona developed nano material using
        charcoal and applies it in an technology-intensive

         It owns over 180 intellectual property rights both at
        home and abroad. Furthermore, its products are
        environment-friendly and won Minister of
        Environment award, Minister of Economy award and
        other honors.

         The special effects of Carbona charcoal kitchen
        products include:

         - Emits far-infrared radiation its charcoal pots to boil
           contents evenly;
         - Emits mineral that improves taste;
         - Emits far-infrared radiation at boiling temperature
           to cook food evenly;
         - Purifies harmful materials like chlorine contained in
           tap water;
         - Keeps foods warm longer;
         - Remove pesticides, odor and harmful materials
           from food;
         - Keeps foods unchanged over a long period of time;
         - Minimizes destruction of nutrients; and
         - Protects foods from oxidation.

16   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                            Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

  Sports Towels, Hiking Sticks                                      Naschem Co., Ltd.

                                                 Business Area: Crafts
                                                 CEO: Sohn, Dae-Up
                                                 Address: 223-427, Seoknam-dong, Seo-gu, Inchon, Korea
                                                 Tel: 82-32-581-2777
                                                 Fax: 82-32-581-4121

Developing Differentiated
Outdoor Products
 Aiming at supplying world-best outdoor products,
Naschem Co., Ltd. has focused on developing
differentiated products and services with efforts in
product development that allow enjoyment of leisure
sports in a greater variety of ways.

 It has played a leading role in the establishment of
advanced cultural activities as well as industry
advancement through such initiatives as introducing
various advanced management systems.

  The “N-rit” brand (nature+spirit = natural spirit) is
communicated to consumers in a consistent way,
reflecting the symbol on “N-rit” products, packages,
and advertisements with various themes and forms.
The symbolic logo, features two eyes, the most
significant trait of an owl. The symbol is a simple
design, combining with a square, which is visually
stable. In the logo, the initial “N” was emphasized to
improve recognition, while the colors red, a symbol of
a passionate life, and black, a symbol of stability, were

                                                                                        Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   17
         Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

           Butane Gas Cartridges, Aerosol                     Onejung Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
                                                        Business Area: Crafts
                                                        CEO: Song, Sung-Keun
                                                        Address: 41-1, 5-ga, Yangpyung-dong, Youngdengpo-gu,
                                                                 Seoul, Korea
                                                        Tel: 82-2-2165-8399
                                                        Fax: 82-2-2675-6428

        Packaging for Value, Client
         Onejung Can Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is the leading
        company in the domestic packaging industry on the
        strength of innovative technology and efficient
        system. Its products include butane gas cylinders,
        aerosol products and gas appliances.

          Onejung, showing quality and safety-first
        management, has acquired various certifications,
        including JIA from Japan, TUV from Europe, UL from
        USA and CNS from Taiwan.

         Onejung is exporting its butane gas cartridges all
        around the world, The company is manufacturing the
        products to customer requests. It also manufactures
        many kinds of aerosol products like insecticides, anti-
        rust, hair spray and so forth.

18   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                           Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

  Accessories, Gifts,                                                 SYP Co., Ltd.
  Living Products
                                                 Business Area: Crafts
                                                 CEO: Lee, Suck-Won
                                                 Address: 59-4, Jeongja-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam City,
                                                          Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                                 Tel: 82-31-711-1666
                                                 Fax: 82-31-711-1687

Fashion Accessories
Featuring Good-Luck Clover
  SYP Co., Ltd. manufactures and exports a range of
fashion accessories featuring genuine four-leaf clovers,
believed by many to bring the best of luck and
appreciated by all for rarity and simple elegance.

 SYP Products include key chains cellphone strap,
necklaces, bracelets, pendants, 925 silver accessories,
crystal paper weight, watches, perfume, name cases,
name cards, book marks, picture frames and more...

 Thorough quality control and efficient facilities lie
behind SYP's growing competitiveness in international
markets. It houses laser cutting & marking machinery,
utilizing hand-made, direct and indirect evpovy.

 SYP's export destinations include Japan, Singapore,

                                                                                        Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   19
         Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

           Finger Naps, Shampoo Caps,                                          Takos Co., Ltd.
           Teething Feeders
                                                           Business Area: Crafts
                                                           CEO: Ko, Hyun-Kyu
                                                           Address: 1126-14, Goejeng 4-dong, Saha-gu, Busan, Korea
                                                           Tel: 82-51-208-8357
                                                           Fax: 82-51-208-8353

        Teething Feeder Delivering
        Delightful Flavor of Fruit
          Takos Co., Ltd. manufactures and supplies teething
        feeders, giving babies a delightful flavor without the
        risk of choking while enjoying the nutrients of fruit
        and vegetables.

         Takos’ competitive power focuses on creative
        design, having applied for patents on its own design
        utility models.

          Adopting universal concepts, Takos’ four-
        dimensional design features size and dimension for
        approach and use; equitable use and perceptive
        information; simple and intuitive; and low physical
        effort and flexibility in use and zero tolerance for error.

         Satisfying needs for a better lifestyle, Takos
        maximizes existing capacity for creative design,
        developing innovative products and expanding into
        overseas markets.

20   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                         Korea Federation of Handcraft Cooperatives

  Stuffed Toys, Sewing Toys for                                  World Toy Co., Ltd.
  Baby, Educational Toys, Sports
  Toys                                         Business Area: Crafts
                                               CEO: Jin, Dong-Suk
                                               Address: 85-21, Misan-dong, Siheung City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                               Tel: 82-31-311-7546

Children's Functional
Stuffed Toy Specialist
 World Toy Co., Ltd. is doing its best in the
manufacture of excellent high-quality stuffed toys for
children by grafting key functions with every product
to facilitate the normal growth and development of

 Moreover, World Toy is also striving to develop new
products after seeking fresh ideas from customers,
while producing and supplying corporate publicity
and sales promotion items on an OEM basis at
cheaper prices.

 World Toy manufactures and packs over 80% of its
products in Korea and achieves high satisfaction
among customers with vigorous quality assurance for
each product as well as smart and stylish designs.

                                                                                       Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   21
         Korea Beauty Industry Society

           Scalp Clinic Machines & Products                               Beautopia Co., Ltd.

                                                         Business Area: Beauty
                                                         CEO: Kim, Deok-Seong
                                                         Address: 4F, 142-65 Guro-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                         Tel: 82-2-857-0909
                                                         Fax: 82-2-857-7174

        Global Brand for Scalp &
        Hair Clinics
          Beautopia Co., Ltd. is Korea's No.1 global company
        for scalp & hair clinics, specializing in the production
        of digitalized scalp, skin, hair visual analyzers, skin
        clinic machinery and scalp clinic products.

         Digital Scope (Scalp, Skin, Hair Analyzer): The Scalp,
        Skin and Hair Analyzer is a camera device that records
        and displays hair condition. It is a micro system that
        measures and diagnoses via a monitor. Beautopia's
        scalp, skin and hair analyzer is a high-tech product
        that has a user-friendly Focus Control, a key aspect in
        all high-end analyzers, and displays the subject's
        natural monitoring.

         CLINIC2020 Plus (Scalp Clinic Products):
        'CLINIC2020 Plus' Scalp Clinic program is a
        specialized product designed especially for clinic cuts
        and scalp clinics. Simple techniques, low cost,
        exceptional effects, etc. are all major advantages.

          Scalpmaster (Scalp, Skin Clinic Machine):
        'Scalpmaster' is s total instrument that has all of the
        necessary functions for scalp & skin treatment. After
        operations, it helps to
        enhance the effects of
        treatment in the use of
        hair clinic products.
        'Scalpmaster' is a newly
        developed instrument
        by Beautopia's R&D.

22   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                        Korea Beauty Industry Society

  Nail Color                                                       Beauty Club Red

                                                Business Area: Beauty
                                                CEO: Lim, Bong-Geun
                                                Address: 4F, Siloam Bldg., 525-3, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul,
                                                Tel: 82-2-541-4787
                                                Fax: 82-2-541-4788

Satisfying Customers With
Nail Art Knowhow
  Beauty Club Red is pushing to be the best nail care
& art product shop. Due to its strenuous efforts in
responding to customer needs since its founding, the
company has developed into a nail art specialist with
the top domestic brand 'Red Nail.'

 As a domestic brand, Red Nail has localized all
products except for acrylic and UV gel-related items,
while Beauty Club Red is endeavoring for a new take-
off under its vision for the 21st century.

  With ceaseless research and development of better
new materials and technologies, the company is
determined to reward customer confidence and grow
into an enterprise that earns the love and trust of its
customers through fulfillment of its social

                                                                                         Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   23
         Korea Beauty Industry Society

                                                      Beauty Lesha Inc. / MBC Academy Beauty School
                                                        Business Area: Beauty
                                                        CEO: Han, Jun-Soo
                                                        Address: 3F. Sindongah Construction Bldg., 765-14,Bangbae-
                                                                 dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                        Tel: 82-2-3482-0527
                                                        Fax: 82-2-3482-0530

        Korea's Top Brand in
        Beauty Education
          Beauty Lesha Inc. is a holding company of MBC
        Academy Beauty School, the largest beauty
        educational organization in Korea. It has a total of 34
        local campuses in Korea and 1 overseas campus in
        Yanji, China. Make-Up, Nail Art, Skincare, Hair Styling
        , etc. have been taught to more than 150,000
        students since 2002. Lesha is an exclusive brand for
        professional make-up, skincare brand. Quality is
        controled by professional make-up artists in MBC

         MBC Academy Beauty School is now looking for
        partners wanting to launch a beauty academy (All of
        or one of Make-Up, Nail Art, Skincare, Hair Styling,
        etc.). Also, Beauty Lesha, an exclusive brand for
        professional make-up and skincare, is looking for
        distributors who are interested in Korean professional
        make-up products.

24   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                        Korea Beauty Industry Society

  B.B Cream, Oriental Medicine                                      David Cosmetic
  Cosmetics, Baby Skincare,
  Functional Skincare                            Business Area: Beauty
                                                 CEO: Lee, Kang-Won
                                                 Address: 60-21 Samjeong-dong, Ojeong-gu, Bucheon City,
                                                          Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                                 Tel: 82-32-679-0091
                                                 Fax: 82-32-679-0093

Pursuing 'David' in
Cosmetics Biz Community
 David Cosmetic is working to improve its production
system and the development of raw materials and
products in order to supply the highest-quality
cosmetics at the lowest prices.

  In this effort, David Cosmetic operates a research
committee consisting of cosmetics-related experts
from all walks of society and pursues all avenues to
develop new products and new technologies that are
able to take the lead through comprehensive analysis
of the latest information at home and abroad.

 As an industry-academia-research institute
cooperation project, David Cosmetic is proceeding
with consortium businesses in collaboration with
renowned domestic research institutes and
universities, investing 15% of its annual turnover in
R&D for production of the best products and raw
materials in the business community.

 Under the principle of 'small quantity batch
production,' David also produces and supplies
cosmetics filling small-quantity orders for diverse kinds
of products. From raw materials to semi-finished and
complete products, David implements a strict
product quality management system in accordance
with CGMP and ISO 9001 standards.

 David's products include B.B cream, traditional
oriental cosmetics, baby care solutions and anti-
wrinkle/whitening/UV-blocking cosmetics.

                                                                                        Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   25
         Korea Beauty Industry Society

           Natural Cosmetics Products                                    Green Zone Co., Ltd

                                                         Business Area: Beauty
                                                         CEO: Kim, Youn-Soo
                                                         Address: 226-7, Yeonmu-dong, Jangan-gu, Suwon City,
                                                                  Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                                         Tel: 82-31-255-1561
                                                         Fax: 82-31-255-2171

        Natural Soaps & Cosmetics
        Protecting Your Hearlth
         Natural Soap of Green Zone is made with natural
        essential oils extracted from plants, instead of
        synthetic scents. For color, it contains mineral
        coloring, instead of an antiseptic, hardener and

          Greenzone was established in 1994. This introduced
        aquariums for hydroponic cultivation. The
        outstanding characteristics of product acquired the
        Trade and Industry Minister's Award at the
        Outstanding Invention Exhibition in 1996. It has been
        publicized KBS TV Supermarket, and TV SME yielding
        positive results through collective sales. Currently, its
        products are being introduced and sold through
        introduction via different communication channels.

26   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                         Korea Beauty Industry Society

  Color Nail, Magic Foot, Double                                     Hahaway Co., Ltd.
  Logo Oil Paper, Hand & Foot
  Mask, Separable Hair Band                       Business Area: Beauty
                                                  CEO: Cho, Kun-Ho
                                                  Address: 136-6, Bugae 2-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Korea
                                                  Tel: 82-32-505-8004
                                                  Fax: 82-03-506-8004

Beauty Products Generating
Customer Smiles
 Hahaway Co., Ltd., brimming with knowhow in
molds, has catapulted into the manufacture of high
quality beauty products with a management focus on
creating a brand delight customers. Hahaway goods,
exported to Japan, The United States and EU, have
acquired certifications including Q.C ISO 9001, SDFA,
FDA, FCC, CE, etc.

 Hahaway color nail (Nail File and Buff) protects and
shines nails. the world’s first color transcription
printing improves shine.

 Hahaway Magic Foot file selectively removes dead
skin cells without harming surrounding skin with
technology that acquired the Silver Prize at the
International Invention Contest Double Logo Oil
Paper removes oiliness from the face due to excessive
sebum and prevents make-up from not blending in.

 One-touch hand gloves & foot socks (very easy to
put on provide) moisturizing, softening, and
nutritional effects for hands and feet, as well as
prevent ageing skin.

  Separable Hair Band accentuates hair with various
feathers, spangles, beads, pearls, and cubic zirconia. It
is also used as a corsage or broach. Designs are based
on leading European fashion to lead fashion trends.

                                                                                         Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   27
         Korea Beauty Industry Society

           High-functional Toothpaste,                              Hankukbowonbio Co., Ltd.
           Whitening Gel
                                                        Business Area: Beauty
                                                        CEO: Kim, Ki-Young
                                                        Address: 2F, 410-105, Cheonho-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                        Tel: 82-2-475-5916
                                                        Fax: 82-2475-5924

        Science Patent for Better
        Oral Core Products
          Hankukbowonbio Co., Ltd. is a dental company that
        produces and sells functional toothbrushes and
        toothpaste with patent technology such as gold and
        silver toothpaste. Including Noble G+ Gold and Noble
        S+ Silver toothpaste under patent technology, it offers
        various high-functional toothbrushes and toothpaste.

         Products of Hankukbowonbio are produced on
        modern German equipment and have already been
        exported to Germany, Japan and Taiwan. The
        company continues to develop and provide high-
        functional toothpaste such as the tooth beautifier
        Premium Whitening Gel.

         Hankukbowonbio has won two Korean patents -
        Healthful Toothpaste containing Gold particles
        (no.0494286) and Healthful Toothpaste containing
        Silver particles (no.0494286) - which placed it at the
        top of the Korean functional toothpaste market.

28   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                      Korea Beauty Industry Society

  International Eyelash Designer's                International Eyelash Designers Association
                                                Business Area: Beauty
                                                CEO: Johny Lee
                                                Address: 2F, Baekwoon Bldg., 509-1 Ssangmoon-dong, Dobong-
                                                         gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                Tel: 82-2-904-8006
                                                Fax: 82-2-904-6564

Bright & Sound Eyelash
Beauty Culture
  The International Eyelash Designers Association
(IEDA), headquartered in Seoul, Korea was established
to promote trust and common welfare among
members and organizations and cope with the trend
of the eyelash business and related sectors in the
globalization era, stimulate exchanges of new
technology and information, cultivate professionals,
support a systematic qualification system, build trust
with customers through correct education and
training in an endeavor to speed up the advancement
of related industries and help elevate the
specialization of this field, make contributions to the
advancement of the eyelash business and related
sectors through continuous research and
development, and establish a healthy and sound
eyelash beauty culture.

 Major Business Projects

 Protect the rights of members and promote the
advancement of cosmetic sectors.

 Promote the advancement of eyelash beauty culture
and support research and guidance.

 Create an eyelash beauty culture in many countries
across the globe and cooperate for national

 Organize eyelash and beauty exhibitions for the
advancement of eyelash beauty culture and arranged
educational sessions.

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   29
         Korea Beauty Industry Society

           Cosmetics                                          Jusibel Cosmetics (AR&G Co., Ltd.)

                                                    Business Area: Beauty
                                                    CEO: Byun, Moon-Sung
                                                    Address: #520-2, Dongsan-dong, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju City,
                                                             Jeollabuk-do, Korea
                                                    Tel: 82-63-224-5144
                                                    Fax: 82-63-224-5147

        Patented Tech Completes
        Your Beauty
         AR&G manufactures functional cosmetics and
        related materials utilizing patented technology
        developed by its research institutes composed of
        professional and talented staff. The company
        holds certification from the Korea Food & Drug
        Administration and many other patents and

         JUSIBEL has increased its exports to many
        countries around the world including the :U. S.,
        Brasil, India, Pakistan and China, and is advancing
        forward to become a global brand recognize on
        the global stage. In order to promote Korea
        around the world and make JUSIBEL a prestigious
        global brand, the company is constantly
        customers with the best quality cosmetics and
        natural products.

30   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                       Korea Beauty Industry Society

  Fashion Jewellery                                                        KJS

                                                Business Area: Beauty
                                                CEO: Park, Je-Sang
                                                Address: Samik Bldg., 402-205, Banghwa-dong, Kangseo-gu, Seoul,
                                                Tel: 82-2-773-5811
                                                Fax: 82-2-773-5810

High Quality, Creative
Design, JS Jewelry Shines
  JS was established in 1992 and is noces one of the
leading jewelry manufacturers in Korea.

  JS manufactures and distributes a variety of costume
jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants,
broaches, hair ornaments, cufflinks, tie pins, buttons,

 JS specializes in hand-made silver items and other
accessories for women & men.

 Customer designed orders are welcomed.

  JS good quality products and creative designs at
reasonable prices.

  JS supplies products to major department stores in
Korea and exports products to the U. S. A., Australia,
Japan, Taiwan, and other nations, building a good

                                                                                       Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   31
         Korea Beauty Industry Society

           Art Works                                      Korea Pro Makeup Job Interchange Association

                                                          Business Area: Beauty
                                                          CEO: Ahn, Mi-Ryeo
                                                          Address: Geopyeong Town 312, 203-1, Nonhyeon-dong,
                                                                   Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                          Tel: 82-2-3442-6177~8
                                                          Fax: 82-2-3442-6179

        Beauty Industry Enhances
        Network Quotient
         Korea Pro Make-up Job Interchange Association is
        growing constantly, dedicated exclusively to beauty
        (makeup & image) since being established in July
        2009. The association was not formed for a specific
        entity or individual, it exists for the public and all its
        members. The organization originated the idea of
        network quotient (NQ), which is based on the
        concept behind IQ & EQ. NQ represents the level of
        positive relationships with people and organizations
        and shows the way to be a good leader for all related
        members. A high NQ gives stakeholders strong
        confidence and also helps association members to

         Business Plan

         - Organize education seminars with related groups
         - Subdivision of license examination
         - Participate in world competitions for globalization
           of make-up
         - Organize contests in Korea and other countries to
           create a make-up boom and identify talented
         - Publish a technical book on make-up
         - Publish a brochure of make-up advertisements
         - Sponsor make-up awards in a variety of genres like
           The Blue Dragon Award, opera, theater, etc.
         - Invite famous foreign make-up artist to seminar for
           international interchanges
         - Establish organic relationships with foreign make-
           up groups, schools, and college to exchange

32   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                      Korea Beauty Industry Society

  Outdoor Products                                                Maxsun Co., Ltd.
                                                Business Area: Beauty
                                                CEO: Park, Bong-June
                                                Address: 2F, Samyoung Bldg., 733-25, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-
                                                         ku, Seoul, Korea
                                                Tel: 82-2-6003-0731
                                                Fax: 82-2-563-3459

Zero Tolerance Level of
Safety.. Maxsun Butane Fuel
  Maxsun is a leading company in butane fuel and
portable gas stoves. It has continually maintained a
reputation as an established supplier of the highest
quality products based on expertise obtained through
its decades of know-how and experience.

 The vision of Maxsun is to become one of the
world's leading makers in the gas appliance industry.
To reach that goal, Maxsun focuses on human
resources and R & D activities. Having strong
resources and development capability, it serves
customers with best products and services.

 Portable butane fuel and gas stoves are used for
many outdoor activities, such as camping and
hunting. These compact and convenient products are
widely available of discount and contract distributors,
as well as retail convenience stores. From design to
packaging, the production process is conducted on
automatic production lines, maintaining zero
tolerance level for safety.

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   33
         Korea Beauty Industry Society

           Pounee,Mr. Art                                             Pira Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

                                                        Business Area: Beauty
                                                        CEO: Lee, Young-Soo
                                                        Address: 5F, 751, Bldg., 203, Nonhyun-dong, Gangnam-gu,
                                                                 Seoul, Korea
                                                        Tel: 82-2-540-8761
                                                        Fax: 82-2-540-8765

        Networking of Excellence in
        Cosmetics Culture
         The Strength of Pira Cosmetics Co., Ltd. its excellent
        network with top cosmetic companies in Korea. Pira
        has the ability to develop excellent cosmetic products
        and professional techniques with the latest worldwide
        cosmetic information through.

         Its global network of sources. Based on 30 years of
        experience & expertise, brands with accumulated
        know-how and concentrated on globalization of its
        own brands. The company is engaged in the whole
        process of cosmetics from R&D to design of

         A long-lasting and comfortable face look with
        beautiful make-up is what Pounee make-up offers to
        all women. Pounee Makeup Collection is capable of
        giving a complete and pure look to the face. Pounee
        women's skincare restores the skin's functionality and
        promotes clarification and freshness of the skin. Its
        natural ingredients recover and prevent skin troubles
        and prolong moisturizing and smoothing effects for
        the skin.

          MR Art Professional
        Products are designed for
        professional makeup artists
        based on advice by experts
        in the field. MR Art
        Professional Kit is for
        students studying makeup
        in school as well as for

34   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                        Korea Beauty Industry Society

                                                                   Psycheros Beauty

                                                 Business Area: Beauty
    SOOGEL UV NAIL GEL SYSTEM                    CEO: Yoo, Sam
                                                 Address: 3F, Dongsung Bldg., 547-2 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-
                                                          gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                 Tel: 82-2-594-2545
                                                 Fax: 82-2-594-5207

Beautify Your Nail With
New Concept Gel System
  SOOGEL UV NAIL GEL SYSTEM of Psycheros Beauty
is a new concept gel that is completely safe. Soogel is
a one-step gel system that does not require bonder,
primer or base. In addition, it does not require filing.

  The transparency of the clear gel is excellent. The
system is easily removed by “soak-off” or “peel-off”
and there is no lifting-effect phenomenon. It will not
discolor or become yellow, and will maintain its
transparency for approximately 4-5 times longer than
normal nail lacquers. Many other nail art applications
can be applied, such as nail polish, hand-painting, air-
brushing and acrylic powders on top of our UV gel.
SOOGEL UV NAIL GEL SYSTEM is fragrance free and
works as nail polish.

  To meet the diverse demands of customer,
Psycheros Beauty not only offers UV gel system but
also provides a range of other beauty products,
including nail and skin care products, cosmetics, and
hair-related products. Psycheros Beauty are also
committed to promote healthy skin while helping
customers’ to minimize the skin
irritation caused by various
environmental factors.
Psycheros Beauty puts
priority on health by using
safe and approved
ingredients as major raw

                                                                                        Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   35
         Korea Beauty Industry Society

           Eyelash Extentions                                  Rainbow Cosmetic (Eyelash Extension)

                                                         Business Area: Beauty
                                                         CEO: Baek, Jin-Suk
                                                         Address: 2F, Baekwoon Bldg., 509-1, Ssangmoon-dong,
                                                                  Dobong-gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                         Tel: 82-2-904-8006
                                                         Fax: 82-2-904-6564

        Certified Eyelash Cosmetic
        Beauty Supply
         Rainbow Cosmetics, specializes in the production,
        sale, and export of eyelash and eyelash extension
        products. Certified by IEDA, provide, education and
        technical training on eyelash improvement and
        operates a certified shop.

         In particularly, Rainbow developed an artificial
        eyelash, the first-ever in the world, and exports it the
        worldwide. Also, I-Zone Glue is a KC-certified product
        approved by the Korean Agency for Technology and
        Standards under the Ministry of Knowledge
        Economy. In addition, Rainbow's I-Zone Eyelash has
        gained a very favorable response from customers, as a
        product that is also certified by KC.

         A variety of eyelash products and eyelash extension
        products have been certified by International Eyelash
        Designers’ Association (IEDA). The company selects
        and provides only certified products internationally.

         Rainbow brand products include I-Zone Artificial
        Eyelash, Silk Eyelash, I-Zone Silk Eyelash, Double Eye
        Diamond Eyelash, Triple Diamond Eyelash, Mink
        Eyelash, Noblesse Eyelash, Eye Love Eyelash, Woman’s
        Eyelash, J-2 Eyelash, Moon Star Eyelash and others.

         Besides, Rainbow are provides products related to
        eyelash extension

36   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                      Korea Beauty Industry Society

  Collagen Green Tea & 17 Herb                                    Sanjang Organic
                                               Business Area: Beauty
                                               CEO: Son, Ok-Tae
                                               Address: 14-4, Dongryul-ri, Huicheon-myeon, Bosung-gun,
                                                        Jeollanam-do, Korea
                                               Tel: 82-2-327-2375

Good Quality Tea Leaves for
Green Tea & Soaps
 Sanjang Organic Co. is manufacturing and
distributing collagen green tea along with herb soaps.

  The Company has manufacturing facilities in the
warm south at 14-4 Dondeul-ri, Bosung-gun,
Jeollanam-do, Korea that is 99,000m2 wide and
350m high. It seeded fragrance-keeping natural
green tea seeds.

  There lies beautiful clean waters of Eumpo Sea in
front of the farm. The wind from the sea makes tea
trees' roots absorb underground energy, deep
fragrance and taste by making fresh roots deeply dig
into the earth and then cultivating good quality green
tea leaves.

 It does not use fertilizer, compost, chicken manure
and pesticide at the green tea farm. Particularly, we
have been recognized as one of the largest green tea
food manufacturer mainly because we have
developed 105 kinds of green tea foods and obtained
FDA, ISO9002, and HACCP approval accordingly.

  Recently we have made long-term export contracts
with buyers from U.K. and Germany through doing
thorough quality control and promoting 'Korean
taste' for the past couple of years.

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   37
         Korea Beauty Industry Society

           Toilet Soaps                                                            Solnara

                                                          Business Area: Beauty
                                                          CEO: Kim, G.S.
                                                          Address: 454-2 Cheolpa-ri, Euiseong-eup, Euiseong-gun,
                                                                   Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
                                                          Tel: 82-54-834-6000
                                                          Fax: 82-54-834-7797

        Offering Environment-
        Friendly Soaps
          Solnara Co. is producing a variety of environment-
        friendly toilet soaps, utilizing such natural materials as
        pine needles and garlic.

          Pine Soap is a high quality mild bar soap, which
        contains 100% pine needle oil and natural Olive oil. It
        contains oil of pine needles, which is used in many
        products as an antibacterial agent. It has the effect of
        sterilizing the skin. Chlorophyll, found in this oil, is
        effective for healing skin wounds and damage to the
        skin. Vitamin A, also found in pine needle, has an anti-
        oxidant effect that prevents the aging process. The
        ethanol extracts of pine needles showed the strong
        antimocrobaial activities against bacteria.

         Among each extraction, Pinus koraiensis and Pinus
        densiflora had the strongest antibacterial activity
        against strain Listeria moncytogenes ARCC1911 and
        Bacillus cereus IFO 3514. Nano Silver Pine Soap for
        Sensitive Skin come as luxurious bar soap that
        moisturizes and softens skin.

          The anticancer effect of pine needle extracts against
        cancer cell lines, including Human Gastric carcinoma
        (KATOIII), Human lung carcinoma (A549), Human
        hepatocellular (Hep3B), Human Fibrosarcoma
        (HT1080) and Human Breast adenocarcinomal (MCF-
        7) was investigated. The results showed that growth
        inhibition rates of the cancer cells in medium
        containing pine needle extracts were inhibited
        gradually to a significant degree in proportion to the
        increase of the extract concentration.

38   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                        Korea Beauty Industry Society

  A & Cosmetics                                                        Yeosin Co.

                                                 Business Area: Beauty
                                                 Address: Hyojeong Bldg., 660-5, Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu,
                                                          Seoul, Korea
                                                 Tel: 82-2-3444-1616
                                                 Fax: 82-2-3443-7707

The Plus of Hair Design
Tech Development History
 Better known for the brand 'Goddess', the Yeosin
Company, founded in 1981, is a beauty specialty
company that has researched and strived for the
development of the beauty industry for 27 years.
With the conviction to supply only the best quality to
hair artists, it started the Goddess hair designing
scissors in 1982 and created a new field for
professional hair designing scissors.

  At the end of 90s, it introduced curl antidote straight
perm products to Korea, which located a nude
straight at the time, and not only brought a huge
consumer response but also promoted development
of the cosmetic business. Yeosin, which has advanced
along with hair designers, supplies the best cosmetic
products most suited to Asian hair. Yeosin is not just a
company that provides products to hair artists, but is
coming around to be a genuine cosmetic company
that is devoted to the technology advancement of
hair designers.

                                                                                        Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   39
         Korea Beauty Industry Society

           Uniforms                                                               Yodel

                                                        Business Area: Beauty
                                                        CEO: Cho, Kyoung-Haeng
                                                        Address: Yedel Bldg., 681-21, Suyu 2-dong, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul,
                                                        Tel: 82-2-992-8268
                                                        Fax: 82-2-997-6007

        History of Fashionable
        Gowns & Uniforms
          Since 1976, Yodel has been one the leaders in the
        fashion and beauty industry by focusing its efforts on
        manufacturing quality gowns. It has approached the
        fast-changing era of information and services with a
        customer-oriented business policy. In this respect,
        yodel has achieved quality innovations in its products
        in addition to improving services to customers for full

          Yodel places the highest priority on product quality,
        function, and fashionable design. Bringing new value
        to customers, the company has entered the specialty
        uniform market to broaden its product range, and to
        further its pioneering leadship with a solid and proven
        track record in the industry.

40   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                      Korea Textile Trade Association

  100% Poly, Nylon, N/P, Shape                                       AB Industries
  Memory for Outdoors
                                                 Business Area: Textile
                                                 CEO: Lee, Dong-Han
                                                 Address: Room 1408 Block WooRim Blue 9 BLDG, 240-21,
                                                          Yeomchang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                 Tel: 82-2-3442-6912
                                                 Fax: 82-2-3442-6914

All Kinds of Stylish Outdoor
  AB Industries handles all kinds of outdoor fabric
along with functional fabrics for sportswear and
fashionable trendy fabrics.

 Establish in 1996, AB Industries' turnover crossed the
US$7 million mark last year, exporting products to
such countries as Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom
and France.

  Its factory capacity breaks down to weaving
8,000,000m/year, dyeing 9,500,000,m/year and
finishing 10,000,000m/year.

 Item Description
 - Shape Memory: Yarn dyed & piece-dyed,
   solid, jacquard, check and stripe patterns
 - Soft and Compact: Made white
   nylon/polyester high-shrink technology
 - N/P, Poly100%, Nylon 100%: perfect for
 - Various finishes: Many different kind of coatings.

                                                                                       Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   41
         Korea Textile Trade Association

           Jean                                                                Aichaka

                                                       Business Area: Textile
                                                       CEO: Lee, Tae-Woon
                                                       Address: Rm., 301, Pre-BICenter 3rd, 275-3 Seongsan-dong, Mapo-
                                                                gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                       Tel: 82-70-8650-2073
                                                       Fax: 82-505-505-2073

        European Style Combined
        With Korean Technique
          Aichaka is a Korean clothing company specialized in
        denim jean fashion including pants, skirts, vests and

         Aichaka’s Korean designers plan, design, develop,
        and produce products, to satisfy the needs of the
        young generation and leading fashion trends in China
        by continuously releasing new trendsetting designs.

         The brand name ‘Aichaka’ comes from a foliage
        plant and means ‘fulfill the splendid dream flaring
        passionately like fire.’

          Inspired by the tenacious vitality and passion that
        the leaf represents, Aichaka’s vision is to define the
        ideal of the young generation’s free spirit and desire
        to challenge the future. It combines luxurious
        northern European style with aggressive, yet
        glamorous Korean textile techniques.

42   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                    Korea Textile Trade Association

  Micro Fake Fur/Boa Fabrics with                           Benetex Valley Co., Ltd.
  Short and Long Piles
                                              Business Area: Textile
                                              CEO: Alex, Jung
                                              Address: 402, 4F Surak bldg, 541-1, Uijeongbu-dong, Uijeongbu
                                                       City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                              Tel: 82-31-875-8734
                                              Fax: 82-31-875-8735

Velvet Series Creating
Elegance & Dignity
 Benetex Valley Co., Ltd. supplies a high-quality
velvet series.. velvet P/D, velvet crushed print burn
out, tricot suede, and tricot fancy items.

 Benetex Valley also distributes fancy, novelty &
print products. Velvet is a form of textile that is
woven on a special loom. It is a tufted fabric in
which the cut threads are very evenly
distributed, giving it its distinct feel. Velvet
can be made from any fiber.

  Two pieces of velvet must be
woven at the same time. They are
then cut apart and the two lengths
of fabric are wound on separate
take-up rolls. Looms which weave
velvet must have two takeup rolls.

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   43
         Korea Textile Trade Association

           Polyester Woven Fabrics with                                Duckwoo Corporation
           Special Finish
                                                        Business Area: Textile
                                                        CEO: Lee, Eui-Yeoil
                                                        Address: #993-5,Geumsan-ri, Waegwan-eup, Chilgok-gun,
                                                                 Gyeongbuk-do, Korea
                                                        Tel: 82-54-974-8096
                                                        Fax: 82-54-972-9982

        Silk-Like Fabrics, High-End
        Function Fabrics
         Duckwoo Corporation produces silk-like fabrics and
        high-density functional fabrics.

          In an effort to cut down costs, Duckwoo has
        rationalized facilities, focusing on factory automation
        and producing high-quality fabrics for woven blouses,
        trousers, one-piece dresses for high fashion.

          The company is intensifying R&D investment to
        supply high-quality products ordered in the shortest
        time, contributing to the clothes culture with variable
        order options.

44   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                        Korea Textile Trade Association

  Cotton Mix                                                             Five Textile

                                                  Business Area: Textile
                                                  CEO: Lee, Quan-Woo
                                                  Address: Rm., 503, IT Castle II, 371-16 Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-
                                                           gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                  Tel: 82-2-2627-8585
                                                  Fax: 82-2-2627-8588

Different Fabrics With Various
  Five Textile offers various coating, prints and texture
fabrics for men's, women's and children's jackets and

  Major export destinations for Five Textile goods
include European countries such as Germany, Italy,
France, England and Holland, etc.

 Item Description

 - Metal fabrics (N/C, P/C, N/P & 100% Cotton)
 - Shape memory (100% Nylon, 100% Polyester,
   N/P , P/C)
 - Popular micro fabrics with different optics
 - Various suede materials
 - Cotton & blended mixed materials
 - Nylon/polyester (2-tone),
 - Polyester with cation & nylon with yarn dyed
 - Bonded fabrics
 - Nylon & polyester with various finishing

                                                                                          Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   45
         Korea Textile Trade Association

           Polyester Woven Fabrics with           Global AMS Inc. / Shaoxing Kumsang Textile and Foil Co., Ltd.
           Special Finish
                                                      Business Area: Textile
                                                      Tel: 070-7663-0526

        Polyester Fabrics
        With Special Finish
         Global AMS Inc combined with Shaoxing Kumsang
        Textile and Foil is supplying polyster woven fabrics
        with special finishing.

         The high-touch skill in finishing of the partners
        enhances product value.

         They are striving to meet the demand of clients with
        the combination of know-how, research and
        development, and management.

          Mass production capacity, Thanks to efficient
        facilities, is sufficient to reduce competitiveness.

46   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                         Korea Textile Trade Association

  Two Way Spandex 6004.10.0000                                              Hutex
  Active Wear, Span Velvet
  6001.92.0000 Dress Wear, Mesh                 Business Area: Textile
  6005.10.0000 Inner Wear,
  Circular Knit 6004.10.0000 Sport
  Wear                                          Address:

Human & Textile for Better
  Based on the philosophy of "Human and Textile,
Hutex is mobilizing efforts to maximize the benefits of
technology for better human life.

 Stylish fashion sense and moderate prices are key
components of Hutex's competitive muscle at home
and abroad.

 - Two Way Spandex 6004.10.0000
 - Active Wear, Span Velvet 6001.92.0000
 - Dress Wear, Mesh 6005.10.0000
 - Inner Wear, Circular Knit 6004.10.0000
 - Sports Wear, etc.

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   47
         Korea Textile Trade Association

           Y/D Memory Fabric 5407530000                                  Iljoong Intertex Inc.
           Pattern, Jacqaurd , Filament Stretch
           5407520000 N/C, R/C, P/C                      Business Area: Textile
                                                         CEO: Lee, Sang-Yong
                                                         Address: 2F, Youngeun BD, 126-18, Gangnam-gu, Samsung-dong,
                                                                  Seoul, Korea
                                                         Tel: 82-2-539-7585
                                                         Fax: 82-2-539-7584

        Fashion Plus Passion:
        Illjoong Textile Fabrics
         As a leading manufacturer and exporter of men's
        and women's jackets and pants, Illjoong Intertex Inc.
        supplies the most current trend in fabric and hottest
        fabric designs, using the latest computerized
        manufacturing facilities equipped with high
        technologies. Besides, Illjoong offers quality at a
        resonable price, satisfying customers Illjoong in
        domestic as well as overseas markets.

          Illjoong products are widely accepted in USA and
        many European countries. In order to diversify Illjoong
        existing markets, Illjoong would like to offer high
        quality products to clients on favorable terms. Illjoong
        is sure that its products will meet clients requirements
        for quality, timely delivery and reasonable price.

         Item Description

         - Yarn dyed memory fabric for lady's and men's
         - Stretch fabric for pants
         - Light-weight fabric for jackets
         - Metallic fabrics
         - N/C, C/N fabrics
         - Novelty fabrics with various finishes (embo, print,
           foil-print, crease, etc)

48   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                 Korea Textile Trade Association

  Shape Memory 5407.61-2000                                Monotex-Shin Heung
  Poly, Cotton Mixed 5211.32-
  0000 P/C, Micro Powder                    Business Area: Textile
  5407.72-9000 Nylon/Poly
                                            CEO: Lee, Dong-Soo
                                            Address: 3F., Choyang Bldg. 113, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu,
                                                     Seoul, Korea
                                            Tel: 82-2-556-5885
                                            Fax: 82-2-556-5915

Spinning a Better World
Through Better Fabrics
  Monotex-Shin Heung, concentrating on quality
control and new development, has led the fabric
industry for over 27 years. Monotex produces
shape memory, mixed fabric, suede, outdoor &
indoor sportswear, suits, jackets, etc.

 Monotex lead production company, Shin-Heung,
was established in 1998 and installed new
weaving machinery in 1995. The weaving factory
consists of 200 automatic air jet looms that
produce mixed woven fabrics of the best quality.

 The dyeing factory is located in Daegu. It can
produce 1,500,000 yards a month on new
machinery. The weaving factory cooperates
efficiently, with the dyeing factory better quality
and shorter delivery times.

                                                                                  Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   49
         Korea Textile Trade Association

           Two Way Spandex 6004.10.0000                                   Pucheon Corporation
           Active Wear, Span Velvet
           6001.92.0000 Dress Wear, Mesh                  Business Area: Textile
           6005.10.0000 Inner Wear,
                                                          CEO: Lee, Si-Won
           Circular Knit 6004.10.0000 Sport
           Wear                                           Address: Pucheon Bldg., 4F., 80-4 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul,
                                                          Tel: 82-2-2189-7500
                                                          Fax: 82-2-756-8031

        Women Are Queens With
        High-Grade Textiles
         Pucheon Corporation has been producing and
        distributing a variety of textile goods to complement
        the beauty of women as well as interior items and
        accessories for over 20 years.

         - Velvet: Being treated as a high-class fabric, velvet is
           used diversely for women dresses and jackets, and
           interior decorations (sofas or hats) due to its
           excellence in glossiness, feel and appearance.

         - 2-Way Spandex: Sportswear, yoga clothing and
           mountaineering clothing are widely exported to
           'Under Armour,' 'Danskin,' 'Adidas' and 'Black Yark,'
           etc. Cation raw yarns, in particular, can realize
           high-brightness colors that polyester yarns can not
           express and have excellence in washability and
           friction & light fastness.

         - Power Mesh: Diverse like polyester, nylon, etc. and
           used for various wedding and ballet dresses
           utilizing post processing on surfaces, such foil
           prints, metallic glitters and spangles.

50   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                     Korea Textile Trade Association

  SPAN VELVET 6001. 92-000                               Saechang Commercial Co., Ltd.
  Tricot Span Velvet, Suede
  6005. 32-000 Tricot Suede,                   Business Area: Textile
  Fleece 6001. 10-200 Micro
                                               CEO: Lee, Chang-Kun
  Velboa, Two-Way 6004. 10-
  000 Sports Cloth, Automobile                 Address: KEB Bldg. 5FL, 60-1, Seosomun-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul,
  Fabrics 6005. 32-000                                  Korea
                                               Tel: 82-2-753-3166
                                               Fax: 82-2-753-3166

Professional Warp Knit
Wear Fabrics
 Since 1979, Saechang Commercial Co., Ltd. has
been a professional warp knitted producer and
become biggest knitting manufacturer in Korea.

 Saechang mainly produces general garment fabric -
Velvet, Suede, Fur-Like, Micro Velboa, Fleece, Brushed
Fabric, Two-Way and Industrial Fabric (Automobile
Fabrics, Home Textiles and Others).

 Saechang does business with M&S, w.l.Gore,
Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Express, H&M, Zara, Amc,
Li&Fung, Gap, Kohl's, Nike, Adidas, Pear Izumi,
Danskin, Under Armor, Pbms, Victoria's Secret,
Wanaco, Urban, etc.

                                                                                       Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   51
         Korea Textile Trade Association

           Knitted Print and and P/D, Raschell                      Shin-Hwa Plus Global Textile
           Lace P/D + Print, Fake Fur, New-
           Brfand Woven Items                           Business Area: Textile
                                                        CEO: Kim, Won-Seob
                                                        Address: 2F Shinhwa Bldg, 90-8, Ihwa-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul,
                                                        Tel: 82-2-3668-2112
                                                        Fax: 82-2-3675-3622

        Cutting-Edge Products in
        Ladies Fashion World
          Establish in 1998, Shin-Hwa Plus Global Textile (SH)
        is a major manufacture and supplier of knit fabrics for
        women's knits & jerseys.

         SH offers over 2,000 different knit items, developing
        40~50 new knit items a year in response to the
        demands of its clients.

         The company has its own garment team, making
        the best use of its fabric development expertise
        through research % development of natural, renewed
        and synthetic fabrics.

         SH operates overseas plants in China, the
        Philippines, Indonesia etc.

         It's major oversea customers are Stefanel, Beneton,
        NEXT, H&M, Escada, etc.

52   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                       Korea Textile Trade Association

  Polyester, Acetate                                            Sung UK International

                                                 Business Area: Textile
                                                 CEO: Lee, Gyoung-No
                                                 Address: #301, Jeil Bldg, 1196, Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul,
                                                 Tel: 82-2-2057-5494
                                                 Fax: 82-2-2057-5493

Fabrics Tailored to Demand
of Customers
  Sung UK International is a supplier of textile fabrics,
such as acetate, rayon, mixed and memory fabrics,
lightweight fabrics and jacquard fabrics.

  Sung UK, equipped with modern facilities and high
fashion designer pool, is at a full gear to respond
quickly to the demand of customers.

 The company is also intensifying R&D activities and
conducting thorough quality control, sharpening its
competitive muscle.

 Sung UK is creating new brands of materials,
meeting the vibrant change in the global fashion

                                                                                         Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   53
         Korea Textile Trade Association

           Woman Wear                                               SYJ International Co., Ltd.

                                                       Business Area: Textile
                                                       CEO: Sul, Yong-Nam
                                                       Address: Yoon jung B/D 343-2, Acheon-dong, Guri City,
                                                                Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                                       Tel: 82-31-553-1230
                                                       Fax: 82-31-553-1379

        Premiere Brand of Women’s
          SYJ International Co., Ltd.'s main strengths lie in
        supplying the highest quality through many-sided
        retail distribution structures at the most competitive
        prices. Established in 1998, SYJ is focusing on the
        Chinese and Korean markets with emphasis on
        female customers in the 20-30 age bracket.

         SYJ has launched such popular brands as Oillet and
        Rosedale. From now on, the company plans to
        expand further in Chinese markets and become a
        premiere brand.

54   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                   Korea Textile Trade Association

  Silk 5007.20-2090 Silk Woven                                Unique Design Corp.
  Fabric, Polyester 5407.52-
  0000 Polyester Colored Yarn                 Business Area: Textile
  Woven Jacquard Fabric, Silk
                                              CEO: Kim, Hee-Soo
                                              Address: #102, Jinhee Bldg. 465-19 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu,
                                                       Seoul, Korea
                                              Tel: 82-2-3141-8945
                                              Fax: 82-2-3141-4959

Unique Insight Creates Blue
Ocean in Fabric Market
 Unique Design Corp. is producing high quality &
environmentally-friendly woven (blended) fabrics
based on milk protein fiber, bemberg, cashmere,
wool lyocell, rayon, cotton, etc. with silk.

 Unique Design's innate ability to forecast trends
uniquely positions it to provide for a discerning
clientele around the world. To meet client's needs,
Unique Design makes unique fabrics to customers
satisfaction. Moreover, Unique Design offers great
competitive power, providing small-quantity fabrics
and various items based on special systems.

 Unique Design's major products are ....

 Dyed yarn woven fabric in jacquard (colored fabric)

 - 100% silk dyed yarn woven fabric in jacquard
 - T.B.R.P.E (Triangle Bright Polyester) dyed yarn
   woven fabric in jacquard

                                                                                     Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   55

           Metal Detector, Check Weigher                                 Ideal System Co., Ltd.

                                                         Business Area: Machinery
                                                         CEO: Choi, Byung-Joon
                                                         Address: 358-14, Galsan-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
                                                         Tel: 82-53-586-1800
                                                         Fax: 82-53-585-7219

        Ideal System for Drying &
        Storing Rice
         Ideal System Co., Ltd. is currently specializing in rice
        drying and storage technology, developing and
        marketing cereal, seed & coffee bean color sorters.

          Thanks to the company's consistent pursuit of best
        technology, Ideal System has acquired certifications
        including NEP and CE.

         Cereal, Seed & Coffee Bean Color Sorter:

         - Incorporated 2048-pixel line scan camera;
         - Able to detect 0,1mm subtle colors and defects;
         - Real-time display of sensing signal;
         - Independent activity between chutes;
         - Air gun: more than 1,000 tims/sec.;
         - As feed is DC type, it isn't influenced by external
           environment (power); and
         - Excellent in intensity of radiation and durability of
           fluorescent lamp with a self-developed ballast

         Super Scan Tea Color Sorter:

         - Adopts '2-layer sorting at one transfer' method
           (2S1T), both to minimize tea leaf impairment; and
         - Maximizes sorting accuracy being equipped with a
           multi-purpose color distinctive camera. So a single
           machine can sort nearly all kinds of teas.

56   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF

  Ventilator, Air Diffuser, Impeller                                    JE Flex

                                              Business Area: Machinery
                                              CEO: Kim, Seok
                                              Address: 862-16, Gahyeon-ri, Tongjin-eup, Kimpo City, Gyeonggi-
                                                       do, Korea
                                              Tel: 82-31-997-1201
                                              Fax: 82-31-997-1203

Focus on Value of Aesthetic
Beauty: Nano Hose
 JE Flex's new 'Nano Hose' focuses on the value of
aesthetic value. The company has researched and
developed this new-concept PVC hose for years using
microscopic twinkling material added to the outer
surface of hose.

 Through this unique process, JE Flex's 'Nano Hose'
maximizes customer satisfaction as well as
maintenance of burst pressure and characteristics.
This product creates a gorgeous atmosphere in very
customer's house.

  The 'Nano Hose' carries in two types, the 'Nano
Shower Hose' for bathrooms and 'Nano Garden Hose'
for floriculture and washing vehicles. 'Nano Shower
Hose' is the best choice, especially for women who
are sensitive to design and prefer unique items, and
'Nano Garden Hose' gives a refreshed feeling to water
gardens and enables to wash cars with children.

 'Nano Hose' is pending invention patent
at the Korean Intellectual Property Office.

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   57

           Diagonal Zipper Pack                                              Newpack Korea
           Machine,Diagonal Zipper Pack
                                                          Business Area: Machinery
                                                          CEO: Byeon, Hee-Soo
                                                          Address: 392-2, Gocheon-dong, Uiwang City, Gyeonggi-do,
                                                          Tel: 82-31-456-9001
                                                          Fax: 82-31-442-9445

        New-Concept Zipper Pack
        Ups Conveniences, Productivity
          Diagonal Zipper Pouch of Newpack Korea has a
        short zipper at the corner slantingly, which makes it
        easy to pour and store, without elastic strings or
        clamps. - Because of a short zipper, it costs less than
        long-horizontal zipper pouches.

          As it is a patent item in 16 countries, Newpack Korea
        is the only company who can produce this pack in
        the world, which can be used for customers’ new
        brand marketing strategies.

         Handle Diagonal Zipper Pack

         Diagonal Handle Zipper pack has handles on the
        top, so that consumers can use the handle and zipper
        together. It is useful for 3kg, 5kg and 10kg, which
        could be hard to carry without the handle. Other
        machinery of Newpack Korea features:

         New design, various sizes and usage available.

         Massive and automatic manufacturing

          Competitive price compared with other companies
        As new functional packagings, for food and industrial
        companies that use plastic pouches, packaging
        (machines) diversifies marketing strategies, increases
        sales, and enhances brands values. For packaging
        manufacturers, this machine allows development of
        new pouch ideas, attracts new customers and
        increases sales.

58   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF

  Polyester Woven Fabrics with                                    Now Systems
  Special Finish
                                              Business Area: Machinery
                                              CEO: La, Chae-Sik
                                              Address: 624 Anyang Megavelley, #799, Gwanyang-dong,
                                                       Dongan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                              Tel: 82-31-420-5720
                                              Fax: 82-31-420-5727

Metal Detectors Using
Digital Micro Processor
 Established in 1991, originally Now Systems is
specialized company that develop and produce metal
detector using Digital Micro processor in Korea.

 Now Systems metal detector has excellent stability
and function with outstanding technique & Know-
How and we supply with perfect customer service.
Now Systems adopt the 100% maintenance, re-call
with zero defect not permitting any error.

  Now Systems have exported to South-ease Asia,
Oceania, China, and so on with aggressive oversea
marketing and we invaded the China market with
factory in China. Now Systems are doing our best to
be total specialized inspection device company and
we are trying developing technique for best quality
and capability.

 Basically display is showed in English, Japanese and
Chinese including Korean. display can be
showed in other language as well. It is
easy to interface between person and
detector with globalized language.

                                                                                   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   59

           Dyestuff                                                          Rifa Co., Ltd.

                                                        Business Area: Machinery
                                                        CEO: Cho, Chang-Whan
                                                        Address: 9-4, Dangsan-dong 5-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul,
                                                        Tel: 82-2-2007-5555
                                                        Fax: 82-2-2007-5006

        New Tech, Best Quality Focus
        Rifa Competitiveness
         In 1950, Rifa Co., Ltd. was the first to introduce
        synthetic compound dyes in Korea and was the only
        company providing dyestuffs during the Korean War,
        throughout which it met special military supply
        demands. After the war, Rifa continued its pioneering
        role in the industry with the development of a new
        black color which has been in wide use for many
        decades now.

         Several new small and large companies have
        entered the domestic market since the 50's. In spite of
        heightened competition

         Today, Rifa's export activities extend to more than
        50 countries worldwide. Advanced industries like
        Hong Kong,Netherland, U.S.A., Japan and Italy
        occupying above 60% of the total, a sure sign of Rifa's
        concern for both the quantity and quality of its
        exports. In 1998, Rifa's exports surpassed its original
        sales target for the year by achieving total sales of
        US$21.4 million, a testimony to the growing strength
        of its global status.

          With the ongoing spread of its excellent reputation
        around the world, the Company is confident that it
        will succeed in further improving its overseas
        performance, with an export sales target of
        US$25,000 thousand set for 1999, an 16.8% increase
        from 1998.

60   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF

  Gundrill & BTA-drill                                     Shanghai Ventland Co., Ltd.

                                              Business Area: Machinery
                                              CEO: Park, Tae-Op
                                              Address: Area10, No.3208, Yang Gao South Road, Pudong New
                                                       Area, Shanghai, China
                                              Tel: 86-021-5089-0046
                                              Fax: 86-021-5089-4937

High-Performance Deep
Drill & BTA System
 Shanghai Ventland Co., Ltd. is Producing High-
performance deep drill and BTA-drill. BTA system is
capable of very high penetration rates, providing
surface finishes that often eliminates the need for
secondary honing operations.

 During the last 30 years, Ventland has become one
of the largest manufacturer and distributor of air
handling, air distribution, and ventilation products.

  Ventland holds wide ranges of products are
extended with quality, brand name products, and
innovating technology supplemented with 30 years
of unique know-how and excellent customer service.
A further strength of Ventland is Ventland ability to
design and manufacture quality customized products.

                                                                                    Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   61

           Dyes                                                   Woojin Selex (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.

                                                        Business Area: Machinery
                                                        CEO: Kim, Ick-Whan
                                                        Address: No.18, Moganshan Road, Beilun, Ningbo, China
                                                        Tel: 86-574-8680-6088
                                                        Fax: 86-574-8686-3953

        Innovative Injection
        Molding Machine
          Since April 1985, Woojin Selex (Ningbo) Co., Ltd.
        has specialized in manufacturing plastic injection
        molding machines that produce high quality plastic
        material for cellular phones, semi-conductors and
        other engineering plastic products. Woojin Selex has
        established a China factory and branch in the USA as
        well as business with agents around the world,
        including East Asia and Africa. In 2008, it won the “20
        million dollar export” prize from the government by
        focusing on overseas business and supplying various
        kinds of products to Samsung & Videocon etc.

         - Innovative new Center Press Clamping structure
           and L/M guide.
            A. Reduces mold deformation
            B. Prolongs mold life
            C. Improves accuracy of clamp position.
         - Reproducibility with equalized clamp power &
           lower clamp force.
         - Precision and minimum weight deviation
           guaranteed by closed-loop control of high
           efficiency controller and AC servo motor
           (Tamagawa, Japan)
         - Excellent energy efficiency
         - Quick response and easily changeable screw wire
           in-line structure
         - Optimum injection condition and precise control
           of back pressure improved by L/M guide and
           minimized friction of injection unit.
         - Advantage for fast cycle injection products with
           high speed and accurate position control
           interfaced well with auxiliary equipment.

62   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF

  PVC Hoses                                                             XAVIS

                                               Business Area: Machinery
                                               CEO: Kim, Hyeong-Cheol
                                               Address: Units 619 Keumkang Hightech Valley #133-1, Sangdaewon-
                                                        1-dong, Joongwon-gu, Sungnam City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                               Tel: 82-31-740-3800
                                               Fax: 82-31-740-3802

Pioneering the Global
X-Ray Tech Horizon
 XAVIS, standing for X-ray Automatic Vision Inspection
System, was established based on field experience
accumulated in manufacture of X-ray machines and
software for factory automation equipment.

 XAVIS holds ISO 9001:2000 and CE certifications. It also
has licenses for X-ray machine sale, design and
manufacture from the Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety.

 In addition, the company has grown into a leader by
securing the world's best technical know-how based on
ceaseless R & D.

 With the launch of PL (Product Liability) Act / HACCP,
most enterprises have the desire to prove to customers
that their products are defect-free.

 XAVIS' business areas include:

   Automatic X-ray testing equipment
  - Automatic detection / rejection for foreign materials
    in production lines of food and pharmaceutical
  - Inspection for PCB, MLB, BGA, CSP, Flip-Chip, die-
   Vision system & software for FA (Factory Automation)
   Development of operational software for FA systems
   Automation equipment for assembly & testing in
   production lines of electronic products (Auto parts,
   cellular phone, LCD, semi-conductors, digital TV, etc.)

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   63

           Plastic Injection Molding Machine                               Yong Mun Precision Co.

                                                            Business Area: Machinery
                                                            CEO: Yeo, Yang-Ku
                                                            Address: #173-316, Gajwa-dong, Seo-gu, Incheon, Korea
                                                            Tel: 82-32-583-8050
                                                            Fax: 82-32-583-8084

        High Precision, High Speed
        Deephole Drill Tools
         Since 1998, Yong Mun Precision Co. has specialized in
        deep hole drill tools concentrating on high-precision,
        high-speed deephole drill tools.

         It is currently manufacturing and supplying BTA-head,
        ejectors and gundrill and gunreamers.

          Gundrills are deephole drills for steel, stainless steel, cast
        iron, and non-ferrous metals with a production range
        Diameter of 1.9mm~40mm. They are applicable for
        die&molds, car engines, automotive parts, spindles,
        shafts, etc.

          BTA & ejector tools are also types of deephole drills able
        to produce much larger holes than gundrills for steel,
        stainless steel, cast iron, and non-ferrous metals with a
        production range Diameter of 16mm~250mm.

         The main applications are die & molds, heat exhangers,
        tube sheet, machine spindles,
        sharfts, etc.

64   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                       Korea Eletronics Association

  Rapid Prototyping System                                       Carima Co., Ltd.
                                               Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                               CEO: Lee, Byung-Keuk
                                               Address: 336-10 Doksan-dong, Geumchun-gu, Seoul, Korea
                                               Tel: 82-2-3283-8877
                                               Fax: 82-2-3283-4466

Digital Multimedia
Specialist in Optical Field
  Over the past 29 years, Carima Co., Ltd. has been
engaged in optical, imaging, display and system
manufacturing. Carima has consolidated its position
in the domestic photo printer market and exported its
products to more than 30 countries around the

  To keep the third wave moving and play a pivotal
role in photo, imaging, optics, nano, bio tech and
state-of-the-art digital multimedia industries, Carima
has been doing its best in R&D, technology
investment and developing talent.

 Carima recently came up with a rapid prototyping
machine (3D printer), the first of its kind in Korea.

 The company's major products include:

 - Carima (Master): 3D data for moldings to make
   realistic models, smooth surface and delicate
   expression with high-definition DLP engine
   featuring maximum speed and lowest price.
   Prototyping is being utilized in such industries as
   machinery & parts, construction, healthcare and
 - Carima (Photobook Master): Beginners can easily
   create albums, no power is required.
 - SONY (UP-DR200): High quality dye diffusion
   thermal transfer printing with auto-loading
   mechanism and easy to manipulate full
   maintenance and support capacity for volume

                                                                                     Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   65
         Korea Eletronics Association

           ROUSEN 9                                                          Citus Co., Ltd.

                                                         Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                                         CEO: Lee, Joon-Pyo
                                                         Address: 1505 SJ Technovill 60-19, Gasan-dong, Geumchun-gu,
                                                                  Seoul, Korea
                                                         Tel: 82-2-2109-3930
                                                         Fax: 82-2-2109-3912

        Powerhouse in Navigation
        Software Field
          Founded in February 2000, Citus Co., Ltd. released
        'PocketNavi' in July 2002, and has since developed
        technologies and grown into a navigation software

         While navigation is evolving from a product that just
        gives route guidance to a product that represents
        culture, including information on restaurants,
        sightseeing and entertainment, Citus became
        involved in various navigation software-related

         At present, the company's flagship product, 'Rousen
        9,' is drawing attention from customers. Rousen 9 is a
        navigation software with the latest electronic map of
        all of Europe and Southeast Asia. This product has
        user interface design made for the convenience of the
        driver, so that the driver can arrive at the destination
        most comfortably.

66   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                        Korea Eletronics Association

  Inspection Machine                                                    EyeSpi

                                               Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                               CEO: Lee, Tai-Song
                                               Address: 2-20, Horim-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
                                               Tel: 82-53-581-5674
                                               Fax: 82-53-581-5652

Inspection SystemTotal
Solution Provider
  With its motto 'Creation of Customer-Satisfying
Value,' EyeSpi offers a wide range of inspection-
related total solutions, including a visual inspection
system utilizing video processing, monitoring system
and design & manufacture of automated assembly
line inspection systems.

 EyeSpi's product lineup includes car indicator panel
visual checkers, optical character and marker
detectors, phone case defect inspector and glass
defect inspection system, and encompasses
measurement and verification of machinery
component specifications.

 Under its corporate operating guidelines - mindset
of 'creating together with customers,' 'acting for
customers' and 'thinking of customers,' EyeSpi is
continuing to provide higher quality customer

                                                                                       Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   67
         Korea Eletronics Association

           LED Lighting                                          Future Light Technology Co., Ltd.

                                                       Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                                       CEO: Lee Sang-Jun
                                                       Address: 16-1, Gohyeon-dong, Osan-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                                       Tel: 82-31-668-5052
                                                       Fax: 82-31-668-5053

        Leading Future Well-Being
        Light Industry
         Future Light Technology Co., Ltd. (FLT) is visiting
        customers' living space with its unique LED products
        (Wedge Lighting Panels) to provide healthy lights that
        are considering the world's beautiful and clean

          Through ceaseless development and innovation, FLT
        is endeavoring for provision of unlimited
        conveniences to customers' life.

          FLT's products feature:

         - Energy Conservation: 50~85% of energy reduction
           if existing light sources are replaced. 50% reduced
           vs. incandescent lamps and 60% reduced vs.
           fluorescent lamps.
         - Eco-Friendly: Waste reduction due to the use of
           mercury as well as long lifespan
         - Longer Lifetime: Reduction of repair &
           maintenance expenses (50,000~100,000 hours)
           over 8-fold compared with existing fluorescent
         - Safety: No danger of fire or explosion.
         - Well-Being Lighting: Free from UV rays,
           comfortable and soft lights, reduces eye fatigues,
         - Intelligent Lighting: Easy to achieve diverse
           intelligent lightings, dimming function (remocon)
           and able to realize formware.

68   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                        Korea Eletronics Association

  Semiconductor IC                                              IK Semicon Co., Ltd.

                                                Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                                CEO: Yun Kyung-Dok
                                                Address: Rm.503, DMC Industrial Center, Sangam-dong, Mapo-
                                                         gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                Tel: 82-2-3153-7090
                                                Fax: 82-2-3153-7095

Semicon Firm Delivers Value &
Customer Satisfaction
 IK Semicon Co., Ltd. is one of the professional
semiconductor companies in Korea specializing in IC
design, manufacture and sales in the field of analog
and mixed signal IC.

  Under its core philosophy, ‘Ethical Management,’
‘Passionate Company,’ and ‘Best Technical Human
Power,’ IK Semicon has become a sound and robust
company that meets the requirements of domestic
and overseas customers through realization of
'Delivering Value and Customer Satisfaction.’

  IK Semicon is exerting utmost efforts to present the
best vision to all of its valued customers as the right
companion based on three Bs - 'Basics for process,'
'Benefits to customer' and 'Belief in people.'

  The company's semiconductor IC products include
Power Management IC, LED
Lighting & Display Driver IC,
Automotive IC, Interface IC,
Analog & Mixed Signal IC
and Standard Logic IC.

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   69
         Korea Eletronics Association

           Mami Robot Voice                                            Kyungmin Mechatronics

                                                         Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                                         CEO: Chang, Seung-Lag
                                                         Address: 40-1 Poongsan-dong, Hanam City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                                         Tel: 82-31-793-8151
                                                         Fax: 82-31-793-8152

        Renowned Developer of
        High-Tech Cleaners
         With its plant registered in April 2006, Kyungmin
        Mechatronics joined front-runners in the development
        of high-tech cleaners with the market debut of its first
        product, 'Mamitalent,' in June of the same year.

          CE, FCC, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified,
        Kyungmin introduced ‘Mamirobot’ cleaners (4 colors)
        in 2007 and won the 'Excellent Entrepreneurship Award
        2007' and also launched ‘Mamirobot Plus’ cleaners
        (RED) in 2008. Kyungmin opened its subsidiary
        corporation in China in 2009.

          Kyungmin’s Mamirobot cleaner is a revolutionary
        product equipped with functions suitable for cleaning
        home and office floor surfaces, such as wood, tile,
        linoleum and low pile carpets.

         The cyclone vacuum function of Mamirobot Plus offers
        excellent cleaning service. Furthermore, the robot can
        be cleaned thoroughly by using a microfiber dust cloth.
        The Mamirobot Plus is definitely a household helper and
        has become a necessity of daily life.

70   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                      Korea Eletronics Association

  Electronic Boards and Kits                                      LOGICCAMP

                                              Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                              CEO: Ahn Yong-Suk
                                              Address: 1003 Dongmoon Goodmorning Tower 2nd, Baekseok-
                                                       dong, Ilsan-gu, Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                              Tel: 82-31-906-1275~6
                                              Fax: 82-31-906-1277

Boards, Kits & All Kinds of
Electronics Support
 LOGICCAMP supplies and supports electronic
products and circuits for customers, with the goal to
become a leader in the electronic market and the top
company through ceaseless R&D of new technologies
and challenges.

 The company offers:

 - Wired & Wireless Communication Solutions &
 - Multimedia Solutions & Products
 - Industrial Solutions & Products
 - Educational Solutions & Products
 - Security Solutions & Products

                                                                                   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   71
         Korea Eletronics Association

           Digital Photo Kiosk                                         MP Media Solutions Inc.

                                                         Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                                         CEO: Seo, Myung-Keun
                                                         Address: 513, HanShin IT Tower Bldg., 235 Guro-dong, Guro-gu,
                                                                  Seoul, Korea
                                                         Tel: 82-70-8240-8888
                                                         Fax: 82-2-780-2338

        Pioneer of Digital Photo
          MP Media Solutions Inc. developed Korea's first
        digital photo printers, which help users print pictures
        taken by digital cameras or cell phones with built-in
        camera within seven seconds. Users can print the
        pictures taken without any modification or
        manipulation prior to printing.

         Over the past 14 years, MP Media Solutions has
        continuously explored both domestic and foreign
        markets based on its digital photo imaging program
        and diverse photo-related knowhow. The company's
        goal is to develop excellent photo printers that satisfy
        customers' instant photo printing needs in this era of
        digital cameras and cell phone cameras.

         All the staff of MP Media Solutions are determined
        to produce and provide state-of-the-art digital
        products to customers throughout the world.

         The company's Digital Photo Kiosk is an unmanned
        customer-oriented kiosk terminal-type ultra mini-lab
        photo printing system. It allows people to freely edit
        and instantly print out images photographed by a
        digital camera or a cell phone camera. Using all kinds
        of multi memory card readers, Bluetooth, CD RW,
        DVD reader and USB, users can edit their photos on
        the 17" monitor.

72   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                        Korea Eletronics Association

  Catalyst Ceramic Filter                                       Nano Chemical Inc.

                                               Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                               CEO: Kim, Joo-Pyung
                                               Address: 63-20, Daehwa-dong, Daedeok-gu, Daejeon, Korea
                                               Tel: 82-42-935-7176
                                               Fax: 82-42-935-7175

Specialist in Environmental
Protection Catalysts
  Nano Chemical Inc. (NCI) holds environmental
protection technologies, especially the technology for
simultaneous removal of NOx and dust with one
device, CATCERA. NCI also manufactures DeNox SCR
catalyst, VOC catalyst, photo-catalyst, silver nano
solution and ceramic filters.

 CATCERA can be installed for a temperature range
280~500 deg. C, and the boiler flue gas purification
system is very simple. Construction cost is 70% less
than conventional systems, such as honeycomb or
corrugate methods. CATCERA is exported to China,
USA and Malaysia. With CATCERA, the operation of a
CO2 removal system is both simple and economical.

  NCI's business landscape includes development of
catalysts for denitrification using titanium dioxide,
catalysts for removal of bad odors, car engine coating
agent using Cu-Ni alloy, and corrosion resistant
products using titanium dioxide, as well as
development of technologies using metallic nano
powders, organometal recycling technologes,
environmental and engineering services-related
technologies, air pollutant removal technologies, etc.

 NCI's products consist mainly of CATERA, Evergreen
(visible light activate photo-catalyst, VOC removal
oxidation catalyst), Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell (next-
gen solar cell with variable colors) and DeNox
Catalyst (catalyst removing nitrogen oxides from
power plant flue gases).

                                                                                     Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   73
         Korea Eletronics Association

                                                                         NEOTICS Co., Ltd.

                                                      Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                                      CEO: Lee Kil-Rak
                                                      Address: 1003 Dongmoon Goodmorning Tower 2nd, 1324,
                                                               Baekseok-dong, Ilsan-gu, Goyang City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                                      Tel: 82-31-906-1275~6
                                                      Fax: 82-31-906-1277

        Developer of Diverse
        Electronic Circuits
         As a company specializing in electronic circuits,
        NEOTICS Co., Ltd. is developing and manufacturing
        diverse kinds of products for applications in private
        enterprises, industries and the military. To secure
        cutting-edge technologies, NEOTICS is collaborating
        with renowned domestic universities and
        semiconductor-related firms, while acquiring
        INNOBIZ, venture company, ISO and other

          NEOTICS' 5.8GHz Video/Audio (stereo) Transmitter
        for ISM can transmit both NTSC and PAL video
        signals wirelessly so that CCTV/VTR/Video cameras
        may be used in places where a wired connection is
        not available. It also adopts FM-method modulation /
        demodulation for high quality wireless video/audio
        transmission to enable users to get clearer pictures
        and higher sound quality.

         Meanwhile, Neotics' Full HD Camera for Industrial
        Use features Video Signal: 1,080i (1,920 x 1,080),
        Signal Output: HD-Y/Pb/Pr, VBS 1.0 Vp-p, Camera
        Control: RS-232C, Lens: Opticalx10, Digital Zoom:
        x12, Focus Movement Time: 0.1 sec., Close-up:
        10mm~800mm, Power Consumption: 2.8W, Weight:
        390g, Application areas are broadcasting camera,
        medical camera, CCTV camera, defense industry and
        key industries.

74   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                        Korea Eletronics Association

  Copy Protection IC                                             Neowine Co., Ltd.

                                               Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                               CEO: Lee, John H.
                                               Address: 3FL Green Plaza, 131-8 Imae-dong, Bundang-gu,
                                                        Seongnam City, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                               Tel: 82-31-706-8484(EXT 9004)
                                               Fax: 82-31-706-8485

Non-memory Semiconductor
Chip Designer
  As a leading circuit design and marketing company
in Korea, Neowine Co., Ltd. is dedicated to protecting
the properties and assets of customers that may be
subject to piracy and illegal copying with reliability
and trust. Neowine implies New Wine, meaning that
the company is steadily searching for new innovation.

  Founded in June 2002, Neowine has today grown
into a company securing over 150 customers and
selling over 10 million chipsets annually, while
continuing advancement of the company under its
strategy, "Renew Things Day by Day." The company
recently acquired the world-best technology for
implementing system-on-chip.

  Neowine's ALPU-M is the high-end IC among its
ALPU series. Its encryption core is based on Rijndael
AES-128 with 192-bit programmable parameters. It
has RTC, IR receiver, watchdog timer, switch-out,
interrupt and PMW channels. It is a slave device that
always operates with the MCU through a serial bus.

  Application areas for the product are
IP set-top box, battery pack, DVR,
navigation, PMP, e-book, home
network, wireless mouse, MP3, MP4,
karaoke, game machine, digital album,
digital dictionary, CAS-DRM, etc.

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   75
         Korea Eletronics Association

           EEFL Lighting Panel                                              PARA-ENT, Inc.

                                                       Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                                       CEO: Ko, Sun-Hee
                                                       Address: 15, Nae-ri, Jinryang-eup, Kyeoungsan City,
                                                                Kyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
                                                       Tel: 82-53-857-4478
                                                       Fax: 82-53-857-8314

        Leader in Digital Power
          PARA-ENT, Inc. specializes in digital power control
        and developed the first digital power regulator in
        Korea. It was designated a member of TBI
        (Technology Business Incubator) by the Korean
        government in December 2000. PARA-ENT
        was also certified as an INNO-BIZ in July 2002
        for its continuous technology development and
        business potential.

         In the 21st century green energy era, PARA-
        ENT has established 'Clear and Transparent
        Management,' 'Honest and Sound Company
        Serving the Nation and Society' and 'Returning
        Profits Back to the Society,' as its philosophy.

         PARA-ENT's products encompass:

         - Digital Power Regulator: an AC to AC converter
           power control system controlling power to loads
           through semiconductor devices (SCR, triac, etc.).
           This regulator controls power and is normally used
           together with a temperature controller, which
           sends a control signal to the power regulator in
           heating and cooling systems, such as heater,
           electric furnace and constant temperature and
           humidity chambers.

         - Temperature Controller: Designed to control
           temperature stably and accurately through diverse
           options in semiconductor production and heat
           treatment process lines.

76   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                        Korea Eletronics Association

  Sensors                                                   SNS REVOLUTION Co., Ltd.

                                                 Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                                 CEO: Shin, Kyung
                                                 Address: 145-14 Goam-dong, Checheon City, Chungcheongbuk-
                                                          do, Korea
                                                 Tel: 82-2-929-0750
                                                 Fax: 82-2-929-0752

Developer & Producer of
Module Parts & Materials
 Since its founding in October 2006, SNS
REVOLUTION Co., Ltd. has specialized in the
development and production of module parts &
materials, including oil sensors.

 After establishment of its corporate research institute
and conclusion of a partnership agreement with
Korea University in 2007, SNS spurred its R&D
activities further. As a result, SNS acquired venture
company certification in the same year, while signing
a 'Technology Export Marketing Contract' with the
Korea Technology Transfer Center.

  Among other products, SNS oil sensor
signals the time to change and refill oil
on a real-time basis so that engine oil
can maintain the optimum level for
good vehicle performance. This oil
sensor is considered the world's first-
commercialized device that offers
convenience in customers' car

  The SNS oil sensor also features
convenient vehicle operation as engine
oil conditions are reported to LCD, LED
and alarm display devices installed
inside the car, innovative sensor
technology that reports the precise time
for oil change or refill and indicates
degree of impurity as well, while having
strong durability in high temperatures.

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   77
         Korea Eletronics Association

           Digital Signage Software                                             SQISoft Inc.

                                                         Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                                         CEO: Kim, Cha-Hwan
                                                         Address: Suite 803, 1-dong Ace High Tech City, 55-20 Mullae-
                                                                  dong 3-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, Korea
                                                         Tel: 82-2-2109-1997
                                                         Fax: 82-2-2109-1999

        Standard, Quality,
        Innovative Software
          UBC Software is a simple, powerful, scalable,
        interactive and effective solution developed by
        SQISoft Inc., a software company performing system
        integration business as well as Internet services in the
        telecommunication industry.

         Using UBC Software, users can plan their own
        schedule of contents and have them shown on digital
        displays allowing the creation and delivery of targeted
        messages to inform, educate and motivate customers.
        UBC Software also allows users to monitor and
        control digital displays using a single computer.

         UBC Software is a scalable solution. For smaller
        businesses with a single display, UBC Standard
        Software offers simple and convenient features at a
        lower cost. For larger businesses with multiple
        displays, UBC Standard Plus Software offers helpful
        and effective features that allow users to broadcast
        content to multiple displays from a single computer.

78   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                            Korea Eletronics Association

  Pipe Inspection CCTV Camera                               TAP Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd.
  System, Life Saving CCTV
                                                Business Area: Electric & Electronics
  Camera System
                                                CEO: Ko, Young-Kyun
                                                Address: No.83,506, Jiuting Street, SongJiang District, Shanghai,
                                                Tel: 86-21-5763-5536, 82-31-702-7640
                                                Fax: 86-21-5763-0473, 82-31-704-1797

Pioneering the Field of
CCTV Inspection
 TAP Electronics Ind. Co., Ltd. is a pioneer in the
CCTV inspection area in Korea. Since 1984, the
company has produced CCTV inspection devices for
water pipelines that are necessary in the repair of old

  The company is widely known for making
specialized machinery for inspecting small pipelines,
locating missing people in disaster areas, producing
specialized devices for LNG ship, etc. as well as for
conducting special inspection projects. Its specialized
machines have been sold in other markets, including
China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Nigeria, and the
Middle East.

 - CCTV inspection systems for sewer and water
   pipelines (ROBOCAM Series)
 - Pushrod inspection systems for small branch
   pipelines (PROCAM)
 - Manhole camera (Quickcam Zoom Series) ? a
   system to inspect pipelines by zooming from a
 - Camera devices for inspecting industrial pipelines
   including LNG pipelines.
 - Machines to inspect various pipelines for power,
   gas, communication, wells, etc.
 - Machines to repair sewer pipelines without digging
   - repair main pipeline and connecting parts from a
   branch pipeline
 - Rubber packers for inspection of water density
 - Specialized software program for inspecting sewer
   pipeline (DrainData)

                                                                                           Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   79
         Korea Eletronics Association

           Digital Podium & Interactive                               TriGem Computer, Inc.
                                                       Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                                       CEO: Jong, Moon-Sohn
                                                       Address: 1125-1 Shingil-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan City,
                                                                Gyeonggi-do, Korea
                                                       Tel: 82-31-489-3463
                                                       Fax: 82-31-489-3930

        Save Your Lecture, Make
        Your Own Content
          You do not have to be in a sensitive place to start
        your lecture and presentation. TriGem Computer, Inc.
        Easy Class Digital Podium controls audio-visual
        systems, displays and various multimedia peripherals
        in your lecture room. You can even control the
        projector screen and blinds or curtain at the touch of
        a button on the control panel. Just press one button,
        you're ready for class. How about writing down notes
        on a tablet monitor on the lectern? You do not have
        to be in front of a dusty blackboard or smelly
        whiteboard. Your written comments are projected on
        a large screen. Furthermore, you can save your notes
        with sound and video streaming. Now, you have
        convenient educational content.

         Why don't you try TriGem Easy Class Interactive
        Boards, a high-resolution interactive
        display, showing handwriting and
        multimedia content on a large tablet
        screen. You can save your lecture and
        create your own content.

          TriGem Computer, Inc. is one of the
        oldest PC and IT device manufacturers in
        the world. Over 30 years of experience in
        the industry guarantees quality and
        design. TriGem Computer, Inc. enjoys the
        No. 1 market share in the digital podium
        and interactive whiteboard market in
        Korea, the world's most advanced market
        in digital education.

80   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                       Korea Eletronics Association

  Urethane Cushion Buffer,                                         TTC Co., Ltd.
  Power Cushion Buffer
  (Autoparts & Auto accessaries)              Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                              CEO: Jung, Moon-Su
                                              Address: #417-17, Deokpo-dong, Sasang-gu, Busan, Korea
                                              Tel: 82-51-305-0303
                                              Fax: 82-51-305-0323

New Tech Enhances Driving
Comfort & Safety
  TTC Cushion Buffers (urethane cushion buffer and
power cushioning buffer) are classified as automobile
repair parts and accessories. TTC products are
installed on the coil spring of an automobile’s
suspension and support the suspension to enhance
driving comfort and safety. These products are made
with 20 years of experience and technology. WIth the
new technology of TTC, 8~9 oval holes on the surface
of the TTC cushion buffer disperses impact on the
shock absorbers and also maintains the same
cushioning effect for all the time. This new
technology is the result of extensive research and
investment in technology development. The major
functions of TTC cushion buffer are

 1. Comfortable driving on bumpy and rough roads.
 2. Prevents lean with coil spring tension control
    when taking sharp curves.
 3. With cushion improvement, reduces fatigue
    when driving long distances.
 4. Protects shock absorber from impact effect
    (extends durability more than 2 times)
 5. With car height restoration, provides stable
    driving platform.

 TTC is doing its best to practice the philosophy of
“Worldwide Specialists of Ability,” “Worldwide
Product,” and “Worldwide Enterprise.” It provides top
quality and service to customers with worldwide
management. The technology that TTC pursues does
not benefit the company alone but provides better
quality and better products to its customers.

                                                                                     Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   81
         Korea Eletronics Association

           Heating Film                                                   Uniplatek Co., Ltd.

                                                         Business Area: Electric & Electronics
                                                         CEO: Kang, Suk-Hwan
                                                         Address: 104-10 Munji-dong, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea
                                                         Tel: 82-42-867-7688
                                                         Fax: 82-42-867-7680

        Film-Type, High-Tech
        Thermal Heater
         Uniplatek’s ThermoQ heating film and its PTC
        element processing method have been designated as
        “Korean World-class Product” and “NET (New
        Excellent Technology)” respectively by the Korean

          The companty's film-type thermal heaters represent
        the latest technology in the field. On a thin polymer
        film with exothermic carbon material, electrodes are
        inserted at each end and then, the film is coated for

         Unlike existing heaters, ThermoQ radiates heat with
        the additional feature of reducing power
        consumption through high efficiency. Due to the
        characteristics of carbon, far infrared rays and anions
        are emitted that block electromagnetic waves.

          Also, partial damage to the film does not affect the
        entire heating system, unlike other electric coil heaters
        that become disfunctional when any part of the
        circuit is damaged.

         Descriptions of the ThermoQ Heating Module
         * Composed of
            - One module set (2,727 x 1,818mm)
            - Temperature controller (1 unit)
            - Power cord (1 piece)
            - Temperature sensor (1)
            - Overheat protection sensors (10)
            - Wire molding (1 m)
            - Packing method: Paper tube & cardboard box

82   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                    Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

  RC MDF                                                             ChipWork

                                             Business Area: Mobile & Electronic
                                             CEO: Kim, Tae-Min
                                             Address: 349, Jung-ri, Seokjeok-myeon, Chilgok-gun,
                                                      Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
                                             Tel: 82-70-7358-1417
                                             Fax: 82-54-463-6772

Grown Into Producer
Specializing in Semiconductors
 After having grown into a semiconductor-specialized            Package
manufacturer, ChipWork is staging businesses
centering on Lighting-Use LED Driver IC and Power
Source-Use DC-DC Converter IC.

 The IPs that ChipWork is securing are:

 - Low Power CMOS, OPamp, CMOS LDO, Multi-                 Application Module
   Channel CMOS LDO;
 - CMOS DC-DC Converter (step-up, step down);
 - Channel Lighting-Use LED Driver;
 - Low Power Motor Driver; and
 - Bipolar Power Product.


                                                           Application Module

                                                                                      Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   83
         Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

           Barcodes                                                           Inhyun ITS

                                                         Business Area: Mobile & Electronic
                                                         CEO: Cho, Hee-Joon
                                                         Address: 267, Gongdan-dong, Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-do,
                                                         Tel: 82-54-461-9984~5
                                                         Fax: 82-54-463-6772

        R&D Frontier of Barcode-
        Related Solutions
          Based on its accumulated knowhow in the barcode-
        related solutions, Inhyun ITS is exerting utmost efforts
        to provide better services required by enterprises in
        the IT field by grafting related information
        technologies and with R&D of diverse solutions.

         Inhyun ITS is a company organized of specialized
        manpower focusing on technological power in order
        to develop into an IT-specialist engaging in the R&D
        of barcode-related solutions and corporate

          Inhyun was established having a spirit to serve its
        technologies to customers with an open mind.

84   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                      Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

  Mobile Cases                                                          JIO Tech

                                                 Business Area: Mobile & Electronic
                                                 CEO: Park, Hae-Deok
                                                 Address: 300-13, Gongdan-dong, Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-
                                                          do, Korea
                                                 Tel: 82-54-462-6150
                                                 Fax: 82-54-462-6151

Pursuing Flexible Quality-
First Production System
 JIO Tech is pursuing a 'flexible' small quantity batch
production system with top priorities on prices,
delivery time and quality.

 Also, JIO Tech plans to grow into an enterprise being
together with customers through incessant
improvement of its product qualities and
development of unrivaled technologies.

  JIO Tech is focusing on competitiveness
enhancement in securing its technologies for high-
function core parts as well.

  The company's business lines include electric,
electronics. communication & automotive parts post-
processing an surface treatment, dia-cutting and press
products. Its processing business division is engaged
in casting, press, die cut, laser marking, spin hairline,
buffing, anodizing, chromate detachment (coating)
and extrusion.

                                                                                       Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   85
         Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

           Electronic Parts                                                         JLC

                                                       Business Area: Mobile & Electronic
                                                       CEO: Lee, Sang-In
                                                       Address: 249-3, Jung-ri, Seokjeok-eup, Chilgok-gun,
                                                                Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
                                                       Tel: 82-54-977-8180
                                                       Fax: 82-54-977-8182

        One-Stop Turnkey Service
        for 3D Designs & Mock-Ups
          Based on optimum equipment designs, JLC is
        providing one-stop turnkey services verified by
        innumerable customers, ranging from design of
        products and manufacture of moulds to mass

         In addition, JLC is providing consulting services for
        respective sectors, including design verification of
        products under development or mass production and
        solutions to mold and quality problems.

         JLC provides services for equipment designs
        encompass 3D designs and production of mock-ups.
        In the area of molds, the company designs and
        manufactures plastic & die-casting moulds and
        QDMs (Quick Delivery Molds).

86   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                   Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

  Mobile Parts                                                  Emvitec Co., Ltd.

                                              Business Area: Mobile & Electronic
                                              CEO: Kim, Kwang-Jong
                                              Address: 267, Gongdan-dong, Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-do,
                                              Tel: 82-54-465-3811
                                              Fax: 82-54-463-3813

Envisioning a Small but
Strong Enterprise
 Since its founding in May 2000, Emvitec is
producing and developing Crystal Covers, a core
electronic part, utilizing deep drawing technologies.

 Furthermore, Emvitec is also contributing to the
development of the high-tech IT industry, including
production of built-in antenna samples for mobile
phones, etc.

 All executives and employees of Emvitec are
pursuing a small but strong enterprise through value
creation and self-innovation for devotion to the
nation and regional society.

                                                                                    Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   87
         Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

           Electronic Parts                                 Seyoung Information & Communication

                                                       Business Area: Mobile & Electronic
                                                       CEO: Lee, Se-Young
                                                       Address: 298-2, Gongdan-dong, Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-do,
                                                       Tel: 82-54-463-2300
                                                       Fax: 82-54-463-2106

        Developing Wireless Comm.
        Solutions & Products
         Founded in December 1998 as a spin-off from the
        network business division of Samsung Electronics,
        Seyoung Info. & Comm. is steadily expanding its
        business areas as a company specializing in A/S for
        high-speed terminals and CDMA base station
        equipment of domestic and overseas manufacturers,
        with switching system A/S at the initial stage as the
        base technology. Also, based on its hardware and
        software technologies and knowhow accumulated
        through network equipment repair and maintenance
        experience, Seyoung is actively proceeding with
        development of short-range wireless communication
        and IP-based multimedia communication solutions
        and products.

          Seyoung's key product, 'Binary CDMA-Based
        Wireless Audio Solution,' consists of a master headset
        (lecturer), slave headset (student) and USB dongle
        (educational complementary data), featuring such
        functions as security affiliation, frequency channel
        establishment, voicing rights and simultaneous
        reception of up to three sound sources. In addition,
        Seyoung also provides S-Media (Internet-Based
        Multimedia Publicity System). To stay up with rapidly
        changing electronic communication technologies and
        consumer requirements, the company is solidifying its
        quality management system further, while actively
        coping with customer demand and future changes
        through securing of excellent technical manpower,
        flexible corporate management and organizational

88   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                        Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

  Mobile Cases                                                           SM Metal

                                                Business Area: Mobile & Electronic
                                                CEO: Park, Dae-San
                                                Address: 399-1, Jung-ri, Seokjeok-eup, Chilgok-gun,
                                                         Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
                                                Tel: 82-54-972-6591
                                                Fax: 82-54-973-0591

Post Processing-Specialist
Keeping On-Time Delivery
 As a company specializing in post processing, such
as hairline, buffing, sanding, etc. of stainless steel,
magnesium and aluminium products, SM Metal
believes that supplying of customer-required products
within the time desired by customers as corporate

 SM Metal developed automatic buffing machines
and realized 0.01L in the surface roughness of round
surface automation facilities.

 The company's major products include Polishing
Hairline M/C, Round Hairline M/C, Side Polishing
M/C, Belt Sander Hairline M/C and Belt Sander
Round Hairline M/C.

                                                                                          Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   89
         Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

           Digital Door Locks
                   Door                                                   Sunghyun C&T

                                                       Business Area: Mobile & Electronic
                                                       CEO: Han, Hyeon-Sook
                                                       Address: Room309, Techno Business Center #267 Gongdan-dong,
                                                                Gumi Cityi, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea
                                                       Tel: 82-54-461-0341
                                                       Fax: 82-54-461-0342

        Producer of Fingerprint
        Scanner Digital Door Locks
          Sunghyun C&T is manufacturing self-developed
        Fingerprint Scanner Digital Door Locks on the back of
        knowhow that has been accumulated for a long time.

          Owing to its ceaseless R&D, Sunghyun also
        developed Household Safes and Electric Scooters and
        is receiving good response from market customers.

          With customer-friendly product development that
        reflects customer desires in its products, Sunghyun is
        opening a new chapter in the field of electrical &
        electronic home appliances.

90   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                  Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

  Material Automation Systems                              Sungsan Eng. Co., Ltd.

                                             Business Area: Mobile & Electronic
                                             CEO: Koh, Jae-Ho
                                             Address: 196, Gongdan-dong, Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-do,
                                             Tel: 82-54-472-0408/465-0438
                                             Fax: 82-54-471-0453

Plant Process Automation
System Specialist
 Since its establishment in 2005, Sungsan Eng.
has specialized in plant process automation & air
balance, including hand robot system, as well as
the manufacture of various panels, photovoltaic
energy and execution of plant electrical facilities.

 While implementing quality management and
environmental management systems through ISO
9000 and ISO 14000, Sungsan Eng. is working on
diverse R&D to develop next-generation
technologies and to provide special products.

 Sungsan Eng.'s business lineup includes:

 - Process Automation System: Design,
   engineering, installation and test &
   commissioning of automation systems for
   various production processes utilizing PLC
   panels. HMI and DCS.
 - Material Handling Automation System: Design,
   engineering, installation and test &
   commissioning of material handling automation
   systems with arrangement of robots, conveyors,
   etc. utilizing sensors, PLC panels, computer
   systems and software programs.
 - Hand Robot System: Artificial intelligence-type
   auto balancer system utilizing load cells and
   servo-pneumatic controls.

                                                                                   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   91
         Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

           Security Cameras                                    Wide Zone Information System

                                                     Business Area: Mobile & Electronic
                                                     CEO: Kim, Jin-Jae
                                                     Address: 267, Gongdan-dong, Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-do,
                                                     Tel: 82-54-462-0046
                                                     Fax: 82-54-462-0048

        Producer of Vehicle License
        Plate Recognition System
         Wide Zone Information System has carried out
        numerous information infrastructure establishment
        projects, information system implementation,
        network consulting, etc. for enterprises and public
        organizations as well as establishment of
        multimedia rooms, digital data halls,
        videoconferencing systems, school computer
        networks and SI (System Integration) including
        DVR (CCTV system). In accomplishing such
        projects, Widezone Information accumulated
        knowhow and solutions as an IT-specialized

          Wide Zone has developed and is producing core
        technology software and hardware for vehicle
        license plate recognition systems utilizing a video
        security solution and character recognition.
        Vehicle license plate recognition is widely used in
        the field of identification of vehicles, including
        unmanned parking management, monitoring of
        illegal parking & stopping, and monitoring of
        speed limit & traffic sign violations.

          As processing of video information by cameras,
        in particular, is a non-contact type interface, it
        does not generate negative situations, while also
        not requiring establishment of additional devices
        for vehicles. Therefore, it is a technology that can
        be utilized advantageously from an economic

92   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF
                                                                 Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

  Tiny DVRs                                                WILL*B Technologies

                                            Business Area: Mobile & Electronic
                                            CEO: Yoon, Sang-Koo
                                            Address: 171, Gongdan-dong, Gumi City, Gyeongsangbuk-do,
                                            Tel: 82-54-461-3939
                                            Fax: 82-54-461-3929

Provider of Custom-
Tailored Total Solutions
 Based on ceaseless research and accumulated
knowhow, Will*B Technologies develops,
produces and sells display, security, camera and
automotive-related products.

 Will*B also provides custom-tailored total
product solutions as desired by customers with the
development and production of products utilizing
Embedded OS-based micro controller units.

 Major products of Will*B include:

 - CLEO (Wireless Microscope): Having functions
   of media reproducer, video images for
   advertisement, picture files, MP3, etc., TV and
   wireless camera, this product can used at
   beauty salons, scalp treatment rooms, etc.
   where the state of PCB or scalp is comparable
   after magnification (1x~150x).

 - IP (Network)-Camera +Tiny DVR: This is a
   sophisticated product of a network camera
   utilizing wired/wireless LAN for security
   applications and an ultra-small DVR function
   having CF (Compact Flash) memory.

 In addition, Will*B also offers engine-idling stop
system and a multi-vision system, which can show
high-quality video images, etc. in required sizes.

                                                                                  Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF   93
                                                  About Kbiz

    Cradle of Korean SME Dreams & Vision
 As a reliable partner that help SMEs to realize their dreams and goals, the Korea Federation of Small & Medium
Business (Kbiz) stands at the center of the creation of new opportunities and future value, supporting SMEs in their
continual innovation and through their challenges.

                                                                         Open Network
                                                                         Development of a diverse
                                                                           value creation network
                High Service                                            through management that
          Value-added services to help SMEs                           uplifts the entrepreneurial spirit
                save time and money                                          and efforts of SMEs

                                                                        Excellent Effort
                                                                         Optimal connector, linking
                                                                           human resources with
        Passionate Expertise                                             technology and capital to
          Cadre of experienced advisors with                           support start-ups and business
             vision and passion for SMEs                                           success
      Small & Medium Business Administration
      Dusan-dong, 920, Seo-gu, Daejeon City, 302-701, Korea
      Tel: 82-42-481-4365, 4474 / Fax: 82-42-472-6083

      Korea federation of small and medium business
      16-2 Yeouido-dong, Youngdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-740, Korea
      Tel: 82-2-2124-3114 / Fax: 82-2-3775-1981

96   Korea SME Pavilion at 13th CCISF

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