Vocabulary- Surrealism by 0rwGs6gk


									Vocabulary- Surrealism
Mr. Guzman
Art 1

    Surrealism- Is an art movement that broke off from DADAism and lasted into
     the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Sigmund Freud- Psychiatrist who invented dream analysis and free-association.

Psychiatrist- A doctor who specializes in helping people with mental disorders.

    Miro- Tried to make artwork that comes from the Unconscious mind and worked
     in a trancelike state.

Biomorphic- A shape that somewhat resembles a living creature.

Max Ernst- Was both a DADAist and a Surrealist.

    Dali- Represented his dreams with meticulous realism.

    Magritte- Was a commercial artist who realistically represented Surrealist
     imagery in his work.

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