BARBARA P. BUSH ELEMENTARY
                                                          PAW PRINTS
                                                           May 12, 2004
                                              MARK YOUR CALENDARS
May 13                    7:00 p.m.                 PTO Meeting/Kindergarten Play
May 17                                              Professional Development Day (NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS)
May 19                    8:00-11:00                Early Registration
May 20                    7:30 a.m.                 Banking Day
May 20                    9:00-2:30                 4th Grade - San Jacinto Museum/Park
May 20                    10:15 a.m.                Principal Selection Input Meeting
May 20                    11:00                     PTO Board Meeting (Rescheduled from May 6)
May 24                    8:30                      Special Education Graduation
May 25                                              Awards' Day
May 26                                              Field Day/Family Picnic
May 27                    8:30-2:30                 5th Grade - Bear Creek Park
May 27                    10:30                     Kindergarten Graduation Parade
May 27                                              LAST DAY FOR STUDENTS
                         WORD WEDNESDAY WORDS
Here are the Word Wednesday Words for the week of May 10:
K – addition, 1st - contemplate, 2nd – dilapidated, 3rd – patriotic, 4th – frugal, 5th – verbatim,
Ancillary - character.

Anne Patterson, West District Superintendent, will be here at 10:15 on May 20, to meet with parents
who wish to participate in an activity designed to get parent input into the principal selection process.
The activity involves identifying and ranking the skills and attributes that parents feel are needed by the
new principal at Bush. She will hold a similar meeting with teachers and staff members.

Any parents who are interested in participating are invited to come to the meeting which will be held in
the Multi-Purpose Room.

                                      AWARDS’ DAY SCHEDULE
Awards’ Day for students will be on May 25. The schedule for each grade’s ceremony is shown below.
                                      8:15                   Third Grade
                                      9:45                   Second Grade
                                      11:00                  Fourth Grade
                                      12:15                  First Grade
                                      1:30                   Fifth Grade

                                                     FAMILY PICNIC
The annual Bush Family Picnic will be held from 11:45-12:30 on Wednesday, May 26, 2004. Plan to come!
Be sure to bring something good to eat, a blanket to sit on, and an umbrella, or sun hat! The cafeteria
will have sack lunches available for purchase. The Family Picnic is a great chance for working parents to
use their lunch breaks to participate in a school event.

The picnic will be “sandwiched” in-between Field Day events for students. A full schedule of events is
                                      K                      8:00-8:50
                                      1st/Sp. Ed.            8:55-9:45
                                      2nd                    9:50-10:40
                                      3rd                    10:45-11:35
                                      LUNCH                  11:45-12:30
                                      4th                    12:40-1:30
                                      5th                    1:35-2:25

                                                    BOOK ROUNDUP
It is time to search out all library books! If your child has a library book from the Bush Library, please
look under beds, in closets, on the bookshelves, and in the dog’s house! We would much rather have the
books, than payment for the books. All books are due by Friday, May 14.
                                                    PLEASE SIGN IN
Our parents do a great job of signing in and wearing tags in the building. This is a real boost to our
efforts to provide a safe environment for students and staff members. Please ALWAYS sign in and
ALWAYS wear a tag when you are in the building!

                                            GRADUATING PARENTS
The following 5 grade students have parents who will be graduating from Bush this year:
Mrs. Butera         Mrs. Kershaw           Mrs. Larson          Ms. Peyton        Ms. Williams        Mrs. Powell
Caitlin Otto        Alejandro Pozo         Alex Rogstrom        Alexa Mayes       Andrea Siso         Ausha Thrower
Jacira Araujo       Behdad Shemiranipour   Andrew Nelson        Alex Eldemire     Anthony Steckler    Ines Arana
Jorley Rivas        Blake Adams            Brittney Johnson     Ali Momin         Caleb Echols        Jackelyn Fox
Mark Cornman        Christine Stoika       Cherrick Archie      Allen Sauer       Casandra Romhild
Mohsen Hamidivala   Eleni Stamatakis       Daniel Gracia        Cara Woodard      Corliss Bryant
Nicholas Riley      Elisabeth Berntsen     Dariya Yelemanova    Colton Shaw       Dana Fullerton
PoChen Chiu         Jose Martinez          Drew Scott           Deonte Moore      John Blair
Shawn Park          Keandria Thompson      Elicia Hawkins       Doris Reese       Jose Rodriguez
Stephanie Maddox    Langston Franklin      Jeniffer Martinez    Elyette Abrego    Kahlil Laurent
Tiara Mays          Logan Holly            Justin Phillips      Jessica Bava      Kathleen Gonzalez
Travis Clayton      Marissa Rogers         Justin Collins       Joey Almaguer     Natalie Corn
                    Michael Blowers        Kayla Jackson        Matt Swift        Parker Hood
                    Paola Jerez            Kevin Jack           Melissa Vega      Sarah Stapp
                    Patricia O’Brien       Naeim Tabibzadegan   Michelle Nguyen   Sarah Desegura
                    Shayan Marvasti        Nicole Daves         Tyler Thorson     Sylvia Fuentes
                    Yael Bonds             Nikita Viswasam                        Eileen Fritz
                    Zerin Marves           Samuel Velasquez
                                           Sevak Marout
                                           Shaquille Caetano
                                           Stephanie Brooks

We sincerely thank our graduating parents for the contributions they have made to Bush during their
tenure as Bush Parents. Our school and our students are a testimony to strong parenting and parental
involvement. Thank you for sharing your children and yourselves with us!

                                            ANTICS IN THE ATTIC
The kindergarten play, Antics in the Attic, was performed for all Bush students during the school day.
Every class has already seen and enjoyed the play.

The students will give a “command performance” for parents and adult friends on Thursday night. We
will have lots of guests, and seating will be limited. Please do not plan to bring young siblings and Bush
students to the evening performance.

                                                    CINCO DE MAYO
We had a great turnout for our VIPS Luncheon on Cinco de Mayo! The food, decorations, and fellowship
were all great! Thanks to our teachers and to the PTO Board for sponsoring this event. Thanks to our
volunteers for their time, effort, and energy throughout the year! Way to go!

                                                   LASER POINTERS
Please be sure that you purge your child’s backpack and/or make sure you are aware of what your child
brings to school. Laser pens, pointers, or objects with a laser beam are not allowed at school. Students
who bring such items to school will be disciplined in accordance with the HISD Code of Student Conduct.

                                                 NAME THAT BOOK
Name That Book members competed against 7 other schools at the preliminary competition on May 3 rd.
After earning a perfect score, they were invited back on May 7 th to participate in a competition with the
finalists of all the preliminary rounds. It was a nail-biting “sudden death” tie breaker against 5
competitors for second place, and our Bush team came home with the trophy. Members of the team are:
Kiely Alfieri – captain, Krystal Chang, Lenzi Daniels, Davis Kim, Akshay Patnana, Johnna Guillerman, and
Emily Davis – alternate.

                                           expectation: GRADUATION
The district is launching a campaign emphasizing that high school graduation is an expectation for ALL of
our children. You will see the slogan “expectation: Graduation” on newsletters, marquees, and district
publications. We all need to actively work to make our children understand that we expect them to stay
in school. We expect them to finish school. We expect graduation to be a goal for each and every one
of our children!

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