S2 SHORT STORY ESSAY

You have now read three Roald Dahl stories - 'The Hitchhiker', 'Lamb to the Slaughter', and a
choice of your own. You are now going to write an essay on one of the stories. Choose one of
the stories that you enjoyed and follow the essay plan below. Write in as much detail as you
can and try to use quotes where possible.

Give the title of the story and say who wrote it. Give a little information about the author and
what other types of stories he has written. Say why this was your favourite story.

Paragraph 1
Write a paragraph that gives the plot of the story (what happens).

Paragraph 2
Pick two characters from the story. Describe what they are like and what you think about them.
Then try to say what part that person played in the story - why were they important to the story?

Paragraph 3
Describe a key (important) incident in the story. What happened and why was it important?

Paragraph 4
Describe the twist in the story. Was it expected? Were you given any clues about the ending?
Did you enjoy the ending?

Paragraph 5
Describe your favourite section of the book - what happened and why did you enjoy it? Then
describe any part of the book you did not enjoy.

Paragraph 6
Write about the themes in the book (the main idea). Do you think that Roald Dahl wrote about
these themes well?

Write about what you enjoyed about the other stories and then say why your favourite story was
better than the others. Try to think of two reasons why people should read this story.

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