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					                Editor: Dr. Rhonda Furr / Assistant Editor: Christina Paz ’06                                         Vol. 8 Fall 2005

Director’s Letter                              Mary Ellen Spore                                               — Rhonda Furr
                       Greetings to you
                  from the new Director        The Miracle Worker
                  of the School of Music.
                  We began our fall
                  quarter with 86 music
                                                    For 18 years, Ms. Mary Ellen Spore has been the pillar
                  students. Auditions for      of the School of Music. Her professionalism, attention to
                  the freshman class were      detail, high standards, counseling skills, friendship,
                  outstanding, and we          patience and guidance has led faculty, staff and students
look forward to their contributions to our     through one successful year after the next. Her unwavering
program.                                       spirit, regardless of the countless tasks she was juggling at
     On May 17th, I participated in a          one time, amazed all who stepped into her office. She
“ground-dedication” for the new Fine Arts      might be typing a recital program, completing adjunct payroll, filling out a check
building with the Board of Trustees in
                                               request, answering the phone, dealing with a student about recital or forum
attendance. Subsequently, a new road is
being constructed with entry from
                                               credit, fielding questions from faculty, finding a vacant room for an adjunct,
Beechnut and from Fondren. This is a           sending instructions for moving the piano in Mabee, talking to a prospective
prelude to the groundbreaking for the new      student on the phone, and responding to a request from the Dean or Director all
building which the President hopes will        at the same time! Upon her retirement, students paid tribute to her by writing
happen this year.                              notes, delivering flowers, and showering her with a list of questions that she had
     The new building will contain a           answered time and again over the years. Praised by students, faculty, staff and
1200-seat auditorium with backstage            administrators alike as one that routinely accomplished the impossible, she is
                                               indeed a miracle worker.
                                                                          Born on January 5, 1940, in Elyria, Ohio, Mary Ellen is
                                                                     the only child of schoolteacher parents. Her earliest
                                                                     memories as a child were of air-raid sirens during WW II.
                                                                     Although frightening, she also fondly remembers summer
                                                                     train trips to the home of her aunt in Ft. Worth, Texas,
                                                                     during those war years. Due to gas rationing that prohibited
                                                                     long distance automobile trips, she and her parents made the
                                               trip by train which she said was “very exciting!” One of the coincidences of fate
capability, an orchestra pit, and even a       is the fact that I have spent most of my adult life in the state where I spent so
box office. The architects for our building    many happy vacations as a child.
also designed the Hobby Center                     Mary Ellen’s first introduction to music was watching the marching bands at
downtown, so we anticipate wonderful           high school football games. Her father was a high school history teacher and
acoustics. A 500-seat chapel/recital hall in
                                               also served as timekeeper for all the home football and basketball games.
the round will also be part of the new
complex, and its acoustic properties can                Timekeeping was done with a stopwatch – nothing high tech in those
be varied depending upon the event. It is               days! My mother and I attended all the games. I couldn’t have cared less
our hope that a magnificent pipe organ                  about the football game, but I loved watching the bands perform at
will be purchased and installed at a future             halftime.
     The Dunham Family Bible in America                                     One of her parents’ first major purchases after WW II
Museum and the Decorative Arts Museum                                   was a piano, and she began lessons around the second
will also be part of the complex. I                                     grade. I did not like my teacher, as she was either yelling at
encourage you to look at the mock-up and                                her children or yelling at me. Unfortunately, this
the drawings when you are next on                                       transferred into a dislike of playing the piano which I
campus. They are in the office of our new
Dean of the College of Arts and

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                 Houston Baptist University — School of Music

                       STATEMENT OF PHILOSOPHY

The Houston Baptist University School of Music fully supports, reflects and is
                                                                                                            Dr. E. D. Hodo, President
bound by the statement of purpose adopted by the Trustees of the University.
                                                                                             Dr. Brian Runnels, Dean, College of Arts & Humanities
                     VISION, MISSION        AND    PURPOSE
                                                                                                  Dr. John Yarrington, Director, School of Music
To be recognized as one of metropolitan America’s premier academic Christian
                                                                                           HBUpbeat is published each fall by the HBU School of Music.
                                   MISSION                                                 This newsletter is sent (free of charge) to alumni and friends of
Houston Baptist University, a Christian, liberal arts institution, prepares students       the School of Music. If you wish to be placed on our mailing list,
for meaningful lives and work, and for service to God and the peoples of the
                                                                                           write to:
                        Approved by the Board of Trustees, February 26, 2002
                                                                                                HBUpbeat, School of Music           Rhonda Furr, Editor
                                    PURPOSE                                                     7502 Fondren Rd.          
The University welcomes and extends its resources to those who strive for                       Houston TX 77074-3298               281-649-3000 x2306
academic excellence. The faculty, staff, and administrators are committed to
providing a responsive and intellectually stimulating environment that:
     •     fosters spiritual maturity, strength of character, and moral virtue as
           the foundation for successful living;
     •     develops professional behaviors and personal characteristics for life-
           long learning and service to God and to the community;
     •     meets the changing needs of the community and society; and
     •     remains faithful to the “Nature of the Institution.”                             From the Editor:
The University offers a broad range of programs and services committed to
liberal arts eduction that are designed to promote the growth of the whole
person. The undergraduate programs familiarize students with the principal
                                                                                            Dear Alumni:
bodies of knowledge, cultural viewpoints, belief systems, and aesthetic
perspectives that affect them and their world. The graduate programs provide
advanced educational opportunities to develop ethical and capable scholars and                  It has been a year of transitions here at
practitioners who can contribute to their academic disciplines and to society.              HBU. I hope that this eighth issue of the
The integration of scholarship, service, and spirituality essential to liberal arts
education is nurtured in an environment of open inquiry.                                    HBUpbeat helps connect you with us and
                                                                                            the many changes in our School of Music. A
                              Approved by the Board of Trustees, February 2000
                                                                                            second “retirement” for Dr. Robert Linder, a first for Mary
The School of Music faculty believes and recognizes that musical talent and
                                                                                            Ellen Spore, a new position for Dr. John Yarrington, a new
ability are gifts from God and that the School of Music has the responsibility
of stewardship with its students. It is also true that the student has                                      Administrative Assistant, a redesigned
responsibility for stewardship of his/her gift, and that the educational                                    church music degree program ... yes, it has
experience at Houston Baptist University must be a mutual effort to develop
                                                                                                            truly been a year of change.
God-given potential as far as is possible in the time available. The regulations
and requirements of the varying curricula are intended to help in development                                   My special thanks to Christina Paz, the
of self discipline, an absolutely necessary skill for all musicians which is
necessary to the development of potential and mature stewardship of gifts.
                                                                                                           co-editor. She was responsible for the
                                                                                                           Grace Notes section and several of the
It is the nature and position of the School of Music to offer traditional training
methods, as well as current technologies so as to present a challenging,
                                                                                                           articles. Christina is a senior vocal
fundamental education that will serve each student in whatever musical career                    Paz       performance major. She is a part-time
each is called to pursue. The curricula emphasize enduring styles while                                    church musician and is excited to be part of
equipping students to function in a wide variety of professional musical
situations. Additionally, the School offers exposure to music that is functional
                                                                                            the Houston Grand Opera Chorus for the 2005-2006
or entertainment-oriented in nature (the purpose and use of these types of                  season. A gifted writer and dependable assistant, her work
music are not questioned or negated, but their limited applicability is                     was invaluable. Thank you for your help, Christina!
                                                                                            Couldn’t have done it without you!
As its means of realizing the above University Purpose Statement in and
through its curricula and programs, the School of Music offers training and                     On a final note, this is my last year as editor of
experience to its majors that:                                                              HBUpbeat. It has been a wonderful eight years of being
•   present literature, theory, history and information about the art of music              the facilitator of communication between you and our
    that reflects the development of music over past millennia as well as current           School of Music. Thank you for your feedback over the
    trends;                                                                                 years that has helped us keep in touch.
•   challenge majors to develop performance, analytical, aural, and leadership
    skills that will serve them as musicians in multiple areas of service and
•   offer the opportunities to develop research, compositional, and writing                 Sincerely,
    skills that will stimulate and make possible continued study and learning
    for a lifetime;                                                                         Rhonda Furr, Editor
•   encourage healthy competition and cooperative learning in an environment
    of support and encouragement from both faculty mentors and peers;
•   offer opportunities for solo and ensemble performance with close personal
    guidance by professionals.
                                  Unanimous faculty adoption, 19 February 1996

SPORE continued from p. 1                                                    major musical event at my high school each year
                                                                             was a mid-winter concert featuring band, orchestra
                    never totally got over. Fortunately, her                 and choir. For those of us performing with more
                    fourth grade class learned to play the                   than one group, it was a major challenge changing
                    flutophone (a plastic wind instrument                    from band uniform to formal gown (suits for the
                    for teaching how breath and fingers                      guys) to choir robe in a short space of time
                    work together to create music) and in                    between performances.
                    the fifth grade, she learned to play the
                    violin. Through these two experiences,
                    her love for music grew, yet it was the               The number of musical activities
                    flute that captured her heart.                   during her high school years replaced
                                                                     all study hall periods and lunch breaks.
        One of my neighborhood friends played the flute
                                                                     Yet, as her friend, Carole Cummings
        and would let me try her instrument. I liked the
                                                                     notes, not all of her time was spent in
        flute immediately (what’s not to like about that
                                                                     musical activities.
        lovely sound!) and jumped at the chance to learn
        to play it when I entered seventh grade. I still                     Our senior year in high school
        continued with violin, but flute was what I really                   Mary Ellen went steady with a guy named Dennis.
        liked. By this time, piano lessons had thankfully                    On a prom date (I think it was senior prom), he
        been dropped.                                                        ran over a skunk with his father’s car. Naturally,
                                                                             her devoted clique would not let her forget this
    Other childhood music memories included trips to hear
                                                                             incident without a great deal of teasing.
the Cleveland (Ohio) Orchestra and attending her first
opera performance, Carmen, in sixth grade. During her                    Although she continued with violin throughout high
family’s August vacations to Ft. Worth, they attended the            school, it became increasingly clear to her that as a college
Dallas Summer Musicals. Mary Ellen recalled the                      music major, the flute would be her instrument of choice.
experience of these outdoor performances.                                Following high school, she attended Ohio University
        They were performed in the band shell at Fair Park           where she majored in music education.
        (no air conditioned concert hall), and I loved the           She loved the school and enjoyed most
        music, drama, dancing, costumes. Every summer                aspects of majoring in music, even
        we would go to one musical. Eventually the Fair              though this meant another four years
        Park Music Hall was air conditioned and                      of marching band. She also admits to
        everything moved inside, but there was something             having some of the same struggles as
        magical about sitting out under the stars on a hot           HBU music majors.
        August night and watching the performance                        I struggled with ear training and
        unfold.                                                          sight singing, and I pulled ‘all-
    Mary Ellen has kept in touch with friends throughout                 nighters’ getting my music history
                  the years. One friend since elementary                 papers in on time. While some
                  school, Carole Cummings, remembered                    things just don’t change, I might
                  great slumber parties and camaraderie as               note that I typed my papers on a Royal portable non-
                  they weathered the school years together.              electric typewriter!
                  I remember the summer after our                        For those of us that know Mary Ellen, imagining her
                  sophomore year that we took summer                 entering the men’s dorm her Freshman year to ask for a
                  school typing together and always snuck            sock is beyond belief. Yet this is how she met her future
                  into the auditorium with a snack for our           husband, Chuck Spore.
                  break, something that was frowned upon.
                                                                             During Freshman Week, I was on a scavenger hunt
She was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and I think as we
                                                                             with my roommate and had to obtain a man’s
have gotten older and live far away from each other, we
                                                                             black sock. That meant going to one of the men’s
have actually become closer.
                                                                             dorms and trying our luck. I came back with
    High school filled Mary Ellen’s life with an abundance                   Chuck’s sock. Although we did not actually date
of musical activities. She played flute in the band, violin in               until we were seniors, I had the sock pinned to my
the orchestra, and sang in both the church youth choir and                   bulletin board for my entire Freshman year. I
high school a capella choir during her junior and senior                     finally gave it back to him when I was packing up
years.                                                                       to go home for the summer. He has not forgotten
        People in Texas don’t understand that part of a                      this and takes great delight in mentioning it from
        high school band uniform in northern Ohio was an                     time to time.
        overcoat. By early November it was essential, and
        yes I did march in snow flurries on occasion. The

                                                                                                                continued on p. 4
SPORE continued from p.3                                                In 1987 her life took a sudden
                                                                   change of direction. After six years
    Following college, Mary Ellen taught public school             of university teaching, and 18
music for three years and carried on a “courtship by               years as an interior designer and
correspondence” with Chuck. He remained at Ohio U to               division vice-president for Sanger-
earn an MFA degree in interior and advertising design.             Harris, a Dallas department store,
During her first year of public school teaching, she learned       Chuck was transferred to Houston
far more about “life” than she had in all her previous 21          as part of a merger with Foleys.
years of life put together. Teaching vocal music in grades 1       The move was traumatic for Mary
thru 12 was a bigger task than I imagined possible. One of         Ellen who had lived in Arlington
my so called ‘music classes’ consisted of 59 eighth grade          for 23 years, had over 50 private
boys, some with juvenile court records. After “surviving”          flute students, children at UT Arlington and a community
the experience, she spent the next two years teaching              of friends. Although admitting to shedding lots of tears, in
general music, grades 4 thru 8, in Dayton, Ohio.                   retrospect, she notes she wouldn’t have wanted it to be any
                                Mary Ellen became a                other way.
                            “Texan by choice,” marrying                         We moved to Houston on Memorial Day
                            her college sweetheart and                     weekend in 1987. One Sunday I was glancing
                            moving to Arlington, Texas,                    through the want ads in the Houston Chronicle
                            where Chuck had accepted a                     and came upon an ad seeking a ‘part-time music
                            position at Arlington State                    secretary in a small liberal arts university.’ I called
                            College teaching interior and                  for an interview and as they say, the rest is history!
                            advertising design. During her                 I interviewed with Dr. Robert Linder and was told
                            early years of marriage and the                that there were several other candidates that he
                            beginning of parenthood, she                   needed to interview, but he thought the prospect of
became active in the music community of Arlington. She                     my getting the job was quite good. A week or so
joined the Arlington Music Club after the birth of Susan                   later the phone rang and the job was mine.
and two years later (while pregnant with Pam), helped to                Thus began Mary Ellen’s 18 year career in the music
organize the Arlington Alumnae Chapter of SAI (Sigma               office at Houston Baptist University. During the first couple
Alpha Iota, a professional music sorority). Both of these          years, she worked afternoons following Nancy McCreary,
organizations gave her the chance to meet other women              who covered the office in the mornings. When Nancy
musicians, some of whom were also stay-at-home moms,               decided to head to Lubbock for a year of advanced study
and gave her a needed musical outlet.                              at Texas Tech, Bob Linder asked Mary Ellen to take over
     Laurel Beavers, a long-time friend of Mary Ellen, met         the music office duties on a full-time basis.
her at a National Flute Association Convention. We grew                 Mary Ellen Spore was exactly what I wanted in a
close while enjoying concerts, Texas Flute Society meetings        secretary. She always thought a step ahead of me,
and solo and ensemble contests for our students. Her               anticipating my needs. She had an artistic spiritual quality
caring ways and wonderful sense of humor makes her a               that I adored. Her motherly instinct was re-enforced with
special friend. At this time Mary Ellen taught private flute       the foresight to be a sensitive counselor for our music
lessons in the Arlington Public Schools, a schedule that           students. She understood the mechanisms in place for
worked perfectly for a mother with two daughters. I found          the smooth running of the University, and she had the
the one-on-one contact with students through teaching              strength to deal professionally with off-campus factions.
private flute lessons far more rewarding to me personally          Mary Ellen is a ‘detail person,’ a quality essential for a
than teaching classroom music. Teaching flute also                 person in her position. Our mutual respect and deep
encouraged Mary Ellen to return to professional study, and         friendship grew through the years. I felt extremely
she studied with Claire Johnson, flute instructor at SMU in        fortunate to have hired Mary Ellen and reap the rewards
Dallas and Dr. George Morey, retired professor of flute at         of our outstanding contribution to Houston Baptist
North Texas University in Denton. As a professional                University. What ‘a winner’ she turned out to be!!! She
                            musician in Arlington, Mary            was the ‘Rock’ in our School of Music
                            Ellen played flute with
                            professional organist Charlene                                                — Dr. Robert Linder
                            Dorsey. Over the years, they                                              Former Dean of Fine Arts
                            performed together on SAI
                            programs, at St. Alban’s
                            Episcopal Church and at
                            Christmas gatherings at the
                            Spore’s home.

                                                                                                               continued on p. 8
                                                                                                                — Christina Paz
     With the arrival of the new school year, the School of
Music has witnessed many changes. Houston Baptist
University welcomes Dr. John Yarrington, Professor of
Music and Director of Choral Activities, into his newest
title, Director of the School of Music. Dr. Yarrington fills
the void left by Dr. Robert Linder who served as Interim
Director to the School of Music for the 2004-2005 school
year. Although Dr. Yarrington will be the first to admit
that he “never aspired to the administrative side of
things,” the HBU School of Music is very excited to
welcome his friendly presence, sense of humor and good
    Dr. Yarrington anticipates a good and productive
school year. During a recent interview, he expressed some
goals for the 2005-2006 school year, his first as Director of
the School of Music.
    At the top of his to-do list is to improve the process of
academic advising within the School of Music. Dr.
Yarrington hopes to install a more thorough and involved
process in which students and their advisors can truly take
                                                                         A warm welcome to Dr. John Yarrington!
the necessary time to plan not only the present quarter but
to also look ahead to the student’s graduation date.
    A second improvement Dr. Yarrington advocates is the
                                                                                         Best of luck!
addition of a full-time faculty position in Church Music.
The majority of the School of Music graduates go into
either music education, both in public schools and in the
private capacity, or into church music. In order to fully
prepare the students majoring in church music for a life
after graduation, Dr. Yarrington believes that the                  Director’s Letter
implementation of a church music faculty position would
                                                                                                           continued from p. 1
be most beneficial.
     One unique aspect of Dr. Yarrington’s new position of          Humanities, Brian Runnels BME ’81.
Director of the School of Music is his dual role as Director        Dr. Runnels is a graduate of HBU and holds a Doctorate in
of Choral Activities. Dr. Yarrington has a full load                Orchestral Conducting. He has wonderful experience in
keeping up with the responsibilities and duties of both             administration and is a welcome addition.
                                                                         We also welcome Kelly Crosby as our Music Coordinator.
titles. Yet, he is determined not to allow his new duties
                                                                    Kelly will be an invaluable source for information, and I hope you
interfere with his love of music making. He is very excited         will call on her.
to announce that HBU’s Schola Cantorum has been invited                  What can you as an alum do to help your school? If you are
to sing at the American Choral Director’s Association               close, I hope you will come on campus, observe classes, and
(ACDA) Western Division meeting in St. Louis in 2006.               attend concerts. I always have a "project" or two which might be
We congratulate Dr. Yarrington and the Schola Cantorum              of interest to you. Certainly, you can recommend our school to
and wish them all the best in representing HBU at this              your students and to families looking for a quality education in a
prestigious event.                                                  Christian atmosphere. I am as close as the phone (281-649-3027)
                                                                    or email ( and welcome your calls.
     Dr. Yarrington notes: Every year, I write on the board              I believe that the HBU School of Music has a unique place in
for the first rehearsals, ‘Singing is relational.’ I promise        the city of Houston not satisfied by any other school. We continue
each new group that I will always come prepared; I will             to graduate quality students who are singing, directing, and
always care about them individually and will expect that            performing in our community and beyond. Help us continue this
much from them as well.                                             mission!

   This credo will surely serve him well as he assumes his          John Yarrington, Director
new position as Director of the School of Music.                    School of Music

Gracious Donors
     The Kuisk-Scheuch Vocal                                                                                     — Christina Paz
Performance Award has become one
of the most prestigious awards of the
School of Music at HBU. This award
is given to a junior or senior vocal
performance major who meets criteria
including excellence in performance,
the intention to pursue a career in
performance and excellent academic
work. This award was made possible
by the generosity of its donors, Drs.
Linda Kuisk and George Scheuch.
    Linda and George have very
international backgrounds, yet both
have lived in Houston longer than
they have lived any place else.
     Linda Kuisk was born in                               Christina Paz with Dr. George Scheuch and Dr. Linda Kuisk.
Moengo, Suriname. Her parents
immigrated to the United States when
she was still a toddler, after the Soviet   serving in Viet Nam and Korea. After           music, especially classical music.
Union took over their country. Her          finishing his service to the Army, he          Linda studied piano for her own
family moved to Mexico City, but not        resumed his academic studies and               enjoyment during her college years
before becoming U.S. citizens. Linda        earned his PhD from Bowling Green              and was fortunate to experience
graduated from the American High            State University in Ohio with                  exceptionally good choral music
School in Mexico City and moved             concentrations in physiological                while studying at St. Olaf College.
back to the United States. She              psychology and statistics. George has          George has also always enjoyed music
continued her education at St. Olaf         been an adjunct professor at the               even though his wife jokes that the
College in Minnesota where she              University of Houston Clear Lake               only instrument he has any facility
earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in          campus, and currently designs                  with is a tape recorder!
Psychology and Spanish. After               instructional multimedia software for              We are honored to have Drs.
relocating to St. Louis, Linda              United Space Alliance.                         Linda Kuisk and George Scheuch as
completed her doctorate in Clinical
                                                 This fascinating and cultured             part of our extended community at
Psychology at Washington University.
                                            couple was introduced to HBU by                HBU. Their kindness and generosity
Her career has evolved from strictly
                                            friend and former dean, Dr. Ann                has been helpful to many and is an
clinical psychology to include school
                                            Gebuhr. Dr. Gebuhr recommended                 inspiration to us all.
psychology and she is currently in her
                                            that Dalma Boronkai (HBU ’00), be
20th year with Aldine Independent
                                            the vocalist at George and Linda’s
School District as a psychologist in
                                            wedding which took place on
the Special Education Department.
                                            October 10, 1998. The couple was so                          Past winners:
    George Scheuch was born in              impressed by her talent and beautiful
Washington, D.C. and being part of a        voice that they were inspired to help
military family, he moved quite             her and other future singers pursue            1999      Dalma Boronkai
frequently. Although he began               their careers. Although they do not            2000      Dalma Boronkai
kindergarten in Ankara, Turkey and          choose the award recipient, a decision         2001      Lauren Thompson-Shelton
graduated from Izmir American High          made by the voice faculty, it is their
School in Izmir, Turkey, he attended        hope that they can alleviate some of           2002      Matt Parker
several stateside schools and               the anxiety and expense involved in            2003      Matt Parker
universities in between. His                pursuing a professional vocal                  2004      Breanna Richardson
undergraduate studies were                  performance degree.
interrupted by the Viet Nam war, and                                                       2005      Christina Paz
                                                Both Linda and George enjoy
he spent the next couple of years

Thank you Dr. Linder!
                                                                                                  — Rhonda Furr

                                   After a 10 year hiatus, Dr. Linder returned in 2004-05 to
                                   lead our School of Music for a year of feverish activities. His
                                   action-oriented approach, fast-paced meetings, boundless
                                   energy and insider-information gathering left those of us who
                                   were here before - panting for breath - while the rest of us
                                   wondered if it was the Road-Runner or Tazmanien Devil that
                                   left us breathless in its wake. Yet, through it all, we were
                                   comforted knowing that a master-commander was leading us
                                   forward. Thanks for the fast ride, Bob. It was one we will
                                   not forget.

 Welcome Kelly Crosby - Music Coordinator
    Kelly Crosby, Music Coordinator    her current position in the School of    work with the
of the School of Music, HBU, is an     Music.                                   faculty and
HBU graduate with a Bachelor of            Originally from East Texas, Kelly    students. Please
Music, Church Music degree (2000).     has been living in Houston for 18        call or come by the
She has been on staff at HBU since     years. Kelly is “mom” to three           Music office to say
2002 serving as the Assistant to the   children, Keren (23), Caleb (21),        “Hello.” I would
Department of Christianity and         Candace (18), and Chris (16).            love to catch up
Philosophy and the Assistant to the                                             with my former
                                           I am thrilled to be working in the   classmates and
Dean of the College of Education and
                                       School of Music. It is a privilege to    meet the rest!
Behavioral Sciences before moving to

       Can you answer these questions about our new Dean of Arts and
       Humanities, Dr. Brian Runnels?

       1. What is his relationship to the School of Music?

       2. What was his performing area?

       3. What was his favorite class?

       Find out the answers to these questions and more on page 15!

SPORE continued from p. 4                                                  artist to use for private lessons, typing up a news
                                                                           release for an upcoming concert, scheduling a
    Asked what kept her at HBU for all those years, Mary                   recital with the Student Affairs Office and trying
Ellen shared several reasons. She explained that she                       to identify a Baptist hymn that some elderly
enjoyed being part of the educational process and working                  gentleman wanted to sing to me over the
with students.                                                             telephone.
        I had been around education and educators my                   Mary Ellen’s attention to detail and her dedication is
        entire life. It came very naturally to me. Then, of        legendary. Her contribution to the HBUpbeat was a
        course, if you are involved with education, you are        special gift to the alumni. After completing each edition,
        also involved with students. I enjoyed the                 the editor would bring the copy to Ms. Spore who could
        opportunity to relate to music students as                 always find details missed by the best proof readers. She
        individuals. That has always been one of the ‘best’        did the work of at least two full-time employees,
        parts of the job. Closely related to that has been         balancing tasks that would make most of our heads spin.
        the contacts I have had with prospective students              Mary Ellen or ‘ME’ (as she referred to herself) was
        and their parents. Choosing a school and a career          the voice of the music school for 18 years. She knew
        path can be intimidating. I always worked very             what to do and how to get it done. Often, in my case,
        hard to eliminate as much of the ‘scariness’ as I          she ‘saved’ me time and again. Thanks, ME for being
        could from this process when talking with them             there when I needed you!
        on the phone or in person.
                                                                                                         — Dr. John Yarrington
     During her years as secretary, Mary Ellen worked with
a large number of student assistants that helped her in the
day-to-day office tasks.                                               Her friendships extended across campus. She is
    Ms. Spore knew the answer to every question a                  grateful for all of these friendships, particularly during her
student or faculty asked and she was always very helpful           own times of personal crises. I learned too, that in times
and reassuring. I loved working for her because she was            of personal stress, these were the people who came to
very organized and patient. I will always remember Ms.             your aid and got you through the crisis. My mother’s
Spore as a genuine, generous, helping and very                     passing in 1999, following several months of deteriorating
determined, dedicated person. My heartfelt thanks to you           health, was a prime example of such support.
Ms. Spore for all you taught me and for all you did for us.            The University expressed their appreciation for Mary
We love you.                                                       Ellen publicly on several occasions. She won the
                                    — Dalma Boronkai ’00           Outstanding Employee of the Quarter in 1993 and was
                                                                   honored with the Ray Mayfield Staff Award in 2003-04.

     Friend. Mentor. Mom. Fellow musician. Cheerleader.
Mrs. Spore touched the lives of countless music students
while she served at HBU. My days at HBU were
enriched by her commitment to excellence in her job and
her dedication to my personal success at the School of
Music. The legacy of musicianship and excellence in the
life of Mary Ellen Spore will continue in my life and in the
lives of the students, faculty, and staff that have had the
privilege of serving with her at HBU.
                                        -— Toni Ruffino ’05

    She also enjoyed working with the music faculty and
other members of the HBU staff.
        What an incredible group of people! The music
        faculty’s talent and creativity made it obvious                 Mary Ellen is enjoying retirement with Chuck, who
        early on that I really needed to sharpen my wits           retired from Foley’s three years ago. She also enjoys the
        and my sense of humor if I expected to survive             role of Grandma to her five grandchildren. Retirement
        with that independent-minded group! It didn’t              also means more time for her hobbies of reading and
        take me long to realize that they worked together          gardening, as well as visits with her husband to museums
        well as a team, especially when it came to the best        and home tours. She plans to be a part of the audience at
        interests of the students. All part of a day’s work        HBU music events and anticipates traveling. My 18 years
        would be trying to find a room for an affiliate            at HBU have made such a positive impact on my life.

    The HBU family is indebted to Mary Ellen Spore for
the years she invested in all of us. Our Vice President for
Academic Affairs offered this tribute:
     Any college music student quickly learns who are the
facilitators, the enablers, the bridge builders, the
confidants, the counselors, the friend of students. Mary
Ellen Spore was all these and more. Her unflagging calm
and smile imbued all her friends with a confidence that
she was the miracle worker and could make it all happen.
And she did! Being a buffer between students, faculty,
publics, parents, and administrators is a trying
assignment at best. Someone usually looses out. With
Mary Ellen, no one ever lost out. She is universally loved
and respected by the generations of colleagues she
served. I shall miss her personally, and we shall all                  Roses were presented with these frequently asked
remain grateful for her extraordinary contribution to the              questions by students on May 3, 2005, during a student-
                                                                       led Farewell Tribute to Ms. Spore. The event was
University's history.                                                  organized by Toni Ruffino ’05.
                                         — Dr. Don Looser
                        Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Ms. Spore ...

                                                                      Where do I get a
               Can I look at your copy of the class                   process form?
                                                 Do I really have to write the program
                                                 notes for my recital program?
          I need the key to the
          band hall.
                                             What is my private lesson number?
   When is                                                                         Do I have to take an Upper
   registration?                                                                   Divisional?
                      Are the opera programs ready?
                                                                             What is an Upper Divisional?
      Do I have to take Music
                             I went to the George Strait concert at the rodeo.                 Can I borrow a pen?
                             Can I have recital credit?
                                                                                                Do I have to file a
                Can I borrow                  your stapler?                                     degree plan?
   Do I have to take
   Music Theory?                                              How many more recital credits
                                                              do I need?
                   Who else is performing
                   at Forum today?                                    Is there Forum today?
                                                                        Each year HBUpbeat will showcase a music
                                                                        alumnus. The alumnus selected for this honor
                                                                        was chosen by a committee.

Accomplished Maestro:
                                              Kevin McBeth
                                                                                                            — Christina Paz ’06

    Kevin McBeth envisioned a career in musical theater                  Kevin really enjoys his work with the Manchester
when he began at Houston Baptist University. He                      UMC. The chance to combine my faith and love of music
graduated from High School for the Visual and Performing             is most
Arts (HSPVA) in 1979 and always assumed he would “do                 rewarding. I share
the musical theater thing.” He graduated from HBU in the             my faith through
spring of 1985 with a Bachelor of Music in Vocal                     the music and
Performance. During his time at HBU, Kevin began to                  that defines who I
develop an interest in conducting. Conducting just took off          am.
for me; I discovered my strengths were focused in
                                                                         His passion
conducting. He gained invaluable experience at HBU and
                                                                     for music ministry
was given the opportunity to conduct both the choral
                                                                     work has been
ensembles and the orchestra.
    Kevin furthered his education at the University of               nationally. In
Houston where he worked towards his Masters degree in                2003, Mr.
Choral Conducting. Now, 20 years after his graduation                McBeth was one
from HBU, Kevin is an accomplished and nationally-                   of the top ten
recognized choral conductor and clinician.                           honorees in the
    Although Kevin has been “doing the church music                  Ministry of Music
thing” since he was 15, his first full-time position was with        Awards.
Westbury United Methodist Church. While at HBU, Kevin                    The awards
met Dr. Herman Barlow* (BA ’72 and former Vice-                      are given each
President of Development and University Affairs) who was             year to ministers
the director of music at Westbury UMC. Kevin started as              of music for
an intern but was promoted to Director of Music upon Dr.             developing outstanding religious music programs within
Barlow’s retirement. Kevin moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa               their places of worship. Our aim is to recognize men and
where he served for a brief amount of time at St. Paul’s             women for exceptional performance in the ministry of
United Methodist Church. From there, he traveled to St.              music. By focusing on the accomplishments of these
Louis, Missouri which has become his permanent home.                 leaders, we encourage and support the work of all
     In August 2005, Mr. McBeth celebrated his 10th year             ministers of music.
as Director of Music for Manchester United Methodist                                                       — Kevin Samblanet
Church in St. Louis. Manchester UMC is commonly known                                       Chairman of the Awards Committee
to be “the largest Methodist church in Missouri” with over
3600 members. There are almost 500 children, youth and
adults involved in the different music programs which                    In addition to his position with Manchester UMC, Mr.
include nineteen choral and handbell ensembles. The adult            McBeth is also the Music Director of the St. Louis Metro
choir alone has over 100 singers. The ability of the singers         Singers, an appointment he began in August of 2001. This
is exceptional and the rate at which they learn and improve          talented civic chorus was invited to sing back-up for Sarah
is such that it allows the chorus to perform impressive              Brightman on her La Luna Tour.
masterworks including the Mozart Requiem, the Vivaldi
Gloria and Haydn’s Creation.

* deceased
                                                                                                             continued on p. 14
                   G race Notes
                                            MUSIC ALUMNI               U P D AT E

1969                                         1972                                     1975

CAROL SUE COLE                               VICKI WILSON                             ELIZABETH BEESON
(Bond)                                       (Drews, Davis)                           P.O. Box 55436
P.O. Box 10536                               2704 Saint Andrews Dr.                   Houston, TX 77255-5436
College Station, TX 77842                    Belden, MS 38826                         713-688-3346
979-690-3010                                 662-844-0678
                                                        During the 2004-2005 season, Beeson
B.M. Music/English                                                                    School of Music performed at several
                                             Celebrating her 30th year of teaching.   retirement homes and churches. Ms.
1970                                         Currently serving as Supervisor of       Beeson also gave a solo piano concert
                                             Choral Activities at Tupelo H.S., MS.    at Memorial Drive United Methodist in
                                             Also sings with First Presbyterian in    February.
LEW KING                                     Tupelo and has performed as a soloist
102 Lowe Circle
Clinton, MS 39056
                                             with the Corinth Symphony,               1982
                                             Germantown Symphony and the Tupelo
601-924-6535                                 Symphony. Also awarded the 2005                          Outstanding Mississippi Music            ZVART MINASSIAN
                                             Educator Award from the                  (Kazandjian)
Composed “Praise God” commissioned           MMEA/ACDA.                               2119 Brinton Oaks Ct.
by the Mississippi State Young                                                        Katy, TX 77450
Musicians Festival 2005. Also                                                         281-492-8989
composed choral arrangement of “I
Earnestly Seek You” which was
published by Genevox Music in January        KARL R. MANGRUM                          Private piano teacher
2005.                                        5246 Woodlawn Place
                                             Bellaire, TX 77401                       THOMAS EMERICK
MINNIE MOSLEY                                Hm (713) 349-0947,             
(Pierceall, Moore)                           Off (713) 453-5151
217 La Costa Dr.                                  Just completed his sixteenth year as
Montgomery, TX 77356                              part-time Minister of Music at First
936-448-4027                                     Presbyterian Church of Ewing, N.J.
                                             Golf, and Guitar get                     1989
Currently serving as pianist at Walden       most of my
Community Church on Lake Conroe              recreational time; son
where her husband, Roy, serves as            Zachary married to                       LORENA UNGER
music director. Together they lead the       Christine West                           (Short)
youth department for grades 7-12.            Mangrum;                                 404 Gleneagles
                                             daughter Karley 2003 Graduate of         Friendswood, TX 77546
DR. BILL ROBERTS                             TAMU and currently attending SBTS in     281-992-1862
9801 Forest Grove Drive                      Ft. Worth; daughter Jillian graduated
Silver Spring, MD 20902                      from Bellaire High School, ’05.
301-592-8228                                                                          B.M. Ed. from HBU; currently working
                                             Working on Master of Divinity –          as COTA at The Pointe Rehabilitation                           SWBTS in Houston. Celebrating 35         Ctr. Also directs orchestra at Heritage
                                             years of Marriage to Cynthia Coufal      Park Baptist. She and her husband
B.A. in Music (voice and Music Ed.);         Mangrum on June 26, 2005. Currently:
Currently serving as Director of Music                                                Richard have 4 wonderful children:
                                             Associate Pastor (Worship and            Remington (15), Mackenzie (12),
Ministry at St. John’s Episcopal Church,     Administration), Treasurer Woodforest
Lafayette Square, Washington D.C.                                                     Katarina (9) and Donovan (4).
                                             Baptist Church
Active work as a composer, conductor
and clinician. Celebrating first birthday
of new grandbaby, Eleanor Ann
Roberts born 09/19/04.

1990                                     CHARLES (Chuck) REID                       1995
                                         Hebelstrasse 9
                                         68161 Mannheim
CAZANDRA CAMPOS                          GERMANY                                    TASHA MOSS FOX
(MacDonald)                              49(0) 621-862-4239                         315 Magnolia
9910 Villa Verde                                        Channelview, TX 77530
Houston, TX 77064                                                                   281-862-9588
                                                                                    She and her husband are associate
B.M. Ed. from HBU.                                                                  pastors at Lindale Assembly of God.
National Marketing Manager for                                                      Mother to two daughters, 6 and 3.
Hemophilia Options. Mother of Julian
(9) and expecting a new addition in                                                 TIFFANY HAMMOCK
February.                                                                           (Helmer)
                                         Chuck and his family recently relocated    Route 2, Box 2869
MARY ENA KEAN                            to Germany where he will begin a Fest      Jacksonville, TX 75766
(Kelso)                                  position at the National Theater. Roles    903-541-2417
13146 Kimberly                           for the season include Belmonte, 
Houston, TX 77079                        Ferrando, Tamino, Tito, and Aceste.
713-465-6841                             Chuck and his wife Julie are the proud     Currently serves as Elementary Region
                                         parents of Samuel (2).                     Chair for TMEA Region 21. Married
                                                                                    for 11 years and mother to daughters
1992                                                                                Samantha (11) and Eva (8).
                                         MARCY BAYLIS
MICHAEL (Mike) GAINEY                    3822 Oak Dale                              SHARLA L. ROGERS
P.O. Box 33398                           Pearland, TX 77581                         1524 De Walt St.
Fort Sill, OK 73503                      281-648-2202                               Houston, TX 77088
580-917-3992                                        281-445-1970                                                
                                         In addition to being a full-time mother,
B.M. Ed. from HBU.                       she also teaches voice and piano. Works    Awarded as Teacher of the Year at
Reassigned to Fort Sill, OK in           with children’s choir program at           Reece Academy and is performing with
March ’05.                               Sagemont Church.                           Opera in the Heights for the 2005-2006
1993                                                                                1997
                                         ERIC RYE
DANNA BARNES                             914 Richmond St.                           CHRISTY DUNNAM
(Dapkus)                                 Tallahassee, FL 32304                      12101 Cedar Gully
5014 Opal Sky Dr.                        850-224-3693                               Road
Katy, TX 77449                                             Beach City, TX 77520
281-550-4512                                                                        281-573-2830
                                         RUSSELL WOODS                    
JOE MACDONALD                            225 Geovanna Ct.
9910 Villa Verde                         Rio Rico, AZ 85648                         B.M. Ed. from HBU.
Houston, TX 77064                                    Mother to Carleigh (3)
281-970-6334                                                                        and Luke (1).                   Teaches band, orchestra, jazz and
                                         mariachi courses at Desert Shadows         KARL R. MANGRUM (See 1974)
B.A. in Music from HBU.                  Middle School in Nogales, AZ.              5246 Woodlawn Place
Currently serving as choir director at                                              Bellaire, TX 77401
Cypress Ridge H.S. and as music                                                     Hm (713) 349-0947,
director at Holy Covenant UMC in                                                    Off (713) 453-5151
Katy. He and his wife Cazandra (’90)                                      
are expecting their second child in                                       

1999                                        2001                                      LYDIA TATE
                                                                                      7623 Wovenwood Ln.
RYAN CLARK                                  SARAH CARRAHER                            Houston, TX 77041
308 Clayton St.                             (Laine)                                   713-896-1715
Grand Prairie, TX 75052                     5012 SW Malcom Rd.              
972-237-4686                                Lawton, OK 73505                 580-536-7741                              B.M. Ed. from HBU. Currently serving
                                                     as Executive Director of Sigma Phi
B.M. in Church Music from HBU.                                                        Lambda.
Called to Inglewood Baptist Church          Proud mom of two sons: Shawn
after serving for three years at            Michael Larry born June 5, 2002 and
Wedgwood Baptist. Moved to Grand            Charles Eugene Lewis born April 20,
Prairie in February 2005.                   2004. Pianist at First Baptist West in
                                            Lawton, OK.                               WAYNE B. MAYDWELL
SUZANNE NORMAN                                                                        11415 Willow Field Dr.
2115 S. Shadow Grove                        DONNA RAE FENDER                          Cypress, TX 77429
Richmond, TX 77469                          1046 Dominion Dr.                         281-894-5005
281-344-1009                                Katy, TX 77450                                             281-646-0881
                                                         B.M. in Performance from HBU;
Currently serving as music teacher at                                                 Masters Degree in Musicology at
The Westview School for Autism              Music teacher at Hutshell Elementary in   University of Houston. Currently
teaching music to two year olds. Also       Katy. Working on her masters degree.      working as Director of Music
grandmother to Grace (5) and Cade (1).                                                Ministries, Bear Creek Community
                                            2002                                      Church, as well as Teaching Assistant at
2000                                                                                  Moores School of Music, UH.
                                                                                      Daughter Ashley (bassoonist) made
                                            KATHRYN CHANCEY                           TMEA Texas All-State for fourth year
ADRIENNE WALLS                              (Kratz)                                   in a row in February 2005. Ashley is
(Fry)                                       7805 Rue St. Cyr                          pursuing a B.M. at USC on a full music
1803 Shady Glen Drive #2092                 Houston, TX                               scholarship. Son Chad and daughter
Arlington, TX 76015                         713-981-6928                              Victoria are both honors students and                             832-368-6961 (cell)                       perform in Bleyl Middle School
                                                     Symphonic Band. Son Luke (9) plays
B.M. in Church Music from HBU.                                                        piano. Celebrated 20 years of marriage
Moved to Arlington so that her              B.M. Ed. from HBU.                        to Kim in February 2005.
husband Wes can finish his masters          Anticipates applying to the doctoral
degree. She has been hired as a full-time   programs at University of Houston and
Assistant Choir Director at Martin          Sam Houston State University.
High School.
                                            JOSH HORTMAN                              LAURA C. HARDY
EVE WOODARD                                 Saint Louis, MO                           4418 Stanford St.
8006 Wind Forest Drive                      314-621-9397                              Houston, TX 77006
Houston, TX 77040                                713-528-4292
713-849-5433                                                                                         B.M. in Theory and Composition from
                                            HBU. Also earned an M.A. in               B.M. in Performance from
Teaches private guitar and piano.           Historical Musicology from NYU.           HBU. Currently teaching
Performs as guitarist and bassist with      Married on 12/12/04 to Jennifer           violin to children at Sagemont Church
local jazz and variety bands. Performed     (Puckett). Baby girl, Madeleine Lee       Center for the Arts. Also works with
with Houston Ballet in February and         Hortman, born 9/8/05.                     her father in their piano business.
March of 2004. Featured artist at Jazz
Festival in San Antonio in April.           ROXAN SILVA
                                            Houston, TX

                                                                                                      In Memory
                                            DOMINIQUE ROYEM
 426 Nottingham Oaks Trail                  306 Stratford St. #2                          DAVID ALLAN
 Houston, TX 77079                          Houston, TX 77006                             WILSON ’71
 281-788-6058                                                                                         (1947-2004)
                                            Attending University of New Orleans           David earned a
 B.A. in Music and Christianity from        for MM in Conducting. Acted as Guest          Bachelor of Arts
 HBU. Serves as Contemporary Music          Conductor with Houston Civic                  degree from HBU in
 Director at St. Thomas Presbyterian        Orchestra for their May 2005 concert.         1971. Member of the
 Church.                                    Currently a visiting student at U/H in        College Singers.
                                            the Masters in Conducting.
                                                                                          David loved HBU and talked often
                                                                                          about the friends he had there and the
                                                                                          enjoyment he felt for having been there.

ALUMNI SHOWCASE continued from p.10
   Other conducting credits include serving as assistant                Dr. Robert Linder, former Dean of the College of Fine
conductor with the St. Louis Symphony Chorus from                   Arts and Dr. David Wehr, former Director of Choral
1999-2001. Mr. McBeth has also performed three times at             Activities, were most influential in his career. Former vocal
Carnegie Hall, twice as a singer and the third time as the          faculty members Dr. Robert Reid and Dr. Eugene Tally-
maestro. Kevin conducted the Rutter Requiem in 2000.                Schmidt* also gave Kevin lots of encouragement. He found
    Apart from conducting and performing, Mr. McBeth                the smaller size and intimate atmosphere of HBU to be a
regularly serves on the board of several musical                    very good learning environment. Dr. Robert Linder recently
organizations including the Missouri Choral Directors               shared his memory of Kevin’s student years ...
Association (MCDA) and the American Guild of English                    Kevin McBeth never had to take a lesson in leadership
Handbell Ringers (AGEHR). He has also prepared several              because he was a born leader. He was an absolute sponge
of his choral ensembles for participation in both the state         as a conducting student and had an excitement about
and division American Choral Directors Association                  learning that was exceptional. I could turn over a
(ACDA) conventions. In recent news, Mr. McBeth currently            rehearsal or a concert to him and know that standards
represents the Southwestern Division in the National                would be high and that the musicians would be challenged.
Convention Music in Worship.                                        Kevin had dreams and has been lucky enough to fulfill
     I met Kevin McBeth through ACDA work and liked                 quite a few. What a talent!
him before I knew he was an HBU grad. We were in a                                                        — Dr. Robert Linder,
couple of seminars together, one in which I conducted and                                             Former Dean of Fine Arts
he was the tenor soloist. I worked with his church choir in
                                                                        Kevin has always been grateful for the learning
St. Louis and felt right at home. He gets good results
                                                                    experiences he received at HBU. The intimacy of the school
because he is such a fine musician and also really likes the
                                                                    gave me a chance to dabble before I found out what I
people with whom he works. Kevin is extremely talented
                                                                    wanted to do.
and fun to be around ... even if he is a tenor!
                                     — Dr. John Yarrington
                             Director of the School of Music                                                         * deceased

                                                                              he pastor will preach his
                                                                              farewell message, after
                                                                              which the choir will sing
                                                                        “Break Forth into Joy.”

                       From Choir Crackups - the Church Musician’s Book of Humor
                       Compiled by Dr. John Yarrington. Copied with permission of author.


         Dr. Brian Runnels, HBU Music Alumnus, 1981
                  Dean of Arts and Humanities

1  What is your relationship to the School of Music?                   with other students. I performed with concert band, jazz
                                                                       band (bass guitar), orchestra, choir, opera workshop,
                                                                       percussion ensemble as well as conducting opportunities
My faculty appointment is in the School of Music at the
                                                                       with the concert band and the Houston Civic Symphony. I
rank of Professor. Beginning in the winter quarter, I will
                                                                       loved the variety of musical experiences I had during those
teach one course per term. It has not yet been determined
what I will teach. John Yarrington and I will determine this
                                                                       5  Why are you excited about HBU’s future?

                                                                       I have very high regard for the educational experiences I
2   What is your performing area?
                                                                       had at HBU and for the future opportunities I was blessed
                                                                       with as a result. I believe HBU is well positioned for a
Percussion is my major performing area. Graduating from                future of significant contribution and influence in Christian
HBU in 1981, I earned a BME degree. My masters degree                  higher education. The students who come to this school will
was in church music and choral conducting and my                       benefit from a strong and dedicated faculty who will help
doctorate was in orchestral conducting. At HBU I took                  them move closer to reaching their current and future goals
advantage of many performing opportunities to both sing                and so much more than they can now imagine. That is
and play my instrument.                                                exciting!
                                                                       The University is working hard to raise funds for the
                                                                       construction of the Cultural Arts Center. This facility will
3   What was your favorite class?
                                                                       provide a much needed performance venue to the HBU
                                                                       campus. Phase 2 of that project will address instructional
My high school band experience was one that helped me
                                                                       space such as classrooms, teaching studios for music and
develop abilities in playing non-pitched percussion
                                                                       art, and other needs as well. Music and art disciplines will
instruments and timpani but did not include playing other
                                                                       have greater opportunity for interaction for a more rich arts
pitched instruments like xylophone or marimba. As a result,
                                                                       education environment. This will tremendously impact the
I entered the university still having to count lines and spaces
                                                                       way instruction is delivered on campus.
to name the notes so I could tune the timpani. Starting right
away in music theory courses could have been                           The city of Houston is a rich and active arts community
overwhelming but instead it was invigorating and                       with so much to offer our students. I remember the energy
enlightening. The world of music began to open up for me               of the coupling of my education at HBU with attending
once I developed more knowledge. I loved music theory and              Houston Grand Opera, Houston Symphony, Houston
still do. I also loved conducting and symphonic literature             Ballet, Theater Under the Stars, and other musical
courses in particular.                                                 performances, as well as having ready access to the
                                                                       Museum of Fine Arts and so much more. HBU students
                                                                       have so much available to them.

4   What was your best memory from the
    undergraduate years?
                                                                       I am blessed to be back to be near family in Houston and
                                                                       surrounding areas. And let’s not forget the Astros! I’ve been
I have many wonderful memories of my years at HBU. I                   a fan since the days of the Colt 45s. This is their year!
would say that my best memories are of the many and
varied performance experiences I had both with faculty and

                                     SECOND ANNUAL
                                                                              — Robert McElroy
 The Texas Music Educators Association meets in convention in San Antonio in February each
 year. An annual highlight of the meetings occurs on Friday evening when most of the colleges
 and universities of the state invite graduates for food, fun and fellowship in hospitality rooms
 located in the various hotels around the downtown convention center.
 Houston Baptist University participated in this event for the first time at the 2004 convention
 and we had such a good time – we decided to do it AGAIN! Robert and Marie McElroy and
 Dr. Richard Fiese of HBU’s School of Music entertained a group that included former students,
 as well as several current HBU students.
 San Antonio’s famous Hyatt Regency Hotel was the site for plenty of great HUSKY food,
 conversation, reminiscences and catching-up with old friends. The reunion for 2006 is already
 planned and details will be available as the convention approaches. Please check HBU and
 TMEA publications for exact location, but mark your calendars NOW!

                          HBU Reunion at TMEA
                     February 17, 2006, 9:00-10:30 p.m.
                                San Antonio
                                  Join Us!!

                            Join HBU for the
                          annual tour of Europe

Germany, Austria, Italy
          JUNE 2006
    Contact Dr. Rhonda Furr

       281-649-3000 x 2306
                                                   HBU students in Rome.

                           Keeping in Touch
                            WITH MUSIC FACULTY
 This addition to our newsletter will help you stay in contact with your former faculty.
       They would love to hear from you personally. Why not send them a note!

NAME                                YEARS AT HBU            ADDRESSES

Dr. Don Looser*                     1964-present  

Dr. Lew Zailer                      1965-1977     
                                                            2210 Woodland Park
                                                            Houston, TX 77077

Dr. H. Bert Coble                   1966-1967     
                                                            1505 Lyle Street
                                                            Lebanon, TN 37087-3111

Ms. Ruth Strittmatter               1968-1990               2910 Country Club Blvd.
                                                            Sugar Land, TX 77478

Dr. Robert Linder                   1969-1994     
                                    2004-2005               24 East Broad Oaks
                                                            Houston, TX 77056

Dr. Ann Gebuhr*                     1978-present  

Dr. David Wehr                      1979-1999     

Ms. Nancy McCreary                  1979-2004     

Dr. Robert Reid                     1980-2000     
                                                            810 Kellogg Street
                                                            Carthage, TX 75633

Dr. Robert Zwick                    1981-1995     
                                                            86 Creekwood Drive
                                                            Montgomery, TX 77356

Dr. Dan Kramlich*                   1981-present  

Dr. Sarah Rideout-Slight            1982-1994     
                                                            5873 Harrison Road
                                                            Venice, FL 34293-6835

Mary Ellen Spore                    1987-2005     
                                                            201 Vanderpool Ln. #24
                                                            Houston, TX 77024

Dr. Rhonda Furr*                    1989-present  

Ms. Kathy Cinatl                    1990-1992     
                                                            264 McBath Street
                                                            State College, PA 16801

                                                                              continued on p. 18
             Ms. Colleen Mallette                 1991-1994    
                                                                         6000 Lovell
                                                                         Fort Worth, TX 76116

             Mr. John Hendrickson*                1992-present 

             Ms. Melanie Smith                    1995-1998    
                                                                         24223 Baxter Drive
                                                                         Malibu, CA 90265

             Ms. Billie Hagemeier                 1995-2001    
                                                                         4613 Ridgepointe Drive
                                                                         The Colony, TX 75056

             Dr. Richard Spitz                    1996-2003    
                                                                         18007 Concho River Ct.
                                                                         Sugar Land, TX 77478

             Dr. John Yarrington*                 1999-present 

             Ms. Lynda McKnight*                  2000-present 

             Mr. Robin Roewe*                     2000-present 

             Dr. Richard Fiese*                   2000-present 

             Mr. Rick Piersall*                   2002-present 

             Mr. Robert McElroy*                  2003-present 

*Current faculty addresses:
     7502 Fondren Road
     Houston, TX 77074-3298

                                               In Memory
                                             Ray Fliegel (1918-2005)
            Ray Fliegel was recruited by Dr. Claude Rhea, the first Dean of the School of Fine Arts of
        Houston Baptist College in 1963. He was a member of the Houston Symphony Orchestra from
        1936, serving as concertmaster from 1946 until 1971, and remaining with the symphony until
        retiring in 1994. During his distinguished career, he taught at Houston Baptist College, University
        of Houston and Rice University. According to Dr. Don Looser, Vice-President for Academic
        Affairs, Mr. Fliegel brought violin students into his teaching studio at HBC and was responsible in
        securing a number of Houston Symphony musicians to teach applied lessons. During these years,
        the University benefited from his HSO ties, with guest appearances on our campus by André
        Previn, Doc Severensen, Andre Watts and others. Of Mr. Fliegel, Dr. Looser notes: His tenure and
        contribution was considerable and very generous. He was the most gracious man ever.

Departmental News

                                                                       Finally, we are pleased to announce that Schola
                    CHORAL                                        Cantorum has been invited to sing for the Southwestern
                                                                  Division of the American Choral Directors in St. Louis in
                                   — Dr. John Yarrington
                                                                  March of 2006. This invitation is an honor, as the HBU
                                                                  ensemble was only one of three other collegiate choirs
     The HBU Choral Department was extremely active               selected in the state of Texas. In addition, Schola was
during the 2004-05 school year. Three major choral                chosen to premiere a choral commission, named in honor
concerts were given by the choirs of HBU during this year.        of Raymond Brock, a former ACDA luminary.
The first program featured Dr. Daniel Kramlich’s Mass
with orchestra and soloists. The second was a concert of
spirituals. Student conductors Dusten Melear and Meredith
Hemmenway each directed one of the pieces. The final                           INSTRUMENTAL
concert featured the Beethoven Mass in C with orchestra
                                                                                                       — Mr. Robert McElroy
and soloists Breanna Richardson, soprano, Toni Ruffino,
contralto, John J. Worthen, tenor, and returning graduate,
Matthew Parker, bass.                                                  The 2004-2005 academic year was another time of
                                                                  dramatic change for our department. Mr. Robert McElroy
                                                                  completed his first official year as Director of Instrumental
                                                                  Activities and our outstanding applied studio instructional
                                                                  staff continued developing larger and more accomplished
                                                                       The skill, talent and dedication of our staff of affiliate
                                                                  artists continues the University’s tradition of providing its
                                                                  students opportunities to study with some of the finest
                                                                  professional musicians in the exciting Houston area. Our
                                                                  instrumental artists include Teresa Grawunder (flute), Steve
                                                                  Hoyle (woodwinds), Kevin McIntyre (horn), Dr. Dan
                                                                  Shipman (trumpet), Thomas Hulten (low brass), Lovie
     Camerata, a small auditioned group out of University         Smith-Schenk (percussion), Rodica Weber (violin), Mary
Singers has had an outstanding year and was featured on           Fulgham (viola), Greg Garcia (double bass), Kimberly
each of the three programs. Schola Cantorum also had a            Snaufer (harp), Eve Woodard (jazz guitar) and Mark
busy season, singing in the major concerts, as well as for        Moore (classical guitar).
the Blue Bird luncheon, the Junior League of Houston, the             The HBU Husky Basketball Pep Band is exceptional!
staff Christmas dinner at Grace Presbyterian Church and           Many thanks go to the men’s and women’s teams, Coach
the University Place Luncheon for chaplains and chaplains’        and Ms. Cottrell and Coach Brown for their support of our
assistants, sponsored by Norma Lowder.                            efforts and for the championship basketball played by both
     All State Choir Camp was held on campus July 18-21.          teams. What a season! We hope you will join us next
Over 100 area high school students learned music for the          season and support the Husky teams and the Pep Band! If
all-state auditions, assisted by outstanding High School          you come – bring your horn and SIT IN!!!!
Choral directors, the HBU voice faculty, and HBU students.             The Symphonic Band and Orchestra experienced a year
Dr. John Yarrington directed the full ensemble.                   full of great music-making. The string students’
     Dusten Melear is the first recipient of the John             participation in Rice University’s Campanile Orchestra
Yarrington Fellowship in Choral Conducting, which honors          provides them with excellent full ensemble opportunities.
an outstanding conductor and provides one-third tuition           The band produced concerts to the delight of our
for the year. This fellowship is given by Richard and             GROWING audiences! The orchestra and band combined
Candace Falk who are members of the First Presbyterian            for a wonderful spring concert in Glasscock Center. As is
Church of Houston.                                                tradition, the Symphonic Band performed for HBU
                                                                  Commencement ceremonies in February and May.
     Dan and Jane Gawthrop visited campus in May 2005
to greet students who participated in the concert of Mr.              A unique HBU experiment turned into a tradition this
Gawthrop’s music, sponsored by KUHF last year. Two                year. The Second Annual HBU Invitational Two-Year
commissioned works were premiered during that concert,            College Band Festival was held in January 2005. Band
First Light, written for the Schola Cantorum, and Come, O         students from several two-year colleges in Texas came to
Thou Traveler, Unknown, for the combined choirs and the           HBU for a day of rehearsals, tours of the campus and a
Ft. Bend Boys Choir.                                              public concert that evening. The students combined to

Departmental News

provide approximately 75 players who performed several
challenging and demanding works for band (including
                                                                                  VOCAL STUDIES
compositions by Hindemith, Hanson, Williams, Lauridsen,                                                     — Ms. Lynda McKnight
Sousa, etc.)
     The Instrumental Department was blessed (as was the                The Department of Vocal Studies had a banner year in
entire College) to have Dr. Robert Linder with us this year.        2004-2005. From the opening convocation to the final
Countless areas of School of Music were improved and                concert of the year, voice students stayed busy and found
will continue to be enhanced by measures that he helped             growth and success through their endeavors.
set in place during his short year with us. Our thanks go to
him for his devotion to the music program and especially                One of the highlights of the Fall Quarter was our
to the instrumental division.                                       annual participation in the National Association of
                                                                    Teachers of Singing Texoma Regional Conference and
    The 2005-2006 year will see even more excitement in             Competition. Hosted this year by the University of North
the department. Recruitment is going to have a major                Texas, 16 students, two staff accompanists and three
impact this next year on our growth and especially on our           faculty attended the event held in Denton on November 11
performance standards. Juries, recitals and performances in         – 13. Four HBU students and one alumna were selected as
general will soar to new levels of accomplishment. HBU is           semi-finalists. They were Erika Zieschang, Breanna
the PLACE to BE with our increased enrollment, new                  Richardson, Christina Paz, Nerissa Rawls, and Rachael
Dean of the College (HBU instrumental music graduate –              Castillo.
Dr. Brian Runnels), and new Director of the School of
Music (our own Dr. John Yarrington). It is indeed a great
time to be at HBU!
     If you know any students who would be interested in
instrumental music studies at HBU (especially as
preparation for a career in music education), please
encourage them to contact the College (281/649-3338) or
Mr. McElroy directly ( Exciting things
are happening at HBU! Thank you in advance for your
continued support.

                  KEYBOARD                                             (l-r) Nerissa Rawls, Rachel Mixon, Erika Zieschang,
                                                                       Rajiv Kumar, Spring ’05 opera production of Hansel
                                   — Mr. John Hendrickson              and Gretal.

    The Piano Department was pleased to present their                    Also in November, 10 students, led by department
newly restored Hamburg Steinway in Mabee Theater last               chair Lynda Keith McKnight, traveled to New York City
season. Restoration included new hammers, strings, and              for a five day field trip offered as part of the Senior
regulation, and made an already beautiful instrument even           Seminar in Opera Literature, taught by McKnight. This
better. HBU can boast of one of the finest concert grand            course, which is scheduled every other year, introduces
pianos anywhere.                                                    students to the world of opera, and included “watching
                                                                    parties” for viewing opera productions on DVD and
     Alfonso Montecino, pianist, visited our campus in the
                                                                    subsequent discussion groups. Highlights of the New York
fall for several master classes in piano and in composition.
                                                                    trip were performances at the Metropolitan Opera of
Mr. Montecino, Professor Emeritus for over 40 years at
                                                                    Puccini’s La Bohéme and Wagner’s Tannhauser;
Indiana University, is a friend and mentor of Dr. Ann
                                                                    performances of Cinderella at New York City Opera; and a
Gebuhr while she was a student at IU.
                                                                    revival of Bernstein’s Wonderful Town on Broadway.
    The organ area at HBU instituted a scholarship                  Earlier in the quarter students from the class were the
program this year for high school juniors and seniors.              guests of Houston Grand Opera at a final orchestra dress
After auditions, four pupils were accepted into the                 rehearsal of Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, which they viewed
program that provides a year of class organ for its                 from both audience and backstage perspectives. They were
recipients. Students of organ at HBU enjoy lessons on the           also given an extensive tour of the opera house’s backstage,
great 74-rank Aeolian-Skinner pipe organ at First                   technical, rehearsal and production areas by HGO
Presbyterian Church.
education director Gary Gibb. Students also attended a                 •   Choral Literature
performance of Verdi’s La Traviata at Houston’s Opera in                   Surveys the wealth of choral literature; examine the
the Heights, which was directed by Lynda McKnight.                         church's song as it has evolved from chorale through
    Throughout the year, students were occupied with                       anthem, cantata and oratorio with specific emphasis
student recitals, both as participants and audience                        on developing a library of suitable works, many of
members. Eight students offered Junior Recitals, two                       whom are smaller, more practical songs and
offered Senior Recitals, and one offered an Alumna Recital.                anthems for weekly use; contemporary trends in the
Students were also heard as soloists in all of the choral                  church's song also addressed
concerts presented throughout the year, and student soloists           •   Christian Worship and Music
were featured in the Spring Concert performing
Beethoven’s Mass in C.                                                     Surveys the practice of worship and music from
                                                                           Biblical times through contemporary worship;
     Through the generosity of two of our most dedicated                   provides practice in planning and leading worship;
patrons, Drs. George Scheuch and Linda Kuisk, a                            on-site class participation in several worship services
scholarship is presented annually to an outstanding voice                  included
major. The student must be a junior or senior and have at
least one year remaining at HBU. This year’s recipient was
Christina Paz.                                                      Skill-based courses teach applied practices needed in the
                                                                       •   Technical Skills for the Church Musician
              CHURCH MUSIC                                                 Designed to aid the skill set needs of the students
                                                                           enrolled; areas explored may include the church
                                         — Dr. Rhonda Furr                 organ, handbells, keyboards, multi-media and
                                                                           computer technology (including music writing
                                                                           programs), sound systems and mic techniques
    HBU is pleased to announce significant changes to the              •   Church Music Leadership
church music program. In an effort to present a balanced
curriculum that includes both historical and contemporary                  Study of contemporary approaches to the planning
practices of church music, the School of Music created new                 for and leading of music ministry programs in
courses and restructured or replaced most of the courses                   churches, including differing worship styles;
within the degree. While acknowledging that traditional                    significant contact with professionals in the field and
hymnody is an important part of today’s worship, the new                   study competencies needed in administration and
church music program also includes training in the most                    leadership; unique skills required for planning and
recent trends in worship                                                   leading music in worship from Liturgical to
                                                                           Contemporary traditions addressed
    The new curriculum includes two types of courses, all
of which include both historical practice and contemporary             •   Choral Arranging
practices of church music.                                                 Practical study of the techniques of arranging music
Foundational courses provide historical and philosophical                  for worship in the 21st century; study will include
study and analysis:                                                        choral arranging for traditional choirs and creating
                                                                           arrangements for Contemporary Worship Music.
   •   Foundations of Music Ministry                                       Writing and reading chord charts included
       Assists the student in developing a philosophy of               •   Internship in Church Music
       music that is applicable to all styles of worship
                                                                           Work in supervised music ministry program
   •   Congregational Song
                                                                       •   Vocal Techniques for Children and Youth
       Surveys the great heritage of hymnody, spiritual
       songs, and contemporary Christian worship music;                    Included in curriculum, although not one of the
       course focuses on the texts and music of                            cognate courses
       congregational song from a historical and cultural
       perspective, including recent trends in this unique
       expression of corporate worship

Faculty Update
                     Rhonda Furr, professor, has been active        baritone and Mr. Hendrickson collaborated in May with a
                both in the community and on campus                 recital with both vocal repertoire and piano works. Their
                during the 2004-2005 academic year. She             recital will be performed again September 17th in Duncan
                was named permanent organist for First              Recital Hall at the Shepherd School of Music as part of Mr.
                Presbyterian Church in Houston where she            Piersall’s Doctoral degree requirements at Rice University.
                has enjoyed working with FPC Choral                 Over the summer, Mr. Hendrickson along with his
                Director, John Yarrington. During the year,         colleagues Dr. Dan Kramlich, Rodica Weber (violin) and
she accompanied several major choral concerts and                   Jeffrey Butler (cello) had another successful Chamber
programs. She has been extremely busy at HBU where she              Music Institute in June.
edited and published the sixth (and now seventh) issue of
                                                                       Mr. Hendrickson is planning a recital at HBU before
HBUpbeat — the Music Alumni Newsletter, compiled Clef
                                                                    Christmas with a Russian program including works by
Notes — the School of Music’s journal for outstanding
                                                                    Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, and Stravinsky.
papers, served as faculty sponsor for Sigma Phi Lambda,
planned and led the summer 2005 Academic Tour of Spain
and France, presented a program on hymnody to the HBU                    Daniel Kramlich, associate professor,
Retirees’ Association and spoke in Convocation on prayer.           was promoted to full Professor. His
The year has been one of relief, recovery and celebration in        compositions were performed numerous
the safe return of her son from Iraq. She has enjoyed               times including his Mass for Chorus and
having the same University breaks and vacation schedule as          Orchestra, Cantate Domino (SATB), Sweet
her husband, Dr. James Furr, who was hired as a member              Hour of Prayer, Gate of the Lord (for SATB
of the Christianity faculty.                                        and Brass Quintet), and others. In addition, he adjudicated
                                                                    at several competitions and festivals, including UIL Solo &
                                                                    Ensemble at Katy H.S. and Gold Cup Festival in Houston.
                     Ann Gebuhr, professor, presented a
                                                                    Dr. Kramlich is currently working on the production of a
                lecture series on Hildegard von Bingen,
                                                                    concert of new music to be held at the studio space of
                spoke and had a composition performed at
                                                                    sculptor David Adickes in October.
                the Indiana University 80th birthday
                celebration for Alfonso Montecino,
                presented a lecture on her opera Bonhoeffer
                at the National Opera Association meeting
                                                                        Robert McElroy, assistant professor, has
in NYC, presented a session on Hildegard von Bingen for
                                                                    completed his first official year at HBU. He
St. Mark’s Episcopal First Tuesday lecture series, and
                                                                    served the previous year as interim director.
completed a sabbatic leave to write Mass for Peace, a work
                                                                    Enrollment in the Symphonic Band has
that will be premiered in the coming Spring. She also
                                                                    doubled with 40 musicians in the ensemble.
received an invitation to present a performance/lecture at
                                                                    The quality of the orchestra continues to
the Rothko Chapel for the Image Conference in November
                                                                    improve. Mr. McElroy anticipates that the
and completed a commission from the Foundation for
                                                                    enrollment will continue to grow.
Universal Sacred Music (premiere performance in NYC in
October), Pax Vobiscum for eight-part choir, organ and                   McElroy’s Houston Symphonic Band experiences
bells.                                                              continuing success. The group performs regularly in the
                                                                    Houston and Southeast Texas area. The high points of this
                                                                    season have included concerts with Col. Alan Bonner
                     John Hendrickson, associate professor,         (USAF, ret.), Francis McBeth (May 20, 2005), Robert
                opened last season with a duo concert in            Sheldon (July 21, 2005) and an unprecedented fourth
                September with John and his wife Patricia,          invitation to perform for the Texas Bandmasters
                soprano. Mr. Hendrickson attests that their         Association convention in San Antonio on July 23, 2005.
                relationship was “love at first gig.” The
                                                                         Robert’s proudest new recruit for the HBU program is
                two celebrated their Silver Anniversary in
                                                                    his stepson, Steven. Steven (a wonderful horn player) will
August. Next year, they look forward to their daughter
                                                                    study with Kevin McIntyre. Robert and Marie (his wife)
Celeste (a soprano like her mother) being enrolled as a
                                                                    traveled to the People’s Republic of China last summer on
music major at HBU.
                                                                    a preview tour that the Houston Symphonic Band will take
     Mr. Hendrickson performed in several chamber and               in June of 2007.
ensemble programs. His trio Tre Voci had two important
concerts last year, one at HBU and the other in San Juan,
Puerto Rico. John and his wife were fortunate to return to
San Juan later again to perform. Mr. Rick Piersall,

Faculty Update

                     Lynda K. McKnight, assistant professor,         Chorale at the Centrum in Spring, TX. While serving as
                 adjudicated at Texas State Solo and                 music and worship associate at Kingsland Baptist Church,
                 Ensemble Competition, performed in two              Mr. Roewe presented seminars in vocal health during the
                 concerts in the Dedication Concert Series,          annual music ministry conference, toured the United
                 Mirtha G. Dunn Interfaith Chapel,                   Kingdom on a fourteen day mission trip with
                 Memorial-Hermann Hospital, was Stage                approximately 40 members of Kingsland’s choir, orchestra
                 Director for La Traviata at Opera in the            and band, attended the Saddleback music and worship
Heights, Houston, and presented a Recital/Masterclass at             conference, and lead worship for Kingsland’s family camp
Strake Jesuit/St. Agnes Academy. She was also a soloist for          at Shepherd of the Ozarks. Mr. Roewe also appeared as a
the HBU Winter Choral Concert, directed and produced                 guest soloist with several church music ministries in the
both the Winter Opera Gala and Spring production,                    greater Houston area and attended a church music
including six performances at schools and churches. She              symposium at Baylor University.
was also active in the community and in her church with
volunteer projects and fundraising events.
                                                                          Dr. John Yarrington, professor, was the
                                                                     clinician for the Florida American Choral
                   Richard Piersall, assistant professor, was        Director's meeting in November with the
               admitted to the Rice University DMA                   topic: Working with Vocalists and
               program under full fellowship. He also                Instrumentalists. Yarrington was also guest
               presented the following performances: bass            director for the second time at the Ft. Bend
               soloist with Houston Chamber Choir for                Messiah, featuring choirs from the district,
               Haydn’s Creation, bass soloist with the Rice          the Austin High School Orchestra, and auditioned soloists.
               Chorale for Rossini’s Stabat Mater, sang the          In January, he participated in a seminar in New York, led
part of Jesus with the Houston Bach Society in Bach’s St.            by composer, Alice Parker.
Johannes Passion, soloist for Mozart Concert with Hans                    Two children's anthems have been published by
Graf conducting the Rice Symphony, bass soloist with the             MoringStar Press: Sing Praise and Hallelujah and All
Kingwood Musical Arts Society for Rossini’s Stabat Mater,            Things Bright and Musical. Three new adult anthems are
and presented a faculty recital with John Hendrickson. He            in the James Jordan Choral Series with G.I.A. and are in
served on the Visiting Committee for Music for Abilene               production.
Christian University and received the Professional Studies
Certificate in Opera from Temple University. He and his                  Yarrington continues his work with the Chancel Choir
wife, Pamela, celebrated the first birthday of their daughter        of the First Presbyterian Church of Houston. The choir
Anlyn Mélodie Christine in September.                                made a fifteen day trip to Romania and Hungary in the
                                                                     summer 2004 with 14 HBU students joining the choir as
                                                                     scholarship students.
                  Robin Roewe, assistant professor, sang                 On campus, Yarrington serves as Faculty Athletic
              the role of Uriel in Haydn’s Creation with             Representative, actively involving himself in basketball,
              the Houston Chamber Choir. He also                     volleyball, softball and baseball. He is also Faculty
              performed the roles of Obadiah and Ahab                Advisor to Kappa Alpha fraternity.
              in Mendelssohn’s Elijah, with both the
              Baylor Symphony and choral union for the
              Baylor President’s Concert, and the Sam
Houston State University Symphony and choral union in a
joint performance with the Cypress Creek Community

                                                HBU School of Music Concert Schedule
                                                                2005 – 2006

                            Saturday, September 17         8 p.m., Faculty Recital, Richard Piersall, baritone
                                                           Duncan Recital Hall, Rice University
                            Sunday, September 18           5 p.m., Faculty Recital, Dr. Rhonda Furr, organ
                                                           First Presbyterian Church, 5300 South Main
                            Thursday, November 3           8 p.m., Fall Choral Concert
                                                           Grace Presbyterian Church, 10221 Ella Lee
                            Wednesday, December 14         6 p.m., Christmas Worship Service
                                                           HBU Mabee Theater
                            Saturday, January 21           6 p.m., HBU Band Festival Concert
                                                           HBU M. D. Anderson Center
                            Friday, February 10            8 p.m., Winter Choral Concert
                                                           Grace Presbyterian Church, 10221 Ella Lee
                            March 30 – April 2             7:30 p.m./Thurs.-Sat., 3:00 p.m./Sun.
                                                           HBU Spring Opera Production, HBU Mabee Theater
                            Friday, April 21               7:00 p.m., Orchestra Spring Concert
                                                           HBU Mabee Theater
                            Friday, April 21               8:00 p.m., Band Spring Concert
                                                           HBU Glasscock
                            Friday, May 5                  8:00 p.m., Spring Choral Concert
                                                           Grace Presbyterian Church, 10221 Ella Lee

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