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   ACTT(TM) 'Allergy Drops' - Needle Free Allergy Treatment
   Wed, 08 Feb 2012, 15:54:08 EST

   AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 8, 2012 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- Bio-Medical
   Services has received USDA approval and is now offering allergy drop
   immunotherapy as an alternative method for administering allergy treatment for
   pet allergy patients. An in-house pilot study is now underway, and preliminary
   findings are expected in the Fall of 2012.

   "With two options for immunotherapy, we can now better tailor treatment to the
   temperament of the patient, and lifestyle of the pet owner," says Dr. Susan
   Keesee, Chief Scientific Officer at Bio-Medical Services. "This will allow more
   patients to receive the allergy treatment they need."

   Bio-Medical Services has been following the use of sublingual immunotherapy
   (allergy drops) in humans as an alternative method for administering allergy
   treatment. Allergy drops have been widely used in Europe, and are now gaining
   favor in the U.S.; the first randomized trial in humans was conducted in 1986
   with proven efficacy. In a 2010 study conducted by the University of Wisconsin Veterinary School, sublingual immunotherapy
   was shown to be effective in reducing symptoms and allergen-specific IgE levels in dogs as well (*Note 1). Allergy drops are
   now being offered for canine allergy treatment by a select few veterinary teaching hospitals. "Because of its proven efficacy in
   humans, and early success shown in canines, we feel confident that sublingual immunotherapy is a safe and effective
   treatment modality," says Keesee.

   As the gap between human and veterinary medicine narrows, Bio-Medical Services remains in the forefront of serum allergy
   testing and treatment, providing the most current and effective medicine for pet allergy patients. Bio-Medical Services has
   achieved many "firsts" in the care of pet allergies. They were the first to offer ELISA serum testing for canine, feline and equine

   In 2004, Bio-Medical services was the first to introduce the practice of separating mold, mite and insect allergens into separate
   treatment from pollen, fiber and epithelia allergens to the veterinary field - following the convention used in human allergy
   treatment. Currently, Bio-Medical Services is the only laboratory to offer five treatment protocols based on the patient's age,
   weight, breed, species, and clinical history. And now with two options for administering immunotherapy, patients receive even
   more customized and effective care for pet allergies.

   About Bio-Medical Services:

   Bio-Medical Services is a veterinary reference laboratory specializing in allergy testing and treatment for dogs, cats and
   horses. Founded in 1989, Bio-Medical Services was the first laboratory to develop a commercial application for in vitro allergy
   diagnostics in the veterinary industry. Bio-Medical Services is based in Austin, TX. Visit to learn more.

   *(NOTE 1) D.J DeBoer, 2010. Pilot trial of sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) in mite-sensitive atopic dogs. Veterinary
   Dermatology: Volume 21, Number 3, Page 325.

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