RH Custodial Inspection Report by 259wUL



                                                           Custodial Inspection Form
                Location       U                       Areas                        Location    U                      Areas
1. Entrance                        Mats, Carpet                          12. Media Center           Furniture, Equipment, Desks
                                   Glass, Metal Surfaces                                            Walls, Doors, General Cleaning
                                   Doors                                                            Waste Containers
                                   Sills, Frames, Walls                                             Low/High Dusting
                                   Blinds                                                           Floor Appearance, Baseboards
                                   Corners                                                          Replenish Supplies
                                   Floor Appearance                                                 Corners
2. Lobbies                         Low/High Dusting                                                 Chalk Boards
                                   Floor Appearance, Baseboards
                                   General Cleaning                      13. Classrooms             Furniture, Equipment, Desks
                                   Fixtures                                                         Walls, Doors, General Cleaning
                                                                                                    Waste Containers
3. Elevators                       Threshold                                                        Low/High Dusting
                                   Walls, Doors                                                     Floor Appearance, Baseboards
                                   Floor Appearance                                                 Replenish Supplies
4. Corridors                       General Cleaning                                                 Chalk Boards
                                   Floor Appearance, Baseboards
                                   Water Fountains                       14. Gym                    Floor Appearance, Baseboards
                                                                                                    Furniture, Equipment, Desks
5. Stairwells                      Handrails, Walls                                                 Walls, Doors, General Cleaning
                                   Steps, Landings                                                  Replenish Supplies
                                                                                                    Low/High Dusting
6. Restrooms                       Dispensers, Hardware                                             Entrance Ways
                                   Basins, Mirrors                                                  Mats
                                   Floor Appearance, Baseboards                                     Waste Containers
                                   Toilets, Urinals
                                   Replenish Supplies                    15. Grounds                Sidewalks
                                   Waste Containers                                                 Entrance Ways
                                   Walls, Doors, Partitions                                         Pick up trash
7. Offices                         Furniture, Equipment
                                   Walls, Doors                          16. Exterior Windows       Glass Surface
                                   Waste Containers                                                 Sills, Frames
                                   Low / High Dusting
                                   Floor Appearance, Baseboards          17. Cafeteria              Entrance Ways
                                   General Cleaning                                                 Glass Surfaces
                                   Corners                                                          Floor Appearance, Baseboards
                                                                                                    Tables, Chairs
8.Interior Windows                 Glass Surface                                                    Waste Container
                                   Sills, Frames
                                   Blinds                                18. Teacher's Lounge       Furniture, Equipment, Desks
                                                                                                    Walls, Doors, General Cleaning
9. Lockers/Gym                     Dusting, Cleaning Lockers                                        Waste Containers
                                   Floor Appearance                                                 Low/High Dusting
                                   Waste Containers                                                 Floor Appearance, Baseboards
                                   Shower Walls/ Floors                                             Replenish Supplies
                                   Replenish Supplies                                               Fixtures
                                   Fixtures                                                         Snack/Drink Machines

10. Janitor Closets/ Storage       Cleanliness, Organization             19. Employee               Uniform
                                   Replenish Supplies                                               ID Badge
                                   Floor Appearance

11. Equipment                      Auto Scrubbers
                                   Mop Bucket and Mop clean
                                   Vacuum Cleaner

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