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					About Bob Marley Nine Mile

                                              Everything Regarding Bob Marley Nine Mile

                                               When visiting Jamaica's beautiful Ocho Rios take
                                               some time out of your vacationing, water sporting,
                                               fun in the sunshine, and exciting nightlife partying to
                                               check out the Bob Marley Nine Mile, the
                                               neighborhood that helped shape the life and career
                                               of one of the very most famous musicians of all time.
If you live not a particular fan from the man's music, you'll get an actual sense of what he

Many Bob Marley fans arrived at Ocho Rios specifically for this unparalleled experience. The
quaint village of Nine Mile is nestled an excellent source of magnificent mountains of St. Ann,
and serves not just as the birthplace of the legendary Reggae King (1945), and also where he
was laid to rest in 1981.

Fans of Marley have described the Nine Mile experience together that allowed them to get more
touching the musician's roots, to understand the depths of his lyrics, and also to come away from
it feeling a renewed sense of faith about what's most important in life.

Be sure to check out the small family house-where the Bob Marley legend all began. Some of
Marley's family are still there, most notably his mother ("Mother B") and Uncle Lloyd. The little
home is littered with photos in the renowned late musician, and you'll likely hear stories of
Marley's childhood and early musical career from his mother and/or uncle, as well as the guide.
You should also visit Mount Zion Rock (the famous Bob Marley meditation spot), the Fireside,
where he cooked many meals, and finally, the mausoleum, the King of Reggae's final resting

Discover quite sure how to go about touring with the Bob Marley community, try a Nine Mile
guided tour complete with an authentic Rastafarian guide (in authentic Rastafarian garb, believe
it or not!) who will take you through the village from one important element to the next, so you
don't miss anything and that means you can soak in the entire experience from start to finish.

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