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					WADDINGTON   June 2011

Editor and Clerk to the Council:
Mrs Andrea Smith, Parish Council Office, High Street, Waddington,
Telephone: 01522 722793
E-mail: Andrea_Smith@n-kesteven.gov.uk

Mrs Kath Fogg, 101 Grantham Road, Waddington
Telephone: 01522 720440

                                   Copy Date – Next Issue
     Items for the July / August issue should be sent in no later than Thursday 16th June

                                                          and keep our Village a safe, friendly
                                                          place for adults and children.
                                                          We have seen a large amount of
                                                          vandalism in the village over the past
                                                          couple of months and the Parish Council
                                                          would like your help to try and stop it.
                                                          Nearly every weekend we are finding
                                                          smashed beer bottles over the
                                                          playparks, especially the one at the
                                                          Village Hall, over the Easter weekend
                                                          the Ark Nursery had their outdoor play
                                                          equipment vandalised and the weekend
                                                          of the 7th / 8th May the children’s
                                                          donkey rocker and waste bin were
                                                          burnt at the Village Hall Playpark, along
      Waddington Village Hall Playpark. Donkey rocker.    with the skip and the changing rooms
                                                          windows smashed.
                                                                              continues page 3.....

                               9 Piece Swing Band
                             At the Horse and Jockey

                  Thursday 16th June 2011, 8.30pm – 11pm
                      Come and enjoy the music from:
                 Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Frank Sinatra
                              and many more!

                 Now in our 5th year of residency at the H & J

                                FREE ADMISSION

                                  Lincoln Lawn Care
                             Your local lawn care service
                     The organic alternative to lawn treatments
                       and a full service in lawn maintenance
                                See us on google.co.uk
                              or call on 01522 723713


                                 The Vine Free Church

                 A non-denominational group which meets each Sunday at
                    The Community Centre, Millers Road, Waddington.
                         Morning Service every Sunday 10.15am
    Evening Service alternate Sundays 6.00pm (please see website of phone for details)
                               A warm welcome awaits you!
                      For further details: Telephone 01522 789015
                          Email admin@thevinefreechurch.co.uk
                          Website www.thevinefreechurch.co.uk

                                                         The Parish Council is working with the
                                                         police to try and stop this mindless
                                                         vandalism, we believe the youths behind
                                                         it are from the village. We do have
                                                         some CCTV footage for one of the
                                                         incidents, which has been passed to the
                                                         Do you know where your children are
                                                         late at night?
                                                         If you see or hear something please
                                                         report it.
Waddington Village Hall Playpark, litter bin.                  In an emergency dial 999
                                                               Non-emergency calls call
                                                                           01522 882222
                                                               or if you have any information
                                                                  please call crimestoppers on
                                                                  0800 555 111

                                        Waddington Parish Council
Parish Councillor Vacancies
We still have 5 vacancies for Parish Councillors,
               why not become a councillor – you can make a difference!

For further information please contact Mrs Andrea Smith on 01522 722793, pop into the Parish
Office or email: Andrea_Smith@n-kesteven.gov.uk.

Annual Parish Council Meeting
At the Annual Parish Council Meeting held on the 9th May 2011 the new Chairman, Councillor Mrs
Patricia Hopkins and Vice-Chairman Councillor Ms Sian Thompson were elected.

Parking on the Hilltop
The Parish Council has had numerous complaints about the condition of the Hilltop due to cars
parking on it. The Council has written to the owners of the cars that are parked there regularly
asking them not to park there but they are still doing so. Therefore, the Council want to know what
you think, some options open to us are bollards, changing the curb or a byelaw. A byelaw could be
put in place preventing people from parking on the Hilltop which would then give the Parish
Council authority to prosecute anyone who parks there. The Waddington Residents Association
have written to Highways requesting a parking layby on the Hilltop, this is something that the
Parish Council supports but we are aware that Highways do not have the money for this and
therefore we could offer to pay part of the costs towards one.
What do you think? Please let us know.

                               Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Next year is the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Parish Council have been discussing the
possibility have holding some sort of celebration in the Village for the occasion.
What do you think?
Would you attend some sort of celebration?
What sort of celebration would you like to see? Maybe something for the whole family.
Please let us know what you think, the Parish Council is here for the residents of the Village.


                     Local Resident - 90 Years Young

                                                        Mrs Mary Norton celebrated her 90th
                                                        birthday on 22 May.
                                                        Mary has lived in the village since the
                                                        1950s when her late husband was posted
                                                        to RAF Waddington, and since that time
                                                        she has been a lynchpin of many village
                                                        She is an active member of numerous
                                                        village societies. She is the treasurer of
                                                        the Drama Society and the thrift shop.
                                                        She is a member of the Residents
                                                        Association and regularly plays indoor
                                                        Waddington, is very lucky to have Mrs
                                                        Mary Norton living within its parish as
                                                        we all benefit from her hard work often
                                                        done behind the scenes but always
                                                        unselfishly for the good of us all.
                                                        We hope you had a lovely birthday
                                                        Mary. Congratulations.

                            St. Michael's Parish Church, Waddington
                                       High Street Waddington
                                     Sunday Services are held at
                   8.30 am Holy Communion [Common Worship Rite 2 [BCP]]
            10.00 am Parish Communion [Common Worship Rite 1] with Junior Church
                        12.00 noon Holy Baptism 1st Sunday in the month
                              2nd Tuesday each month 3.15 for 3.30 pm
                            After School Club for children & their carers
                 We hold services in Residential Homes and a Community Centre.
              Arrangements for Occasional Offices, Baptism, Marriages and Funerals
                         through the Rector, Roland Parker 01522 720323.
               Please note the Parish Church Office [720323] at the Rectory is open
                           on Monday mornings from 10.00 - 12.00 noon.
                            This is often a good time to make enquiries.

Rector’s Retirement
On the 30th September this year I shall be resigning as Rector of this parish after nearly nineteen
years and retiring from full time ministry in this diocese of nearly thirty-seven years. Judy and
myself are moving to southwest Scotland, a place where we have holidayed through the years. Of
course it is quite a disturbing time for us, having to both move and retire and we are grateful for
people‟s understanding at this time. We have agreed that the last formal Sunday service will be on
Sunday 25th September and I understand this is to be followed by a party/lunch in the village hall. It
is still too early to say fulsome things but I hope in the coming months there are opportunities for us
to catch up with each other. Please pray for Judy and myself as we work things through.

From the beginning of October the parish will go into a state of interregnum with formal
responsibility passing to the Rural Dean, Nick Buck. This will be a time when there will be the
opportunity to sort out the best direction for the parish given the current circumstances within the

Churchwarden Jo Duffield was admitted to the office of Churchwarden on the 4th of May. This is
an ancient office within the parish acting as a kind of trustee of church life. Jo volunteered and I
hope people can give her the support that she needs to be able to carry out her task effectively. We
hope that someone else can come forward to share the responsibility.

Cluster and Deanery. Increasingly in the coming years the cluster, a local group of parishes and
the deanery, a wider administrative area of the diocese, will become important in our life as a
church. Members of the congregation attended a Bible Study within the cluster and a teaching day
on “Healing” within the deanery. Hopefully these links increase the opportunities available as well
as being supportive of one another‟s church life.

When the Lights go on Again Concert 30th April. This was a successful event in every way
thanks to the organisational abilities of the Morrison family and to the beauty of the singing of
Amanda Morrison. The event raised over £1,000. An important effect was the way that we were

allowed to engage again with the emotions of the time by the way that Amanda so carefully sang.
Thank you to all who supported the important occasion.

Christian Aid Thanks to all who supported this event. Some collectors have found that year by
year you get to know people and as people know you so they are more open to giving. The amount
given to support some of those in this world with nearly nothing will be announced when it has all
been counted.

Dr John Adam It was good to see such a large congregation come to pay their respects to this able
doctor who served for so many years in this community. People came to pay tribute to his skill as a
general practitioner and to his decency as a person. Our thoughts are with Daphne and the family.

Parish Registers
                                 We pray for those who have died
                                  John Adam and Derek Leming
              May they rest in peace and rise in glory. We pray for those who mourn.


St Michael's Church Bell Ringers
We are seeking new recruits.
Have you ever thought about taking up a new hobby, learning something new, or feel
ready for a new challenge? Well if you have how about trying your hand at bell ringing?
The art of campanology has been a part of village life for centuries and still is today. Bell
ringing is not just a new challenger but opens up many opportunities to get out and
about, make new friends but is also good for body and mind.
If anyone is interested then please contact Amanda Pues on 262967 or e-mail
mandaz.pandaz@hotmail.co.uk. Alternatively come along to one of our practice nights
where you can find out more. We meet at St Michael's on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of
every month between 7:30 and 9:00pm.

               All Saints Primary School, Waddington
                            Summer Fair

                      Saturday 25th June 2-4pm
      Stalls, refreshments, bouncy castle, Arena and lots more!

                                   Everyone Welcome

                                       CLUBS AND SOCIETIES

Monday Thrift Shop
We are usually open every Monday in the Village Hall 1.30pm- 3.30pm during School term times,
when we can accept your items for sale. We will accept up to 8 items on one visit. Please itemise
your articles add your name and address and if possible with the price you would like. We add 20%
to your price to cover our costs. This is the best time to try and sell "Summer" clothing though we
do accept toys, books etc. Why not visit us anyway and maybe find a bargain to buy and have a
We would be grateful if you spare a few hours on a Monday Afternoon to help us please ring
720440 or 720418

Waddington Women’s Institute
Wednesday the 8th June is the NFWI AGM at Liverpool.
Our next meeting is Wednesday 8th June at 7.30pm in the Village Hall, when our guest will be
Linda Patrick “History of Christening Gowns”.
Come and see what were like! You don‟t have to join, just drop in. You will get a friendly
welcome, a cup of tea/coffee (naturally!) information and a lot of people to talk to.
For further information please call 720556.

Waddington Toddler Group
We are currently at a position where we are desperate for helpers to run the Group or come
September we will be no more.
We meet every Thursday during School term time from 1.30-3.00pm in the Village Hall. Mums,
Dads, Grandparents or Childminders are all welcome, come along and let your children play and
have a drink and biscuit, while you have a cup of tea or coffee at just £1.75 a session.

Redwood Ladies
Our next meeting is on Tuesday 21st June when our guest will be medium, V Morrison. We meet in
the Redwood Drive CP School, Redwood Drive, Brant Road at 7.30pm.

Waddington Sunshine Club
May has been a very quiet month within the Club, we are looking forward to the outing to
Bridlington on June 7th leaving Millers Road at 9am with various pick up points, some seats are
still available Visitors £12. Contact Geoff on 729004 to book your place.
The river Cruise on July 5th is fully booked.
Several other outings are planned. Why not visit us at Waddington Village Hall 2nd & 4th Tuesdays
2.30-4.30pm transport is available from Brant Road & the Village at a nominal fare, contact Carol
722167 for route.
Looking forward to meeting you further details from Georgina M Rainthorpe 823718

First Thursday Open Meeting
Meetings are held in St. Michaels Church at 2.00pm with tea and biscuits.
The next meeting will be on 7th July, when it has been proposed that we have a lunch in the church
with some entertainment.

LIVES First Responders, Waddington Group
 We are still recruiting in the Waddington area. If you would like to know more about LIVES First
Responders, or are interested in becoming a First Responder or a fundraiser, please call Colin or
Shirley on 721391. You can also visit the LIVES website at www.lives-responders.co.uk. If you
run an organisation and would like a presentation about the work of LIVES, please call the above

Car Boot Sales. Our first two car boot sales were a great success, and we thank everyone who
turned out, both sellers and buyers. Our next car boot sale is on Saturday 4th June, from 10am to
1pm at Waddington Village Hall. Refreshments will be available in the hall at reasonable price. If
you would like to book a pitch, please call Colin or Shirley on 721391. The cost is still £5 a pitch,
and sellers can set up from 8:30am. We like you to book so that we have some idea of how many
cars to expect and plan for; we can also phone you if we have to cancel for any reason. The
remaining dates for this year are: 25th June, 6th August and 3rd September, all Saturdays.

Waddington Air Show. We will be having our tombola stall at the Waddington Air Show again
this year. We are in the process of delivering leaflets around Waddington to ask for
donations of tins, cartons, bottles and packets, and new items of bric-a-brac or smellies. If you
haven't received a leaflet and would like to make a donation, please leave it at 94 Station Road or
phone 721391 and we will collect.

Events First Aid. Several of our responders are now qualified to provide First Aid cover at events.
If you are planning an event, and require First Aid cover, please consider us for your needs. Please
call Shirley on 721391 to discuss your requirements.

Vandalism. Unfortunately, we have had to report a case of vandalism to one of our car boot
advertising boards to the police. It was the one near the cross roads traffic lights and the plywood
board was broken in two, not an easy task. These boards cost us about £20 each to make, not to
mention 3 or 4 hours work. We are a voluntary charity, working for no payment to help the
community, and any acts like this take vital funds away from purchasing equipment. If you see
anyone vandalising our boards, will you please report it to our local PCSO. Although this may
seem trivial, up to now vandalism to our boards in the village has cost us £60 from our funds.


Drop – in Coffee Club visitors welcome. Tuesdays & Thursdays 10am – 12 Noon
„Vitality‟ Exercises – 11am till 12. The next sessions will be :- Tuesday 31st May and Tuesday 7th

The Next Coffee Shop Luncheon. Wednesday 1st June at the Horse & Jockey. 12.30 for 1pm.
Get your names on the list now, at the coffee club Tuesday and Thursdays.

                              Social Club
This years outings
Seats for the following are still available:-
Wed 20th July          Normanby Hall (including entry)                     £18.00 each
Wed 21 Sept            Pickering to Whitby by train                        £30.00 each
Please secure your seat early to avoid disappointment by contacting Shirley on 804016 or Jean on
Please Note. Insurance should be sought for the trips as deposits are normally non-returnable.
During May the Group will be visiting Alford Manor House and Gardens, so there will be no evening

The next meeting will be an OPEN MEETING on 23rd June commencing at 7.30 p.m. to be held at ‘The
Horse & Jockey’ in Waddington. There will be archive photographs of the village to view and also books
for sale. Please come along and look at these, see if you can recognise your street or some of your ancestors!

A further afternoon visit in July to the Digby Plotting Room and no meeting in August means that the next
formal meeting is 22nd September when the speaker is Stuart Sizer talking about „Louth Canals‟.

Evening meetings are held at the Communal Centre, Millers Road at 7.30 p.m. on the 4th Thursday of most
months. Membership fee is £5 per annum. Members pay £1.50 per visit and visitors £2 to cover the hire of
the hall, speakers, tea/coffee and biscuits afterwards.

If you want to contact me, Diane, Secretary to the History Group my telephone number is 01522 788691 and
my email address is dianeplumb@bt.internet.com

There will be an extraordinary meeting of the Society for members to elect a new committee
on Thursday June 9th at 7.00pm at Waddington Village Hall.
Now is the time to join to be in the next Pantomime due to be chosen from a short list of new scripts
next week. The Youth group production is due to be staged shortly, watch out for publicity posters.
For Further information please contact Graham Pues grahampues@hotmail.com

                   Thursday 7th and Friday 8th July 7:30pm
                         An Evening of Entertainment
                          At Waddington Village Hall
                    Tickets £5 and £4.50 for concessions.
     For more information check our website; www.waddingtondrama.org
                       or contact Graham Pues 826840.


                                   Charity Pop Music Quiz Night

      Raising money for Lincolnshire & Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance Appeal

             Venue: BRANT ROAD SOCIAL CLUB, Lowfields, Waddington
                    Friday, 17th June, 2011; commencing at 8pm
      Teams required between 2 -5 : £2 per person (pay on night). Refreshments
       Further details or register a team please contact Paul on (01522) 721631

                    Strawberry Tea

                               Sunday 26th June 2011,
                                188 Grantham Road,
                                  2.30pm – 5.00 pm

                                   Cost £5.00
                             Contact Mrs Daly 722632

               Mystery Tour in Vintage Bus

                 Tuesday 14th June 2011

          Meet at Waddington Co-Op at 6.00pm

                        Cost £15.00

               (including Seat Down Meal)

Contact: Mrs Daly 722632 or Cllr M Gallagher 722505


                       Spiritualist Pioneer Centre
            Redwood Drive Community Centre, Waddington,
                       Every Saturday 7pm start
        Last Friday of every month medium ship special pm start,
                      Different medium each week
                        Enquiries 01522 514513


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