; Brampton Tourism Guide 2010-2011
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Brampton Tourism Guide 2010-2011


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									B R A M P T O N ,   O N T A R I O ,   C A N A D A
 Over 180 Shops & Services…
 for all your shopping needs!
 Come and visit us at Shoppers World Brampton. We are conveniently
 located in the centre of Brampton at the Northwest corner of Hwy #10
 and Steeles Avenue. Easy access from Hwy. 410 and the 407 ETR.

              SIGN-UP NOW FOR OUR
           e REWARDS              CLUB

Monday - Friday: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday: 9:30am - 6:00pm
Sunday: 11:00am - 5:00pm                                                  SINCE 1969

499 Main Street South, Brampton, ON L6Y 1N7
Located at the Northwest corner of Hwy #10 and Steeles Avenue   www.shoppersworldbrampton.com
                  INSIDE.                      WELCOME    2
                                                  INFO    4
                                               EXPLORE    6
                                                  REST   12
                                                   FUN   18
                                                  ARTS   28
                                                 MAPS    32
                                                 RELAX   42
                                                  PLAY   50
                                               INDULGE   58
                         Gage Park

1 Cover Photo: Heart Lake Conservation Area.
Front                                                         1
WELCOME.               Welcome to Brampton, Canada’s Flower City! I am proud to
                       present our 2010/2011 Tourism Guide. Ours is a city full of
                       opportunity, fun and excitement and we encourage you to
                       participate in all that we have to offer.

                       With more than 6,000 acres of parkland, Brampton provides
                       access to a wide variety of outdoor activities, while the
    Rose Theatre Brampton offers some world-class acts and entertainment.
    Celebrating our Flower City status, and award winning participation in the
    Communities in Bloom and WinterLights programs, the City is always awash
    with flowers and lights. All year round, our community and corporate partners
    come together in a spirit of goodwill and co-operation and help create the
    essence of Brampton.

    Apart from being a beautiful City, Brampton has also been recognized as a
    global leader in community safety. We are the first municipality in the GTA,
    and one of only 14 in North America, to be designated as an International Safe
    Community by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    Take a moment, go through this guide, and I am sure you will find something
    that you and your family will really enjoy. There is something for everyone in
    Brampton: art, music, culture, nature, shopping, entertainment and sports.
    I am confident you will be delighted and impressed by Everything Brampton!

    Enjoy your stay!

    Susan Fennell
    Mayor of Brampton

    Brampton Gateway Highway 10
    .                    INFO.
         Primary Community Contacts/Services
    Emergency Only (Fire, Police, Ambulance)
    Brampton Government Information (Municipal & Regional)
                                                                                             (local only) 311
    Animal Services                                                                           905-458-5200
    Brampton Transit                                                                          905-874-2999
    City Hall - General Information                                                           905-874-2000
       City Hall - TTY                                                                        905-874-2130
    Corporate Communications Office                                                            905-874-3604
    Council Office                                                                             905-874-2616
    Economic Development Office                                                                905-874-2650
    Fire & Emergency Services (Non-emergency)                                                 905-874-2700
    GO Transit                                                                                416-869-3200
    Hospital (Brampton Civic Hospital)                                                        905-494-2120
    Libraries                                                                                 905-793-4636

    Mayor’s Office                                                                             905-874-2600
    Recreation                                                                                905-874-2300

         Tourism Brampon
    Tourism Brampton Information Line (Available 24 hours/day)      905-874-3601
    Tourism Brampton E-mail                                  tourism@brampton.ca
    Tourism Brampton Website                              www.tourismbrampton.ca
    City of Brampton Website                                     www.brampton.ca

    Tourism Brampton Information Kiosk                                33 Queen St. W.
    Brampton’s self-help tourism information kiosk is located at 33 Queen St. W. in
    downtown Brampton. Open 8:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday, this location

    offers Brampton tourism publications and brochures from a variety of locations
    across the province of Ontario.

         Brampton Library
    The Brampton Library welcomes all travellers! We provide free access to the internet
    and Microsoft Office products through more than one hundred workstations among
    our six locations. If you prefer, bring your own laptop or wireless device for free
    wireless service, or simply take a relaxing break in one of the comfortable seating
    areas and catch up on the news or your favourite magazine. See the library website
    for details, locations and hours.

    Brampton Library 905-793-4636 info@bramlib.on.ca                             www.bramptonlibrary.ca

    All information contained in this publication is believed to be accurate at the time of printing. The City of
    Brampton cannot and does not guarantee the accuracy of all information and will not be responsible for
    errors, changes or omissions. Reproduction of this material is prohibited without written permission from
    the City of Brampton, Economic Development & Communications – Tourism Section.

5   5
    Brampton is one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing cities.
    Despite the hustle and bustle of city life, Brampton offers many
    wonderful places for visitors to stop and smell the roses. As
    Canada’s Flower City, and International Communities in Bloom
    Award Winner, Brampton takes immense pride in our lush green
    escapes, beautiful floral displays, and urban getaways.

    Brampton is a popular location for sports. We proudly host many
    provincial, national and international sports tournaments at the
    Powerade Centre and many facilities throughout the city.

    With a population of more than 450,000 people, Brampton’s
    young and diverse multicultural mosaic represents more than
    175 distinct ethnic backgrounds. Our diversity is mirrored in an
    eclectic mix of restaurants and boutiques, festivals, performing
    and visual arts and museums.

    Come experience Everything Brampton, you’ll be glad you did!

                              Brampton in the GTA                   8
                             Getting Here & Around                  8
                         Brampton Transit Terminals                 10

    Corner Roadside Garden
 .      Brampton in the GTA
    Located northwest of Toronto,
    Brampton is the third largest
    municipality in the Greater Toronto
    Area (GTA). The GTA is Canada’s
    business and manufacturing capital
    and the sixth largest region in North


        Getting Here
    From the Airport
    Travel by limousine, taxi, or hotel
    shuttle from the Pearson International
    Airport to Brampton. Contact your
    accommodation to inquire if they provide an airport shuttle.
    Brampton Transit Route 101 Airport EXPRESS runs weekdays and Saturdays
    from Terminal 1 to the Bramalea Transit Centre. For more information, visit
    www.bramptontransit.com or call 905-874-2999.

    By Train or Bus
    See centre map for station and terminal locations.

    GO Transit
    GO Transit links Toronto and the surrounding regions of the Greater Toronto Area
    to Brampton with an extensive network of train and bus services.

    Bramalea GO Station, 1713 Steeles Ave.
    Brampton GO Station, 27 Church St. W. (downtown)
    Mount Pleasant GO Station, 1600 Bovaird Dr. W.
    1-888-438-6646 or 416-869-3200
    TTY 1-800-387-3652

Greyhound Canada
Greyhound Canada is the largest provider of intercity bus transportation in Canada
and connects Brampton to nearly 1,000 locations.
Greyhound Bus Terminal, 8 Nelson St. (downtown)
TTY 1-800-397-7870

Via Rail
Via Rail is Canada’s passenger rail network, operating fast business and leisure
service to Brampton along the Quebec City – Windsor corridor.
Brampton Station, 31 Church St. W. (downtown)
TTY 1-800-268-9503


    Getting Around

Brampton Transit – Welcome Aboard!                                 (Ad on page 11)
Brampton Transit welcomes you to comfortable, friendly, reliable and frequent
service with great connections to surrounding transit systems. With over 35
routes to choose from, 29 of which are fully accessible, we can get you where
you are going.

Brampton Transit tickets, weekly and monthly passes, are sold at four Brampton
Transit terminals and from more than 60 designated ticket agents.

Plan your travel around the city using eRide, Brampton Transit’s online trip
planning service. Use interactive maps and menus to create customized point-
to-point trip plans and view schedules for every stop on your chosen route.
Visit www.bramptontransit.com and plan online, anytime.

In September 2010, Brampton Transit launches the first of three Bus Rapid Transit
(BRT) lines. A public transit solution featuring enhanced, state-of-the-art vehicles
and world-class technologies, Züm (pronounced “zoom”) is a new service that will
run along the city’s key north-south and east-west corridors.

 .       Brampton Transit Terminals
     Bramalea Transit Centre
     200 Clark Blvd.

     Downtown Brampton
     Terminal (Four Corners)
     8 Nelson St.

     Shoppers World
     Brampton Terminal
     100 Steeles Ave. W.

     Trinity Common
     Terminal (Springdale)
     164 Great Lakes Blvd.

     For general information
     about schedules, fares,
     routes and services,
     call 905-874-2999.

     For lost and found, customer service, or the staff directory, call 905-874-2750.

     E-mail Brampton Transit at transit@brampton.ca or visit

     Taxis and Limos
     Brampton has many limousine and taxi services to whisk you to your destination.
     Check the listing of limos and taxis at www.tourismbrampton.ca.

     Accessibility for Life
     The City of Brampton and its Accessibility Advisory Committee are committed to
     ensuring people of all ages and abilities are able to enjoy and participate in
     what Brampton has to offer. Visit our Accessibility For Life website for helpful
     information on accessible services and facilities and accessible parking in the city.

                  A faster ride
              is on the way.
Beginning September 2010, your visit to Brampton will include
  a modern and more efficient way to move around the city.

Introducing a New Way to
                                                  connect to other Brampton Transit buses
Experience Brampton
                                                  as well as to GO Transit. Züm also connects
Züm brings Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to             you to the Greater Toronto Area –
the City of Brampton. BRT combines                the Queen Street line allows for easier
world-class technology with the convenience       movement between Brampton and York Region.
of the bus and the benefits of rail –
helping you reach your destinations faster.       Latest Technology Working for You
• Frequency:                                                 Digital displays at Züm station
  Züm buses run every                                         stops post information in real time
  7-15 minutes.                                                   so you know exactly when
• Reliability:                                                      your next bus will arrive.
  Technology on                                                     You can also phone, text or
  Züm buses can                                                     surf the web to get real-time
  influence traffic lights                                            schedule information.
  to ensure buses                                                  Züm is designed to
  remain on schedule.                                              enhance the convenience
                              Züm helps visitors to Brampton
• Limited stops:                                                   and reliability of bus transit.
                                get around the city quickly
  Züm station stops are               and efficiently.             So, starting in September,
  limited and further apart –                               make sure you take advantage of
  reducing travel time.                             Brampton’s newest way to travel!
Connecting You to Brampton…
                                                  Züm station stops
And Beyond                                        are equipped
With its first line along Queen Street –           with real-time
one of Brampton’s busiest corridors –             schedule information.
Züm connects you to major destinations
within the city. Züm makes it easier to

 “Züm modernizes the way we use
  transit; world-class technology makes
  for a modern, faster and environmentally
  friendlier way to experience our city.”
                     — Mayor Susan Fennell
                       City of Brampton

                                Züm launches along Queen Street in September 2010.
     Brampton offers the convenience and amenities perfect for
     business or leisure travel. With our close proximity to the
     Lester B. Pearson International Airport and a variety of options
     close to local businesses, area attractions and sporting venues,
     our hotels and accommodations are designed to help you
     rest easy.

     With over 1,300 rooms, 30,000 sq. ft. of hotel conference space
     and beautiful meeting and banquet facilities located throughout
     Brampton, the city is able to accommodate both your corporate
     and social event venue needs. You’ll find efficient business
     services, tastefully designed catering menus, and friendly and
     professional staff, who ensure that functions and events are
     professional, convenient and memorable.

                                  Hotels and Motels                  14
                                         Residences                  15
                                    Bed & Breakfast                  15
                                    Campground/RV                    15
                            Conferences & Banquets                   16

Courtyard By Marriott
     Hotels & Motels
     7 & 7 Motel                       • Rooms: 29                                      Map ID: 1
     3458 Queen St. E.                 • Business Services
     905-793-8743                      • Internet Access
     Best Western                      • Rooms: 136                                     Map ID: 5
     30 Clark Blvd.                    • Meeting Rooms      • Business Services
     905-454-1300                      • Wireless Internet  • Breakfast Included
     www.bestwestern.com/ca/           • Exercise Equipment • Swimming
     Comfort Inn Brampton              • Rooms: 107                                     Map ID: 21
     5 Rutherford Rd. S.               • Business Services • Wireless Internet
     905-452-0600                      • Breakfast Included
     Courtyard by Marriott             • Rooms: 159                                     Map ID: 23
     90 Biscayne Cres.                 • Meeting Rooms       • Business Services
     905-455-9000                      • Wireless Internet   • Breakfast Available
     www.marriott.com/yyzbm            • Restaurant (Breakfast Only)
     (Ad on page 16)                   • Exercise Equipment • Swimming
     Days Inn Brampton                 • Rooms: 61                                      Map ID: 28
     260 Queen St. E.                  • Meeting Rooms      • Business Services
     905-457-8880                      • Wireless Internet  • Breakfast Included
     www.daysinn.com                   • Exercise Equipment
     Fairfield Inn & Suites             • Rooms: 107                                     Map ID: 32
     by Marriott                       • Meeting Rooms      • Business Services
     150 Westcreek Blvd.               • Wireless Internet  • Breakfast Included
     905-874-7177                      • Exercise Equipment • Swimming
     Holiday Inn Express               • Rooms: 84                                      Map ID: 39
     Hotel & Suites                    • Meeting Rooms         • Business Services
     10 Nevets Rd.                     • Wireless Internet     • Breakfast Included
     Holiday Inn Toronto –             • Rooms: 145                                     Map ID: 40
     Brampton Conference Centre        • Meeting Rooms         • Business Services
     30 Peel Centre Dr.                • Wireless Internet     • Restaurant
     905-792-9900                      • Breakfast Available   • Exercise Equipment
     www.holidayinn.com/bramptonon     • Swimming              • 24hr Airport Shuttle
     (Ad on page 17)
     Howard Johnson Express Inn        • Rooms: 100                                     Map ID: 41
     226 Queen St. E.                  • Meeting Rooms      • Business Services
     905-451-6000                      • Wireless Internet  • Restaurant Onsite
     www.hojobrampton.com              • Breakfast Included • Exercise Equipment
     Monte Carlo Inn Brampton Suites   • Rooms: 107                                     Map ID: 51
     45 Coventry Rd.                   • Meeting Rooms       • Business Services
     905-453-5200                      • Internet            • Restaurant
     www.montecarloinns.com            • Breakfast Available • Exercise Equipment
     Motel 6                           • Rooms: 122                                     Map ID: 52
     160 Steelwell Dr.                 • Wireless Internet

                         Bringing your conference
                         or sports tournament to
                         Contact Sharon Wilcox,
                         Manager of Tourism,
                         for assistance at

Sheridan Residence         • Suites: 177                               Map ID: 65
& Conference Centre        • Meeting Rooms
7897 McLaughlin Rd.        • Business Services
905-874-4393               • Internet
www.stayrcc.com            • Breakfast Included
                           • Laundry Facilities

Bed & Breakfast
Creditview B & B           • Rooms: 2                                  Map ID: 25
7650 Creditview Rd.        • Private Suite with 2 Bedrooms
905-451-6271               • Full Kitchen
                           • Internet Access
                           • Breakfast Included

Indian Line Campground     • Operating Season: April 24 – November 1   Map ID: 42
7625 Finch Ave. W.         Campsites: 246 serviced/un-serviced/sewer
905-678-1233               sites/also pull through sites for RVs
www.trcacamping.ca         15, 30 & 50 amp service available
                           • Internet Access
                           • Laundry Facilities
                           • Swimming Pool
                           • Dumping Station

                                          Enjoy a show at the
                                          beautiful Rose Theatre
                                          Brampton and then relax
                                          in comfort at one of our
                                          great accommodations.
                                          Visit www.myrosetheatre.ca
                                          for great show and overnight
                                          stay deals!

 .       Conferences & Banquets
     Brampton’s accommodations, conference centres and banquet halls offer tastefully
     designed catering menus, and friendly and professional staff. Our accommodation
     properties offer a total of over 1,300 rooms with flexible meeting and banquet space
     located throughout the city.

     With the addition of Rose Theatre Brampton in 2006, an 880-seat state-of-the-art
     theatre, Brampton can satisfy a multitude of conference and meeting needs. The
     theatre provides both a main theatre and secondary space that can be used
     simultaneously, accommodating up to 1,000 people. As one of the few broadcast
     ready venues in the GTA, the theatre is wired for television and video broadcast.

     For a list of venues and additional information on hosting meetings and
     conferences in Brampton visit www.tourismbrampton.ca.

     With a continually growing list of festivals and events, Brampton
     has many reasons and ways to celebrate the strength and
     diversity of our community.

     In the spring and summer months, take in the beauty of our floral
     heritage by enjoying spectacular parade floats brimming with
     brightly coloured blooms at the Flower City Parade, or attend one
     of the many floral events being held throughout Brampton.

     In the fall and winter, our festive celebrations are rich in tradition,
     embrace Brampton’s multicultural fabric and join the city in

     Whatever the season, Brampton’s year-round calendar of diverse
     festivals and special events provide unique entertainment
     opportunities for all interests and ages.

                                     Festivals & Events                  20

Flower City Parade
FESTIVALS &                                          For a full list of
                                                     Brampton’s events please
                                                     visit www.brampton.ca.

         2010 Festivals & Events Listing
                                                     Classic Cars & Legendary Stars

     2, 9               11:30am to 4pm
     Mother’s Day Tea
     Period costumed staff present afternoon tea as it should be served, midst the charm of
     a bygone era. Reservations required.
     Historic Bovaird House, 563 Bovaird Dr. E. 905 -874-2804       www.bovairdhouse.ca

     28                  5pm to Midnight
     29                  Noon to Midnight
     Rotary Rib ‘n’ Roll
     Kick off your summer with ribs, rock ‘n’ roll and rollerblading at the Rotary Club of
     Brampton’s fantastic event for the whole family, all to raise funds for Tour for Kids.
     Gage Park, Main St. S. & Wellington St. W.                              www.ribnroll.com

     1, 8, 15, 22, 29   7pm to 9pm
     Inspirational Music In The Park
     Every Tuesday from June 1st to August 31st, bring your lawn chair and enjoy exciting
     and uplifting concerts of inspirational music of all genres.
     Gage Park, Main St. S. & Wellington St. W.
     Lesley Morgan, 905-495-0816                                  www.inspirationalmusic.org

     17, 24             7pm to 9pm
     Investors Group Thursday Night Concert Series
     Bring your lawn chair and enjoy the music. Check the website for this year’s
     entertainment listing.
     Gage Park, Main St. S. & Wellington St. W.
     905-874-2936                                          www.bramptondowntown.com

19, 26              7am to 1pm
Brampton Farmers’ Market
Every Saturday, from June 19th to October 9th, Main Street between Theatre Lane and
John Street is turned into a vibrant outdoor festival marketplace. Visitors gather to buy
the freshest local Ontario produce, handmade crafts, preserves and baked goods from
more than 40 vendors.
Main St. & Queen St., downtown Brampton 905-874-2650                 www.brampton.ca

19                 2pm Start
Flower City Parade                                         (Ad on inside back cover)
Enjoy spectacular parade floats brimming with brightly coloured blooms, marching
bands, clowns and much more! A wonderful opportunity to witness Brampton’s floral
Main Street, downtown Brampton
Amy Ouellet, 905-874-2975                                         www.brampton.ca

26, 27
Taste of Carabram
Have a sneak peek at one of Brampton’s largest festivals and preview this year’s
Carabram celebrations! Many of the cultural groups will perform onstage.
Shoppers World Brampton, 499 Main St. S. 416-452-4917             www.carabram.org

27                 10am to 4pm
Annual Garden Tour
The Brampton Horticultural Society’s popular garden tour is back. Tour Brampton’s
finest private gardens and pick up ideas for your own. This is a ticketed event: $10 in
advance, $15 at the door.
905-459-3326                                                   www.bramptonhort.org

     1                 Times to be announced
     Canada Day
     Come out and celebrate Canada Day 2010!
     Powerade Centre, 7575 Kennedy Rd. S. 905-874-2300                   www.brampton.ca

     3, 10, 17, 24, 31 7am to 1pm
     Brampton Farmers’ Market
     Every Saturday, from June 19th to October 9th, Main Street between Theatre Lane and
     John Street is turned into a vibrant outdoor festival marketplace. Visitors gather to buy
     the freshest local Ontario produce, handmade crafts, preserves and baked goods from
     more than 40 vendors.
     Main St. & Queen St., downtown Brampton 905-874-2650                 www.brampton.ca

     6, 13, 20, 27      7pm to 9pm
     Inspirational Music In The Park
     Every Tuesday from June 1st to August 31st, bring your lawn chair and enjoy exciting
     and uplifting concerts of inspirational music of all genres.
     Gage Park, Main St. S. & Wellington St. W.
     Lesley Morgan, 905-495-0816                                  www.inspirationalmusic.org

     8, 15, 22, 29      7pm to 9pm
     Investors Group Thursday Night Concert Series
     Bring your lawn chair and enjoy the music. Check the website for this year’s
     entertainment listing.
     Gage Park, Main St. S. & Wellington St. W.
     905-874-2936                                          www.bramptondowntown.com

         Saturday Nights – June, July & August 7pm to 9pm
         Don’t miss movie night in Garden Square at Rose Theatre Brampton
         (whether permitting).
9                  6pm to 12am
10                 1pm to 12am
11                 1pm to 7pm
Carabram, Brampton’s Multicultural Festival
Carabram provides an opportunity to “Tour the World” and experience the rich culture,
food, crafts, drink and entertainment of the diverse ethnic communities of Brampton.
Purchase your passport to tour the world!
Pavillions located throughout Brampton 416-452-4917               www.carabram.org

10                 1pm to 4pm
Carnival Day
Bring your family for a fun filled day at the beach with carnival games and prizes! Beach
admission fees will apply.
Professor’s Lake, 1660 North Park Dr. 905-791-7751                  www.brampton.ca

15                 7pm to 11pm
16                 7pm to Midnight
17                 1pm to Midnight
Classic Cars & Legendary Stars
Rev your engines and get ready as Classic Cars and Legendary Stars take over downtown
Brampton. Enjoy a fun-filled weekend of food and live entertainment, featuring tribute
artists performing your favourite classic hits.
Gage Park, Main St. S. and Wellington St. W.
905-874-2936                                          www.bramptondowntown.com

18                  Noon to 8pm
Savannah Festival of Rhythms
International and national artists bring together a lively mix of music from R&B to Salsa.
Enjoy visual arts, crafts, international cuisine and more.
Rose Theatre Brampton & Garden Square, 1 Theatre Ln.          www.savannahrhythms.ca

1                  11am to 11pm
Hut Like Pepper Annual Caribbean Festival
Let the rhythm of the beat move you with a full day of entertainment for the entire
family. Enjoy music, dancing, kid’s playground, food and so much more.
Powerade Centre, 7575 Kennedy Rd. S.
Paul Rampersaud, 416-897-8622                                   www.calypsohut2.com

3, 10, 17, 24, 31 7pm to 9pm
Inspirational Music In The Park
Every Tuesday from June 1st to August 31st, bring your lawn chair and enjoy exciting and
uplifting concerts of inspirational music of all genres.
Gage Park, Main St. S. & Wellington St. W.
Lesley Morgan, 905-495-0816                               www.inspirationalmusic.org

     4                  10am to 4pm
     Olympic Day
     Bring your family for a fun filled day at the beach. Olympic games and prizes for the kids.
     Professor’s Lake, 1660 North Park Dr. 905-791-7751                 www.brampton.ca

     5, 12, 19, 26      7pm to 9pm
     Investors Group Thursday Night Concert Series
     Bring your lawn chair and enjoy the music. Check the website for this year’s
     entertainment listing.
     Gage Park, Main St. S. & Wellington St. W.
     905-874-2936                                          www.bramptondowntown.com

     7, 14, 21, 28       7am to 1pm
     Brampton Farmers’ Market
     Every Saturday, from June 19th to October 9th, Main Street between Theatre Lane and
     John Street is turned into a vibrant outdoor festival marketplace. Visitors gather to buy
     the freshest local Ontario produce, handmade crafts, preserves and baked goods from
     more than 40 vendors.
     Main St. & Queen St., downtown Brampton 905-874-2650                 www.brampton.ca

     7                   10am to 8pm
     West Fete: Mas in Brampton
     A fun filled family day, showcasing the West Indian culture, including rhythmic music,
     succulent food, exotic costumes and live performances. Admission charges will apply.
     Heart Lake Conservation Area, 10818 Heart Lake Rd.
     905-497-(WEST)9378                                         www.westfetecarnival.com

     14                 Noon to 5pm
     Family Fun Beach Party Day
     Bring your family for a fun filled day at the beach. Kids can enjoy bouncy castles, rock
     climbing wall, games and much more!
     Professor’s Lake, 1660 North Park Dr. 905-791-7751                  www.brampton.ca

     1-5                10am to 6pm
     FireFit Championships - 2010 Nationals
     More than 400 firefighters from across Canada, the U.S. and as far away as Dubai
     compete against the clock and each other in thrilling team and individual events.
     South Fletcher’s Sportsplex, 500 Ray Lawson Blvd.
     905-874-2700                                                       www.brampton.ca

     2                  7pm to 9pm
     Investors Group Thursday Night Concert Series
     Bring your lawn chair and enjoy the music. Check the website for this year’s
     entertainment listing.
     Gage Park, Main St. S. & Wellington St. W.
     905-874-2936                                         www.bramptondowntown.com

   3                 7pm to 10pm
   Inspirational Music In The Park
   Bring your lawn chair and enjoy an exciting and uplifting concert of inspirational music
   of all genres.
   Gage Park, Main St. S. & Wellington St. W.
   Lesley Morgan, 905-495-0816                                www.inspirationalmusic.org

   4, 11, 18, 25       7am to 1pm
   Brampton Farmers’ Market
   Every Saturday, from June 19th to October 9th, Main Street between Theatre Lane and
   John Street is turned into a vibrant outdoor festival marketplace. Visitors gather to buy
   the freshest local Ontario produce, handmade crafts, preserves and baked goods from
   more than 40 vendors.
   Main St. & Queen St., downtown Brampton 905-874-2650                 www.brampton.ca

   16                 5pm to 11pm
   17, 18             10am to 11pm
   19                 9am to 5pm
   Brampton Fall Fair
   Come out to Brampton’s annual fall fair, celebrating agriculture and our community
   with activities for all ages. Events include: horse show, petting zoo, midway, demolition
   derby, FMX motorcycles, dog and baby shows, and family entertainment. Admission
   charges. Parking free.
   Brampton Fairgrounds, 12942 Heart Lake Rd., Caledon
   905-843-0210                                                    www.bramptonfair.com

   25                 8am to 2pm
   Brampton Day
   Join our annual Brampton Day Celebration! Bring your family downtown for a fun and
   entertainment packed day.
   Gage Park, Garden Square (at Rose Theatre Brampton) and Ken Whillans Square (City
   Hall), Queen St. and Main St., downtown Brampton 905-874-3601 www.brampton.ca

                                         Join us the first weekend in October for a FREE,
                                       self-guided tour to meet our Brampton Artists, view
                                            their studios and watch as they create their
                                        masterpieces. It’s a great opportunity to purchase
                                        some one-of-a-kind artwork and support the arts.
 Saturday, October 2nd &
Sunday, October 3rd, 2010                     Call (905) 874-2919 for a guide
       10am - 5pm daily               www.StudiosofBrampton.com                                prizes!

     2, 3                                                                      10am to 5pm
     Studios of Brampton Tour                                              (Ad on page 25)
     Take this self-guided tour through studios in Brampton. Artists graciously open their
     studios for the public to tour, watch them work and answer questions. You will also
     have the opportunity to purchase some artwork. Admission is free.
     Various studios throughout Brampton 905-874-2919 www.studiosofbrampton.com

     2, 9                7am to 1pm
     Brampton Farmers’ Market
     Every Saturday, from June 19th to October 9th, Main Street between Theatre Lane and
     John Street is turned into a vibrant outdoor festival marketplace. Visitors gather to buy
     the freshest local Ontario produce, handmade crafts, preserves and baked goods from
     more than 40 vendors.
     Main St. & Queen St., downtown Brampton 905-874-2650                 www.brampton.ca

     29, 30             7pm to 9pm
     Desserts by Lamplight
     Soft lamplight throughout the house creates an ambience reminiscent of a pioneer
     farmhouse of the 1800s. Period costumed staff serves seasonal desserts and gourmet
     teas. Reservations required.
     Historic Bovaird House, 563 Bovaird Dr. E. 905-874-2804     www.bovairdhouse.ca

     1                  4pm to 7pm
     The Great Pumpkin Party
     MCome out to The Great Pumpkin Party! Light up your pumpkin one last time and join in
     the fun. Free entertainment and lots more.
     Garden Square at Rose Theatre Brampton, 1 Theatre Ln.
     905-874-2000                                                  www.brampton.ca

     Parades and Services of Remembrance
     Memorial Square Cenotaph, City Hall, 2 Wellington St. W.                          2pm
     DMG Chinguacousy Park, 9050 Bramalea Rd. 905-874-3601                         10:45am

     11               10:45am
     Remembrance Day Parade & Service
     Memorial Square Cenotaph, City Hall, 2 Wellington St. W. 905-874-3601

     19                  6pm to 8pm
     Annual Christmas Tree Lighting
     Bring the family for an evening of holiday entertainment and join the Mayor and
     members of Council for the annual lighting of our 65-foot spruce tree.
     Ken Whillans Square, City Hall, 2 Wellington St. W. 905-874-3601

                                             Don’t miss taking a ride through
                                             Brampton’s historic downtown on a
                                             horse drawn carriage!
                                             Meet the carriage on the corner of
                                             Wellington St. W. and George St. S.
                                             in November and December.
                                             To confirm times, dates and costs
                                             call 905-874-2936 or
                                             visit www.bramptondowntown.com.
                                             Don’t forget to bring your blanket
                                             to keep warm!

20                 5pm Start
Brampton Board of Trade Santa Claus Parade
Join the Brampton Board of Trade as they welcome Santa to town. This year celebrate
the 25th Anniversary of the parade in Brampton!
Main St. – Sproule Dr. to Elgin Dr. 905-451-1122            www.bramptonbot.com

4, 5               10am to 4pm
Victorian Christmas Open House
Decked out in Victorian finery, the museum heralds Christmas with it’s Open House and
Craft Sale. Enjoy mugs of spicy mulled cider beside the blazing fire.
Historic Bovaird House, 563 Bovaird Dr. E. 905-874-2804         www.bovairdhouse.ca

31                7pm to 12:30am
New Year’s Eve                                           (Ad on inside back cover)
Live entertainment, roaming performers, marshmallow roasting, ice skating and more!
Ride free with Brampton Transit to and from the event.

Main St. & Queen St., downtown Brampton 905-874-2300             www.brampton.ca

Mayor’s New Year’s Day Levee
Come out, meet Brampton’s Mayor and celebrate a new year.
Rose Theatre Brampton, 1 Theatre Ln. 905-874-3601                www.brampton.ca

     Brampton is fast becoming known as a creative and cultural
     hub in the GTA. Heritage, Art, Music, Theatre…we have it all!

     Catch a live performance at the gorgeous Rose Theatre
     Brampton, peruse local and international art at one of our
     galleries, look behind the scenes of an art studio on our annual
     tour, or hear stories and see evidence of our past at Historic
     Bovaird House. It’s up to you. Visit www.tourismbrampton.ca for
     links to our many cultural centres.

                                  Brampton’s History                   30
                      Heritage Attractions, Museums,
                               Archives & Memorials                    31
                                      Performing Arts                  39
                                           Visual Arts                 40
                               Brampton Arts Council                   41

Festival Entertainers
 .      Brampton’s History
     Historical Facts:
     Brampton was still a wilderness when the first European settlers arrived in the
     early 1800s.
       • Early settlers originally named the tiny settlement of Brampton in honour of
         their hometown – Brampton, Cumberland, England.
       • The Grand Trunk Railway constructed a rail line and a station in Brampton in
         1856, which triggered an economic boom and the village started growing fast.
       • In 1860, Edward Dale established a market garden business. Within a few
         years, the business shifted to flower production. Brampton soon became
         known as the “Flowertown of Canada” and Dale’s Nursery became Brampton’s
         largest employer. By the turn of the century, hundreds of acres of land were
         filled with greenhouses growing prize orchids, hybrid roses and many other
         quality flowers for export around the world.
       • In 1865, Brampton became the Peel County seat and this helped trigger new
         growth in the community.
       • In 1873, Brampton was incorporated as a town and John Haggert was elected
         the first mayor.
       • By the turn of the 20th century, Brampton was attracting new industries such
         as the Hewetson Shoe Company, Copeland-Chatterson Loose Leaf Binder
         Company and Gummed Papers.
       • After World War II, new subdivisions began to develop. In the late 1950s,
         Bramalea was created and touted as “Canada’s first satellite city”.
       • In March 1948, Brampton endured a devastating flood when the Etobicoke
         Creek overflowed its banks. The town launched an ambitious civil engineering
         project to straighten and reroute the Etobicoke Creek.
       • In 1974, the Region of Peel was created and Brampton became a city.
       • In the 1980s and 1990s, expansive subdivisions were developed. The culturally
         diverse and vibrant city of today began to emerge.
       • Brampton is now among the largest urban centres in Canada with a population
         of over 450,000 people.

     The roots of modern Brampton can be traced through these landmark historical
     events. These and other key events from the past created and shaped the city
     we know today; just as the events of today will shape the Brampton of tomorrow.
     Visit www.brampton.ca for more information on our local heritage.

Heritage Walking Tours
Take a whole new look at Brampton’s history by taking one of Brampton’s self-
guided heritage walking tours.

  • The Brampton Cemetery (1863) is an enriching and vital heritage site that
    represents the strength and endurance of our founding citizens. Take the
    Brampton Cemetery Walking Tour to find out more information on Brampton’s
  • Walk through time with our new self-guided Downtown Heritage Walking
    Tour! This engaging tour showcases downtown Brampton’s distinctive and
    vibrant built, natural and cultural heritage. Pick up your illustrated guidebook
    and take the tour at your own pace. It provides walking directions, detailed
    information and amazing archival images. Brampton has a unique and
    distinctive heritage, and is fortunate to have a heavy concentration of heritage
    sites located close together in the heart of the city.

                                                        Take a whole new look at
                                                        Brampton! Contact Tourism
                                                        Brampton for copies of our
                                                        self-guided tours: 905-874-3601,

                                                        Harmsworth Building at
                                                        24 Main Street South (circa 1920)

Photo Courtesy of the Peel Heritage Complex Archives.

     Heritage Attractions, Museums, Archives & Memorials
Historic Bovaird House                                                             Map ID: 38
Built c.1840, Historic Bovaird House is an excellent Canadian example of a
Georgian-type brick farmhouse. Restored to mid-to-late 19th century appearance,
the house is operated as a museum and craft shop, where a wide variety of quality
gift items and artwork, hand-made by local artisans, are sold.
Open mid-February to mid-December, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday
Noon – 4 pm. Book ahead for group tours.
563 Bovaird Dr. E. 905-874-2804                                        www.bovairdhouse.ca





     Peel Heritage Complex (under renovation)
     Museum | Archives | Art Gallery
     Closed | Re-opening Fall 2011
                                                                              Map ID: 56
                                                                           (Ad on page 5)

     The Museum, Archives and Art Gallery of the Peel Heritage Complex link past, present
     and future within buildings of historical and architectural significance. The Peel County
     Courthouse (1867), the Peel County Jail (1867), the Registry Office (1890), and the
     Peel County international-style building (1958) tell thousands of stories.

     With an ambitious renovation and expansion project, the Peel Heritage Complex
     continues to make history. After 40 years, the collections belonging to the
     Museum, Archives and Art Gallery have grown dramatically. Expanding will mean
     more space for exhibitions of art and artefacts, better storage for significant local
     treasures, and new opportunities for community connections. New studio areas
     will let visitors reconnect with art, culture and heritage, through music, lectures,
     hands-on activities and special events.

     Imagine the stories their new space will tell… Join the Peel Heritage Complex
     in fall 2011 for their grand re-opening.
     9 Wellington St. E. 905-791-7800                     www.peelheritagecomplex.org

     The Great War Flying Museum                                              Map ID: 72
     Visit Canada’s only Great War flying aircraft museum to see airplanes, uniforms,
     medals and much more. The Museum is open 11am to 5pm every Saturday and
     Sunday and holidays, from the Victoria Day long weekend in May to Labour Day
     weekend in September. The hangar has crews on-site on Tuesdays and
     Thursdays, performing maintenance and repairs year-round, who welcome
     visitors from 2pm - 4pm.
     13691 McLaughlin Rd., 905-838-GWFM (4936) www.greatwarflyingmuseum.com

     Korea Veterans’ National Wall of Remembrance                             Map ID: 44
     & Ontario Field of Honour
     The Korea Veterans’ National Wall of Remembrance, a national memorial,
     commemorates those Canadians who gave their lives in the war. Located adjacent
     to the Korea Veterans’ National Wall of Remembrance, you will find the Ontario
     Field of Honour, ensuring all Veterans receive a dignified funeral and burial.
     Meadowvale Cemetery, 7732 Mavis Rd., 905-451-3716

 .   Performing Arts
 Rose Theatre Brampton                                     Map ID: 64
 Rose Theatre Brampton is a stunning, state-          (Ad on this page)
 of-the-art performing arts complex in the heart of
 the vibrant City of Brampton. Built with exacting
 standards to deliver world-class entertainment,
 the theatre features two performance halls
 designed for live theatre, musical theatre, dance,
 and concerts, as well as broadcast production,
 corporate functions and social events.
 Visit www.myrosetheatre.ca for the complete
 2010/2011 performance schedule.
 1 Theatre Lane, Box Office 905-874-2800
     Lester B. Pearson Theatre                                               Map ID: 46
     The Lester B. Pearson Memorial Theatre is located across from the Bramalea
     City Centre, just inside the Bramalea Civic Centre. This 470 seat theatre enjoys
     a very busy season of theatre performances from late September to early May.
     150 Central Park Dr. 905-874-2800                          www.myrosetheatre.ca

     Cyril Clark Lecture Hall                                                Map ID: 27
     The Cyril Clark Lecture Hall is located in the Heart Lake community, across from
     the Loafer’s Lake Recreation Centre. This small 186 seat theatre-style hall is
     popular for community groups, theatre groups and music schools.

     The library and lecture hall will re-open in 2010, after renovations are completed,
     with show bookings expected to start in the fall of 2010.

     20 Loafers Lake Lane 905-874-2800                          www.myrosetheatre.ca

         Visual Arts
     Beaux-Arts Brampton                                                      Map ID: 4
     The Main Gallery and smaller Cove Gallery exhibit work by both member and
     non-member artists. Shows range from solo and small groups to special events.
     The second floor is home to eight private working studios showcasing art from a
     variety of mediums and is open to the public. Visit their website for the complete
     Main Gallery Exhibit & Art Cove schedule.
     70-74 Main St. N. 905-454-5677                     www.beaux-artsbrampton.com

     Peel Heritage Complex (under renovation)                                Map ID: 56
     Museum | Archives | Art Gallery
     Closed | Re-opening Fall 2011
     (Ad on page 5)
     The Art Gallery of Peel’s exhibitions and permanent collection bring an impressive
     range of regional, provincial, national and international art making practices to the
     Peel community.

Presently under an ambitious
renovation and expansion project,
the Peel Heritage Complex
continues to make history.
                                                               Artway at Shoppers World
Join them in fall 2011 for the grand
re-opening. It will be magnificent!
9 Wellington St. E. 905-791-4055                    www.peelheritagecomplex.org

Visual Arts Brampton                                                     Map ID: 66
Through Visual Arts Brampton, Artway and World Art Gallery are free community
exhibit spaces located at the Shoppers World Brampton mall.
Artway celebrates the arts through portraits, still life, painting, drawing and
World Art Gallery (WAG) is a display space featuring postcard-sized artworks from
hundreds of artists around the world. WAG features a diverse collection of styles,
subjects and art medium, sent in from 20 countries on four continents.
Shoppers World Brampton, 499 Main St. S.

905-453-9142                                         www.visualartsbrampton.com

    Brampton Arts Council
Art, Music, Dance, Drama!                                            (Ad on page 21)
The Brampton Arts Council is a non-profit, charitable, multi-arts umbrella
organization dedicated to the promotion and development of the arts in

The Brampton Arts Council offers a wide range of programs, activities and
initiatives in the following categories: education/development, networking
opportunities, communications, promotion and advocacy.

It proudly provides the Heritage, Arts, Cultural, Entertainment (HACE)TM
Entrepreneurship Program to Brampton residents involved in these endeavours.

For more information on upcoming events, workshops, the Council and its
members, please contact the Brampton Arts Council.
905-874-2919 info@artsbrampton.ca                            www.artsbrampton.ca

     Visitors and residents are delighted with the extensive natural
     escapes located within this urban centre. Brampton has many
     lakes, beaches, rivers, garden destinations, conservation areas,
     more than 120 kilometres of trails and more than 3,300 hectares of
     parks and open spaces, all within the borders of our beautiful city.

     Take one of our self-guided nature tours and explore these
     wonderful features. Our Floral Tour will show you why Brampton
     is the recipient of an International Communities in Bloom Award.

     We invite you to get back to nature and look behind the buildings
     into this wonderful, colourful city.

                                  Destination Gardens                   44
                                                 Parks                  46
                                    Conservation Areas                  47
                                      Lakes & Beaches                   48
                                                 Trails                 49

Fishing at Heart Lake
     Historically, Brampton was Canada’s “Flowertown”. Today, Brampton is fast
     becoming known as Canada’s Flower City. Brampton tourists see some of the most
     beautiful flowerbeds and floral displays in the province. With over 400 roadside
     gardens, wonderful destination gardens and millions of spring flowers, you’ll see
     why Brampton was the 2008 Communities in Bloom International Winner!

                                                      SELF-GUIDED TOURS!
                                                      Take one of our
                                                      self-guided tours. You’ll
                                                      love the experience!


                                                      Toronto Ontario Temple

     .  Destination Gardens
     Charles F. Watson Family Gardens                                     Map ID: 16
     These beautiful showpiece gardens are an oasis of colour, situated along the
     Etobicoke Creek Trail.
     Located at Highway 10 on the east side, at Peel Village Pkwy.

     Donald M. Gordon Chinguacousy Park                                   Map ID: 29
     Greenhouse & Gardens
     Escape from the winter weather in our greenhouse, or bask in our gardens under
     the summer sun. You will find these gardens and greenhouse at the south end of
     the park facing Queen St. E.
     Call the park for parking locations during 2010-2011 renovations at 905-458-6958.

Gage Park                                                              Map ID: 34
Gage Park is Brampton’s oldest municipal park and a very beautiful one. Pretty
floral gardens, large trees, a gazebo and a fountain provide a wonderful setting
popular with both local residents and visitors from far and wide.
Located at the southwest corner of Main St. S. and Wellington St. W.

Historic Bovaird House                                                 Map ID: 38
A significant Brampton heritage landmark, the Historic Bovaird House property
boasts heritage gardens typical of 19th century plantings, including a pretty rose
garden, herb garden and orchard.
Located at 563 Bovaird Dr. E., just east of Kennedy Rd.

Mandarin Restaurant Corporate Headquarters                             Map ID: 49
This garden of excellence is a wonderful example of pride of ownership. The
Mandarin Restaurant corporate headquarters in Brampton showcases extensive
gardens full of beautiful perennials, annuals and a rock waterfall feature.
Visit in the winter to see the gardens sparkling with over 650,000 holiday lights.
Located at 8 Clipper Crt, off of Biscayne Ave.
(south of Steeles Ave.) west of Hwy. 410.

Toronto Ontario Temple                                                 Map ID: 75
Toronto Ontario Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in
Brampton offers some of the most beautiful grounds in the Greater Toronto
Area. With its spectacular flowers and impressive fountains, the gardens of the
temple are open to the public during the growing season on Sunday and Tuesday
to Friday from noon until 8pm, Saturday 8am until 8pm. Closed Mondays. The
Temple respectfully requests that there be no smoking or picnicking on the
Located at 10060 Bramalea Rd., on the northwest corner of Bovaird Dr. and
Bramalea Rd.

See why Brampton is the Flower City with the help of our Self-Guide Floral Tour.
Obtain your copy at:
Brampton’s Tourism Information Kiosk, 33 Queen St. W.

     .   Parks
     Gage Park                                                             Map ID: 34
     The landmark gazebo and skating trail means you’ve arrived at Gage Park. Set
     in Brampton’s historic downtown, summer at Gage Park offers rollerblading,
     jogging, a children’s play area and wading pool. A popular picnic spot, the park
     also hosts a series of summer evening concerts and special events. In the winter, a
     temperature-controlled skating trail attracts families and skating enthusiasts from
     Brampton and beyond to experience skating through the trees of this beautiful
     Main St. S. & Wellington St. W. 905-874-2300                   www.brampton.ca

     Donald M. Gordon Chinguacousy Park                                    Map ID: 29
     Donald M. Gordon Chinguacousy Park is under construction! This is an exciting
     time for Brampton’s feature destination park. Using equal funding from the City
     of Brampton, Government of Canada and Province of Ontario, $24.5 million of
     improvements and changes will be made over the next year, culminating in a
     fantastic new destination in March 2011.

     What’s happening? Improvements to the curling and tennis facility; expansion of
     the ski chalet; pond restoration; construction of a new playground and water play
     feature; upgrades to mini-golf, sports fields, running track and basic park service

     The park will remain open during construction, although affected areas will be
     closed to the public as necessary.
     9050 Bramalea Rd. (at Queen St.)
     For more information about access to parking and amenities, the formal gardens
     and greenhouse, please contact 905-458-6958 or visit www.brampton.ca.

     Eldorado Park                                                         Map ID: 30
     This park has been a public recreational area since the beginning of the 1900s.
     To this day, Eldorado Park remains a popular place to fish, walk, picnic and relax
     along the riverbanks. Eldorado is also home to the only outdoor public pool in
     Brampton. Please call for seasonal dates and hours of operation.
     8520 Creditview Rd. 905-874-2874                               www.brampton.ca

Community Forest                                                          Map ID: 22
Brampton’s Community Forest is an exciting partnership between the City of
Brampton and the Toronto Region Conservation Authority, with the generous
support of Trees Ontario, Tree Canada and the Region of Peel. Working together,
they are creating a forest along Etobicoke Creek, in the heart of the City. It will
serve as a showcase for healthy urban forests.
Located in Elgin Woods Park, on the west side of Hurontario St., south of Elgin Dr.
There is no parking lot onsite. Please park where permitted nearby.

                                                MORE OUTDOOR FUN!
                                                Be sure to check out the
                                                Play section of this guide
                                                for information on canoeing,
                                                fishing, horseback riding, skiing,
                                                skating and more outdoor fun!

.   Conservation Areas
Heart Lake Conservation Area
                                                Heart Lake

                                                                          Map ID: 37
2010 Operating Season: April 17 to October 11.                        (Ad on page 57)
Heart Lake Conservation Area is named after its spring-fed lake, which is roughly
shaped like a heart. Located within the Etobicoke Creek watershed, this park is a
popular destination, with more than five million visitors since it opened in 1957.
Parks amenities include a popular new splash pad facility, hiking trails, fishing,
picnic areas, playground, pedal boat and canoe rentals.
10818 Heart Lake Rd. 416-667-6295                                  www.trcaparks.ca

Claireville Conservation Area                                              Map ID: 19
A large, relatively dense forested retreat in the southeast corner of Brampton,
Claireville Conservation Area contains some significant heritage features
for the city. Claireville is a passive conservation area, preserving local wildlife
and natural landscape. This is an unsupervised conservation area.
New parking is available at the Hwy. 50 entrance, north of Steeles Ave.
Washroom facilities are not available.
Queen St. E. (Hwy. 7) and Claireville Conservation Rd.             www.trcaparks.ca
(west of The Gore Rd.) 416-667-6295

     .   Lakes & Beaches
     Professor’s Lake                                                      Map ID: 60
     2010 Beach & Boathouse Operating Season: June 24 to September 6
     You and your family will have a marvelous time at Professor’s Lake. A luxurious,
     man-made, spring-fed lake spanning 65 acres, it features well-groomed sandy
     beaches and is used extensively for canoeing, kayaking, paddle boating and
     fishing. Only non-motorized boats are allowed on the water. Other lakeside
     pursuits include a waterslide, beach volleyball and playgrounds. The recreation
     facility also includes change rooms, food concessions and second floor lake view
     meeting rooms. Professor’s Lake is part of a scenic trail for walking, cycling and
     inline skating.

     Beach entrance fee: $3.55 Adult (18 – 54), $2.55 Youth (17 & under), $2.65 Jr.
     Senior (55 – 69), Free Senior (70+), $7.65 Group of 4 (max 2 adults)
     Rentals: Paddleboats, canoes and kayaks available.
     1660 North Park Dr. 905-791-7751 or 905-874-2300               www.brampton.ca

     Loafer’s Lake                                                         Map ID: 48
     Along the Etobicoke Creek you will find picturesque Loafer’s Lake. A popular place
     for relaxing and taking photographs, Loafer’s Lake is a great spot to start your
     walk along the Etobicoke Creek Trail. Loafer’s Lake Recreation Centre, just beside
     the lake, offers parking and public washrooms.
     30 Loafer’s Lake Lane 905-846-2370                             www.brampton.ca

48                                                                   Professor’s Lake
.   Trails
The City of Brampton has three main trail systems that run north and south
throughout the City.

Brampton’s pathways set our City apart from other communities. You can
escape to a quiet natural environment or travel along the paths as your green
transportation route.

Chinguacousy Trail                                                      Map ID: 17
Total Distance: 8 km/length
• Sandalwood Pkwy. to Bovaird Dr.            • Bovaird Dr. to Williams Pkwy.
• Williams Pkwy. to Queen St.                • Queen St. to Avondale Blvd.
Surface:   Paved, lit pathways with benches and garbage bins
Facilities: Victoria Park Arena, off of Avondale Blvd. Public parking and
            washrooms available.

Etobicoke Creek Trail                                                   Map ID: 31
Total Distance: 14.5 km/length
• Mayfield Rd. to Sandalwood Pkwy.            • Sandalwood Pkwy. to Bovaird Dr.
• Bovaird Dr. to Queen St.                   • Queen St. to Steeles Ave.
Surface:   Limestone from Mayfield Rd. to Inder Heights Dr.
           Asphalt from Conservation Dr. to Steeles Ave.
           Paved and lit pathways with benches and garbage bins
Facilities: Loafer’s Lake Recreation Centre. Public parking and washrooms

Professor’s Lake Trail                                                  Map ID: 61
Total Distance: 11 km/length
• Peter Robertson Blvd. to Bovaird Dr.       • Bovaird Dr. to Williams Pkwy.
• Williams Pkwy. to Queen St. E.             • Queen St. E. to Avondale Blvd.
Surface:   Paved and lit pathways with benches and garbage bins
Facilities: Professor’s Lake Recreation Centre or Victoria Park Arena. Public
            parking and washrooms available.

Pick up your personal copy of Brampton’s Trails & Pathways Guide by visiting
Tourism Brampton’s information kiosk, any recreation centre throughout
Brampton, Brampton Public Library locations or the Rose Theatre Brampton.
Also available online at www.brampton.ca.

     Be active or simply relax - it’s your choice. You can take on a
     challenging round of golf or watch an action-packed game at the
     Powerade Centre. Try your hand at fishing or take a horseback
     trail ride. Brampton is the place for all ages and all seasons.
     Come out and play with us!

                            Sports Venues and Teams                     52
                           City of Brampton Facilities                  52
                                                  Golf                  53
                                    Horseback Riding                    54
                              Skateboard/BMX Parks                      54
                                   Formula Kartways                     55
                                          Laser Quest                   55
                      Skiing, Snowboarding & Tubing                     55
                                           Ice Skating                  55
                                 Wild Water Kingdom                     56
                                               Fishing                  56
                                           Chess Park                   57
                                       Movie Theatres                   57

Heart Lake Splash Pad
 .      Sports Venues and Teams
     Powerade Centre                                                        Map ID: 58
     The Powerade Centre now attracts over one million visitors a year. The Centre
     has four NHL size rinks, including a 5,000 seat spectator bowl as well as five
     baseball diamonds, three cricket pitches, a rugby field, outdoor ball hockey
     rink and a paintball park. With a 250 seat restaurant, luxury suites and meeting
     spaces, the Centre can accommodate any occasion or event.
     7575 Kennedy Rd. S. 905-459-9340                      www.poweradecentre.com

     Home to…
       Brampton Battalion OHL Hockey                       www.battalionhockey.com
       Brampton Excelsiors OLA Lacrosse                          www.excelsiors.com

     City of Brampton Facilities
     The City of Brampton has 12 arenas/fieldhouses and a number of soccer, cricket
     pitches, football and lacrosse fields, and baseball diamonds conveniently located
     throughout the city. Our customer service representatives will be happy to help
     you arrange space and time for your sporting events, meetings and other special
     events. Call 905-874-BOOK (2665) or visit www.brampton.ca.

     Victoria Park Arena                                                  Map ID: 78
     20 Victoria Cres. 905-793-7500

     Home to…
     Brampton Lions               CPSL Soccer                www.bramptonlionsfc.ca

     Century Gardens Recreation Centre                                     Map ID: 15
     340 Vodden St. E. 905-874-2814
     Home to…

     Brampton Thunder             NWHL Hockey

        City of Brampton Sports Hall of Fame

                                                                          Map ID: 58
     The Powerade Centre is also home to the City of Brampton Sports Hall of Fame.
     Our Brampton Sports Hall of Fame honours the history of sport in Brampton, in
     particular, those who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in
     the development of sport. For more information, visit www.bramptonsports.ca

.   Golf                                                                    Turnberry Golf Club

The City of Brampton features a wide variety of both public and private courses
to ensure golfers are challenged and entertained. From a short 9-hole course to
championship 18-hole courses, find the perfect place to test your clubs - whatever
your level of expertise.

Golf Courses
            Course                                   Facilities                      MAP #
 Brampton Golf Club               • Private club          • 18 holes                 Map ID: 11
 7700 Kennedy Rd.                 • Cart rentals          • No club rentals
 905-457-5700                     • Full pro shop         • Practice facilities
 www.bramptongolf.com             • Driving range
 Castlemore Golf & Country Club   • Semi-private course • 18 holes                   Map ID: 14
 3255 Countryside Dr.             • Par 70              • Club rentals available
 905-794-0201                     • Cart rentals        • Practice facilities
 www.castlemore.com               • Full pro shop       • No driving range
 Lionhead Golf & Country Club     • Public course     • Par 72 (both courses)        Map ID: 47
 8225 Mississauga Rd.             • Two championship 18 hole courses
 905-455-8400                     • Cart rentals      • Club rentals available
 www.golflionhead.com              • Full pro shop     • Practice facilities
                                  • Driving range
 Parkshore Golf Course            • Public course         • 9 holes                  Map ID: 55
 7797 Goreway Dr.                 • Par 36                • Pull card rentals only
 905-458-4433                     • Small pro shop        • Club rentals available
 www.parkshoregolf.ca             • Practice facilities   • No driving range
 Peel Village Golf Course         • Public course         • 9 holes                  Map ID: 57
 29A Hartford Trail               • Par 36                • Pull cart rentals only
 905-874-2995                     • Small pro shop        • Club rentals available
 www.brampton.ca                  • Practice facilities   • No driving range
 Riverstone Golf & Country Club   • Semi-private course • 9 holes                    Map ID: 63
 195 Don Minaker Dr.              • Par 35              • Cart rentals
 905-794-8483                     • Full pro shop       • Club rentals available
 www.riverstonegolf.com           • No practice green • No driving range
 Streetsville Glen Golf &         • Public course         • 18 holes                 Map ID: 69
 Country Club                     • Par 69                • Cart rentals
 1876 Hallstone Rd.               • Full pro shop         • Club rentals available
 905-451-9325                     • Practice facilities   • No driving range
 Turnberry Golf Club              • Public course         • 18 holes                 Map ID: 77
 10,100 Heart Lake Rd.            • Par 56                • Cart rentals
 905-500-GOLF (4653)              • Full pro shop         • Club rentals available
 www.turnberrygolf.ca             • Practice facilities   • Driving range
 (Ad on page 54)

                   Golf from $35. Driving range open 7 days a week.
     10100 Heart Lake Road, Brampton • 905.500.GOLF (4653) • turnberrygolf.ca

      Driving Ranges
      Brampton Civic Golf Range     745 Bovaird Dr. W. 905-450-8753                Map ID: 8
      Brampton Golf Centre          Tipflight Dr. & Edwards Blvd.                   Map ID: 10
                                    Hwy. 10 and Hwy. 407 905-670-5080
      The Old Pro Driving Range     2055 Bovaird Dr. W. 905-456-0072               Map ID: 74

      WWK Sports Complex            7855 Finch Ave. W. 416-369-0123                Map ID: 80

         Horseback Riding
      Claireville Ranch             Claireville Conservation Rd. 905-794-0700      Map ID: 19

      Creditview Stables            7734 Creditview Rd. 905-451-8654               Map ID: 26
      (English Riding Only)

         Skateboard/BMX Parks
     The City of Brampton Community Services Department, in cooperation with
     Sk8bike Brampton, maintains five skateboard/BMX parks. Equipment is inspected
     to maintain high safety standards.
     Hours of operation: Daily, 9am - 10pm (weather and daylight permitting.) For
     detailed information, visit www.brampton.ca/sk8 or e-mail Sk8@brampton.ca.
     Guidelines for riding in skateboard/BMX parks:
      • Helmets and personal protective equipment are highly recommended
      • All parks are unsupervised
      • Youth under 10 years of age must be accompanied by an adult

      Cassie Campbell Community            1050 Sandalwood Pkwy. W. 905-840-4041   Map ID: 13
      Centre Skatepark
      Chinguacousy Skatepark               9050 Bramalea Rd. 905-840-4041          Map ID: 29
      Jim Archdekin Skatepark              9292 Conestoga Dr. 905-840-1023         Map ID: 43
      Memorial Skatepark                   69 Elliot St. 905-874-2874              Map ID: 50
      South Fletcher’s Sportsplex          500 Ray Lawson Blvd. 905-874-2856       Map ID: 68
                                  LIKE THE THRILL OF RACING? Go to . . .
                                  Formula Kartways
                                  Experience the thrill of racing on the safety
                                  of a controlled indoor track. Open seven
                                  days a week, year round. Call to book your
                                  race time.
                                  79 Bramsteele Rd. 905-459-1073

                                  www.formulakartways.com                  Map ID: 33

    Laser Quest                                                          Map ID: 45
A fast paced game for ages 5 to 85. A high-tech combination of tag and hide and
seek played in a large, multi-level arena with specialty lighting, fog and music.
Group packages are available.

905-456-9999, 241 Clarence St.                                  www.laserquest.com

    Skiing, Snowboarding & Tubing                                            Map ID: 29
What an exciting time for Donald M.
Gordon (DMG) Chinguacousy Park! Under
construction for the 2010 – 2011 season, this
400-acre destination park will undergo major
changes. Our very popular Chinguacousy
Ski Hill will receive a brand new two-storey,
15,000 square foot Ski Chalet.

The hill will be closed for the 2010-11
winter season. A grand re-opening of the
                                                 Rendering of Future Ski Chalet
hill will be scheduled to kick off the 2011-    Source: City of Brampton and
2012 winter season. Please contact DMG          MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects Ltd.

Chinguacousy Park for more information.

9050 Bramalea Rd. (at Queen St.) 905-458-6555                       www.brampton.ca

    Ice Skating                                                         Map ID: 34
Brampton’s temperature-controlled skating trail at Gage Park attracts families
and skating enthusiasts from Brampton and beyond. Come and skate through
the trees of this majestic park, it’s a wonderful and unique experience.
Main St. S. & Wellington St. W.

WATER                                   WATER ATTRACTION
                                        Wild Water Kingdom, “Canada’s Largest
                                        Water Park” is 100 acres of fabulous fun
                                        featuring Dolphin Bay children’s area with
                                        “The Big Tipper” (the only double tipping
                                        bucket attraction in the world with 800
                                        gallons of water splashing down), Water
                                        Sprayland, seven children’s water slides,
                                        and the Dryland Playground
                                        7855 Finch Ave. W.
                                        416-369-WILD (9453) Toll Free: 1-866-794-WILD
                                        www.wildwaterkingdom.com           Map ID: 80

     .  Fishing
     Visit one of Brampton’s three fishing locations:
     Eldorado Park       Types of Fish: Trout, Bass, Chubs, Salmon (when they spawn) Map ID: 30
     8520                Admission: Free
     Creditview Rd.      Boat Rentals: not available, shore fishing only
     905-874-2830        Season: June – October
                         Hours of Operation: 9am – 9pm
     Heart Lake          Types of Fish: Rainbow Trout, Natural Bass population           Map ID: 37
     Conservation Area   Admission: adults (16+) $6, seniors (60+) $5, children
     10818 Heart         (infant to 15) Free
     Lake Rd.            Angling Fees: adults $5.30, children (five to 14) $2.65.
     TRCA                ** No Live Bait! Artificial lures are allowed.
     416-667-6295        Water Play Facility Fee: children (2 to 15) $2.50, adults
     www.trcaparks.ca    (with their children) Free
     (Ad on page 57)     Boat Rentals: Pedal boat and canoe rentals available.
                         Season: April 17 – October 11, 2010
                         Hours of Operation: Visit website for specific days and times.
     Professor’s Lake    Types of Fish: Black Crappie, Bluntnose Minnow, Carp,           Map ID: 60
     1660 North          Koi, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Sunfish, Rock Bass,
     Park Dr.            Sucker, Yellow Perch, Jumbo Perch
     905-791-7751        Admission: Free
     www.brampton.ca     Boat Rentals: not available for fishing, shore fishing only
                         Season: year-round, weather depending
                         Hours of Operation: no regulated hours, only for beach area

.   Chess Park
The Vivian Lane Chess Park,
located in downtown Brampton,
                                                                        Map ID: 79

is a wonderful way for chess
enthusiasts to enjoy the
outdoors, meet new friends and
test their skills.
Main St. N. beside the Beaux-
Arts Brampton gallery.

.  Movie Theatres
Take in a movie at one of Brampton’s three theatres.              www.cineplex.com

Cineplex Odeon Orion Gate       20 Biscayne Cres. 905-455-1778           Map ID: 18
Gateway 6 Brampton              5 Gateway Blvd. 905-792-2906             Map ID: 35
Silver City Brampton            50 Great Lakes Dr. 905-789-6797          Map ID: 67

     Experience Brampton’s shopping scene - from indoor destination
     malls, to big box power centres, to flea markets, to boutiques
     in our historic downtown - it’s your choice. Looking to buy
     something hand-made? Attend the Brampton Farmers’ Market
     in downtown Brampton on Saturdays from June to October
     (schedule in events section), or buy something fresh at one
     of our local farms and country markets.

     If you are looking for a wonderful meal to be prepared for you, dine
     at one of our hundreds of restaurants. You will be glad you did.

                                             Dining Out                  60
                               Indoor Destination Malls                  61
                                  Big Box Retail Centres                 62
                            Shop Downtown Brampton                       62
                                             Flea Market                 62
                             Brampton Farmers’ Market                    63
                                   Pick Your Own Farms                   64
                                       Country Markets                   64

The Bistro at Riverstone
 DINE                                      The Downtown Brampton
                                           Restaurant and Theatre District
                                           welcomes you with the Tastes of the
                                           World found within the few blocks
                                           of our scenic and historic heart of
                                           the city. (Ad on page 39)

   .   Dining Out
   Whether you want an elegant restaurant with a cozy ambience, a piano bar, a fun
   family restaurant or a quick snack on the run, Brampton is a city with great taste.
   Our dining establishments reflect Brampton’s urban lifestyle and multicultural
   influences. Join us for some Greek, British, Caribbean, Chinese, Indian, Italian,
   Japanese, Mexican, Portuguese, Jerk/West Indian, Vietnamese or Thai food. You
   can feast on all types of delectable dishes from chicken, steak, seafood and lamb
   to sushi, souvlaki, pasta, noodle and tandoori dishes.

   If your appetite leans towards more casual fare, visit our delicatessens, cafés,
   bakeries, coffee shops, pubs, bars, grills and small family-owned eateries for the
   best choice in everything from burgers to samosas. Indulge your sweet tooth with
   ice cream, frozen yogurt, smoothies or Indian sweets. Brampton will treat you to
   one satisfying encounter after another.

   For a comprehensive dining list visit www.tourismbrampton.ca.

Approachable casual dining and panoramic patio views overlooking Turnberry Golf Club.
         10100 Heart Lake Road, Brampton • 905.500.0918 • nine18.ca
.   Indoor Malls
Bramalea City Centre
Map ID: 7 (Ad on back cover)
Bramalea City Centre (BCC), Brampton’s
largest enclosed shopping centre,
offers over 240 national and specialty
stores and services. Newly renovated
and expanded, BCC features soaring
atriums, a relaxing décor, soft seating areas and ample free covered parking. An
additional 100 new shopping and dining options will open August 2010, making
Bramalea City Centre one of Canada’s largest and finest shopping destinations.
BCC. Evolutionary Style.
25 Peel Centre Dr., Dixie Rd. & Queen St.                 www.bramaleacitycentre.com

                              All that you want...

        Award-Winning All-You-Can-Eat Buffet


                                                         238 Biscayne Crescent
           Take-Out                                          905.451.2222
          and Delivery                                        (Hwy. 410 South of Steeles)

                                         Call for Reservations!
                         Enjoy o aviary with rainbow lorikeets and two amazing aquariums!

                                                Check out our online business
                                                directory at www.brampton.ca for
                                                a complete listing of all retailers
                                                and shopping opportunities!

     Shoppers World Brampton                                                    Map ID: 66
                                                                (Ad on inside front cover)
     Shoppers World Brampton has over 180 shops and services for all of your
     shopping needs, plus a 352-seat food court with 13 scrumptious eateries and
     free wi-fi service. There is plenty of parking and friendly staff to assist you in
     finding what you need.

     499 Main St. S., Main St. & Steeles Ave.        www.shoppersworldbrampton.com

         Big Box Retail Centres
     Trinity Common                                                           Map ID: 76
     More than 50 “Big Box” retailers are located at this centre, including the Cineplex
     SilverCity Brampton movie theatre.

     100 Great Lakes Blvd., Hwy. 410 & Bovaird Dr.               www.trinity-group.com

         Shop Downtown Brampton                                 Downtown map page 36
                                                                      (Ad on page 37)
     Spend a day downtown Brampton. Shop in our boutiques, have lunch at one of
     our many wonderful restaurants and enjoy some relaxation time at one of our
     popular spas.


         Flea Market
     747 Flea Market                                                           Map ID: 2
     73 Parkhurst Sq.
     Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 5pm

    Brampton Farmers’ Market
Every Saturday from
                                                                    Map ID: 9

June 19 to October
9, 2010, downtown
Brampton is turned
into a vibrant outdoor
festival marketplace.
Visitors gather at the
Brampton Farmers’
Market to buy the
freshest locally grown
Ontario produce,
handmade crafts,
preserves, baked goods
and much more from
over 40 vendors.

You’ll experience no
other market like it. A
portion of Main Street
in downtown Brampton
shuts down to traffic.
People of all ages
and ethnicity gather
to socialize, listen to
entertainment, buy
fresh produce or crafts,
and sit down to enjoy

Make sure you
take a look at “Art in the Open” located in Garden Square, adjacent to the
market. Members of the Brampton Arts Council sell watercolours, dried flower
arrangements, woodcrafts, garden ornaments, and a lot more…all unique and
handmade by local artists.
Main St. & Queen St., downtown Brampton 905-874-2650
Saturdays, 7am - 1pm (June 19 to October 9, 2010)

     Visit any one of Brampton’s great pick your own farms and country markets to
     experience family activities, fresh fruits, vegetables and quality goods.

        Pick Your Own Farms
         FARM                  ADDRESS                PICK-YOUR-OWN       MAP #
     Al Ferri and  8605 Heritage Rd.                  • Apples           Map ID: 3
     Son’s Country 905-455-8202                       • Stawberries
     Apple Store
     The Big’R         8672 Heritage Rd.,             • Apples           Map ID: 6
     Apple Farm        North on Heritage Rd.          • Pears
                       from Steeles Ave.              • Strawberries
                       905-455-8414                   • Pumpkins
                                                      • Squash
                                                      • Sweet Peas
     Carl Laidlaw      9496 Heritage Rd.              • Apples           Map ID: 12
     Orchards          905-456-2095                   • Pears
                                                      • Raspberries
     Green Acres       9266 Heritage Rd.,             • Apples           Map ID: 36
     Farm              North of Steeles Ave.
     Orchalaw          9726 Heritage Rd.              • Apples           Map ID: 53
     Farm              905-456-1879                   • Pears
                       www.orchalawfarms.com          • Pumpkins
     Quint Ferri       9156 Heritage Rd.              • Apples           Map ID: 62
     North Farm        905-456-1968

     Sunny Acre        9519 Winston Churchill Blvd. • Raspberries        Map ID: 70
     Farms             905-867-5629

        Country Markets
               FARM                             ADDRESS                   MAP #
     The Apple Factory            10024 Mississauga Rd.                  Map ID: 71
     Crawford’s                   2809 Bovaird Dr. W.                    Map ID: 24
     The Greenhouse at            8175 Winston Churchill Blvd.           Map ID: 73
     Maple Lodge Farms            905-454-5388

     Prince of Wales              9496 Heritage Rd.                      Map ID: 59
     Additional farms and markets can be found at www.huttonville.com
     or www.growninpeel.ca.

              OVE TO

V it b
       Over 250 stores and services. Just
       Over 250 stor and services. Just north of Toronto.
                   res       rv c s
Vi bramaleacitycentre.com for Stores. Hours. Events. Information.
         l citycentre.com for Stores. Hours. Events. Information.
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